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HTC Celebrating “20 Years of Innovation” This Week

htc 10 review

Founded in May of 1997, HTC has been hard at it for 20 years. In a video published to YouTube this morning, the company details a timeline of its innovations, including some of the earlier touchscreen devices, 3G devices, and 4G devices.

For Android users who were around back in the day, you probably remember the Dream, also known as the G1. It was the first publicly available Android device, basically starting what we all have today. Other HTC-focused Android highlights include the EVO (4G), Thunderbolt (LTE), One M7 (metal build), and the list goes on.

As for what HTC is up to these days, the company just announced the U11 (hands-on here), soon to be available in the US. Once publicly available, we’ll definitely get our hands on one, so be on the lookout for a review at some point.

If you have some, feel free to share any fond or not-so-fond HTC memories in the comments below.

  • Matt

    I still have my HTC Hero as my back up phone.

  • Rashad

    I had the Droid Incredible, the Droid Incredible 2 and the HTC 10. The Droid Incredible was my favorite phone. I wish they would come out with that design again but with premium specs. I’d consider buying it again. The Droid Incredible was my first Android phone. Maybe that is why it is still my favorite Android phone of all time.

    • Boomdizzle

      Yeah the Incredible was awesome. I learned so much about rooting/unlocking and Android in general from that phone since it was my first smartphone/Android. I loved my M8 until I shattered the screen and got an M7 for cheap. Will always have fond memories of the Dinc.

  • Shott3r

    I love HTC phones and I may end up with this phone even though it’s not compact for its screen size like my current temptation (G6). If the camera is what they say, the specs are right, and squeezing seems like a nifty feature.

    /Touch Pro 2, Touch Diamond, One X, One X+, M7, M9 (current)

  • Jonnathon Clayton

    It is truly sad the direction that they are going, I have always been loyal to htc, my daily drivers went dream-evo4g-evo3d-M7, and now the 10, I always said I will never go any other manufacturers, but they are slipping, I will never buy a phone that has a glass back, I can never go back to not having a high quality hi-fi headphone Jack to drive my high end cans…. Might have to move to LG with there v line…idk

  • Feed Jake

    HTC Droid Eris, first smartphone. I knew then that HTC was going to rule the Android and smartphone world once the OS became sophisticated enough.

    And that is why I don’t gamble with money.

  • Orion

    EVO 4G was a straight up classic.

    • aegislash

      Man, I remember seeing the EVO 4G in person for the first time back in 2010 and thinking the screen was so massive…

      Fast forward to today, and here I am typing this from my S8+ and just not being phased at all by huge the display is.

  • Cakefish

    Shane they couldn’t innovate a headphone jack and a larger battery.

  • LionStone

    nice pic Tim, damn that 10 looks great still!

  • Shadowstare

    Droid DNA. First phone with a 1080p Display and one of the first with wireless charging. A phone far ahead of its time.

    • illregal

      Was also water resistant, although they didn’t advertise it.

      • Patriciackim

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    • T4rd

      The Rezound before it was the first phone with a 720p display as well. Otherwise that phone was garbage though and HTC dropped support for it after 9 months and one broken ICS update from Gingerbread. Didn’t stop me from getting one of their (and my) best phones so far though; the M8. I try not to be ignorant and write off a brand after one (or even several) failed products, which unfortunately seems to be the opposite mentality for most people here. Competition is good people; you should want HTC (and everyone else) to do good in order to drive innovation up and prices down.

  • TaekOne

    My HTC experiences include the Incredible 2, the DNA, and finally the 10. Loved them all, especially the 10. Would’ve kept it for as long as possible if I hadn’t dropped it, requiring a replacement. Loved their hardware. It really is sad to see all of their missed opportunities. But congrats, nonetheless.

  • stabone

    I’ve had two HTC phones, the Incredible 2 and the One M8. I loved them both. They seemed to get everything right on those.

    The One M8, I still think is the best phone I ever owned. The screen size was a great sweet spot for me, the display was nice and crisp, speakers were incredible, I really liked the gestures, even the camera I liked. I know it got hate, but for just taking pictures that weren’t going to be any bigger then photo size or posting online, was still good and my god those low light pictures. It never got better than that for me.

    • Boomdizzle

      I loved that phone as well. I had that for over a year until I shattered the screen and had to resort to a cheap M7 off craigslist. M8 is still probably my 2nd favorite Android phone, closely behind the Pixel XL i have now. The speakers on my M8 make me almost want to use it again. Sadly I gave it(another M8 I bought off craigslist after I gave up on the M7 and it’s pink camera) to a buddy of mine who needed a phone, but he seems to enjoy it. Glad it’s still kicking!

  • Me

    Bring back the one Max!

  • yummy

    HTC, not bad, stayin alive, ha ha ha ha, stayin alive.

    My history is receiving sn HTC as a replacement when my Nexii were kaputnik, and sending it back post haste. Wrong hand size, otherwise, i was quite impressed with the design.

    They have had a hard row to hoe, congrats.

  • Austin Goebel

    White Htc one x 😍

  • Duffman

    How do you leave out the Nexus One? First EVER Nexus phone. Loved that thing!

  • reyalP

    Congratulations HTC! I still love the flip clock widget and Incredible that I owned back in 2010. Still one of my favorite phones to date.

  • HTC Incredible: first smartphone and still one of my favorites, the racecar idea inside the device, the topographical map rear that resonated the speaker when placed flush on a table, the great for its time camera….and of course, froyo
    HTC One M7: amazing trade up from my Gs3 and phenomenal dual front speakers and metal build. Never had lag.
    Google Pixel: the phone I shouldve stuck with but the S7 Edge was free. I’ve regretted using the edge for a while but since the U11 is $200 less than the Pixel I’m 100% preordering it.

