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LG G4 Review

As we keep getting deeper into 2015, more flagship devices are being released by all of the big OEM players, and soon, folks will be able to grab the G4 from LG. Even though we don’t have an official date from the company yet, we were fortunate enough to grab a review unit from LG while attending the unveiling event in New York City and have spent the last couple of weeks testing out its every feature, to see if it can compete with the likes of HTC and Samsung.

The G4 has stiff competition in 2015, mainly from Samsung and its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices. The S6 and S6 Edge have been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, stating its camera and display can’t be beat, but after spending almost two weeks with this phone, it is quite apparent that the G4 can easily carve out a space for itself in the ever-changing Android ecosystem.

This is our LG G4 review. 

LG G4 -  4

The Good


The LG G4 features a 5.5″ QHD Quantum IPS display, Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, microSD slot with support up to 2TB of storage, 3,000mAh removable battery, NFC, 16MP rear-facing camera with OIS and laser auto focus, 8MP front-facing camera with gesture controls, Quick Charge 2.0 technology, optional wireless charging, and Android 5.1.

On paper, the G4 is a beast. And off paper, the G4 performs exceptionally well, which should be no surprise. Flagship phones like this should all operate and perform smoothly these days, with insanely powered processors and plenty of RAM to keep Android chugging along nicely. There were some questions surrounding LG’s choice of the Snapdragon 808 over the controversial 810, but the 808 is flagship level on its own and shouldn’t cause any concern for potential buyers.

In comparison to the G3 from last year, LG stepped up the device in all major categories, bringing a better display, improved processor, and vastly updated camera tech. All in all, LG spared little expense when looking to create a successor to last year’s flagship.


Being a very large portion of the device, the display used on the G4 is very important, and when you consider the effort LG put into last year’s G3 display, which unfortunately fell short in a few categories, the G4 is a major step in the right direction to correct issues buyers had last year. The G3 was somewhat plagued by colors that didn’t pop, weak contrast, poor viewing angles, and blacks that never really looked all that black. The G4 features a 5.5″ QHD Quantum IPS display, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 120% color gamut, 50% increase in contrast, and 30% bump in brightness. When I first saw the G4’s display, my eyes could instantly tell this display was better than last year’s, as it was apparent colors were more deeply saturated, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. Thanks to a few preloaded videos on the G4, my eye’s initial beliefs were confirmed.

Below, there is a photo of the G4 sitting directly next to last year’s G3, and a few other high-end phones. On the G3, the white features a yellowish tint, while the G4 has a mostly cooler, white display. When viewing photos and watching videos, these things are noticeable, at least to my eyes. Of course, with such a high resolution, pixels won’t be an issue for your eyes, unless you wear a crazy prescription of glasses.

Phones Displays

On the subjective side of things, this 5.5″ display seems to fit my hand rather well. Although, I don’t think I could go any bigger, but that’s just me. A display size of 5.5″ is great for viewing videos and snapping photos, while also still having enough room in your pocket for you to reach your hand in to grab the device. If you own the G3 and are thinking about upgrading to the G4, you will be happy that you did. On the other hand, if you were trying to choose between the Galaxy S6 and G4, that decision may be rather tough. The 5.1″ QHD Super AMOLED found on the Galaxy S6 is extremely bright and poppy, lending plenty of crispness to videos and photos, along with much more accurate colors. To me, it really would come down to design of the phones, and if you need expandable storage. But side by side, your own eyes may not be able to tell to much of the difference between the two.

G4 Macro 1 LG G4 Macro 2 LG G4 Macro 3

Macros for fun.


If you have been following the processor news surrounding 2015 flagship devices, you will know that LG’s inclusion of the Snapdragon 80 and not the Snapdragon 810 is kind of a big deal, but slightly blown out of proportion. As an average end user, you won’t notice much, if any differences performance wise between the 808 versus the 810. Each can handle multitasking and web browsing just fine, while also allowing you to shoot UHD video and view 2K video. They are both high-end processors, that will no doubt handle anything you can throw at them. So for LG to opt to use the Snapdragon 808, I don’t believe it fuels the conspiracy that something is majorly wrong with the Snapdragon 810. Qualcomm even said that LG chose the 808 long ago, before there were rumors of overheating issues with the 810.

With that being said, during my time with the G4, I was rather happy with how snappy the device was, breezing through apps and streaming videos from the web. When switching between the camera app and Chrome, there is very little delay, and that is a good sign to me. When inside of a game and hitting the Home button, you are directed right to the home screen, with no signs of “jank” or lag. As a smartphone owner, that’s all I need. I want a quick phone, with no glitches. And frankly, that’s what I got with the G4.


The camera found in the G4 is a very important aspect of the device, as LG highlighted it predominantly at its unveiling event. It is a 16MP shooter with a f/1.8 lens that features optical image stabilization (OIS), as well as laser auto focus and phase detection. Now, considering this is a smartphone we are talking about, the camera is incredible. In a recent shootout we did between the G4 and Galaxy S6, the G4 was not only on par with the Galaxy S6, but even beat it out in a few scenarios. In low lighting, I was blown away with the accuracy, detail, and light the G4 was able to bring in, especially at night time. Again, for a smartphone, most shots that it is capable of are very impressive.

LG G4 Camera UI - 1 LG G4 Camera UI - 2 LG G4 Camera UI - 3 LG G4 Camera UI - 4 LG G4 Camera UI - 5

Making it a true friend to photography buffs is the Manual Mode. This allows users to tweak individual settings within a shot, such as ISO, white balance, manual focus, and even shutter speed. Shutter speed options have yet to be available on many high-end Android devices, including any from Samsung. With this feature, you can capture light trail shots, such as you would see from experienced professional photographers. Thankfully, the Auto mode on the device is also very good, leaving even poorly experienced photographers with great shots.

Ranking the G4’s features from best to worst, the camera would easily be #1 on my list as its greatest achievement.

