Androidify Update Adds All 30 NBA Team Jerseys, New Shareable Animations, and More

Androidify, the cutest little Android app around, was updated yesterday to include jerseys and shorts for all 30 NBA teams, likely in celebration of next weekend’s NBA All-Star game in NYC. That’s not all though. The update also introduced 9 new shareable animations for a total of 32, plus there are new dresses, sneakers and kids outfits to choose from.

The update is live, go grab it!  (more…)

Androidify Update on Android L Day, Nexus 6 Accessory Included

Google’s Androidify app received an update today, likely because Android L (“Lollipop“) will be unveiled later on along with a new campaign surrounding the customizable Android character app. The app has been redesigned, is much more share-friendly, and has new options to make the perfect version of you…as Bugdroid.

One of the new accessories – because we are buying into the hypebeast today – looks a lot like the soon-to-be-announced Nexus 6. You can see it on the character I created in the image above. It resembles a Moto X, the phone the Nexus 6 is designed around, with that back dimple and camera placement. Yep, I would say that that is it.  (more…)

Check Out These 3 New Android Ads, Starring Androidified People and a New Slogan

Android L, which we believe will be called Lollipop, will likely arrive on Wednesday along with a massive marketing campaign to help promote the platform. From what we can tell, that marketing campaign will feature Androidified people of all types, coupled with the slogan “be together. not the same.” Clearly, Google wants the world to know that everyone can use Android, not just nerds or elitists or hipsters or the rich or poor. It’s a platform with devices for everyone.

Ads for this new campaign began surfacing tonight, with a number of reddit users finding the individual video files and posting them for the world to see. We have included all three that are currently known below.

Let us know what you think!  (more…)

Google’s Androidify Update, Bringing The Holiday Cheer To All Fanboys And Girls

Time to update your Android-selves with Google’s newest additions to the Androidify application.  Reindeer antlers, mittens, scarves, and even candy canes can be found for your fashion-savvy Android character.  Looks like there is some New Year’s items to decorate yourself with too.  Fun times!  As an added bonus, did we mention these make great Twitter avatars?

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Via: Google Blog