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Pushbullet Update Introduces Universal Copy and Paste Across Devices

Pushbullet, an app that continues to impress us with each new update, is back again with something that may blow your mind a little. The Pushbullet team is calling it “universal copy and paste,” because, through Pushbullet, you can now copy something on one device and then paste it through another, instantly. 

To see universal copy and paste in action, be sure to watch the quick clip below. To try and explain it, though, think about a time where you are sitting at your computer and you find something on the web that you would like to share through an app on your phone that may not have a web or desktop experience. A quick copy of a URL on your desktop, for example, would then be available in your clipboard on a mobile device for sharing via app. It’s sort of like magic.

This new universal copy and paste requires the Pushbullet app for Android and the Pushbullet Windows desktop app (download). As of now, the Pushbullet team is working on Mac support. This new feature, however, does not work through the browser extensions.

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  • بشار العسولي

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  • SonOfEris

    Linux Please!

  • KT

    I frigging love PUSHBULLET!

  • What’s wrong with Fox/Chrome2Phone? With Fox2Phone, I’ve been going from desktop clipboard to phone for years…

  • WK

    damn this little update is probably the best thing for me. i’m in a workplace where all chat protocols are blocked so i’m forced to chat using my phone. my friends will send me links but i prefer to not visit the url on my phone when i have a computer in front of me with a large monitor. so in order for me to view the link on my PC, i have to go through multiple clicks just to push it. no more! this update really is the bees knees.

    what annoys me though is the persistent notification. i’m guessing if i turn that off, the copy and paste won’t work anymore.

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • Jeff

    Been doing this with dolphin browser and chrome extension for a while…. Nothing big here!

  • ddh819

    i never knew there was a desktop app

  • RayLovesick

    No thanks, I had to turn this option off (then quit PB entirely). It caused massive lag when typing in certain applications, and copy/paste was unbearably slow. I didn’t even know what could be causing it until I read this article. Disabled, quit, and the slowdown went away. This should not be enabled by default.

    • RayLovesick

      I should mention that I experienced the slowdown in Windows.

    • jkane001

      I have been noticing a sever slow-down in Windows as well. Whenever I copy text and then immediately go to paste it, I’ll have about a 2-3 second delay before the paste actually happens.

  • David Lutz

    Seems that PB copies text as “text only” in Windows (i.e. any formatting code is lost). I work as a web developer and found that when I tried to copy formatted text in Dreamweaver and then paste it elsewhere, the formatting is lost (bold, underline, italics, hyperlinks etc.). Turning off universal paste in the Windows app fixes the issue. I’m leaving universal paste off on my Windows PC until this issue can be addressed.

    • guzba

      We’ll be fixing this today, sorry about that.

      • David Lutz

        Looking forward to it – thanks for the quick response!

  • Booyabobby

    Tried it and it works! Awesome guys well done. Sucks that the Chrome extension can’t support it. (for now).

  • John Smith

    Needs Chrome Browser Extension support badly. But these Pushbullet guys and the guys at MightyText are awesome.

  • antinorm

    Checking the Terms of Service on their web site, I see an arbitration clause. No thanks.

  • @1MPitts

    Anybody else having issues with sending photos from google+ on the web to pushbullet? I always get an unable to download on my phone.

  • Krazonite

    so…when exactly will Google be implementing Universal Cut N’ Paste in Android/Chrome?

    Apple between OSX/iOS?

    Microsoft between…yeah, who am I kidding…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      well I guess you can just use chrome to phone to send things you copy to your phone.

      • Krazonite

        You cannot use chrome-to-phone to copy an immediately “pasteable” line of text to your Android device, so…no; not really.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Of course you can. You can copy any text from Chrome, right-click -> chrome to phone………and paste. It’s always been there.

          • Krazonite

            Well look at that…

            (It loads the whole freaking page, but…)

            …it does put the selected text into the clipboard. Well isn’t that just the darndest.

            Thanks! 😀

            (Now, as I am a child of the 21st century and just got what I wanted – I want more. Why does it have to load the whole darn page to send one line of text?!?!)

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Good point. But you should just set it doesn’t launch the page automatically. Set it to launch manually and the page will just be sent to the notification bar. .I guess that’s still a way for you to know something came over

          • Krazonite

            Well aren’t you just teaching me all kinds of nifty things today. Thanks again!

            It copied the text directly to my Android clipboard without loading the page. Most excellent, indeed.

            Well, now that I have that, I *might* be happy when they allow us to copy/paste an image by right-clicking it. (…but I doubt it…I’ll likely want something else after that…)

      • JMonkeYJ

        Is this for “Google Chrome to Phone Extension” or “Chrome to Mobile”? I haven’t used either in a while. It says the 2nd one is still beta, but it has been updated more recently. Thanks.

  • Love this app!!!

  • All_I_do_is_post_gifs

    That just blew my mind

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Pushbullet Windows desktop” + “team is working on Mac support” = no thanks then

    • You can use Chrome2Phone on a Mac for something similar. Of you really want clipboard, you can use Firefox on your Mac and use Fox2Phone. No need to wait for pb

  • Shane Redman


  • keithsmith22

    The app is already one of my daily use apps for multiple reasons. I just updated and can’t seem to get it to work. Any ideas smarter folks than I?

    • guzba

      Do you have our Windows app installed? Sadly we can’t do this with just our browser extensions.

      • keithsmith22

        Yes. I got it. I had updated it but there was an error in the update. It works like its supposed to know. It is pretty sweet. Now lets hope it is gentle on the battery.

      • Jonathan Berry

        So is there any chance of getting this on Linux or ChromeOS?

    • Gerardo Hidrogo

      Same here. i just updated and able the “universal copy and paste” in my PC. But i can’t do what the guy in the video does ;_;

      • keithsmith22

        You have to enable it on the phone and download the Windows program not the Chrome extension.

        • Gerardo Hidrogo

          Done! it wasn’t enabled in my phone. Thanks! you’re a sweetie pie

    • Croq

      Nice avatar. I approve. 🙂

      • keithsmith22

        HAHAHA…Awesome. There aren’t enough of us around.

  • litobirdy

    sounds like an app that would be a battery hog?

    • guzba

      Actually, we do things in such a way that it shouldn’t really have much impact. This is considerably easier on the battery to do compared to our notification sync feature which doesn’t even register on people’s battery screens 🙂

      • Gregg Sarra

        Is there a way to turn off the persistent notification?

  • Nathan Borup

    I need to start paying these guys or something…