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T-Mobile Tries to Match Verizon’s Unlimited Plan, Caves in to HD Video and High-Speed Tethering (Updated)

tmobile one unlimited john legere

This afternoon, because this is how John Legere works, the T-Mobile CEO has reacted to the new Verizon Unlimited plan by tweaking his company’s own unlimited offering known as T-Mobile ONE. What are the tweaks? Well, let’s just say that since Verizon’s unlimited plan offered a plan that bested his, he’s gone ahead and matched Big Red (in a way). He’s also throwing in a 2-line promo as well. 

OK, so what changed? According to a tweetstorm from Legere (hopefully, a press release is on the way), come Friday, the base T-Mobile ONE plan includes HD video and 10GB of high-speed hotspot data at no extra charge. That’s it.

So instead of having to pay for individual HD video passes each day, you’ll now be able to just toggle them on at will, like you would in the Plus plans. At least, we’re assuming they are still using that ridiculously obnoxious daily toggle for video that isn’t throttled to 480p. Keep in mind that Verizon does not require a toggle and instead just serves you up high-quality streams. Also, with the hotspot data, you now no longer get just 3G streams with the base T-Mobile ONE, but can use 10GB at full 4G LTE speeds. That’s a nice addition, for sure.

The question now becomes, what good is T-Mobile ONE Plus with these changes? Part of the reason people upgraded to Plus plans was for the unlimited HD streaming and/or hotspot. Sure, T-Mobile ONE Plus International still has unlimited hotspot, but with 10GB in the regular ONE line, how many really need to pay $25 extra per month to upgrade? Also, what’s the point of the ONE Plus regular, since it doesn’t include tethering, yet does include HD video at an extra $15 per month? I’d imagine that will just go away on Friday and there will only be one Plus option.

Additionally, Legere says that they’ll also launch a $100 plan for two lines (was $120), and that’s “ALL IN,” meaning taxes and fees are included. As you know, Verizon’s unlimited offering is $80 for a single line, but jumps to $140 for 2 lines.

You can check out his whole tweetstorm below. As we get definitive clarification on all of this, we’ll be sure to update the post.

UPDATE: The press release is now out, but it doesn’t cover anything we didn’t mention here. It does avoid talk of the Plus options, though, so we’ll have to wait until Friday to see how/if those change.

UPDATE 2/14: According to a report, T-Mobile will remove the need to toggle on HD streams each day. Going forward, you should just need to turn HD streaming on once and it will stay.

In the end, one has to ask why Legere didn’t just start with all of this setup this way instead of having to always react? Why wait until your competitors do it, John? Are you the wireless Batman who puts customers first or not?

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  • Fred

    Free market competition is a beautiful thing, the smaller carries are pushing the big boys, the big boys strike a blow, Tmobile gets up and keeps competing. In a few years it will be unlimited everything Hotspot, data or at least we will throttle you after 250 GB.

  • LALO

    Love how he’s challenging the competition. Best CEO ever!

  • MadMartigan

    …and Day passes are gone. Enable HD Video once, and done. (Story broke today on another site)

    (Of course, DL won’t see this as a good thing…they’ll find a way to snark about it and play it as a negative for sure.)

  • smt0222

    Wished I didn’t travel and just went from home (Point A) to work (Point B) with good T-M signal so I could take advantage of this offer. But I travel around too much and visit too many national parks and need the reliability of signal.

  • AngryBadger

    I think one major kicker here is the all taxes and fees part. it would be absolutely insane if employee discounts also kicked in on these plans.

  • Frankiie

    LOL at all of this people fighting over some dumb sh!t. 😂

  • enigmaco

    I see T-Mobile becoming like Verizon soon unfortunately none of the carriers are great, but at this point in my opinion T-Mobile is the lesser of the evils out there.

    • KleenDroid

      Since leaving Verizon and moving my 4 lines to T-Mobile I have been extremely happy. T-Mobile speeds are so much faster and I have a better signal than I did on Verizon.

      Plus I saved a ton of money.

      I am happy to see Verizon is finally getting more competitive.

  • gmo8492

    The editor sounds major butthurt about T-Mobile. Yet he fails to realize if it wasn’t for T-Mobile growing and hitting their competition where it hurts then this wouldn’t have happened. In fact the company that caved here was Verizon since they still have ads that say people don’t use over 5GB of data and what’s the point of paying for data you don’t use…blah blah blah. Hurray for competition.

    • JimmyHACK

      Right?!?! Like TMobile is the one playing catch up hahaha!

  • Gytole

    Coming as someone who just joined T-maybe from Verizon Grandfather Unlimited let me explain my take.
    Verizom bill was $110. One line Grandfather Unlimited. No service. Ever.
    Seitched to tmobile with my girlfriend. Bith phomes all unlimited. $120.
    Added plus international for unlikited hotspot for chromecast.

    Bill just went down $20 more.

    We’re paying $125 a MONTH. Total. Not 5 cents not a quarter. $125 for two lines with unlimited data on each and unlimited hotspot on mine. The kicker? Service everywhere. And download speed is usually 80megs. Twice as fast as I was ever on Verizon.

    I love it. Don’t miss Verizon a bit.

