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Comparison: LG G Watch R vs. Moto 360 vs. Samsung Gear S

g watch r moto 360 gear s

Last night, the tech industry was treated to two new smartwatches from LG and Samsung, the G Watch R and Gear S. Both will go head-to-head with the Moto 360, a watch that is easily the most anticipated in the history of smartwatches, thanks to its round display. It’s a good time to be a smartwatch watcher.

We aren’t sure what has taken Motorola so long to release the 360 or provide us with official details on its features, but in that time, LG managed to create and unveil their own round watch, while Samsung attempted to do the same. The Moto 360 should still hit store shelves before either of those, though, so we wanted to put it up against the other two, to help you decide if it is still the watch for you (most of you are saying it is) or if waiting it out is the better option.  

We have official info on both the G Watch R and Gear S, along with plenty of details on the Moto 360 through a premature Best Buy listing, just enough to for a quick comparison chart. Certain items are obviously missing, because each manufacturer has either withheld certain specifics from us or still hasn’t made it all official. Speaking of official, keep in mind that the Moto 360 information was again, taken from the Best Buy leak, so things could/may change.

g watch r moto 360 gear s compare

  • alexg

    2 ugly watches and 1 gorgeous watch. comparison done.

  • Real

    The G watch R isn’t Stainless Steel

  • Mike

    I have a gear 2 and everything works with my g3 minus the accuweather app, but if you download watchfaces from the play store they come with the weather baked in so fully functional.

  • Samuel Marano

    When someone makes a smartwatch with a metal band instead of a leather one, I’ll be more excited. Out of these 3 I’d rather the 360 though.

    • JoshGroff

      When the band can be replaced, it’s a simple matter of getting a metal band that fits. Also, both Sony’s Smartwatch 2 and the Pebble had metal band options. (released later on, of course.)

  • Frederick McIntyre


  • Stephen D

    I thought the 360 had an OLED?

  • ScoobySnack

    Do any of these support ANT+ connectivity?

    I’d LOVE to forgo an overpriced Garmin watch and just get heart rate and footpod measurements thru one of these watches.

  • joelugog

    Samsung is f-ing up, OS

  • That leaked 299 Euro price is ridiculous. I know OLED is expensive but thats not worth it especially if the Moto’s leaved price holds true.