20150504_231630 (1)

LG G4 Camera -  9 LG G4 Camera -  8 LG G4 Camera -  7 LG G4 Camera -  6 LG G4 Camera -  5

LG G4 Camera -  1 LG G4 Camera -  3 LG G4 Camera -  11 LG G4 Camera -  10 LG G4 Camera -  2

Full Resolution: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Battery Life 

Before using the G4 for this review, I was using the Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung. As detailed in that review, the battery life on the S6 Edge was roughly average to poor. On the G4, battery life seems much more stable, which is a blessing for someone like me. I don’t enjoy charging my phone twice a day. Charging the S6 a couple of times per day seems a bit extreme, considering what year it is. Hasn’t battery tech advanced enough yet to where I don’t need to charge my device constantly? Apparently not. Regardless of all that, the G4 lasted me a solid day to day and a half whenever I pulled it off of the charger. Given I have a habit of always plugging my phone in at night, there was a few nights that I didn’t need to. I’d go to bed around 11:30pm with about 40% left, so in my opinion, this was phenomenal.

Unlike other people, I don’t use my phone as much as you would think, since I am usually sitting in front of a computer screen for 10 hours a day. But, I do play games, watch YouTube videos, and mess around with apps quite frequently on my device. Needless to say, I was impressed with the LG G4’s battery life, especially when compared to the Galaxy S6 and One M9. As you will see in the screenshots below, I averaged over 2 hours of screen on time while using mostly LTE.

And take note, the 3,000mAh battery found on the G4 is removable. *OMG*

This phone also supports Quick Charge 2.0, but more on that in a minute.

LG G4 Battery -  1 LG G4 Battery -  4 LG G4 Battery -  7

Expandable Storage and Removable Battery

Since Samsung decided to give up on throwing in expandable storage and a removable battery, we have to give credit to LG for sticking with it. These are the things Android power users want. Already coming preloaded with 32GB of onboard storage, the ability to throw in up to 2TB (yes, terabytes) of storage is great for folks who plan on capturing a ton of RAW photos and placing their entire music library on their device. So, yes, the more storage, the better.

While I personally don’t have the exact need or want to replace my battery to swap in a new one whenever I am low, you can’t knock the fact that it may be useful. For example, if you are going on a camping trip or something, all you need is a few extra batteries with you, instead of praying your campground has a outlet or carrying a car adapter with you. There are countless scenarios where a removable battery could be useful, so since it’s there, it’s great.

LG G4 -  7

Build Quality and Design

Unlike the all-metal build of the One M9 and glassy front and backside of the Galaxy S6, LG stuck with plastic on this particular model of the G4. No, it’s not super premium, but you know what, it works. Even though the G4 in my possession is mostly plastic, besides the large piece of glass protecting the display on front, the device does feel rather great while in-hand. Thanks to the slight curve to it, the G4, with its broad size, fits quite well in my hand. Coming from the Galaxy S6, that feels pretty small when compared to the One M9, the G4 doesn’t feel all that much bigger.

Just like the G2 and G3, LG has brought back the rear-facing buttons, allowing the sides of the phone to be quite thin. Personally, I still enjoy this setup, but others may not enjoy it as much. It takes time to get used to, but after a while, having rear-facing buttons is pretty nice. When the phone is in my pocket and I have headphones attached to it, I can press on the buttons from outside of my pocket, controlling the volume. And even though the buttons are on the backside, I don’t think I have ever accidentally pressed a button that I did not mean to.

Now, beyond the device I have, LG is offering G4 models with leather backs, which I did have a chance to play with during my time in NYC. They look great. At first, I assumed LG would not be able to compete with the quality of leather Motorola uses on the Moto X, but actually, the leather felt pretty good. The actual backside is still plastic, with a leather skin placed directly on top. Again, it does not exactly come off as the most premium thing ever, but it’s better than boring ol’ plastic, right? LG even has a ton of color options for the leather, including Red, Shale, Blue, and Black. If I had my preference, I would have gone leather all day everyday, but I was given a plastic model. Oh well.

LG G4 -  2

Quick Charge 2.0 and Wireless Charging

At first, Quick Charge 2.0, a Qualcomm technology, was not supported on the G4. We know this because LG told us so. Now, still weeks away from its launch, it is suddenly supported, which apparently even took LG by surprise. The addition of Quick Charge 2.0 is a major plus for buyers, as this technology speeds up the charging of the devices battery, meaning you don’t need to have it plugged up to the wall forever. In addition, the device features support for wireless charging, which is another bonus for anyone who happens own a Qi wireless charger. Just keep in mind that you will have to buy a separate wireless charging back to enable it.


We still don’t have exact pricing or availability for the G4, but you can bet to see it on all major carriers throughout the globe. My guess is that it will be priced at around $199 on a two-year contract, with an off-contract price of anywhere from $500 to $650. Given that the device is still just plastic, LG can’t go charging a premium for it, like Samsung does on the Galaxy S6. Most US carriers said that the device should launch near the end of May or early June. Once we have official and exact details, this section will be updated.

Somewhere in the Middle


When I think of LG’s UX software, there are a few words that come to mind – bland, boring, and uninspired. UX 4.0, which comes preloaded on the G4, runs on top of Android 5.1. Interestingly enough, on the software side, it does not appear LG put as much work into the software this year as they did the display and camera found in the phone. It’s not that this is a bad thing, but since this device is constantly being compared to the Galaxy S6, it’s hard to let it slide. Not only did Samsung upgrade the camera and display tech found in its latest flagship, but they completely reworked TouchWiz, making it actually not so bad to use.

When I use the G4, I feel as if I am still using a G3, as the software on both devices are insanely similar. The colors and basic UI are all the same, which at times, can lead to a pretty boring user experience. However, even though the UI doesn’t pop and amaze, it’s not necessarily bad.