  • SC

    I’ve always understood that DL seemed more VZW friendly, and maybe understandably so because of how excellent their service is. BUT, I had an old unlimited data plan and for 2 lines it was costing me $250/month. That’s outrageous. I had no insurance, no additional monthly extras.

    I switched over to T-Mobile and I’m paying $100 for slightly less service. I priced out the new unlimited plan and it was possibly going to save me $30-40/month. Still wasnt worth sticking around. Verizon has been price gauging a bit too long. It needs to come back down to earth.

  • Kristiercooper

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  • dabug91

    T-Mobile is fake news.

  • km75sr

    Kellen… It seems like Verizon is the one reacting and trying to play catch-up… After all only weeks ago they were telling everyone they didn’t need unlimited… Only after everyone else started offering some sort of unlimited option did Verizon react. They definitely were not out in front in this regard.

    • Jeff McLean

      Playing catch-up? They have 150M customers. How in the world is that them playing catch-up? They’ve been outpacing every other carrier by a minimum of 2:1 with no unlimited plan, and a lot higher pricing. Yet guess what? People are still choosing them over the others. And verizon “reacted” literally a year or two later. I wouldn’t call that a reaction as much as them deciding they’re network was robust enough to handle the bandwidth that they’re likely to take on from said unlimited plan.

      • km75sr

        Playing catch-up in regards to offering unlimited. We all know how good Verizons network and business acumen is. Not what u was referring to. Strict taking about them offering unlimited data after just weeks ago saying they wouldn’t do so customers didn’t need it. But I think you already knew what I was referencing.

      • km75sr

        If you really believe Verizon couldn’t offer this successfully 2 years ago I have news for you…lol

  • Competition is a great thing. =D

  • Fitzgerald42

    The fast talking scheister is at it again.

  • Sedp23

    What’s the toggle switch for hd video they are talking about? I’m still on the old simple choice $80 unlimited plan. Is there any reason to hold on to the simple choice unl $80 plans anymore?

  • Jesse Blacklock

    Two gas stations. Both purchase premium fuel wholesale for $1/gallon. Company red sells it for $2/gallon with a limit of 5 gallons. Company magenta sells it for $1.75/gallon with no limit but after 5 gallons you get regular. Company red, after many years of their pricing model, says what the heck, we’ll sell it for $1.80/gallon unlimited but after 10 gallons you get regular. Would you not expect company magenta to counter that? even if for years they’ve had the same pricing model?

    • Droid 1967

      but that wont work i dont want anything less than premium in my camero. so i guess i have to go with AT&T??? 🙂

      • Phuq_Me

        Yeah except to get at&t’s premium gas for your Camero they also require you to buy a Mustang.

        • Droid 1967

          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fantastic .. Great retort i love it. but maybe if i jsut have direct tv ill get a break 🙂

      • DanSan

        Your first problem is you bought a camaro

        • Droid 1967

          hey chevy just kills people with their faulty ignitions at least they dont fake emissions 🙂

  • bkosh84

    “In the end, one has to ask why Legere didn’t just start with all of this setup this way instead of having to always react? Why wait until your competitors do it, John? Are you the wireless Batman who puts customers first or not?”

    Be careful you’re Verizon bias is showing.

  • DanSan

    anyone know if the international features in the One plan, are they the same as the older simplechoice plans? same speed, coverage, etc?

    Does the One Plus just give you faster speeds?

  • Omar Amer

    I might have to switch the new one = saves the toggle, and a bit of money.

  • DanSan

    if i dont have to go into the app and flip on HD every day i might switch from my current t-mobile plan of 2 unlimited lines for $120/month. Could save an easy $25 with taxes and plan savings

    • Droid 1967

      im betting you will but let us know.

  • Terry Barnhill

    T-Mobile is reacting to Verizon. What a time to be alive. At this point T-Mobile lowering prices is just going to but them further in the red. Big Red.

  • stang6790

    I swear every time I see John Legere I think it’s Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.

  • Lars

    I dont get the accusation of him always reacting. He made the changes first and everyone is copying him. He is now adjusting based off of what others do.

  • ali jawad

    Competition is a beautiful thing… **tears of joy**

  • my Simple Choice is $100 for two lines and Unlimited LTE with 5gb Hotspot. sooooo this gets me interested for not paying taxes and more hotspot

    • Sedp23

      I’m interested too I have the 80 sc plan this seems cheaper and gives me more hot spot

  • jackie moore

    Big Red doing that is great news for me, because i was about to lose coverage for a cheaper plan…(sprint or t-mobile) now i can stay with Verizon and have coverage in my basement….yeah!!.

  • tu3218

    I have 8gb with 2gb bonus data for life with Verizon. So 10gb each month and my wife and I rarely use over 5gb combined. You can see the amount of carry over data we have each month roughly. And with Verizon’s safety net, it’s pretty much unlimited data anyway.

    I would like to switch to tmobile because of more phone options but it really wouldn’t be a cheaper for me. Better off staying with the Verizon.

    The $100 plan tmobile will be launching seems pretty nice though. But its only $5 cheaper than my current verizon plan.

    • David Nguyen

      Your carry data only rolls over for the following month. your “but”, so saving $5 dollars and getting unlimited data isn’t a win-win?

