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AT&T Appoints Glenn Lurie as New President and CEO of AT&T Mobility

Today, AT&T has appointed Glenn Lurie as the new president and CEO of its AT&T Mobility business. Lurie, who has served as president of AT&T Mobility’s Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships business, will take over for former Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega.

For anyone who might be worried about never seeing de la Vega again, don’t fret, as he is staying on at AT&T as its CEO of Mobile & Business Solutions Group. 

Whether you know his name or this is your first time hearing it, there is no doubt you know of his past work, as Lurie is somewhat of a rockstar over at AT&T. With his guidance, AT&T was able to snatch up an exclusivity deal with Apple to be the only US carrier to sell the original iPhone back in 2007. Without Lurie, who knows what might have been during that time in the mobile industry.

With Sprint also gaining a new CEO recently, three of the top four US carriers, including T-Mobile, have relatively fresh blood manning the wheel of these powerhouses.

It should be an interesting next few months as these carriers go to battle for your money.

Via: Fierce Wireless
  • Guest

    The combo of Lowell McAdam and Dan Mead cannot be beat. Under their leadership, Verizon has continually led the industry by a wide margin in innovation, profits, and customer service. Their success is baked right in to their culture and their credo and is an unmistakable quality of all Verizon employees.

    • Disqus_n00b

      Innovation? Verizon? LOL

      • flosserelli

        Clearly he meant “innovation” as in “new ways to screw customers”.

  • Turb0wned

    Bring back unlimited data.

  • CasperTFG

    Looks like a typical corporate schmuckster. How old is this guy and still wearing product.

  • Siber Chat

    Another disgruntled ex-employee canned for incompetence. chat rulet

  • John Smith

    Oh this guy looks like a real smacked ass.

    • Neo

      He looks like Agent Smith from The Matrix.

      • PoisonApple31

        You need glasses. Badly.

  • Arty McBert

    Unless he puts a stop to at&t’s bad prices/service and brings back unlimited data, couldn’t care less.

    • Grayson

      Is the price and service really that bad?

      I pay $112 per month (total, including taxes and all other fees) for 2 lines, unlimited texts and minutes, and 10 GB of shared data with mobile hotspot allowed. There is a $22 discount in there from my company, but $136 still doesn’t seem that terrible to me, especially compared to Verizon.

      And service may not be quite as good as Verizon, but it’s miles better than T-Mo and Sprint in my experience. In some places, my wife and I actually get better coverage on AT&T than her parents do on Verizon.

      • Frettfreak

        It’s been a while since you tried tmobile huh?

        • Grayson

          Yeah, but looking at their own coverage map, I would be on edge or roaming at my in laws house and basically any time we left the major city I live in, which is most weekends. I’m sure it would be great if I always stayed around home and didn’t like to travel on the weekends, but there are a lot of beautiful places here in Cali and I like to get out!

          • Grayson

            Don’t get me wrong, I HATE some of AT&T’s business practices and because of that, I will not buy phones from them full of their crapware and restrictions (I buy off contract unlocked), but I have still found them to be the best balance of cost and service for my personal needs. Of course, everyone has different priorities.

        • Win Chang

          T-mobile blows.

    • ATT Number One

      They care even less about you and your pennies.

  • T4rd

    Looks about like your stereotypical greedy/douchey CEO!

    • Daniel Lujan

      “That’s the guy Rita! That’s the guy I’m I wanna give all our money to!”

      Money grubbing smug bofo!

  • King of Nynex

    I worked for AT&T for a while, and I was always looked forward to Ralph de la Vega’s made-up nonsense about improving the network. Keep in mind that this was when the iPhone was an AT&T exclusive and no could use it to make a single call.

    • HR

      Another disgruntled ex-employee canned for incompetence.

  • Guest

    Whenever Droid Life posts these close up photos of people I always jump back in my seat a bit…

    • droidarmy

      yea that one of Legere was a bit shocking

    • Guestier

      It’s so lifelike