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Lenovo’s CEO May Have Just Outed the New Moto 360

moto 360 2nd gen

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing may have just outed the brand new Moto 360. It’s tough to tell if he did so on accident or if he was trying to show the smartwatch world what he thinks a real smartwatch should look like. Either way, in a post to his Weibo account that was quickly deleted, Yuanqing gave us an image of a smartwatch in a variety of sizes and colors – a watch he specifically referred to as the “Moto 360” – along with a bunch of different watch bands. 

The quote from the post, captured by MyDrivers, translates roughly to, “Moto 360, matching the arrival of the era of freedom, our store in the future to increase the function of the watch shop.” That doesn’t tell me much personally, but the image itself does.

In the image above, you can see a watch that looks similar to the original Moto 360 except it now has lugs attached to its round body that hold watch bands. The original Moto 360 has no lugs and instead hosts watch band attachments underneath the body of the watch. Adding lugs does help the watch look much more like a classic timepiece, which is what Motorola claims they were going for with in the original. The original Moto 360 may have the round body of a classic watch, but the hidden watch band attachments give it a much more modern feel. This on the other hand, does indeed look like a refined timepiece.

We are seeing new classic gold and dark grey colors alongside the current colors of silver, black, and champagne gold. It seems that Motorola may also be making making each in varying sizes. As you know, the current Moto 360 only comes in one body size, but has optional thinner bands. With the Moto 360 (2nd gen), it seems we are getting both big and small watch bodies.

Is that the dreaded Moto 360 black bar I see? The flat tire? Did Motorola really bring that back? Each watch seems to be featuring components towards their bottom chins that would lead me to believe that the flat tire is there once again. Now, we know Motorola does this to control screen brightness automatically, but you and I know the mixed reaction given to the area on the original.

Finally, it looks like we may get a traditional gold watch band to go with the new gold color as well.


moto 360 2nd gen watch bands

And here is the original image that Yuanqing posted.

moto 360 2nd gen lenovo

Via:  HelloMotoHK | MyDrivers
Cheers Erick and Antony!
  • Ralph Basile

    I have to say, I don’t even notice the “flat tire.” I think I prefer the cleaner look of the current model. Hoping that more tech, including GPS, is included in the next generation, however.

  • Terrance Steiner

    To everyone wining about the “flat tire” “issue” I have a few things to say.

    1. This is leak of a pre-production prototype. There is not confirmation that the watch we see above will be the version we see in stores in a year. There is also no guarantee that the “flat tire” will still be there when the product is actually released. So please calm down and wait until we have concrete information.

    2. I have a 360 and after about a day of use you completely forget it is there. You do not even really see it anymore.

    3. If the “flat tire” is a deal breaker for you then buy a different watch and please stop complaining.

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      Also: Use a black background. Problem solved.

  • Higher_Ground

    “Is that the dreaded Moto 360 black bar I see? The flat tire? Did Motorola really bring that back?”

  • Taglogical

    The original has the look of a pocket watch – this is more like it

  • All the initial reviews & specs on flat tyres, cracked cases, poor battery life & ‘first gen’ scaremongering very nearly prevented us even purchasing the watch at all. Had a hunch though as seen speculative propaganda in many reviews saying products are great because of brand (when they’re not all that) & then other that say don’t touch a product with a barge pole.

    Turned out to be a complete, impressive, totally admirable & fashionable watch though. Wouldn’t have even questioned the flat tyre at all if wasn’t pre aware of it.

    So pleased to have it.

  • NexusMan

    Not crazy about these pics. I hope the actual Moto 360 2 when released is not this.

  • yummy

    Looks like a five dollar watch.

  • steelew

    Still has a flat tire. This is NOT a feature, its kind of annoying, as a g watch r owner. When I download watch faces made by moto 360 owners, they cut off the bottom. I think google should ban this, every other AW watch is round (full circle) or square with no loss of screen real estate.

  • Lawrence Atkinson

    I bought the 360 because it looks like a traditional watch that I’d buy. I wouldn’t wear a traditional watch that looked like the G Watch, and certainly would never ever wear a square watch. This ‘issue’ with the ‘flat tire’ is for me a non issue. What will interest me is what performance and battery improvements the Moto 360 2 will deliver. While I’m happy with the current model, this is just the start. I get 18 hours with regular notifications and I use the ambient settings.
    Your watch is always on your wrist and on display. It’s more about who you are than a phone.

    • NexusMan

      me too

    • Battery life took a MAJOR drain when I had a couple certain watch faces on it: Odyssey & NAVI. With them – guarenteed would make a workday, without them – guaranteed make a full work, long workday.

  • sooper_gadget12

    For those who don’t know, the flat tire houses an ambient light sensor. This feature is not available in many other Android Wear devices. As a Moto 360 owner, this helps the ambient screen setting work properly and allows for proper display of watch faces that employ a dim setting.

  • At least the flat tire isn’t quite as flat. Someday they’ll properly inflate it.

  • HeyGuy

    They’re just mockups, just like all the full circle mockups of the original moto 360 leading up to launch.

    • Stuart Dooley

      Agreed. Just look at the ones with watch faces on them, they have the classic 10:10 time on them. Probably stickers. http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=22461

    • kashtrey

      THIS. Either that or they’re using the same parts as the original 360 and just playing with frame design right now. One of the watch faces is see-through and you can see the foam behind it, so these are for sure not production items.

    • NexusMan

      There were no “full circle” mockups leading up to launch. You just didn’t notice what you call a “non full circle,” because you had no one brainwashing you to notice and hate it.

  • Jed Weeks

    These just look like “cases” a 360 would pop into, no?

    • WickedToby741

      Uh, no.

  • interstellarmind

    the lugs are no go for me. The current moto 360, without its lugs, is what sets it apart from the rest.

  • Carl Bacchus

    The flat tire is the reason I didn’t buy the watch