LG G4 UI - 6 LG G4 UI - 7 LG G4 UI - 11 LG G4 UI - 5 LG G4 UI - 12

LG did load up UX 4.0 with all of your favorite software additions, such as Q-Slide and Dual Window. However, Dual Window is not all that awesome when compared to Samsung’s MultiWindow, but at the same time, Dual Window works perfectly fine. You can have two apps open at the same time, and thankfully, LG does not limit which apps are supported by this feature. During my testing time, I did not find myself needing any of LG’s software features, but that’s not too surprising, as I don’t use any of Samsung’s either.

Smart Bulletin, which is pinned to your home screen upon first boot up, was the first thing I disabled. It holds LG Health stats, your Calendar events, a music widget, and QRemote access. Again, these features are not something I ever use, but I know for a fact that many LG fans love QRemote, so don’t worry, it’s there.

To sum up the software, I wish LG would have infused more Material Design elements into the overall look. Sure, the Messaging app has a floating action button, but that’s not enough for hardcore Android fans like me. It’s your basic, run of the mill Android skin, with not a lot going on.

LG G4 UI - 8 LG G4 UI - 9 LG G4 UI - 2 LG G4 UI - 4 LG G4 UI - 3

The Not-so-Good

Lollipop Notifications

On LG devices that run Lollipop, the company seems to have broken expandable notifications. This same issue was documented in our G Flex 2 review. When you have a notification, such as Gmail or Twitter, they are usually expandable for viewing. On LG devices, however, they are not. On the lock screen, they work just fine. You can expand, compact, and swipe away. Just as it should be. But when your phone is unlocked and you pull down your notification shade, you cannot interact with the notifications. You either swipe away or click on them. Since this is not the way Lollipop was made to work, it’s a big time annoyance coming from any phone that works properly. Hopefully LG addresses this issue in a future update.

No Fingerprint Sensor or Heart Rate Monitor

Sorry to compare this device once again to the Galaxy S6 from Samsung, but I felt it necessary. Samsung nailed it with fingerprint and heart rate tech in the Galaxy S6 this year, but LG didn’t even try. Why didn’t they try? Well, they never have, besides having heart rate monitors in their smartwatches. With other major smartphones releasing with fingerprint scanners (iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, One M9+), it might have been nice to see LG give it a whirl. In overseas markets, HTC is trying a fingerprint sensor on the One M9+, but since that phone is not dropping here in the US, it matters very little. Using the Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner allows for added security, but doesn’t add an annoying step to unlocking your phone. It’s rather seamless. The G4’s design does not leave many places to leave a dedicated fingerprint sensor, but it would not surprise me if we saw next year’s flagship from LG feature one or both of these technologies built right into the phone.


LG G4 Hands-on and Impressions

LG G4 vs. Galaxy S6 Edge vs. One M9


LG G4 -  4 LG G4 -  3 LG G4 -  2 LG G4 -  1 LG G4 -  10

LG G4 - 2 LG G4 - 16 LG G4 - 20 LG G4 - 23 LG G4 - 33


The LG G4 is a fantastic device, and in my eyes, has no major flaws that should turn away any potential buyers. It is 2015 and there are a ton of great phones on the market, so while Samsung may have brought the “Wow!” factor in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, LG stepped up their own game, bringing a true competitor to the table.

The way I see it, the G4 and Galaxy S6 comparison is purely subjective. Whichever device you think looks best, you should probably get. They will each prove worthy of your daily needs. They have excellent cameras, fantastic looks, and awesome displays. Doesn’t get much better than that these days. And should you decide to choose the G4, you get the added bonus of expandable storage and a removable battery, if you care about that sort of thing.

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    Same thing with the low light results. Yes, more detail, sure, but at the expense of a more yellowish hue in picture quality. I think if you’re deciding between which phone has the best screen and best picture quality, it should be the one that’s more color accurate…so S6.

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    i was seriously thinking about going to this phone from the S6 but now that there’s root, i don’t know. i still might though given that i just loved the ergonomics of the G2, which i still use.

    i loved the material of the G2 and how it felt in my hand when holding it. the plastic actually felt super secure without it ever feeling slippery in hand. i can pick up the phone, rotate it, flip it around, whatever, all with one hand without ever fearing that it would slip out. i can’t say that about other phones (moto x 2, S6). and the edges curved upwards so it never dug into my hand even after holding it for a long period of time. the moto x 2 however, felt really slippery in hand and it dug into my hand so it was pretty uncomfy. the S6 also has these problems but not as bad as the moto.

    • jnt

      The only thing you might dislike about the G4 is the actual size, then. I’ve felt like the G2 was just about the perfect size. I tried the G3 but it felt too big to me all the time.

  • Svnjay

    2 hours of screen on time is now considered good? That’s abysmally poor.

    Also, fingerprint scanners and heart rate monitors are gimmicky. I don’t see this as a con.

    • flosserelli

      I agree heart rate sensors are gimmicky. But fingerprint scanners can be useful, if implemented correctly.

      • Keith Taylor

        and thats the thing. If LG is not going to do it right then dont put a finger print sensor at all, which they didnt. Next year this time they will have worked out a way to have it there. I Also expect them to have a GPS in their phones by then as well.

  • M_perez1087

    I heard rumors that saying “OK Google” from home screen doesn’t work with the G4, you have to open the app and press the mic button to ask questions. Is this true?

    • Droid 1967

      I dont know but on g2 and g3 you could use ok google so seems wierd they would remove it.

    • Norris

      Google removed it.Even on the S6 you have to open the app first.

    • johnesmokesjr

      I had thought it disappeared on my G3 as well, but I checked the settings on the google search app and there was the option for the always on ok google action. Try that and tell me if it works

  • flosserelli

    I sincerely hope that is non-final software and LG finds more battery life. My current S6 battery cycle shows 19 hrs standby + 5 hrs SOT with 45% battery left. Granted I am running a highly tweaked & debloated rom, but I expected much better from the G4.

