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Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Unboxing! (Retail)

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I know, I know,  you have probably already seen Tim’s video of Samsung’s “Unbox Your Phone” Experience that we posted a few days back, but this is the Galaxy S8 – we have to do an official unboxing of some retail units. I mean, come on, we just have to.

So in this clip, we walk through the retail unboxing experience of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Yes, the AKG earbuds are included. So are black chargers. But also, I teach you how to say the word “orchid,” because I’m not sure any YouTuber on Earth knows how to. It’s a heck of a time!

Enjoy. Then prepare yourselves for the Galaxy S8 coverage onslaught.

  • Ed

    Based on the video, T-Mobile version gets SM-G950U (not SM-G950T for T-mobile) model number? Isn’t that the unlocked version that will be sold by Best Buy in May?
    (Assuming it has the same pattern as Galaxy S7, SM-G930U is the unlocked version that works for all US carriers.

  • Katherine Gilbert

    Really nice phone however I shall not pay $850

  • DanSan

    received my GS8+ earlier today, its looking great.

    build # NRD90M.G955USQU1AQC9 and its not showing any updates. Button mapper is able to remap the bixby button which is awesome but I am worried about the D9 update that might break it.

    • Charlenejrowe

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  • TS50

    T-Mo delivered my S8+ yesterday. Only downside is the 3rd party seller on Amazon sent the wrong case. I really like this phone. I have big hands but it doesn’t feel huge like the N6 did. Still loved that phone but this one is pretty sweet. Just need to find a good screen protector now.

  • paul_cus


  • trevorsalienarms

    Will the coming onslaught of S8 coverage be greater or less than the coverage the next Pixuhl or whatever google renames it as later this year?

    I’m betting v2 Pixuhl gets waaay more hype.

    • steadymobb

      If it looks like this…then yes, I would assume it will.

  • which device is best Huawei p10 or Samsung galaxy s8?
    good camera recommended

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Which one is best for you? Only you can answer that.

      • p10 better but its look or screen quality is not good as s8, so I ask you?

  • socalrailroader

    Who says “ortch-id”? Lol

    • ChargedUp

      Some YouTube chick kept calling it orchard gray over and over.

      • socalrailroader

        As Mr. Sulu says, “oh my” 😀

  • DanSan

    is issues with the “red hue” that a lot of people are reporting?

    • TS50

      I don’t have it on mine.

      • DanSan

        got mine earlier today, no issue either.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Except for AT&T customers, they always insist on ruining the box.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Best Buy getting my stuff ready… Next step switching to VZW prepaid for a test run.


    • Rob Miller

      Not to bring you down or anything, but yesterday Best Buy inexplicably canceled my pre-order that I made on 3/30 (the first day you could preorder). I had the same thing showing in my order status that you have. Hopefully you’re not in the same boat as me. Best buy blamed Verizon.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Did you do in store pick-up?

        • Rob Miller

          Was having it shipped to my house. BB claimed it was a verizon issue…they said that Verizon put me on a subsidized plan on 4/18, which I have no idea why they did that. Eventually, after an hour at BB last night they claimed I’d get my phone tomorrow in-store. I’m guessing if you haven’t gotten the bad news yet, you probably should be okay! Hoping for your sake!

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Lol yea. My status just switched to ready for pick-up tomorrow. I’ve noticed Best buy is horrible when it comes to shipping pre-orders on time though…so I definitely avoided that option.

          • Hunter27Reese

            I preordered through best buy on the 30th also on Verizon. S8+ said it was going to be delivered today 4/20 originally then on Tuesday it changed to 4/25. They blamed it on Verizon also and said there was nothing they could do. I received my phone yesterday 4/19 a day earlier than originally expected and 6 days earlier than the date it said online. While it worked out well for me, yeah they really don’t have this preorder thing ironed out too well.

        • AJ

          I just preordered on Monday 4/17 from Best Buy with store pickup. Finally this morning it changed from the first step to the second step (Processing to preparing, I think) and then I got an email that says it will be ready for pickup tomorrow. The order status online says “Ready to pickup”, “Available Today”. I went to the store to see if they would release today, no go. Gotta go back tomorrow.

      • beatricebro

        NEVER do a pre-order, a new line or a port in through bestbuy.com. It always gets fucked up. Go to a BB store today and do the pre-order there.

    • James_Kernicky

      Best Buy delivered mine today!

  • Kinda wish I ordered the Orchid Gray instead of the all black but oh well

    • It’s pretty!

      • steadymobb

        You’ve changed your opinion on the ‘purple’ phone?

    • ChargedUp

      I went orchid gray, looking forward to seeing it tomorrow when I pick it up.

    • Chippah

      The Orchid grey does not look like a phone prince would use, It looks amazing.
      always shifts colors from silver,blue,a slight lavender. etc.

  • Butane87
  • Supraman21

    I received mine yesterday and it didn’t come with that card that has the website URL for the free Gear VR. I preordered it on T-Mobile so I don’t know what gives. Anyone else not receive the voucher?

  • KleenDroid


    • Stunning even

      • disastrousrainbow

        But how do I keep it running efficiently over time? Does anyone know of a way?

        • PoisonApple31

          Touch it daily.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          You buy the S9 in a year.. easy.

        • netanil

          Don’t use it.

        • hkklife

          Keep it on whatever OS it ships with. Seriously, Samsung optimizes their devices for the stock shipping OS. Everything that comes afterwards is not only delayed but buggy and unoptimized and guaranteed to run hot & laggy.

        • disastrousrainbow

          Okay, so obviously this attempt at a joke went over people’s heads. It was said in the hopes KleenDroid would respond by hocking Package Disabler Pro like he has in some of his other comments. 😛