Don’t Miss These Android Stories: April 24, 2015

Another week in the books here at DL. It was a news-filled week, though, with Google making Project Fi official, us posting up our long overdue HTC One M9 review, and Sony quietly unveiling the Xperia Z4.

In other news, we took a dive into Google Contributor, Verizon announced new changes to data plans, the Google Store will sell LG’s Watch Urbane in the near future, and Yahoo is looking to compete against Apple and Google directly. Oh, that should be fun.

To catch up on the best Android news of the past week, we have a collection of stories for you below. (more…)

Friday App Sales: Leo’s Fortune, The Room Two, Metal Slug Series, and More

This week, a massive list of games and apps are on sale for just $1 through Google Play, a few of which I think some of you should already own. For starters, you can grab Leo’s Fortune for $0.99, which is an awesome platformer, plus grab The Room Two for $0.59. If you like escape games, you can’t beat The Room Two in terms of quality for half of a dollar.

On top of those titles, you can grab most of the Metal Slug series for $1 each, as well as Table Tennis Touch for $1.99. If arcade fighting is more your style, you might enjoy The King of Fighters series, which is also on sale for a lowered price of just $0.99.

Check out the full list below.  (more…)

Next Version of Google Glass Will “Be Out Soon,” According to Report

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the next iteration of Google Glass may be just around the corner, apparently made in direct partnership with Luxoticca, an Italian eyewear maker.

Massimo Vian, CEO of Luxoticca, recently said in a company meeting in Milan that the partnership with Google is moving forward, and that the next version will “be out soon.”  (more…)

It Takes a Long Time for LG to Make the G4’s Leather Backs

On April 28, the world will be officially introduced to the G4 from LG. Even though we are seeing the device and almost all of its features thanks to LG and a set of promos they are running for various features of the device, we still have yet to see the G4 as a whole. By this, I mean LG has not yet released a video or teaser that shows off the phone as a complete package, and instead, they are opting to show off individual features and highlights one by one.

In a blog post, that is written in Korean, LG is following their own trend, diving deeper into detail about the leather used on certain models of the upcoming G4.  (more…)

Twitter Intros ‘Highlights’ for Android, Delivers the Best Tweets Via Push Notification

Today, Twitter introduced a new feature for Android users called Highlights. With this enabled, users will be given a deep, yet brief look into the big things happening on Twitter. For example, if there is a big sporting event going on that everyone seems to be talking about, or a really cool TV show going on, Twitter will recognize this and then recommend the conversations to you via a simple push notification.  (more…)