      • tu3218

        Right but each month I’m still only using 5gigs or so, than that next month I will always have 15gb.

  • Yeezu$

    T-Mobile is a confusing company so you killed simple choice unlimited for tmobileone then vz announced unlimited so u then bring back simple choice unlimited and rename it tmobileone ? Hmm

  • Captain Insano

    Waiting on at&t to do something…

  • CoolSilver

    Wow! Who is innovating now? Really They have little to push the industry with. Yea “Unlimited” is back for now but really all the Gotchas are just that… Ways to fail the customer’s expectation. If you are going to do something, do it the right first time and don’t poke around about it or cry when someone does

  • gvanmeter

    I just switched. One thing I love is the potential for throttling doesn’t start until after 22GB on EACH LINE. That means NO MORE SHARED DATA BUCKET!!!! Finally!

  • Rezin

    Why would I want to buy a phone from Bret the hitman hart?

    • Dennis Payne

      That is hilarious!!!

  • Guest

    To the folks who defend T-mobile/Legere and hating on Droid-life
    Is Kellen wrong?
    Wasn’t it a while ago folks were accusing Droid-life of being biased pro corporate pro big business
    and pro (Verizon)
    Pro Samsung

    • Apparently, me pointing out that I think it’s bullsh*t that T-Mobile nickel-and-dimes its customers more often than they should these days, is a bad thing.

      • Josh Oberg

        I agree with both sides T-Mobile should just be the bigger ” person” and truly offer their customers a good solution with less of the corporate gimmicks. However, they were already cheaper than Verizon and they are still cheaper. But cut the antics. Internally tmo sent out a comparison, that showed the existing plans were fine basically, but the. Realized they weren’t and had to react .

  • Tyler Shortt

    Isn’t that how competition works? Or haggling? Can’t throw it all in there otherwise you got nothing left to “one up” them with… I’m glad Verizon did this though, T-Mobile’s BS was getting a little annoying (even though I’m on one of the pre-ONE unlimited plans)

  • SpectralRaiden

    Wtf kind of Xanatos speed chess is being played here😨

  • Chris

    Hell yeah, I was hoping this would happen because of Verizon’s plans. Now it’s a battle for the best “truly” unlimited (hopefully).

    • Droid 1967

      lets hope they fight it out down to 10 bucks a month 🙂

  • warsaw

    I’m kind of interested in this two line plan promo for $100. Me and a buddy currently have the simple choice 10GB promo they offered back last summer and barely use more than 3GB a piece. End up paying about $110 with taxes and line charges. I wonder if there will be any differences between the simple choice plan and this? Honestly I would prefer they just offer that 2 line 6GB for $70 or $80 they used to have as I don’t really care about unlimited data but do care about ways to save money.

    • Francisco Peña

      I had that same plan, the dropped to the 2/6gb/$70 deal. So with the free lines over Thanksgiving, I pay $128 for all 3 lines of 6gb (one is free) includes tax and includes a LG G5 and LG G4 payments. I’d love to go back to unlimited but no way either Verizon or Tmobile reactionary plans would touch that price.

      • warsaw

        if i remember correctly the $70 plan was the one that was only offered in specific locations. Since my friend lived in the area where it was offered I tried to get him to do it. Finally he agreed and went down to tmo to find out that the offer expired the night before. They only had a special on the 2/10gb/$100 at that point. I really wish I could get that deal or at the least the $80 one.

  • Ben

    The contents of that Tweet-storm = “T-Mobile got caught with their pants down”

  • guest

    2 lines like this for $100? Thats almost enough to pry me from my VZW Unlimited. If i dont like it I can go back to VZW. not bad.

  • Alex

    “In the end, one has to ask why Legere didn’t just start with all of this setup this way instead of having to always react? Why wait until your competitors do it, John?”

    Why should he? He was the best on the market. When he wasn’t, he adjusted. It’s market competition. Everyone wins. It’s not a charity, it’s a business.

    • Because Legere parades around as if he’s performing some level of justice to the wireless industry with the changes he makes. But instead, he often makes changes to see what he can get away with and for how long before everyone else takes him on. At that point, he then reacts to whoever outmatched him under this act as if he’s once again doing the world a big favor. It’s a terrible look. I’d much prefer he drop the social justice warrior scheme and just act like a business.

      • MadMartigan

        Isn’t this how business works? Fighting over customers, one-upping each-other to get business?

        Giving it all away day-one would ruin any business. No-one does that. Why would they? Like ’em or hate ’em, T-Mobile started this one-up-man-ship and got the others fighting over us. All good in my book.

        • zepfloyd

          It’s not that it’s how business works, it’s the OPTICS of how he does it. It’s the same game since the dawn of capitalism. Just the self back patting he does when he does it that just comes across as severely hypocritical. It’s like trying to wave the anti establishment campaign railing against the man, but really operating just like the man. I think it’s humorous that more don’t see it.

          • MadMartigan


            Oh for the love of…it’s called PR; otherwise known as Marketing. It’s not new, so why give it a new name??

