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We’re Getting Close: Google Prepares to Send I/O Attendees Their Moto 360

If you attended Google I/O, then you likely haven’t forgotten Google’s promise – that they would send you a Moto 360 as soon as it became available from Motorola. Even though we still don’t have an official launch date from Motorola, we know that those specifics are coming on September 4 at a press event. In an email rolling out this morning to Google I/O attendees, Google is reminding folks that the watch is coming soon, maybe even sooner than we had expected. 

In the email, Google reminds attendees that they promised them a Moto 360 and that they planned to ship them “as soon as they became available.” No mention of a specific ship date was given, but they are giving attendees a deadline of “midnight PST September 5” to register their addresses. That happens to be the day after Motorola will give us the details for the 360.

Is there a chance that Motorola will make the Moto 360 available within days of its press event? That’s pure speculation of course, but the deadline for I/O attendees to provide their addresses being so close to the event has us more excited than ever.

If you attended I/O, be on the lookout for the email below. You will want to make sure you fill out that form before midnight on September 5.

google io email moto 360

  • Stephen

    Kellex…I guess that means that you will be sending me your 360 when you get it. Dont forget you promised me it after I saved you from being attack by howard the duck!!

  • Guest

    Beautiful device. Disgusting interface on it

  • sean parmenter

    Anyone care to plug in my address? THANKS!

    I would imagine the Midnight 9/5 deadline means they are shipping 9/6. Wishful thinking.

  • Mac

    Anyone have the link to (please fill out this form)?

    • Unless you’re an IO attendee, a link won’t work. You need a registered email address and name that was on Google’s list.

      • Mac

        Dame Google. At least I/O press got one for free as well.

  • cns2007

    “We will only be able to ship Moto 360 to countries for which devices have been certified for use.”

    Think this sentence means an immediate global launch? No delayed release to Europe and other countries like the X last year.

  • chris_johns

    since i dont need a new phone(at the moment) im really excited for the 360…i hope ity blows up

  • Tony Byatt

    You lucky SOBs…..

    • j

      Well.. tickets to google i/o were $900. gotta pay to play

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ve been needing a new watch for awhile now, and so, I need the Moto 360. And I need/want/desire it now!

  • Jeff C

    I am thinking more and more that I want this after all, but it is being announced the day before I’m planning to purchase an engagement ring…decisions decisions…

    • EvanTheGamer

      Just get both, is what I always say. Doubt it’ll break your bank anyways, especially since you’re getting a ring that I’m sure is five times the price of the Moto 360(I’m thinking the new smartwatch will be at least $300). Right? 😉

      • Jeff C

        Between 8 and 10 times a $300 Moto 360…she’s a classy lady.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Buy her the ring and buy yourself the smartwatch, so you both can head to the altar in style. haha.

  • Only news I care about, Moto 360 and Note 4. Today has been a good day.

  • Zach Cline

    Looks like a good time to swap back to my moto x

  • JSo

    I’m extremely jelly. I need to go to jelly school.

  • Scott Webber

    Does anyone know the size of the watch face (in std. millimeters)? I’m not sure I can where one if it’s large.

    • yes


      • Scott Webber

        uh oh. My last watch was 38mm. I have weirdly small wrists

        • koopadoop

          Be careful, watch face size to wrist size ratio is very important 🙂

        • Aristeides

          Lots of watches out there that are considered to be a standard size are 40-43mm. I own the watch linked below. It’s 42mm, and not at all large. You may simply be used to really small case sizes, but there are few watches which you might call classic that aren’t somewhere in the 40-43mm range. 46 is a bit larger, but they’ve gotten rid of the lugs, so I doubt this will appear to be overly large on a wrist, unless you have really really small wrists.

          In the end it’s all a matter of personal opinion on what looks good though.


          • hfoster52


          • Cory S

            yeah, mines 41mm. I don’t think 46 will feel all that big, Mine is very thin though.


          • Scott Webber

            You may be correct. The problem was that the lugs stuck straight out causing the strap to not so much go around my wrist but more stick straight up off the sides of my arm.

          • Aristeides

            I’m almost willing to bet this is the reason why the lugs are inside the body of the phone, instead of being similar to the standard you see elsewhere. If you look at the photo of Kellen with the watch on (the baby hand photo) this makes even more sense. Kellen has mentioned time and again in reviews that he has small hands, and trouble reaching on big screens. It isn’t necessarily the case, but small hands likely means small wrist, especially so when you look at the picture. If the 360 had lugs, I bet they would stick out over Kellen’s wrists as well.

            Edit: It appears that’s Tim’s hand, but he also appears to have small wrists/hands.

      • clobberedchina

        Thanks. I somehow had the impression that it was much larger.

      • kashtrey

        46 isn’t a confirmed size, I kind of think it looks like 44 when you look at the comparison to the G Watch.