  • HTC Thunderbolt was the worst phone I’ve owned by far. I went through 5 of them, then Verizon finally gave in and sent me a Rezound. Flipped that and bought a Galaxy Nexus. Never owned a HTC since. (Owned Droid Eris, DINC, DINC2 as well)

    • disastrousrainbow

      I worked there during the release of all those devices, and I can tell you right now the phone’s ran fantastic before Verizon’s software alterations. I thoroughly felt that’s what jacked up the Thunderbolt because it was essentially an HTC Evo 4G and that phone was fantastic…

    • Suicide_Note

      I grew to despise my Thunderbolt, and also ditched it for the Galaxy Nexus. Never again, HTC. Never again.

    • deskjob

      My first smartphone ever was the HTC Thunderbolt. I rooted it before I actually truly understood the benefits of rooting, just because it was Android. I can tell you that all the crap with the Thunderbolt was due to Verizon’s incompetent software. Because I was rooted with a custom recovery, I inadvertently blocked all Verizon updates. I was running the original software till the day I sold it on Craigslist. And that phone NEVER gave me any problems. Sure, the battery life wasn’t ideal. But it was the first 4G LTE device and I got hotspot sharing going and it was glorious.

      My friends all got Thunderbolts because of me. Sadly they didn’t root and got the horrendous Verizon OTA update pushed to them and yes, they exhibited random crashes, mysterious ringtone swaps, the works. But I can tell this was NOT HTC’s fault.

    • Brandon Sobotta

      Had the rezound and loved it as well. Wish I had picked up a Droid DNA as well.

    • I loved my Thunderbolt. Put on the extended battery and installed CM, it made it so much better.

  • mcdonsco

    Google should just buy HTC to utilize them exclusively for their hardware going forward. Would sort of save HTC and make sense.

    • brkshr

      Like they did with Motorola?…

      • mcdonsco

        That was sad for sure. Stripped them of their useful parents and sold em off.

        That was Motorola though, which was once a GREAT company that did a lot of pioneering in the cellular industry early on. So to see Google chop shop them then sell em off was sad.

        This is HTC though, they are likely doomed long term and if Google can utilize them as their 100% owned in house hardware manufacturer, cause they do make great hardware, I see it as a win win.

    • Toukale

      “Why buy the cow, when you can have the milk for free.”

      • mcdonsco

        HTC didn’t make the Pixels for free.

        And, although I admittedly do not know the dollar figures involved here, I’d be willing to bet it would cost LESS for Google to buy HTC and keep the portion / departments of HTC responsible for hardware design and manufacturing and either integrate the rest into Google at large, or ditch the rest. Otherwise they are renting HTC for phone production and renting ALWAYS costs more than buying.

        Plus, I’m sure they can make use of their VR division as well.

        • Toukale

          I guess you did not understand the context I used this idioms. Why buy HTC when they can get HTC to do whatever they want without paying a premium for failing company and also take on their headaches. Besides any body who’s worth a damn have long gone from HTC. If you understood financing/risk assessments/flexibility you would not write your last comment.

    • LionStone

      Except they aren’t for sale? And don’t need saving…all they need is a good marketing push. Having 1 device that works on the major carriers is a big help. I mean every year people say this, that they are dead, for the last 5 years I been hearing that and they are still doing business as usual and making great phones…

      • mcdonsco

        Except they aren’t business as usual. They are slowly but surely losing market share and profit every year. Is there even an HTC currently being sold by any carrier that is a flagship?

        • LionStone

          Yet none of that bothers me one iota…they still produce a killer phone, every year. As a consumer their product is there, maybe hard to get at times but it’s out there.

        • Jonnathon Clayton

          The 10 is still being sold by Big Red, and they are the largest carrier in the US

  • paul_cus

    Happy 20th to HTC. I still regard the m7 as one of my favorite Android phones. Looking forward to the U11.

  • David Imel

    And the latest ‘revolutionary’ innovation? Squeezing. How magical.

    • LionStone

      yep, creating a sleek way to launch apps quickly and seamlessly with built-in sensors, without going backwards and adding in a whole physical button which also includes another penetration through the body, yea…that’s called innovation. Squeeze it! 🙂

    • disastrousrainbow

      Hey, at least they’re trying something new. When’s the last time that happened in this industry? Does it sound silly? Sure. But could it have its practical uses? Definitely, especially with actions like turning on the flashlight and such. It wasn’t that long ago people were giving Motorola shiz for introducing shake actions and whatnot, but that turned out to be one of my most missed features on phone’s I use now.

      That being said, whatever happens with HTC I’m really glad they were around and continue to be. I’ll never forget owning the HTC Hero and being blown away by how cool it was. In fact, all their devices made me envious back then. Even with the M7-M10 I was never been disappointed because I could see the merits of what their devices did right (great hardware, awesome audio, smooth software experience, timely updates).

    • deskjob

      Just wait till Apple copies it. Then you will see how truly magical it is…

      Personally, I think it would be very useful to be able to launch the camera and take a shot quickly without taking off gloves. Certainly less gimmicky than the wave your hand in mid air thing, the eye tracking thing or any of the other laundry list of revolutionary innovations put out by Samsung. All Sammy does is use their vertical integration and manufacturing capacity to bully out competitors.

      Even the current curved glass design – I certainly do love the aesthetics, but from a functional point of view, it doesn’t solve anything and actually creates new problems like accidental touches, and more importantly for me, distorted video viewing.