            It’s not that “we don’t see it”…it’s that we get it. It’s PR. That’s all well and good, it is what it is. But what the business side of it has done is change the entire game of how carriers in the US attract customers. It brought T-Mobile up to 3rd. It caused Verizon to re-offer Unlimited Data. Do you really think they’d be doing this if T-Mo were still 4th place and the whole ‘uncarrier’ PR campaign had never happened???

          • zepfloyd

            Maybe they would. The bigger landscape hasn’t shifted drastically. They moved up cause of Sprint’s free fall. Verizon at ~150M customers to TMO’s 72 is still worlds apart. Markets are cyclical, and hindsight is 20/20. You think Tmobile offered unlimited to help the little guy? The digital world is a different and vastly mature place now than it was 5-6 years ago when LTE was still being rolled out and data consumption was growing at exponential multiples quarter over quarter. Carriers panicked and pulled the rug on it – sure to make more money on a shiny new demanded thing, but they also wanted a ceiling to stay ahead of consequences of that growth. Now that that has cooled off they all offer ‘consumer friendly’ options and look like heros giving you a break. Keep drinking the kool aid, Legere is surely really interested in being your best friend. LOL. Do they even stick with a plan for more than year these days? My 2nd line isn’t even 2 years old and I’m sure those options are 2 versions old already. Who really comes across as insecure?

          • Mikey Styles

            You make a very thoughtful point! Really appreciate how you used simple logic along with simple basic opinions. Because in all reality the original LTE plans debuted during Year 1 & 2 couldn’t stay that way without fully alienating customer bases from all carriers. LTE saturation is that much better & will only grow once older network frequencies are displaced for LTE and beyond.

          • MadMartigan

            “You think Tmobile offered unlimited to help the little guy?”

            Depends on your definition of “the little guys”. They did it to get customers.

            “Legere is surely really interested in being your best friend”

            You seem to need to paint me as some sycophant in order to make any point at all.

            I suppose I could just play fair’s-fair and go after you for being a fangirl? That doesn’t help anyone. Maybe lay off your own kool-aid?

            You talk about the fast-changing landscape and then turn around and call changing with that landscape “insecure”. The opposite would be what? Stodgy? Immobile? Forced to be the very last to finally admit unlimited plans maybe aren’t the worst thing ever? Do you enjoy playing semantics that much?

          • zepfloyd

            Since you keep trying to frame your comments at me instead of the topic 18 hours later, I’ll just assume you really have nothing of substance to add at this point. Good Day.

          • MadMartigan


            “if you have to sleep between posts, ever, then you obviously have no point.”

            Yeah, sure. Good day to you as well.

          • Francisco Peña

            Optics sounds cooler.

        • tnt

          So T-Mobile gets praise for acting this way, but AT&T/Verizon get treated as if they’re desperately trying to catch up with T-Mobile’s greatness?

          The fact of the matter is T-Mobile shook up the industry and then fell down into the same game the other carriers were playing early on when they truly shook up the industry, yet they still try and play the “we’re shaking up the industry” card, which is long gone. So it looks disingenuous at best.

          • Captain Insano

            I agree completely. He does something = explosions! they do it = you are just coping T-MOBILE

          • Rickster

            Wow relax and stop getting so emotionally attached to this crap. Who cares who gets the praise what difference does it make to you?

          • tnt

            Not sure I’m the one that needs to relax here… no emotions on my end, just responding to the other guy’s comment and calling out some double standards.

          • Rickster

            i mean apparently you really care about an issue to the point where your argument is about “who gets the praise”. And yes theyre failing at their image of uncarrier as shown in their Q4 reporting; for the third straight year.

          • tnt

            I don’t care who gets praise. I care about people being rational and unbiased.

          • Cowboydroid

            Um, yeah. Because they’re the ones that started by dropping Unlimited plans and charging people out the rear end for data.

          • tnt

            They just released sh*tty / gimmicky unlimited plans first, and now they’re playing the hero because the bigger carriers decided to release better, “less limited” unlimited plans in response. T-Mobile has turned into masters of marketing spin and little more. They did great things before. Those days are long gone and they’re desperately trying to hold on to that image (and failing). They’re just another carrier now. There’s little uncarrier about them any more.

      • Alex

        “But instead, he often makes changes to see what he can get away with and for how long before everyone else takes him on.”

        You just described every non-profit ever. He has shareholders that he’s accountable to.

        • You don’t have a problem with a company introducing plan after plan with pretty major yet easily fixable issues, that then either get miraculously fixed with a “Wow, look what we did! We listened to you!” or because a competitor forced them to? I’m all for competition, but again, the optics of a CEO who says he’s your best friend every day, yet runs his company like the opposite unless someone forces his hand isn’t something to stand up for, in my opinion.

          • Alex

            Hey, I’m with you on the optics. He does play some kind of people’s champion role and that gets old.

            I was just talking about the price. If I was on the board and we were already beating everyone on the market w/ price, I would probably not be alright to see profit margins shrinking even more without provocation.

          • Well yeah, I’m not going to argue with that side of it. The dude plays that side of the game and he’s turned around T-Mobile and made some nice changes happen industry-wide.

            But the people’s champ schtick wore out its welcome a while ago when the bad plans kept changing every other week.

          • Rashad

            I hope you didn’t think all of that pizza was really free did you?

