Google+ App Receiving Update, Brings Android Beam and Daydream Support

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This morning, Google is pushing out a staged rollout of an updated Google+ application for Android through Google Play. The update isn’t your ordinary run of the mill bug fixer, though. Inside this update, Google is looking to take advantage of a few features that are uncommonly used on phones supporting the software, such as Daydream and Android Beam(more…)

Download: DashClock Beta With DayDream Support

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Yesterday, Roman Nurik teased DayDream support that will be included in the next major update of his now-famous Android lock screen app called DashClock. With no time table set for a release, we thought we should point out that you can download the current beta from the app’s code site today and experience all the DashClock-DayDream action you could ever imagine.

In this beta, don’t forget that you’ll first need to go into your phone’s Settings>Display>DayDream in order to set DashClock as the DayDream option. From there, you can tap the settings menu button, which then pops up DayDream-DashClock settings in the app. The only option that you can currently tweak, is the color of the text that moves in while DayDreaming.

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Video: Dashclock Creator Teases Upcoming Android 4.2 Daydream Support

dashclock daydream

One of the most underused features of Android 4.2 since it launched would be Daydream. A mode that allows your phone to sit idle and show you news and information sounds interesting, but only for people who have 4.2 and a dock for their device or use it while charging. Roman Nurik, creator of the popular lockscreen application Dashclock posted a teaser video today showing off an upcoming update that makes Dashclock available during Daydream mode.  (more…)

Clock Plus Brings Much Needed Features to Android 4.2 DayDream

When Google introduced Android 4.2, one of the features that seems to have been overlooked a bit, is DayDream. For those not familiar, think of DayDream as Google’s attempt at a more robust docking station app. If setup properly, you can have your phone or tablet automatically display a clock, secret BeanFlinger screen, Google Currents, or photos upon docking. The clock, for whatever reason, is a bit lacking, though. Enter Clock Plus.

In Clock Plus, a free app on Google Play, you can have the clock display an icon for missed calls, unread texts, new Gmail emails, and your next scheduled alarm. While these are simple additions, they are greatly welcomed.

Also, since DayDream is an Android 4.2-only feature, Clock Plus is an option for those not running the newest version of Android. If you are running Android 4.0+, you can install this app and use it as a clock replacement.

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