    • PoisonApple31

      Well you’ll get much better on the G4 once you run a highly tweaked and debloated rom on it. 😉

      • flosserelli

        I am sure you will. But even my G3 got better battery life.

        • PoisonApple31

          Yeah, they don’t ever seem to get good battery life when they review. I was really happy with my G3 battery life. After having a G3 though, I don’t want this phone.

          • I thought the g3 battery life was extremely average. I liked the phone though a lot but there were definitely some things that were horrible about it… Mainly software wise.

        • duke69111

          I was kind of thinking the same thing. I generally get 20-24 hours of standby with 4 hours of screen on time with the G3. I was hoping the G4 would smash the G3 in the battery department.

        • Dave12308

          Yeah I think they spend countless hours whacking it to porn on the phones they are reviewing, and then blame the phone.

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Excellent review, Tim. I think the comparisons to the GS6 are very warranted for a review in today’s market, just as I feel comparisons between the GS6 and iPhone 6 are warranted in a GS6 review. It’s good to see where all of the “little guys” stack up to the king(s) of their world.

    In terms of my own purchase, I feel like the difference between the G4 and the GS6 would be like the days I switch my SIM from my Droid Turbo to my Moto X ’14. I just feel that little extra added stress when it’s the end of the work day and my battery is close to death. I agree that this should not be the case in 2015.

    Overall great review.

  • Laszlo Boocz

    LG stepping it up! Those pictures look great. Look at the details on the dog pic.

  • Turb0wned

    Wait 2 hours on screen time with 40% left? How is that better than the S6? My S6 edge gets 4-5…

  • alberteezy

    Although the S6 is the nicer looking phone the G4 kills it where it needs to, battery!

  • trwb

    Battery seems pretty bad. It looks to be in line with my moto x 2014. 2.5 hrs SOT is far from good.

    • Sebastian

      He still had like 30 percent (almost a third) of battery left!

  • ddevito

    LG = always playing second fiddle to Samsung
    Samsung = always playing second fiddle to Nexus

    I’ll stick my with Nexus 6 (even though no one else is buying it)

    • PoisonApple31

      I am loving the Nexus 6. I did the G3 last year and the Note 3 before that.

      • DanSan

        Same here, love my nexus 6. it may not win awards for best camera or display but good enough for me and i love having stock android.

  • jmed99

    Tim, I like the screen size better than the S6 but the only thing holding me back from the G4 is the curve…since it’s only a “slight curve”, I have to wonder…if the phone is laying on a desk and you swipe around the keyboard or change home screens by swiping, will the phone spin like a helicopter??? I really like the Moto X 2nd gen but returned it because of the curve causing spinning/rocking. DOes the “slight curve” of the G4 cuase any spinning or rocking??? Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • CoreRooted

      None of the G series have that problem as the middle is flat enough that unless you press hard at the edge of the device, you’re not going to cause it to rock. Spinning, well, it’s a slick back (aside from the leather bound back plates), so that’s going to happen regardless.

    • sharkoparko

      LG g3 no spin . N6 annoyed me with spin laying on back on a desk.sold it. LG g3 rocks.Getting g4.LG skin is so light, almost like neXus experience

  • Jonathan

    Those pictures are freaking GORGEOUS! Props to the G4

    • Jonathan

      My Droid turbo makes just as good shots although the camera is slightly slow but it won’t kill you.

      • flosserelli

        Lmao. Yeah, ok….

        • Jonathan

          Something you need son?

        • Jonathan

          Something you need son? Your comment is offending me for absolutely no reason. You typed “Lmao. Yeah, ok” and got 8 likes. So that means I have 8 enemies plus you so back off! This is an Intense android news for Intense people only son and looks to me your not acting like one.

          • Guest

            11 now lol. In all fairness the droid turbo camera can’t compare to the G4.

          • Lol

          • DanSan

            Now they are just upvoting him for the sake of upvoting and to piss you off. lol

          • He was saying that there is no way your Turbo takes as good of photos as the G4. Every review of the Turbo mentions the camera as being inconsistent and overall poor quality. I had the Turbo for a week too, and it was miles behind the G3.

          • Bionic_Pags

            Agreed… i still own the Turbo and i think it’s a great phone but the camera on my previous S4 outperformed myTurbo

          • Dave12308

            Yo Son your overuse of the word “son” is annoying. Knowhaimean, “Son?” So, Son, what the hell is your issue, Son? Back of, Son. Laterz, Son.

            By the way, make that NINE enemies – you can include ME.

  • shamatuu

    i would pick this over the GS 6.

    • MicroNix

      After owning the G3, I’m going back to Samsung displays for my next phone. They just can’t be beat. Even with the improvements on the G4, it still looks like the S6 is leaps ahead of it yet. Will need to compare myself in person before final decision but dang Sammy makes a killer display.

      • Brandon Nicholson

        That battery life though…

        • PoisonApple31

          Meh, it depends on where you are using your phone and how you use your phone. I always do better with battery what’s posted in these reviews.

        • The Bilderbergers

          Greenify can help any phone’s battery life. Fact. Or get rid of that stupid facebook app.

        • zUFC

          And that home button. Why do they keep that. I wouldn’t take one if it was free. Thank god LG uses the real onscreen buttons. And the worse part is Touchwiz. I disagree with Kellen. I think the LG UI is the easiest to make look stock. I get every phone that comes out and once I got the G2 there was no turning back. Nexus is too big. S6 with the home button, TW and batter life destroy it for me. HTC I just don’t like anymore. LG has been my last two phone and will be number three. Can’t wait for this. Especially if the batt life is better than the G3 which isn’t as bad as everyone says(not as good as the G2 was but still better than all other phones out there). Batt life is the number one factor for me. Plus the onscreen buttons and easy to make look like stock.