          • Francisco Peña

            Certainly not at domino’s after week 2 of thankful Tuesday

          • Droid 1967

            legere is an ass…. and i lost all resepct for him, his plans over the last few were baiting with little exclusions he tried to hide until sites like this pointed them out, and than in some cases he bowed and changed it, but his initial offering was not a benefit for the consumer. Now that shamwow is gone tmobile will have a problem as i believe this guy understands its about keeping customers not saying if you dont like it leave attitude of shamwow.

      • zepfloyd


      • Captain Insano

        He has to do that. The coverage is not there. Bells and whistles are brought out when needed. diversion is what you want to call it. He is a clown at a kids party to stop the kids from burning the house down. Don’t get me wrong T-MOBILE the company has done a lot of things to help me go and stay with the carrier I’m with but he is trying to say his party is better because he has pin the tail on the donkey aka now we have HD included.

      • km75sr

        Kinda like what Verizon does wouldn’t you say.. minus all the grandstanding of course

      • Jonathan

        Kellen, I have all the respect for you and the DL team, but speaking straight… I’m not sure you have a clue how to run a GIGANTIC company which is responsible to shareholders. In business, you don’t EVER give away more than you have to. You just don’t. You also don’t give away less than you have to.
        I once worked in a customer service role and one of my lines when working with upset customers was “how can we make this right?”. I NEVER offered a solution. Why? Because what if my solution was terrible in the customer’s eyes but they thought that was all I was willing to give? The result would be a customer who likely wouldn’t return and I just gave something away with no benefit to the company. And what if what I offered was more than what they wanted? Sure, they’d be happy, but they’d be happy getting what they asked for too – and again I lost the company money.
        Now, one thing I did do was not only would I give them what they wanted right there, I’d provide an incentive to return that cost the company practically nothing, but made the customer feel great. And that’s what John Legere is doing. He’s giving customers what they ask for, and when they appear unsatisfied (because company X “matched” the offer), he gives them what they want again, and provides a little incentive to remain T-Mobile’s customer (taxes and fees included). To me, that’s a FANTASTIC business strategy. It may not tickle your nether regions, but it works for the masses. Even if it doesn’t persuade all mobile customers to flock to T-Mobile, it at least makes them think a little, and be a teeny bit unhappy with their current carrier – and that can go a long way as people talk about cell phones and their carrier a LOT.

        • BobButtons

          I think it’s more about his act about fighting for the people Kellen seems to have a problem with. The way I see it is “Let’s release a flawed plan, ignore endless complaints about the flaws, finally fix them when we’re pressured to and say isn’t it great we listen?” While they have every right as a business to make moves great for a business, it flies in the face of his ‘for the people’ act. You’re not listening to the people when they point out flaws from day one and you only decide to fix them when pressured to and then claim it was your idea. I applaud the competitive move regardless of when it’s made, just wish, as Kellen seems to, that John would drop the act.

          • Jonathan

            I hear what you’re saying, but one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the cost of giving something away in the tech world today vs 6 months from now. In ANY business, it’s always better to give it away in the future. It just is. (barring some crazy [or not so crazy] scenario where the cost of goods goes up over time) But in the tech world where Moore’s Law is king (at least up until now – more or less), it’s DEFINITELY better to wait, financially speaking. Waiting 6 months or a year to do ________ can mean the difference between losing millions of dollars (if done sooner) and not losing anything (if done later) and probably turning a nice profit in the meantime. It’s kind of like getting mad at… let’s say… Samsung, for not giving us the Galaxy S7 3 years ago. The tech existed back then. It did! It was just INSANELY expensive compared to what it costs today. But I don’t see anyone jumping down Samsung’s throat because we had to go through the S5 and S6 (or what it came to be known in my house: “the hot pocket”).
            Incorporating Moore’s Law (or at least the general idea of it – that tech is cheaper over time), I still think it’s appropriate for T-Mobile to act in the manner in which they’re acting.

          • BobButtons

            Yeah, which is why I mentioned them having every right to make smart business decisions. Even with accepting that 100%, it doesn’t solve the problem of it flying in the face of his ‘for the people’ attitude. He has every right to withhold any feature/service/technology he wants for as long as he wants to increase his business. It just goes against his “I’m doing everything for you” facade when he clearly isn’t showing his whole hand until someone can match him and make him. Do what you want to do what’s best for your business, just don’t be surprised when people stop accepting your best-buds act when other businesses expose what’s behind the curtain.

          • Jonathan

            Well, business isn’t a charity and while I don’t keep up with the daily musings and actions of anyone in the tech business as I really don’t give a ****, I’m assuming (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that the “I’m doing everything for you” facade is a viewer-imposed impression and not something he’s explicitly stated. My guess is that the impression he’s tried to give off (and again, I could be wrong and I freely admit that) is that he’s doing everything he can to turn T-Mobile into a highly profitable enterprise while also giving the customers as much as he possibly can – and when an opportunity arises to give a little more (often because of competition), he’ll sacrifice his main obligation (which is to the shareholders) in order to fulfill his secondary obligation.

        • tp

          In the Millenial mindset you do. These are the same folks who will be operating our major corporations and country some day. There is not entitlement or no participation trophies in the business world.

