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Friday Poll: Of Your 10 Closest Friends and Family, How Many Own Android Phones?


It won’t come as a surprise, especially to anyone reading a blog dedicated to only talking about smartphones, but people are very passionate about their mobile OS of choice. At first, you might have had a lot of friends and family who would only consider an iPhone, or maybe they were still rocking feature phones, but Android has become extremely¬†popular over the past few years.

We asked this same question back in March of 2012, but of your 10 closest friends and family, how many are rocking an Android device? Back then, the majority of folks said that about half of their friends and family were using Android, and by this point, we would like to hope that number has risen a bit.

So, has your entire inner circle of friends and family started using Android? Will they never turn their back on iOS? We are dying to know.

Of Your Closest 10 Friends and Family, How Many Own Android Phones?

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  • AaronS

    The only iPhone user is my 17 year old daughter, cuz apparently it the cool phone in that demographic.

  • JT

    Android is really lacking in the teen market. I’m a teen user, who used to be a die hard android fan, and would never consider switching. I made the switch to an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, with android, you get much more for your money: a better phone, and a superior operating system– no doubt about it. However, the social ecosystem that has been developed on iPhone with teenagers is simply unmatched. 19/20 of my friends have iPhones. That’s the number I’d get from my personal experience. I was tired of being left out of group messages because it’s annoying when they’re not iMessage, which is a valid argument. Snapchat simply did not work well on my S4. Overall, standard SMS messages do not work as well as iMessage. Sure, there are third party cross-platform options that are better than both, I don’t deny that, but let’s face it, I’m not gonna get all my friends to use them. So, that’s my opinion, that I felt the need to rant.

  • Higher_Ground

    This is an interesting poll. 10 is an odd number for me, but I’d say that about 45% have android, 45% have iphones, and 10% still have flip phones.

  • fizdog

    I got most people I know to use Android. Sadly my dad thinks apple is best. Not saying it’s the worst just not my cup of tea. Any phone I had other than iPhone could record video. Once I got the iPhone 3g just before the 3gs came. I couldn’t record video! apple limits previous phones and won’t let old phones get the new features ios has unless you upgrade!

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  • droidftw

    People love iMessage too much to switch to Android. And I can’t lie, I’m infinitely jealous of iMessage. The amount of times texts or MMS have failed to send in the last month or I have received messages hours after they were sent is getting to be too much.

    • EdubE24

      iMessage is one of the main reasons I just can’t totally leave IOS.