Yes! The “Clear All” Notifications Button has Returned in the Latest Android 5.0 Build

That’s right, in the latest Android 5.0 “Lollipop” preview build that went live today, Google brought back the “clear all” notifications button. If you weren’t running either of the previous Android L previews, then you likely do not care at all. However, if you did, you already realize how big of a deal this is. Having to individually clear away 10+ notifications after not looking at your phone for a lengthy period of time is not fun.

Thank you, Google. Thank you for bringing it back.

Screenshot in Chromium Issue Tracker Suggests the Next Version of Android is “Lollipop”

The designer of the Googleplex Android statues trolled Google+ yesterday with licorice. Developers contributing to AOSP have for months been referring to the next version of Android as LMP, presumably “Lemon Meringue Pie.” In light of a new accidental leak, though, both references to possible Android L names appear to have been red herrings. Before being promptly removed, a device screenshot posted by a Google developer in the Chromium issue tracker revealed a lollipop-shaped debugging icon.

That likely settles it, then: Google will probably reveal Android L as “Lollipop” tomorrow, and commemorate it with a new lawn ornament.  (more…)