      • gregb

        Seriously, Kellen? This is how business works. How long do you think T-Mobile would last if they put it all on the table from the get go? It’s not realistic to expect that there would be a mass exodus of customers from the other 3 major carriers to T-Mobile in that event. Legere’s theatrics are an effective marketing tactic – take it for what it is and don’t be so dramatic. Even if he’s not leading the charge on every extra feature or price drop in the wireless industry, there is no doubt that he is leading a trend of positive change in the industry by keeping the other carriers honest.

      • John

        I believe he was caught off guard, like the rest of us, by Verizon. I’m pretty sure at this rate, TMO or Sprint will go full on unlimited to compete, not just limited unlimited.

      • michael arazan

        I can do anything better than you, I can do anything better than you. No you can’t, Yes I can, No you can’t, yes I can, Yes I can!!!!

    • Mr. Lou

      Agreed! If T-Mobile wasn’t so aggressive, I doubt we would be seeing Big Red offering unlimited plans again. Also, having the price include taxes and fees is pretty sweet. I am dubious of Binge-On and how it affects net neutrality, but overall, I like what T-Mobile is doing here.

      • Kristiercooper

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      • Tonyagbarks

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  • The Doctor

    This guy runs his company like how Trump runs the country–reactionary based on what others are doing.

    • TechGuy22

      i agree

    • Droid 1967

      and is it not good for the tmobile customers? So i guess we are in good hands.

      • TechGuy22

        yeah it is good for customers in general
        i mean you wonder why they didn’t do that in first place. that’s why i didn’t move to them
        with unlimited plan with super limited services

        • Droid 1967

          no i was responding to the idiot who tried to bash trump in a totally unrelated topic.

          • TechGuy22

            sorry your president is stupid and you know it.

          • Droid 1967

            ahh guess what… you liberals who state acceptance are nothing but hate and your time is over. BYE BYE>

          • TechGuy22


          • Turb0wned

            No fixing the liberals, just give up.

          • Francisco Peña

            Still the president and Hillary still Bill’s cuckold at home while he bangs huma

      • Phuq_Me

        We’ll see if t-mobiles network can handle the extra bandwidth HD video and 4G tethering add to it.

        • Droid 1967

          well according to them they are only 1% behind verizon so shouldnt be a problem right 🙂

          • Francisco Peña

            Wasn’t that sprint touting that

        • JLV90

          They can handle it when more users move over to Verizon

    • Francisco Peña

      Oh stop. Few weeks old and still whining? Focus on TMobile, not trump.

      • Droid 1967

        yeah the hate is funny. but i guess they are all racist , i know thats the only reason i didnt like obama was i was a racist couldnt of been a difference in political beliefs.

        • Francisco Peña

          I’m a Hispanic minority, hated Obama and am conservative. I must throw certain lefties in a frenzy. 🙂

          • Droid 1967

            yeah i know they have all kinds of names for anyone that isnt liberal its part of their tolerance you know. I

          • Fitzgerald42

            You’re giving yourself far too much credit. Most trump voters did so against their best interests. You just happen to be a Hispanic who voted for the pathological liar.

    • Mike Brown

      What a ignorant crock of a statement. Verizon is reacting to T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been driving change for the last several years. Where have you been?

      • The Doctor

        “driving change” Ha! You’re funny.

        • Mike Brown

          Better to be humorous than ignorant. Have a nice life…

    • YUUUGE Savings. Trust Me.

    • gmo8492

      Except John knows how to run a successful company and Trump has run every company he has owned to the ground by filing for bankruptcy 5 times….lol

  • T4rd

    Been waiting for this, lol. Competition is goooood!

  • TechGuy22

    they caved in

  • Sean Halpin

    So basically like Verizon “tries to match” the rest of the industry by being forced back into allowing Unlimited plans? Man, this site’s chub for Verizon is nearly unbearable.

    • Suicide_Note

      I don’t understand the Verizon love either.

      • Phuq_Me

        I don’t get the hate. don’t like someone’s pricing or plans move on to another company. SIMPLE. You know instead of getting one’s panties in bunch and complaining on a internet messageboard.

        • Dan DeMarco

          Some people feel left out because they’re saving $5-10 to rebel against Big red and are realizing it’s not worth sacrificing service to save a couple bucks. Sure, TMob has had it’s hands on the wheel for a good few years now but that was bound to change. Anyway, these are welcome changes to any Verizon or previous Verizon Customers to enjoy unlimited pretty much anywhere again.

          • Boomdizzle

            I tried to switch to T-Mobile, did the math and was going to save about $18 a month compared to my VZW plan. I did a trial with T-Mobile on my N6 and didn’t get coverage in half the area’s I go in for my sales route and couldn’t use my my phone in half the stores I was in. Quickly realized saving $18 a month was nothing worth that.

          • Ronald Bernard

            Saving $5-$10 bucks. HA! Yeah maybe now since T-Mobile has forced everyone else to react. I switched to T-Mobile 3 years ago and the difference in my bill is $80 dollars and I have 4 lines instead of 3. Never have any issues with service and I have done multiple speed test comparisons in various locations with friends and families in multiple locations and T-Mobile has beat all the other carriers at least 90% of the time if not more. So maybe it’s the small group that live out in the boondocks that are bitching and moaning since they can’t get on some of this magenta goodness.