      • alberteezy

        How is it leaps of ahead? LG seems to match it in almost every way.

      • shamatuu

        yeah but i care more about battery life than display. For me i don’t like having glass front and back. Don;t like the leather version so i would pick the plastic version.

      • I have a G3, and used an S6 for a week. I couldn’t stand the horrible battery life, and while the phone looked nice, it was incredibly uncomfortable to hold. Mainly because the glass is so slippery that it feels like it’s going to fall out of your hand all the time.

      • guest

        Honestly the G3 display did not wow me either and I worked for them lol. After using the G4 for a day I noticed a huge difference. When i used my G3 i was so sad to see that screen and battery life.

    • Symbiotx


  • jimt

    The S6 was phone of the year for a very short time until the G4 came out.

    • Slaughter

      So much faith. .. :’)

    • MicroNix

      Wanna guess who’s going to sell more phones?

      • Frank Daniels


        • sistemx

          samsung will sell wayyyy more phones

          • Dave12308

            Part of that is because every single Korean just HAS to have a Samsung phone. Koreans are the biggest fanboys in the WORLD. If you’re Korean, nothing made outside of Korea is worth ANYTHING. Even though Korean stuff is crap.

          • Norris

            Samsung has slow sales of S6/Edge in Korea,its home country.So your point has no sense.

          • Greyhame

            First of all, LG resides in Korea as well. Every country has national pride, so it’s not worth criticizing. Also, “Korean stuff is crap”? Seriously? Last I looked, Samsung and LG have both released fantastic phones. S.Korea is also kicking but in the car industry (Hyundai, KIA). Even diapers.. Kimberly-Clark has a plant in S.Korea that continuously outperforms its American sister plants. Get your facts straight before talking like a moron.

      • jimt

        I would guess Samsung. Does that indicate the better phone? I would guess it shows the bigger/better marketing team. If I was going to buy one and I am not, I would pick the G4. My opinion based one my wants and needs.

        • DanSan

          I use the same argument with apple trolls when they say who sells more phones or when they go around a room and see which brand phone is most dominate.

          I tell them there are more hondas and toyotas on the road than audi’s… does that make the accord a better car? no, just means its more popular and marketed to more people.

    • Brandon Nicholson

      I want to disagree with this, but I can’t. The interesting thing about the S6 is that it is compared to it’s predecessors, and that is where the wow comes in. It’s almost like reviewers thought “this is the best phone ever because the S4 was exactly like the S3, and the S5 was just a step up from the S4 in terms of display and gimmicks.”

      In terms of Phone of the Year, I just don’t like crowning a champion when the same things get said. “It’s a great phone, BUT…” It’s 2015, I’m getting fairly tired of companies sacrificing in some areas still.

      • jnt

        I really don’t mean this sarcastically – but isn’t every phone compared to it’s predecessors?

        • Brandon Nicholson

          In terms of the overall scale of most phones, not really, IMO. The G2 was pretty good. G3 made inprovements to that and was ab overall inprovement. G4 appears to possibly do the same.

          The S4 was crap if we are veing honest. S5 was an improvement, but still not overwhelmingly so. HTC could just take something and make it better… but they really might as well make their slogan: “HTC – Moving Backwards.”

          I just think that, while the S6 made a drastic change to the overall design and improvements all around, they really cut some corners and thats being overlooked.

          • Cory S

            Actually, i think the G3 was a step back form the G2 in just about every category. Display, battery life, performance. The camera however was better.

          • Brandon Nicholson

            Really? I actually got better battery life on my VZW G3 than the G2. I never really had a problem with the display, but the blacks, colors and contrast were faded. Performance was a bit upsetting, just trying to max out the chip to run QHD. Interesting to read varying opinions though.

          • Donny Miller

            Someone else with a brain, thank you, the S4 was indeed crap! The S6 gets a lot of praise, but I would take the G4 over an S6 any day.

    • jnt

      The thing is this is debatable to a fault. I could give you 10 points why the S6 should be phone of the year (to this point anyway) and you could turn around and give me 10 points why the G4 should be. They both will provide different experiences to whoever wants whichever experience.

      • rutgersjaffo

        I still have my Note 2 and still consider it a great phone. Was going to upgrade to the Note 5 this August, but taking away swappable batteries and SD cards is a deal-breaker for me. SO that being the case, this looks like it is probably my next phone. . .

  • Voltism

    S6 = looks/ feels better plus fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor, (if anyone cares about that) G4 = better battery life plus it’s removeable, micro sd storage, probably cheaper

  • Cole C

    Snapdragon 80 oh yeah

  • NorCalGuy

    Hopefully tmo is still bootloader unlocked and i can root and debloat

    • gallen408

      How is T-Mobile in humboldt? I moved to PDX two years ago but I haven’t made it back to town since switching to tmobile a few months ago.

      • NorCalGuy

        Not that far north. Pretty much all along 101 going north there is LTE and not untill the boonies do i start to really loose service.

        • gallen408

          Good to know, thanks!

  • jrbmed08

    I think the improvements over the G3 are incremental and I prefer the smaller body size of the G3.

  • Daniel Walsh


  • bose301s

    If my decision were between the 3 Android big boys, LG, Samsung and HTC, I would be picking this phone up over the S6 for myself. I would still have my wife get the S6 due to her wanting a smaller phone but for me this would win because of screen size, camera and battery life.

  • MicroNix

    “When I think of LG’s UX software, there are a few words that come to mind – bland, boring, and uninspired”

    That’s funny because that’s exactly what I think about stock Android.

    • Jake Blanchard

      I was thinking the same thing. I think stock Android is ugly.

      • the truth

        to each their own i guess but i think the reason most people like stock is because it typically preforms better

    • flosserelli

      Good thing there are options, eh.

      • MicroNix

        Absolutely. That is the beauty of the Android ecosystem.

