Report: Google Chrome Getting Ad Blocker to Kill Bad Ads

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According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google, an ad company, is considering putting an ad blocker in its Chrome internet browser on mobile and desktop. The ad blocker won’t be a full blocker, though, but rather a blocker that targets unacceptable ads that likely ruin your experience as you dance around the web. 

The WSJ is under the impression that Google is readying the feature and could have it ready within weeks, assuming they do launch it because they could still scrap it altogether.

So wait, why would an ad company want to block ads? The thought here is that unacceptable or bad ads are ruining the experience for people who are then looking for full ad blockers to rid their lives of ads. If Google can block only the obnoxious types, then maybe ad blocker installations will stop increasing and the web won’t be so filthy with just Google’s ads in place. It’s kind of a wild idea, but hey, it makes some sense.

The types of unacceptable ads that Google could look to block or those that pop-up, auto-play video with sound, or are a prestitial, which would be those f*cking terrible ads that pop-up as you load a site and feature a countdown before you can even get onto the actual content you came for. Yeah, I hate those and that’s why you’ve never seen them on Droid Life.

I guess we’ll find out pretty quickly if Google is going forward with this.

Via: Wall Street Journal



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