      • JLV90

        Because Verizon works in most places with LTE, while the other carriers don’t cover nearly as much with LTE. AT&T comes close with overall coverage but they lack LTE in a lot of areas where Verizon has it.

    • I think there are two things to look at. T-Mobile deserves credit for getting someone like Verizon to cave in and return with an unlimited option. But T-Mobile also deserves criticism for asking their customers to pay for all this extra stuff when it’s quite obvious they didn’t need to be from day 1. And not only that, they then make a big show over “Hah, we win again, and look, we’re so cool we’ll just match that.” I’d be a bit frustrated if I was a T-Mobile customer that that’s all it took.

      • Ben

        Exactly. If they could have done it all along and not lost anything, they probably should have. Day passes to turn off video throttling? Barf.

      • Cowboydroid

        What do you mean by “asking their customers to pay for all this extra stuff when it’s quite obvious they didn’t need to be from day 1“?

        “Need to?” How can you apply a objective valuation to something inherently subjective?

        Prices are not determined how much it costs T-Mobile to offer the service, but by how much the customer is willing to pay. As long as T-Mobile is charging less than their competitor, then they’re charging what they “need to” in order to run their business.

        • BobButtons

          Agreed, though it flies in the face of his ‘for the people’ act. He wants to withhold things he’s able to provide in order for business profits, perfectly in his rights. However, it’s a bit ridiculous that he touts being so pro-consumer when he’s holding back and then, when pressured, acting like it’s due to his greatness he’s offering something he had, and was able to provide from the start, this whole time. Perhaps if he did, we’d have seen something even greater from Verizon, and maybe even more would have seen value in switching back when it launched.

          • Cowboydroid

            Um, business is not a charity. It’s not like businesses take no risk in bringing products to market, and they have a right to profit as much as they can from doing so and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. They profit most by bringing the best value to consumers, which most often means undercutting their competition.

            This is just the start of hopefully another robust price war that will only benefit consumers.

          • BobButtons

            Hoping so as well. Again, not knocking them for their business decisions. Just pointing out it goes against his for the people act. It’s like the boss that tries to be your best friend and superior at the same time. It’s understandable tough decisions need to be made, but it makes the turning around back to being best buds a tougher pill to swallow.

      • Jaymes Poudrier

        It was to keep their margins and network healthy. They respond because they have to. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. All of the carriers change up their formula but the price stays more or less the same. Most people are happy with the level of service they received prior to these changes and the only reason they’re offering this now is to remain competitive. It’s good for us so what is the big deal?

    • Boomdizzle

      Chub for Verizon? Good lord, I feel like VZW gets called out constantly on this site and many others daily for pricing, plans, updates, etc. I feel like T-Mobile gets benefit of the doubt more than any other carrier these days.

  • Mark

    How funny would it be if Verizon responds by including taxes/fees and lowering their multi line offerings for unlimited lol

    • JLV90

      Pretty funny but they won’t

      • Mark

        oh no doubt they wont… its funny actually seeing tmobile in respond mode and not the other carriers

  • MadMartigan

    “instead of having to always react?”

    That’s a bit disingenuous considering he’s the one that started the whole unlimited resurgence in the first place?

    • T-Mobile indeed deserves credit for a lot of the changes in the industry. But lately, it’s almost always a “Here is our new plan that has a bunch of sneaky ass asterisks!” Then everyone complains and the competition ups it, and it’s “Hah, copy cats, we can do that too!” It’s a bad a look and it’s disingenuous to T-Mobile customers.

      • MadMartigan

        “T-Mobile indeed deserves credit for a lot of the changes in the industry.”

        But apparently not really, because your words that they’re “always having to react” certainly doesn’t imply it.

        “sneaky ass asterisks”

        The hate for the binge-on toggle knows no bounds. I admit that they’d have some more goodwill if they got rid of that thing entirely, but that one thing makes everything else … meaningless? Big Red gets bonus points because everyone seems then as evil and they don’t try to deny it?

        Marketing and PR is disingenuous by nature. Saying one company is more-so because it is succeeding at it is … almost funny.

        • I know you don’t care about optics, but some of us do. And things like that often matter to consumers. T-Mobile should be given credit when they make a positive change and criticized when they slip and overplay the act. When they made sweeping changes years ago, we gave them plenty of love. In recent years, it’s been a nickel-and-dime fest with their customers in reactionary moves to everyone else meeting or besting their offerings.

          I don’t care if it’s marketing. It’s a bad look, which again, some of us do actually care about.

          • MadMartigan

            I find it interesting how the folks who apparently have “bought into” the PR are focusing less on it than the folks railing against it.

            The article’s snark and the followup defense of it is entirely PR-based, while nearly everyone trying to point out that the snark may be a little overboard is focusing on the business and landscape.

            It seems perspective makes a lot of difference. I can definitely understand getting offended by feeling you’re being “fed a line”, but honestly – that’s not (or shouldn’t be, at least in my opinion) the main focus unless it’s labeled an opinion/hit piece. Just my 2 cents – one person’s opinion in a sea of drama.