        • DainLaguna

          Do you loathe using all of googles apps then?

          Don’t get me wrong…different strokes for different folks, but it seems like in general, stock devices are praised for their aesthetics…and only android nerds prefer the ‘beauty’ of certain skins.

          Aside from multi window, I don’t see how lg’s software is ‘exciting’

          • mickeyB88

            it isn’t, really. The g3 icons are so stupidly big and the grid size so small for such a high resolution, i slapped nova prime on there as soon as i could.

          • That’s a tired, old, subjective argument. There are plenty of nice software features found on all OEM skins that aren’t found in stock android. Different people like ’em for different reasons. =)

          • mickeyB88

            I mean yeah it’s got some pretty nice advantages. But you’re right, it’s subjective and I just couldn’t get past those icon/grid sizes.

    • Big EZ

      There all ugly until I get Xposed and TweaksBox on it to fix it to my liking. Besides, the only stock thing I see is the notification bar/shade and the dialer.

    • bmandrews7

      I kind of agree the best part is we have third party launchers that can help with this

  • Dave

    Good phone, but really glad I went with the S6. Just my opinion.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I like the G4, I think it has a lot of good things going for it and its a good phone….

    But 2 hours of on screen time is considered great battery life nowadays? That’s pretty terrible :/

    • bose301s

      If you think that’s poor battery life look at the S6 review, can’t even hit the 2 hour mark.

      • Slaughter

        Yeah. Can’t even hit 2 hours SOT?

        • Brandon Nicholson

          Is your phone drunk!?

        • Svnjay

          You obviously lowered the brightness and/or did nothing intensive with the phone.

          • jnt

            Actually that’s attainable depending on your network and what you’re doing when the screen is on. The S6 idles really really well, too.

          • When I leave work I usually have 60% left on my s6 and plug it in to my quick charge car cable on the drive home or wherever it is I’m going and usually get back to 100% by the time I’m there

    • MaxPower27

      Kellen & Tim both seem to get significantly worse battery life on any device than any other reviewer. It’s odd.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Thats very true. Also I can’t be too critical of other devices battery life since the last time I had a device with a battery smaller than 3200mAh was 2011 and that was a DROID Bionic and even then I had the 2880mAh extended batteries for it. I still have 6 of them in a drawer somewhere lol.

  • tyguy829

    The G4 is huge compared to the S6 Edge

  • ushneb

    Wait a sec. You mean you’ve had the device for 2 weeks and couldn’t report if it did or did not have Quick Charge 2.0?

    • Slaughter

      May be there’s no quick charger on the box.

      • ushneb

        Valid point, but the inquisitive minds over at Droid-life should’ve thought of that and tested it anyways, lol. It’s kind of a moot point now that LG has come clean with it already.

        • Slaughter

          There’s no long time LG finally announced its compatibility, maybe they didn’t even wonder it was usefull to test it before that.

          • Svnjay

            or maybe they’re like Sony and didn’t think it was worth marketing.

        • dbuckup

          The reveiew models every reviewer got did not support quick charging and lg kept it a secret til 2 days ago…retail models will support quick charge

          • ushneb

            Interesting. Did the review device not ship with Snapdragon 808’s? Unless there was a way for LG to soft-block this feature. But I was under the impression this is all hardware which wouldn’t be affected by software.

    • Possibly pre-release software and the fact that LG originally said it wasn’t supported. Why would Tim be inclined to try a quick charger?

      The whole QuickChargeGate smells rotten to me though.

      • ushneb

        Snapdragon 808 is supposed to support it. So even though LG initially said that the G4 didn’t, that would make me wonder why especially when the announced hardware is technically capable of it. But yes, it most definitely is fishy.

      • Yeah, it seems weird to me that LG wouldn’t want to market this…I’d like to see some testing done as well just because I’m curious. If it has it, they should definitely be including a quick charge port and cable when it retails. Have they released pricing for this at all?? I’m still debating on picking one up if I like it enough.

  • Rodeojones000

    Maybe it’s just me, but fingerprint sensors and heart rate monitors are perhaps the last features I’m looking for on a phone. The fact that LG didn’t include them couldn’t bother me any less.

    • jnt

      Agree on the heart rate monitor, but once you’ve had the fingerprint sensor for a bit you miss it when using other phones.

      • YvetteWGrover

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      • AndrewScottRox

        I totally agree. After using the touch ID on my iphone, it’s something I wish I had on my Moto X.

      • bushmisfite

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      • Frettfreak

        mine HAS to be broken on my s6 then. I know the reviews on this site claim its praises, but on my s6 i am like 1 in 6 that it gets my prints right. So frustrating, i just turn it off

        • jnt

          I’ve had a few S6’s and they were all almost perfect… so something is definitely off there.

          • kretz7

            You’ve already had (gone and went through) a few S6’s? How and why…

          • jnt

            Pink screen hue… the joys of qhd/amoled…

        • mcdonsco

          Works perfectly on mine

        • f

          Try recalibrating it…mines flawless after making sure I followed the onscreen instructions and redid my fingers,

          • HeatherENowak

            [email protected]


        • foghorn67

          You have dry prints. Touch your forehead or your cheek first. If it works after that, you’ll know it’s dry skin. Gets worse as you age.

      • The Doctor

        The fingerprint sensor on my S6 only worked about half the time. I don’t miss it on my G4.

    • Austin

      I would be interested in purchasing this, but the non-expandable notifications are a huge turnaway, even though it shouldn’t be.

      • bobbyp

        They are there you just have enable it in the settings…or that’s what you do on the G2.

    • flosserelli

      I wasn’t a fan of fingerprint scanners until Samsung got it right on the S6. In fact, I never used lockscreen security because it was inconvenient. Now my S6 makes it a no-brainer.

      • Sebastian

        And apparently they are releasing a new update that makes it better 🙂

        • dreadnatty08

          That’s great to hear. While it’s usually without errors, the fact that it can happen every so often was enough for me to disable it.

