Video: LG G5 vs. G4 vs. G3

I mention this in the hands-on comparison video of the LG G5 vs. G4 vs. G3 below, but I’ll say it again here – you just don’t see phones make this big of jumps from one year to the next very often anymore. LG should be applauded for what they have accomplished over the last 10 […]

Verizon’s LG G4, G3, and HTC One M9 are Probably Getting Marshmallow Tomorrow (Updated: Yep!)

Today, Verizon updated its “Advanced Devices Software Updates” list, showing that the LG G4, G3, and HTC One M9 are all scheduled to receive updates tomorrow, February 16. For whatever reason, they didn’t actually update any of the individual support pages for each device (maybe because it’s still the 15th), so (officially) we don’t necessarily […]

Verizon’s LG G3 is Getting an Update Today, Hopefully to Fix All of Its Many Issues

The LG G3 on Verizon did not benefit from Lollipop. Sure, everything on the phone looks prettier without KitKat, but that prettiness, unfortunately, has also meant having a phone that hardly performs normal (and critical) smartphone functions. Don’t believe me? Go look at Verizon’s community forum for the G3. It’s all lawsuit threats, complaints about this […]