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Google has a Guide to Help You Move From Your iPhone to Android

Shortly after Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company opened an official set of instructions through their support site that was focused on helping Android users migrate over to iOS. Apple news outlets (and heavily Apple-influenced general tech sites) thought this was huge news, for whatever reason. It was embarrassing. Forget the fact that Apple probably should have created this years ago as Android began stomping all over its market share, the Apple media shills (some random Android sites as well) decided that Apple had finally created this how-to guide because they were now expecting Android users to flock to the new bigger iPhones. Silly, I know. Anything for a good headline!  

Well, Apple fan sites and soon-to-be-leavers of that painfully closed ecosystem, Google created a guide as well! Yessir, shortly after announcing Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” Google put up an entire guide on how you can easily switch over from iOS to Android. You won’t see this make headlines for two days like Apple’s guide did, but that’s fine by us. And so you know, we purposefully skipped the dirty clickbait headline that was tempting us as this post was being put together.

So what does Google suggest you do as you make your way over to the promised land of smartphone operating systems? It’s all pretty simple, actually.

Google targeted four categories to help make the transition easy enough:  Photos and music, contacts, setting up email and messaging, and finding your favorite apps. There are instructions for uploading photos through the Google+ Photos app and transferring over your iTunes library through Google Play Music. They provide step-by-step instructions for dealing with your contacts in iCloud as well. Google even mentions that you should have no problem finding all of your favorite apps on Google Play, as well as some new ones. Oh, and don’t forget to turn off iMessage!

The full guide can be found at the source link below, sans clickbait.

Via:  Android
  • Best Antawn

    Great for this. Also here is a video about transfer data between iPhone and android


  • MH

    If android wants to make serious headway, they should offer free app parity. For example, if you have a paid iphone/ipad app and it’s available in the play store…they should buy it for you. THAT would help a ton of people convert. Same goes for anything to do with iTunes.

  • ssl0408

    No, thanks Google. I only Google search because Bing and Yahoo suck. I don’t want Google crap all over my phone. When you stop tracking people maybe I will consider Android.

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      Apple tracks you all the time as well.

    • New_Guy

      …sooo, you’re suggesting that Apple does not track its users?

      Might I recommend conducting a quick search before you respond. Feel free to use Google to do that, by the way.

      (Hint: “iphones keep a secret log of everywhere you go”, “Apple M8 Chip”)

    • chris_johns

      lmaoooo…apple tracks you 10x worse…do some reading sheepboy

  • Joshhhh

    So when apple oriented sites report on a guide to switching to apple, it’s embarrassing, but when android oriented sites report on a guide to switching to android, it’s cool.

    Double standards, got it.

  • schoat333

    I had an iPhone 5 after years of having Android phones. Obviously I came back, and now have a Nexus 5.

    I was really surprised how easy it was to sync everything back and forth between Android and iOS. It’s really easy.

  • Chris

    I like how Google did an apple like image with the people taking a photo at the sunset. Really pushing that Android isn’t jus for nerds anymore

  • FakNick

    Now they just need to make a 10 hour event and call everything magic

    • BobButtons

      And result to trash-talking the competition to make their product seem better and compare their device sales to other completely unrelated electronics.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    Is imessage mandatory when using an iPhone or can you just skip it entirely?

    • Chris

      It’s as optional as using Gmail or chrome on Android is

    • Mech_Engr_09

      You can turn it off in the message settings, but honestly if you’re texting other people with iPhones it’s a really nice feature. Hangouts tries to do something similar, but it will never get the adoption rate that iMessage gets.

  • interstellarmind

    This site has always been the classiest Android news site. Glad you guys keep giving me reasons to be loyal to DLife since the OG Droid.

    • AbbyZFresh


      Although I still rely on AndroidPolice when it comes to more in-depth information and APK downloads.

  • Jeremy Wray

    I don’t even know how many people I know that were trying to switch from an iPhone to an Android device and ended up going back since Apple made the process hard (and almost impossible with their iMessage nonsense)

  • regkilla

    Why would I want to downgrade?

    • Ethan

      you misspelled upgrade…

  • Unless it helps them fix the iMessage issues, it won’t be as helpful as intended.

    • EdubE24

      Happened to me a few times. Tried every fix on the Internet with no luck. But always come back to IOS for other reasons, but it is a pain!

    • Jeremy Wray

      Yeah I have many friends who went through the same issues and just gave up and went back to an iPhone

      • Jeffrey Tarman

        Because they didn’t have the basic understanding to turn imessage off first?

  • Dave

    Give your iphone the flying elbow….just migrate everything to a new Android first.