          • peelabrownie

            T-mobile has been first to the market with their new inclusive all in one data plans. They were also first with offering a weekly incentive program, international data, payment credit for DPP, free phone promotions via bill credit, included unlimited audio & video streaming. The new plans definitely were not as good of a value as their previous offerings…. BUT

            Most of those things were copied by Verizon, and it took more than a few days to implement. The fact t-mobile has the mobility to act this swiftly is remarkable, and people will continue to applaud it for offering customers more incentives. From a brand perspective, or being a bad look, Verizon has definitely dropped the hardest.

          • tp

            Why do you really care about how it looks? Reactionary moves happen in business everyday…if you don’t react you are gone in the business world. As the consumer prerogative switch companies. Stop going to a restaurant you don’t like. Vote for the President you want.

            We do have the right to peacefully protest however not spending money with T-Mobile speaks loudest. I am not sure why you feel you need to champion for this. Slip into your social media world and whine.

            I enjoy your site but this constant crying about things not fair gets old. Speak with your wallet that really makes a change. IT IS BUSINESS!

      • CarlosRubirosa

        One thing is for sure, T-Mobile is drilling a hole into verizon’s pockets.

      • Droid22

        Verizon has a old LTE network compared to TMobile. Lol

        • dabug91

          Ah yes, that crappy old Verizon LTE network! It’s so old I can only get speeds of 80-100Mbps down and 20Mbps up in the middle of nowhere! Damn pesky old outdated LTE!

      • tp

        And in the end the consumer wins such is capitalism and the weak die…there is no wealth sharing

  • Tyler Durden

    Wonder where you can watch HD video besides YouTube?

    Oh well I love my fiber 🙂

    • Suicide_Note

      Netflix, Play Movies

      • Tyler Durden

        On maybe 6-7 devices
        Not on the $20 devices people buy

    • daJudge805


      • Tyler Durden

        I just play my own games instead

  • Jeff718

    “it’s all in your T-Mobile app for free”

    Hopefully he doesn’t mean you have to switch on HD video daily. That’s such bs

  • JLV90

    Competition kicks ass.

  • Jay

    Hmm.. should I switch from my old 2/$100 plan now?? I’m paying roughly $15 in taxes and fees. I just don’t know what I’d lose other than higher resolution streaming.

    • EggoEspada

      Depends. Which 2 for $100 plan do you have? This might save you a few dollars and get you more or at least the same.

      • Jay

        I’m on the slightly older Simple Choice promo 2/$100 with 7GB of tethering.

    • JLV90

      The new 2 for $100 includes taxes and fees and gives you 3 GB more per line for tethering. As long as the Binge-on thing stays off I’d say it’s a better deal

      • Jay

        Might thoughts exactly. If it stays off permanently then I’m totally onboard!

        • phish waves

          I also have the old 2 for 100 plan and I turned my binge on OFF so I’m truly unlimited. need clarification for older simple choice plans and if anything will change other than a lower tax free price? Then there is the question of the black Friday 2 line free promotion I activated. What would happen to those 2 lines will they stay on the older simple choice plan with taxes. (And speaking of I’m still not getting my credits for those lines anyone else?

          • JLV90

            You lose the two free lines switching to the new plans, at least that’s what I was told when I inquired about T-mobile ONE with taxes and fees added.

    • disqusdeeznuts

      Depends on what your current plan offers and if it benefits you to switch. I would also wait for clarification on “toggling” your daily pass for HD. I am on unlimited with 14GB of tethering, so no incentive to change

      • Jay

        Oh man, if I still have to make that switch daily then it’s a no-go. Lol

  • zepfloyd

    These knee jerk type of reactions only show you (TMO Cust) you were being had all along. LOL.

    • Don’t tell them that, though. They aren’t interested in seeing it that way.

    • Guest

      Cult of Magenta

    • Cowboydroid

      They were paying less than other customers all along, but they’ve been “had?” That’s not how pricing works.

  • EggoEspada

    It’s probably because they’re not making any money, if any with some of these changes. I know for sure the 2 lines for $100 they’re probably losing a few dollars, which adds up quickly. But the difference between Tmobile and Verizon is VZ is about maximizing profits, whereas T-Mobile is growth first then profit.

  • Aaron MacNaughton

    This is why I love competition for any company in any industry. I hope we always have 3 or 4 big players in the cellular world because it’s in our benefit as consumers. Never want to lose that back and forth battle between companies for our hard earned cash.

  • disastrousrainbow
    • Me

      Great movie

  • usrnamemike
    • Daishi

      Douchebags wear pink
      With long scraggly hair,
      Someday your customers will realize,
      You don’t really care.

  • Rashad

    LMAO, for once T-Mobile has to respond to Verizon. T-Mobile trying to get it’s ducks in a row. I see why we need a press release.

    • Tyler Durden

      Just responding to Verizon’s response. Not like Verizon did anything new.

      • MadMartigan

        It’s always been a tennis-match, only now – it seems to be working in the customer’s favor.

      • Rashad

        They made video streams HD capable and T-Mobile panicked. I was expecting T-Mobile to laugh a Verizon but instead they decided to ‘one up them’ LMAO

        • JLV90

          It’s not much of a one up more like match at a lower price.

  • Tony G.

    this dude is hilarious

  • First