          • Frettfreak

            every so often? Mine gets is wrong WAY more than right lol

          • Dlongb13

            You may be having an issue then. Mine works perfectly 9/10 times, press the button to turn the screen on and boom, phone unlocked. Only time I really get errors is when I accidentally hit the home button when pulling the phone out of my pocket.

    • 79stanger

      Those features are not needed, if you have a smartwatch.

    • Big EZ

      Heart rate sensors are horribly inaccurate on phones and watches (some are decent for resting HR only). Although someone mentioned the use of the HR monitor for selfies, but that’s useless to me as I don’t take selfies.

      A fingerprint scanner would be nice, but it’s not that secure. Plus I wouldn’t use it as I love the knock on feature.

      The biggest disappointment of this device, for me, is the recents menu. I hate that carousel, LG had it perfect with KitKat. Maybe if they had the carousel but still allowed you to zoom out for the 3×3 and 2×2 style of their KitKat skin.

      • Sebastian

        on HTC you can change it back to the previous version

    • Stephen

      Same here. Absolutely pointless for me. Although other people do enjoy it obviously.

    • Dave12308

      Same here. If I need my health monitored, I will go to the doctor; thank you very much.

    • I really, really wish I had a phone with a good fingerprint sensor. I use security on my device and would love it if I could just scan my fingerprint.

      Now, I don’t want one enough to get an S6 – the price and battery life make it a non-starter for me, so I’ll just have to wait until it becomes more affordable.

    • Chris Hughes

      Totally agree on HR monitor. I would have said the same about fingerprint scanner but I find I use it on my s6 more than I thought I would.

      Speaking of S6…am I the only one having reasonable battery life? I take my phone off the charger at ~6am and when I go to bed at night around 11 I usually have 30-35% left. I stream music all day, text, and usually have between 3 and 4 hours of screen on time.

      Yet everywhere I hear people talk about having to charge it multiple times a day….

  • Eric

    Definitely would like to know how the glossy plastic frame is holding up. It just seems like it would pick up a lot of fine scratches easily.

    • jnt

      Curious about this as well – it looks like similarly cheap plastic to prior Samsung phones honestly (though less chrome), and those nicked up pretty easily.

      • DainLaguna

        I wanna know why lg isn’t getting a pass on the materials honestly.

        Tim said they dont get a pass if they try to charge a premium for plastic….but does one metal and glass phone make everyone forget Samsung was ‘that company’ pulling that crap all the time?

  • AngryBadger

    so the camera quality is nice, I assumed it would be; but how quick are the shots? the jump to the gallery? The initial load up?

    • guest

      On mine is quick. Almost no lag anywhere on my device. camera is amazing.

    • Slaughter

      Slower ta take than S6 :D. Thx PA for the camera comparison.

    • jnt

      JR Raphael said it was slower and less consistent in auto mode than the S6.

  • nate

    Battery life seems pretty average. Same/worse as/than my G2. If LG could just stop modifying stock android, this would be the perfect phone (for me).

    Having used the G2 for well over a year, my biggest complaint is LGs software. I use CM 12 and get significantly better battery life and performance (and looks), but I lose features that you can only get with stock Roms. For instance, camera quality isn’t quite as good and I can’t send SMS/MMS over 4G (ims).

    For people looking for a new phone, it’ll be a hard choice between this and the S6.

    • Cole C

      That’s funny. On my g3 I get way better battery life on stock and cm12.1 kills it. Sucks.

      • nate

        I guess I’m not on official CM12. There actually haven’t been official CM builds for my phone (vs980) for months. I use builds with official LG kernel sources and other improvements. Stock CM is awful for me.

  • Slaughter

    Underpeerforming screen vs S6
    Ugly design
    Huge phone
    Disgusting and unclear ui.
    No fingerprint scanner.
    Mid range component
    Strange ergonomy with buttons on the back
    8millions unit, no more. Finally not a S6-killer.

    • guest

      well I disagree. Screen colors pop and are nice. Not as bright as the S6 but meh. I love the UI and how it feels in my hand. I like the color of the UI and everything of the phone. Matter of opinion. You stay with Sammy Ill stick with LG.

    • The Doctor

      Samsung fanboys have already hit the article.

      • Slaughter

        Ho no, this phone is probably gone to be the best mid ranger phonr this year of 2015.

        • guest

          Mid range? GTFO

          • Slaughter

            Yeah, in 2months it’s <500$.
            Mid range.

        • bose301s

          Yea, you’re a moron.

        • MicroNix

          Ho no, leave troll!

          • Slaughter

            Ho no, it’s so funny here… A bunch of lg’s fanboy trying to change this midranger in flagship is priceless… HTC fans dide the same at the beginning… we know how it ends.

          • Frank Daniels

            The S6 is now lower rated than the S5 due to the SD and batt features. So … Those that own glass phones shouldn’t throw rocks

          • Slaughter

            Consumers report statement.
            Basically, according to them every phone with a SD card and removable battery is better than S6, or every iphone.
            Stupid statement.

        • The Doctor


          • Slaughter

            Come one, you’re the doctor. You know how theses things gonna end. Jump in 6mth and tell me, 350$ or 400€?

        • Ronald

          Samsung isn’t a premium brand but charging premium price 😉

    • Alessandro Eppacher

      okay since when do the quantity of units made change the quality of the phone. By that logic VW Passats are clearly better than any Lamborghini. Also mid range component? I assume you mean the 808 which shows your limited knowledge of hardware. And not everyone wants what you want (a fingerprint scanner, touchjiz-yeah its sooooo pretty and clear). I won’t pick up either of these phones, but dear lord the fan boy is strong with you

      • Slaughter

        Yeah, sd 808 with ddr3, adreno 418. Limited knowledge, if you want Mr Smartguy. Moking actual TW when LG is unable to create something coherent with its UI… Priceless xD

        • Alessandro Eppacher

          http://www.anandtech.com/show/8959/ddr4-haswell-e-scaling-review-2133-to-3200-with-gskill-corsair-adata-and-crucial/8 a good example of how on paper advantages of ddr4 don’t really come out as beneficial in comparison to ddr3 on desktops let alone mobile devices where memory usage is significantly lower.