    • Jimneezy

      Damn couldn’t you use another pic? Warrior gets up from several elbow drops in that match

  • God


  • Dimdansum

    Now Google just needs to let droid users import spotify playlists and itunes playlists -_- (Spotify needs to get to work on playlist saving too -___-)

    • PBDiggins

      If you use the Google Music option to sync with iTunes it’ll bring over your playlists, although when I did it years ago some lists were way out of order.

    • The Rock

      You mean Verizon needs to seeing as all “Droids” are Verizon exclusive and not controlled by Google

      • Dimdansum

        Then I guess Droid-life.com needs to only write about those phones right? Also you are missing a comma or period in your sentence. Seriously, I didn’t think someone would really have to try to correct the fact I used the term “droid” over “android”

  • Droid Ronin

    Has anyone tried the Migrate app on the new Moto phones? Haven’t had a chance to try it out myself, but I hear it’s seamless.

    • dilbar stalker

      I think it only works when coming from another Android

      • Joaquim Thomas

        It works for iPhone too

        • dilbar stalker

          Oh good happy to be wrong 🙂

      • NastyEmu

        My wife used it when coming from iphone to the Moto X. No complaints, but I think she had most of her contacts in her gmail account already.

    • Kevin

      I used it for a friend at work when she switched from an older Android phone to a MotoX and it worked well. It just uploaded everything while the other one downloaded it so it was pretty seamless.

  • TSY87

    Most of my iphone friends have their contacts synced to google and use gmail regularly… when asked why they chose iphone over android, they usually said, because I have a mac already and all my info is sycned to itunes… Oh really….

    • iTunes…the worst piece of software ever created. :

      • NastyEmu

        There was like 6 months where it was pretty neat like 12 years ago!

      • AMPthe13th

        THANK YOU! I am so tired of all these people who think iTunes is so fantastic. I don’t know if it’s the worst software ever, but I do think it’s the worst media player I’ve ever used… and I’m INCLUDING RealPlayer. Yeah. Consider the gauntlet thrown, Apple and iPeople!

        • EdubE24

          I find it really great on my Mac, but my windows experience was complete trash!

          • moew

            I’m glad you agree it’s the worst piece of software ever created. :

      • Dave

        Or the greatest, if you’re looking to make your users think they’re locked into an OS platform for life.

      • Tony Byatt


      • Christopher Moore

        Agree 100% When I had crapphone 6 for a few days I wanted to back up to iTunes and it wouldn’t authorize my computer. The entire experience was a pain in the butt.
        No regrets returning it.

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        I remember years ago when they tried to force it on you when you downloaded the quick time player. It was very annoying until I found Media Player Classic.

        • BobButtons

          Now they try to force QuickTime (and now iCloud) on you when you update iTunes. If you’re going to try to bundle in other software with an update, at least make it the latest version. Apple hasn’t updated QuickTime for Windows in years last I checked.

      • Rafy286

        At the very beginning when I had a iPod in 2002-2004 it wasn’t terrible. I think iTunes 6 is where the downfall began. Up to where are they now? I sold all my Apple products once the lawsuits came from Apple.

        • Jprime

          Yeah it got unusable

        • Chris

          Android and Google have their own share of lawsuits. Don’t act like they are perfect

      • kselby

        Are you using it on Mac or Windows? It is awful on Windows but I use it on my Macbook Air and it is silky smooth, use it all of the time.

        • charles rogers

          I might have actually liked Apple if my first experience with them after the Apple II’s hadn’t been Itunes for Windows.

      • Justin Kos

        WinAMP for life

      • michael arazan

        My friend was paying money to listen to Podcast on iTunes when I showed him that the actual owner offered it for free on their website, I think things were finally clicking about nickel and diming by apple

    • Chris

      People can use what ever phone they want. What’s it to you if they use a mac or an iPhone?

      • TSY87

        My point is that a lot of people are actually more vested in Google but think that having a mac makes a difference.

  • xFrozenMANGO

    Yes yes.. COME TO THE DARK SIDE!

    • Joey Sandoval

      We have cookies

      • Kevin

        and lollipops!

        • Joey Sandoval

          And oreos!!!! Wait…

          • TSY87

            maybe next year….

          • Joey Sandoval

            Nah next year is marshmallow

          • Joey Sandoval

            Year after that has to be nerds, there’s no way around it

          • Joey Sandoval

            And then we get to oreo!!!

          • Christopher Moore

            I was thinking M&M especially after KitKat. Would be a excellent marketing move for both companies.

          • dsuiter

            I’m kind of partial to Milky Way, given the moon ringtone names.

          • BenG

            I’m starting up the Moon Pie bandwagon.

          • True Radiant Free


          • Dave

            Some JB, KK, ICS, and GB left over too.

