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Check Out These 3 New Android Ads, Starring Androidified People and a New Slogan

Android L, which we believe will be called Lollipop, will likely arrive on Wednesday along with a massive marketing campaign to help promote the platform. From what we can tell, that marketing campaign will feature Androidified people of all types, coupled with the slogan “be together. not the same.” Clearly, Google wants the world to know that everyone can use Android, not just nerds or elitists or hipsters or the rich or poor. It’s a platform with devices for everyone.

Ads for this new campaign began surfacing tonight, with a number of reddit users finding the individual video files and posting them for the world to see. We have included all three that are currently known below.

Let us know what you think! 

Via:  reddit
  • Scot P

    These have to be the cutest little commercials I’ve ever seen!!!! Love all three….had to watch them over.

  • chrismachan

    cool ringtone!

  • Steven Berger

    Based on the last one, I am hoping for a Nexus 6 in different sizes.

  • Daeshaun

    when he pulls out the phone and everybody shifts over lmfao

  • J Dub

    Saw this during The Walking Dead. I like how they troll an unreleased version of Android in the Bus Stop commercial. Soon as I saw that, I knew El Goog was trolling the new Nexus pretty hard there. Definitely has the look of a Moto X device and it definitely has Android L on the screen.

  • Finire

    Because if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone..

  • ultravisitor

    Love the “Be together. Not the same.” slogan.

  • Droid Ronin

    It’s refreshing to see Google doing some first-party advertising, rather than always seeing Verizon doing it under the DROID moniker. Don’t get me wrong, those DROID commercials were cool (looking forward to seeing the new DROID Turbo ad), but sometimes consumers get lost in the intended message, like always assuming that an Android phone is a DROID phone.

  • tinawoods085

    Lol Cute Videos

  • Mark Schleupner

    Bus Stop Ad reminds me of “Dumb Ways to Die”.

  • TheScientists


    1) Bus stop ad shows a life-sized version of the Nexus 6
    2) They’re keeping the playstation navigation buttons
    3) ??
    4) Profit

  • AbbyZFresh

    Interesting, Google is actually advertising their own platform?

  • Jared

    My two and a half year old thinks that the Bus Stop one is hilarious when they start laughing. I think the new slogan is good, too. All in all, not half-bad advertising.

  • JSo

    I like the Winebego one where they are all doing the Night at the Roxbury thing. lol

  • There’s something about that last one that makes me laugh every single time…

  • David Caccavo

    definitely love that Android as a whole is getting a lot of marketing (Motorola, these adds) talking about how good the devices are and not putting down competition (looking at you Samsung)

  • NexusMan

    I like the ads; especially the bus stop one.

  • Joe A

    “be together. not the same.”

    That’s what split America and drove it down the toilet.

    • NexusMan

      That’s dumb. The comment. Not the commercials.

  • Did anyone notice all the non-White android? It’s mostly Black and some weird color.

    • NexusMan

      Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You must have been looking at some other ads.

  • E. Sini

    I’m waiting patiently for the Nexus 9. I have an iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus for work, but love my new Moto X. I’m really excited for the battery improvements in Android L. Even if it’s a 20-30% increase that’s huge for me.

  • Orion

    Come to me Nexus 6/X.

  • ex nil

    Look at the software keys on the third video. Android L triangle, circle, and square confirmed . Nooooooo!

  • paticao

    @evleaks just posted this photo on his twitter!!

    • Tyler Stewart

      MUCH WANT.

      • paticao

        not too sure about the metallic blue edges but ill have to wait and see

        • Tyler Stewart

          I believe that it is silver but the shadows give it a blue tint. I don’t know, just my thoughts

          • objektiv_one

            You are correct it is silver and looks very similar to apple’s space grey. I’ve seen a side by side with a 6+ and its a little taller and it does have a notification light.

          • paticao

            let hope you’re right!

          • objektiv_one

            I don’t think the pictures i’ve seen are fake they match up with this picture 100%.

          • paticao

            do you mind/can share them?

          • objektiv_one

            I would totally share but they are not mine to share thought.

    • flosserelli

      I thought he “retired”…

      • paticao

        this is what he said on his tweet:
        What a depressing few days. I remember 1 thing that used to make me feel better, tho. No mark in deference to Nexus.

      • moew

        It’s a render, not a “photo”.

  • jnt

    Finally a good ad campaign from Google. It’s succinct, yet goes against every stigma tied to Android, while getting a subtle Apple dig in there as well (“not the same”). Well played – hopefully we see this in mainstream media outlets.

  • Brandon Rosonina

    Wasn’t there a Oct 15ish launch date for the nexus 5 then that day came and passed and became the 31st?

    • Skittlez

      There was never a release date. Only speculation. Everyone thought it was going to release those dates, and they just ended up releasing it on October 31st cause of it being candy. But it was a suprise release.

  • Jprime

    that kid looks like hes holding the shamu nexus 6

  • Sara

    OMG those were absolutely hilarious! Love it.

  • yummy

    I think roboz and andy would look good in a birchbark canoe

  • jbworldwide1

    “Be together, not the same” is my new response to any annoying Apple sheep.

    • John Davids

      I do hope you appreciate the hilarity of selecting an advertisement tag line as your battle hymn against corporate conformity and groupthink…

      • jbworldwide1

        Yeah, but it’s not that serious. Really.

  • bkosh84

    I’m not your guy pal!

    • David Foggia

      And I’m not your fwend, guy

      • TheScientists

        I’m not your guy, buddy!