          Also please explain how TW is more coherent. I used it for over a year and thought it made 0 sense in its layout. Admit your fanboyism. You see numbers and companies and have no understanding of their true meanings

          • Slaughter

            I’m comparing Tw 2015 vs LG’sUI 2015. So your past experience w/ tw are pointless. Actually sorry according to most reviewer, tw is fluid, blazzing fast, clear and coherent. Now let’s have a look at LG’S one… circle, bubble, square, pop up… com’on It’s geometry contest other here.
            Think what you want about me, jump on your high horse if you want… 🙂

        • Ronald

          coherent LOL

    • bose301s

      Not sure how you got that the screen underperforms from this review, all I see is praise from it, plus the S6 screen is too small for me.
      Design looks fine, no worse than S6, and IMO better, S6 and all Galaxy phones have been ugly due to home button. Also, no fragile glass back that will inevitably break.
      Small phone for the size screen it has, which I much prefer to S6 size.
      TouchWiz is the definition of disgusting and unclear UI, as well as laggy and bloated.
      No fingerprint scanner, that’s a plus in my book.
      Midrange CPU that is still faster than last years high end and better on batter life than the S6.
      The buttons on the back are so much better than having them on the side, again win LG.
      S6 killer, no, but S6 equal, absolutely. And if I were to choose between the 2 I would take the G4 over the S6 every time.

      • Slaughter

        Of course if you base your statement on droid-life review about screen quality, you’re probably gonna think this display is good. But sorry, somme reviewers use probes to analyse this properly and guest what? Worsl contrast, worst nits, innacurate calibration.. dont talk about gamma and delta:E… :’)
        You should look ata G4 drop test, it don’t need a glass back to gets fragile.
        You know who outperform TW in term of laggy UI? LG’s 🙂 with there revamp ui tw-like, revamp functionality. All of this mixed with bad taste and incoherence between menus.

        • guest

          No motorola droids have the worst nits. the LG UI is more fluid than Sammy. Get out you fanboy.

          • Slaughter

            My post isn’t clear, when I worst × it’s VS S6/E

        • Ronald

          Touchwiz is better than before that’s about it its still terrible Nova launcher day one. Reviews have also stated that video playback on the G4 produces more natural colors compared to AMOLED. The S6 shatters from a 2 foot drop check the many youtube reviews, also no expandable memory or removable battery the S6 is trying to be the iPhone.

      • btolley13

      • Norris

        “S6 screen is too small for me”G4 belongs to the phablet series,it should be compared to the Note 4,Nexus 6 not the Galaxy s6.
        “No fingerprint scanner, that’s a plus in my book.”LOL!You can just turn off the fingerprint scanner if you don’t want to use it.
        Only DL got this worse battery life with s6.You can’t trust a single reviewer’s battery life on a device.Check GSMArena and phonearena they get about 5-6hrs SOT.
        “TouchWiz is the definition of disgusting and unclear UI, as well as laggy and bloated.”A LG fanboy shouldn’t say these words.
        “Midrange CPU that is still faster than last years high end and better on batter life than the S6.” Any proof?
        “The buttons on the back are so much better than having them on the side” That’s your personal preference.
        State any relevant facts if you have.Anyways, thats you personal preference to go with the G4.I would prefer a S6 or Xperia Z4.

    • btolley13

      Is Samsung paying you or are you here to troll?

      • Slaughter

        Ho no, it’s more ” for ich lg’s fan troll on S6 review , a troll on G4 review” annoying ? Yeah I dislike it too…

        • sharkoparko

          C’mon Justin bieber

      • He’s a registered LG troll.

    • Ronald

      G4 bigger screen more accurate colors not over saturated like AMOLED where Oranges appear Red
      The S6 terrible design very fragile, fingerprint and grease prone
      S6 massive atrocious camera hump kills the design
      S6 pretty much an iPhone 6 clone
      Camera sensor comes from Samsung and Sony so not consistant
      Finger print scanner not a big deal
      S6 bad battery life according to most review
      Touchwiz still laggy seen in independent user reviews
      S6 get very too warm when gaming
      Sales numbers…why should we care?

      • jnt

        According to Anandtech the S6 (and S5 for that matter) are among the most accurate screens on the market. I think the “over saturated” amoled thinking is simply left over from older days. (and I prefer LCD’s over AMOLED as well)

        Terrible design is subjective.

        Camera hump is trumped by the enormous size of the G4 – again, though, subjective.

        iPhone 6 clone? Even Kellen said that argument was pretty bogus.

        Two different sensors – while it is odd, both have shown to be similarly excellent so I don’t see how it’s relevant.

        Fingerprint scanners are actually pretty awesome once you’ve used it for awhile – but I’d stick this in the subjective category as well.

        Battery… if you haven’t used it, you can’t really judge here. It’s not the top of the line but it’s not bad at all either. And the fast charging is pretty darn awesome. Plus, the G4 has had bad battery reports as well (outside of this review).

        Touchwiz… again, don’t judge if you haven’t used it. And it’s not like LG’s UI is any better historically.

        I’ve had three S6’s and none ever got too warm… though I’m sure if I pushed it hard enough it could.

        I know you were just countering Slaughter’s points, which were too dogmatic towards Samsung, but I felt the need to counter yours which were too dogmatic towards LG. 😉

      • adfsas

        how is the s6 and especially the s6 edge have worse design than this? you must be joking lol

  • guest

    Wow seems like a solid device. A lot of positives.