          • LewisSD

            Hahahah I was totally biting into an Oreo when I read your comment! Cant wait for Android O!

          • VAVA Mk2

            He was a special special boy

          • Mike Ennamorato


        • Rich N

          Milky way! cause it’s space age. Apple trolls will probably call it Milk DUD!

        • Damon C. Walden

          Milky way or m&m would be neat but I’m willing to bet they have some sort of long term obligation with nestle due to kitkat. I’m sure they would disagree with a mars product name being used while kitkat is still around. Just my opinion, and I’m sure Google gives no f@(ks what nestle thinks.

    • Maria Nikolaevna

      Losing Scott Forstall was a disaster. Jonathan Ive understands boxes and metal but not graphics, fine details and basic components of content-creation style — such as the importance of fonts, rhythm of workflow, themes and variations… Killing the Top Sites page on Safari was idiotic. Minimalism? Or tyrannical Puritanism? Is Ive descended from Oliver Cromwell, who banned Christmas, dancing and public singing? So long, Apple: you’ve changed, and so will I.

  • DanielMena9

    *Forwards article to all my iPhone acquaintances*

    • Surely. It will. But precondition is your iPhone has this fashion gadget like http://goo.gl/7pW95e

    • Lowell T

      “Android began stomping all over its market share”

      To be fair, it is true Android has 80%+ of UNIT market share, but Apple has 80%+ of the PROFITS market share. This mainly because Android has a variety of phones released ever year in all prices ranges (many low end) while Apple has 1 – 2 release geared towards the high end market. Apple’s user demographics skews to the affluent user while google skews to lower end. This allow google to get greater unit share but the manufacturers get lower margins. Google however can make good money of user data mining and advertising delivery while Apple provide users the ability to place restrictions on app access (e.g. data network, location, photos, etc). The one thing that changed now is Apple’s release of a phablet. This will most likely draw a good number of Android users over to Apple, hence the transition guide. Take a look and Samsung’s most recent Smartphone financials vs Apple’s earnings release yesterday. Competition is great!

      • TheWenger

        It makes me laugh when Apple users brag about Apple having the highest profit share. As if they get something from it.

        • Vince

          This so true…. You make so much sense. They are happy giving all their money to apple

        • Henry H

          Best performing smartphone in the market and privacy. For some, it’s worth it.

        • Ned S Anderson

          Makes me laugh harder when Android users brag about saving $100 on a slower device and not caring about having their personal data monitored, stored and sold for big $ while all they get in return is an inferior phone. Google and the Government are also laughing. Enjoy your $100, kiddo!!!!

      • Miguel

        Only in the US but Globally Android has more profit.

        • No, that’s completely incorrect: Apple — all by itself — takes 60-70% of the profits in the entire smart phone space. The remainder is taken entirely by Samsung. There isn’t a single other manufacturer that makes a dime selling Android phones, and Apple makes twice what Samsung makes at it while spending a fraction as much on marketing.

          The significance of this — the reason you shouldn’t be laughing — is that companies don’t make Android phones as a charity, and they won’t lose money producing them indefinitely. Even Samsung is now struggling, seeing its revenues and profits dropping as it’s being nibbled to death by a million tiny Chinese manufacturers making extremely cheap devices on margins it would be impossible to survive on anywhere outside of Guangzhou.

          Meanwhile, Apple has again — as it has every single quarter since the first iPhone was produced — sold more iPhones then it had the same quarter the prior year, and earned record profits doing it, up 13%.

          • MH

            That isnt completely true. Hence why apple’s stock price took a huge dump. They do, however, have the highest profit margins per device of any MFG. Their “premium” devices are cheaper to make than the “cheap” plastic ones.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I wouldn’t use the stock market as a gauge of anything other than the “people are really stupid” test. Stocks rise and fall at the drop of a hat because of investors looking for quick gains.

          • MH

            I’m not. I’m telling you that apple did not meet it’s own earnings projections. As a consequence, the stock took a dump.

          • MH

            It’s own projections were modest at that.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            The only difference is see, apple doesn’t make washing machines and refrigerators. Nor do they have the largest search engine. Apple is well Apple and will not survive if they don’t conquer an inconquerable market. Where as Samsung and Lg will continue to wash my clothes and show me my morning news on a 68 inch television, and google will help me find recipe’s to eat in front of my telly; these to pump the differing markets and or to fall back on. Apple will slowly die like the worthless Jedi they are… And eventually conform into what is the new standard regardless of numbers and profits.

      • peelabrownie

        it’s more like 53% apple, 50% samsung, and the rest are losing money.

      • generic 73

        Wow. Yes they do skew affluent, but so does the terms pompous and “do it for me”. I think a better gauge are those who want simplicity and those who want control (whether they use it or not).