        • IAMTHEL33KER

          c-c-c-combo breaker!

  • Pierito

    I hope they make some Chromebook announcements. I’m more interested in those then in a Nexus 9 personally.

  • its that the Nexus 6 on the Bus stop comercial?

  • ravi

    worst adds

    • litbit

      Who’s worst, and what is he adding? Complete your sentences!

  • A Popov

    The last ad shows real size of Nexus 6. Closer to 6 feet than 6 inches.

  • FakNick

    Battery life > skinny

  • BennyBrick5

    It appears that even Google is admitting that the new Nexus phone is HUGE. Not problem for me though, as long as this thing has a huge battery.

    Roll on Wednesday (or maybe even Thursday)!

  • backslashV

    • frhow

      Maybe a customizable or variety of available colors for the Nexus 6…..

      • Mark

        Doubt it. If I had to bet it’s probably meant to be a pink case. But who knows? Maybe Shamu will make it to Moto Maker.

      • san q

        It’s possible if it’s through Motorola

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’m pretty sure that Uhura in the 3rd one…

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    This ad campaign is perfect. Points out apple users are all the same because you cant change the launcher or icons, essentially everyone has 1 of 2 devices..

    • flosserelli

      You just pointed out one of the main differences between iOS and android users. iOS users want to be just like everyone else, while android users tend to have more individualism.

      • tomn1ce

        Reason #1 why I never bother buying into the iphone craze back in 2009….everyone around me had an iphone and those who didn’t have one wanted to get one….reason #2 itunes….just hate it.

      • iGoogle

        Do you buy a phone based on what everybody else has? If not how does it make a difference if everybody else has an iPhone or not? I have one and i don’t ever show to anybody except my baby, who loves to put it in his mouth. I don’t really follow trends. It’s just nice to have a phone that does’t really slow down after a year of use.

  • Markus Howard

    i am soooo pumped

  • Cheng Guan Hao

    Does anyone know when are those Android L, Nexus 6, Droid Turbo and all those announcement?
    (Example: Live Stream on Youtube and etc…)

    • Malik

      There won’t be a Live Stream. Look for a gang of intimidating blog posts to raid your browser sometime early Wenesday.

  • TobenVF

    I agree on the South Park similarities…and have to say, I love the new slogan!

  • teevirus

    This is the Android ad campaign that I have been waiting for. Since the Androidify app was released I have been hoping for this type of pitch from Google.

    • Duckie1217

      Google bought that app. Isn’t that funny?

      • werewookiee

        Google made that app. Isnt that funny?

        • Duckie1217

          LarvaLabs made it. Try again.

  • blakjakdavy

    Wait. Google? Advertising Android?

    • EraserXIV
      • michael arazan

        Great, Google advertising to hipsters now. No Thanks, the 1.5 Billion of us using android can do without that crowd, they can stay with apple

        • hiphip

          Hipsters? How did you come to that conclusion?

          • Brian Menius

            Because neckbeard. Amirite?

        • Chris

          I mean hipsters tend to stay with Apple anyway, but if they want to switch I’m fine with that, and you should be too.

        • The whole world could prolly do without presumptuous, condescending pricks…alas, we’re here to ruin that.

    • ghm

      They own it so why wouldn’t they.

      • turdbogls

        because they rarely have in the past 5 years.

    • inklenotrump

      I hope the all kinds of phones is in reference to multiple nexus phones being launched..shamu may be too big to go it alone..

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        These are ads for all Android devices.

        • inklenotrump

          Well yeah I know.. but a man can dream.

        • Suffiever9186

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      • san q

        Maybe for u but ive been longing for a nexus with a big ass battery on it

        • Eric Peterson

          What you should be longing for is an efficient battery. The Z3C can outlast a Note 4.

          • san q

            I don’t really care for Sony.. It’s either the nexus or the note 4

      • I wish they would refresh the Nexus 4. The perfect Nexus IMO.

        • sagisarius

          I dream the same dream.

      • RiceCake

        I feel the giant phone commercial is google joking of a giant phone. Would explain the giantness of it and the laugh.

        Also the blue nexus X/6 is not giant compared to the other commercial.

        So either 2 sizes or 1 normal size. I mainly refuse to believe a 6 in nexus exists .

    • Draper P

      Getting desperate.

    • John Davids

      Yeah, I have always wondered what it would be like if the world’s largest advertising company started advertising their most-used product. Crazy.

  • raddacle

    The first video looks like a sum up to me of what they’re releasing this Wednesday. If you notice there’s a Nexus 9, Nexus 6, and Android Wear(2.0)

    • tyguy829

      ooh good spot. maybe android auto too?

      • raddacle

        Yea, and with how that girl is driving let’s hope they release self-driving cars too

    • NBMTX

      I think the first vid was just the Nexus 5 in the teal-ish snap case

  • Ryan Phelos

    They remind me of the Canadians from South Park!

    • Yea, definitely Terence & Philip look-alikes

    • monkeyboyep

      Seriosuly. It’s like watching the South Park intro. Interesting…

  • This is huge. Get ready for a big month, guys.

  • crazysamz

    Love that bus stop one because it’s a daily reality when I pull out my giant Note 3

    • Jason Brown

      hahaha! looks like the ad pretty much confirms the ginormous nexus 6. =)

  • Guest

    These are some pretty good ads. Doesn’t show any features or anything, but it will get attention.

    • Markus Howard

      there’s a Nexus 9 Nexus 6