  • Deez

    Man can you guys please stop with the pics of dude with the horrible tatt wearing the 360? I mean, why post them? Makes your site look real amateurish lulz Seriously though.

  • Michael

    Share the link to the form!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Unless you were a registered attendee of I/O that would do you no good.

  • Von Douche

    Why does that chick in the article picture have ET’s hand tattooed to her delicate, yet hairy, wrist?

    • CivilDroid

      Haha, pretty sure that “chick’s” arm is Tato’s. Unless Im missing some implied sarcasm? 🙂

  • Whang Loo

    Oh boy! The Lenovo Hockey Puck!

    • chris_johns

      if we could only see the amount of downvotes this terrible joke got…

      • Whang Loo

        Who’s joking?

  • Greyhame

    Is this Kellex trolling us to stir up extreme amounts of jealously? Hah.

  • mcdonsco

    They really need to launch it immediately after the 4th (were talking the 5th) since we’ve all already been waiting for MONTHS for this thing.

    • But the event is the 4th.

      • mcdonsco

        They announced the watch on March 18…its now been 5 months since that announcement, and here we are…still waiting.

        At least we have the 4th as a signal to potential availability soon after, but it really needs to be immediate at this point; I know I’m tired of waiting.

        • Anfronie

          I’m tired of waiting as well 🙁

    • Qwerty

      The thing is, I don’t think they have any real urgency to release it before late September. Yes, there are other Android wear devices and smart watches available, but none have generated the same appeal that the Moto 360 has. I think they’re going to make sure things are in order for an organized released. Not that I would mind if they did release it on the 5th or sometime immediately after announcing it!

  • Finire

    It’s looking like Motorola wants to follow the Announcement immediately with the release of it online for purchase. Not the first time we’ve seen this, and it’s a great marketing strategy, instead of making people wait for months after the announcement to be able to purchase it.

    • mcdonsco

      We’ve already waited for months after the announcement.

      • Finire

        Not the official announcement of the product though. We’ve known about the development, we’ve known it’s going to be a round product face… But we haven’t had the actual product announcement with specs and price.

        • mcdonsco

          Moto themselves announced it on March 18th, it wasn’t leaked, they announced it.

          Just saying, in the future if they have a product like this (expecting high demand) they need to keep it to themselves until it’s a month or so out for release as its pretty annoying in the world of tech to wait SIX MONTHS for something to even be available (that’s a long time in tech).

          • Finire

            Fair enough… I have been waiting for this myself.

          • Derrick James

            im glad they have waited so long..why? So that way I don’t purchase a product from another company making the same thing. Even with the other Android Wear devices that have come out, i am WAY more excited for Moto 360 than any of those other ones. Patience is a good thing sometimes for me

          • Amen

          • weethomas

            Really, so, how long have people been waiting for the iPhone 6? Or did you just assume it wasn’t being made until someone from Apple said the words in public?

      • Z

        All the polls have shown that people are waiting for moto 360.

        Letting the public know this is coming appears to be a good strategy.

    • Soo Yung

      Probably right, before any bad reviews can get out.

    • michael arazan

      As long as part of their Great Marketing Strategy they Leave Out the Word “Exclusive”

  • Shane Redman

    *heavy breathing*

  • Jaxon Wright

    dat baby hand. 😉

    • FortitudineVincimus

      They made Photoshop for this very reason. Someone over there needs to learn how to use it.

      • Ha!

        • jbegs

          Are we ever going to know the back story?

          • Jaxon Wright

            he told us in one of the more recent DL Shows

          • jbegs

            Care to share if we missed it?

          • Sasha

            He has a bad tattoo on his back too? Oh my.

        • Suman Gandham

          On a scale of zero to comatose, how drunk were you when that happened, Tim?

          • It’s incomplete as my artist moved to SD, so once I have time to go down, it will look fine once complete 🙂

          • Suman Gandham

            On a scale of zero to ten, how old is this “artist”?

          • Is that like an insult or something? It’s my arm, so maybe you should go and live your life and I’ll live mine. 🙂

          • Suman Gandham

            Chill brah, just play-trolling! 🙂

          • Photo Jo

            Not to burst your bubble, but based on these comments you can give up your dreams of being a hand model.

          • Adibisi

            Maybe it’s a prison tatt.

      • Guest

        this what you had in mind? I’ve learned how to use it.

      • Jaxon Wright

        Is this what you had in mind? I’ve learned how to use it. http://imgur.com/wpTBG1h

        • G.C.

          this NEEDS to be Motorola’s official marketing photo.

        • Ro To

          Besides that sweet watch tattoo, I can’t also stop staring at the black dead space at the bottom of the watch face. What’s up with that? I wouldn’t buy it just because of that. I find it very distracting.

          • LLCoolWas

            that is where the display connectors are. it will always be black. guess you aren’t getting one!

          • Aristeides

            It’s for the ambient light sensor and something else.

        • New_Guy

          Genius, genius, genius!!!