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DEAL: Daydream View Drops to $49 ($30 Off) (Updated: Verizon Too!)

google daydream view review

Own one of the few Daydream-ready phones, but have yet to pick-up Google’s Daydream View? Now is the time! From today through February 25, you can buy a Daydream View from the Google Store for just $49. That’s a $30 discount on the best mobile VR experience you can get.

We reviewed the Daydream View back in November and really did call it “pretty sweet!” The experience tops other mobile VR units because it includes a little motion controller that allows you to interact with games in a way that others don’t. It’s also really comfortable and is getting better each week with new apps and games. 

At $30 off, this went from being an item that we thought all Daydream-ready phone owners should pick-up to, “What are you waiting for?”

UPDATE: Verizon has dropped the price to $49 as well.

Daydream View Links: VerizonGoogle Store

  • Kai

    Any chance they’ll refund the $30 difference from the one I just bought at the end of December -_-?

  • markwebb

    Mine shipped already!

  • Higher_Ground

    Now all they have to do is throw in $50 of google play credit and I’m all in.

  • cbn4forums

    Hmm, I am waiting for Google to have Pixel XL 128GB available in the store!

  • trixnkix637

    This is the deal I’ve been looking for. I can even have it billed to my Verizon account. The question is… is this a good purchase? I fear I’ll have buyer’s regret one week after buying it.

  • enigmaco

    Anybody use this with the Nexus 6P?

  • vr

    serious question. i have a pixel (not XL). Is this $50 better than google cardboard?

    • SonofaButch

      Absolutely! I have the regular Pixel too. I was using a cardboard viewer until my family gave me the Daydream headset for Xmas. Its amazing!

      • Mayajbrune

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Best Buy Price Match?

    • Jerry Huster

      Depends on the associate, but they don’t usually match the Google Store.

  • GregDubya

    Anybody compared this to Gear VR? I wonder if S8 will be compatible with both.

  • RazorSky

    Have they fixed the overheating issue yet? I don’t know how it gets so darn hot when watching youtube in VR. I’m not doing much. (Non vr videos)

    • SonofaButch

      If im just watching videos on YT or Netflix I keep the front flap open. That keeps me from overheating. Of course if you’re jumping around in a game or something that won’t work

  • Mark Snider

    Went ahead and grabbed one at this price. The $30 drop put it into impulse buy territory

  • What are the best games and apps for Daydream these days? I don’t have one and am tempted to get one but my Google Cardboard has only collected dust after the first week and I’m afraid this will do the same unless there are games and apps that can keep my attention.

    I definitely approve of the design of the device – looks nice and comfortable.