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LG G3: 25+ Tips and Tricks

Each time a new flagship device is released, we have tried to make a habit of putting together 25 or so tips and tricks to help new owners of the device get the most out of it. Since the LG G3 is by all means the ultimate flagship of the moment, we wanted to give it the same treatment.

In this video, we cover everything from the simplest of navigation tricks to utilizing the advanced features built-in to the G3. The video is 15-minutes of must-see tips for new G3 owners. If you want to learn to use Knock Code, get the most out of your quick toggles, quickly access Dual Window/QSlide/QuickMemo, use your phone with one hand, customize the navigation area, and take phone calls without ever leaving the app you are in, you should watch this.

Once you are finished, let us (and the DL community) in on any other tips and tricks we might have missed. 

  • Katherine

    I am using LG G3 from last 1 month and like its 5.5 inch QHD screen along with 3GB
    RAM and 32GB internal storage, and 3000mAh battery. I recently purchased a qi wireless charger with flip case for it to keep its battery fully charged without messing up with wires anymore.

  • silverjerry

    The glass screen protector a plus for the phone. Been Android user for many generations now, wifes Apple not my favorite, the LG G3 quite impressive.

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  • Kristin

    I just got my g3. I’ve been playing around and I noticed in my contacts list there are different color circles next to the names. It seems random but I can figure out how to change them or what they mean? Any help??

  • Dual mode is sick. So is knock. New to me, lovibg swipe camera app to toggle front facing.

    • Kate Perry

      Google is paying 80$ per>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO
      AND HELP

  • Quantum Fisiks

    I just need a decent ram/app/task manager/killer cause the one out the box sucks. There’s. No widget and to get the full app you have to go through the settings. All my Samsung devices have spoiled me, yes.

  • Max Moore

    I have a question so please anyone sure of the answer please tell. Will the phone cost more or the same for 32Gb storage because I have heard both and it’s really confusing me?

  • royalewidcheeze

    Under Settings / Dual Window / Split View – you can turn that on so when you are reading an email that has a link in it, if you click the link, it will open link in a split browser window below the email.
    The phone comes with a utility under Settings / Smart Cleaning that will clear out temporary and downloaded files for you.
    The phone knows if the app that you are currently running uses the speakers. If the app does, and you pull down the Notifications panel, the volume control adjuster will automatically show up in that panel.

  • tshell

    I wasn’t able to keep my unlimited plan on Verizon, that sucked. Mostly kept it around because it was cheaper than any of their other 2+Gig plans, not because I needed the unlimited data. However, by going to the store and not ordering it online, the rep was able to get me a 6 Gig “Verizon Max” plan only offered to those coming from the unlimited plans. It’s great because it is the exact same price as my old plan (cheaper than the regular plans) and I never use that much data in the first place. 6 might as well be unlimited for my usage.

  • Charles Ha

    just wondering if anyone has figured out why the att variant doesn’t have brightness toggle and the volume toggle seems to get activated contextually. one other quirk is that while cycling through brightnesses u can’t switch between auto and manual brightness…which is really inconvenient….anyone else with me on these issues? lag and how bright the phone gets are total non issues for me.

  • AS

    UK version has quick setting toggles that enable sliders for brightness and volume. Don’t see them on the one you have, they are ringfenced at the top of the quick settings edit page

  • theresactardif

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  • Mark Mann

    Just got the phone not two hours ago… So far is am awesome phone…

  • DoD

    I have ATT lg g3…. How can I delete Facebook and a bunch of other garbage? I know how to delete it if it lets you, but surely there
    is a way to get rid of stuff that is “protected” or whatever it is called.

  • Chris White

    How is the stock sms app? Can I get a screen shot?

  • Brandon S

    Not sure, but Im using the LG G2 to type this and Im pretty sure you couldve changed the brightness without leaving the notification panel, or drop-down, by simply tapping the brightness square and it would let you choose between multiple percentages of brightness. Atleast thats how it works on my Verizon LG G2. But great video, thanks for the tips; they actually taught me a couple of things about my LG G2 that I didnt know…sad, I know

    • epps720

      I’m in the same boat I had no idea we could change the setting view to list, I hate the other page view

  • Brandon Judy

    Anywhere to get it retail yet for us Prepaid people.

  • droidiac13

    Y’all are going to love this phone. I have the AT&T variant and it blows my S5 out of the water when it comes to battery and lack of lag. I’ve had two S5’s and experienced serious lag on both. Especially when playing games and using the keyboard. Although the S5 has a better keyboard when it comes to predicting text. The LG keyboard struggles in the swiping aspect. This is just my take and I’m not a fanboy of any specific manufacturer.

  • Kerb

    So DL in your opinion, which is better the S5 or LG-3? Explain your answer please!

  • Artune

    Did not get an email or text that my phone shipped from verizon but I checked the order from my order confination email and it shipped today, being delivered thursday!

  • disastrousrainbow

    Excited! Just got my notification from Verizon mine shipped. Can’t wait to get this bad boy in my hands.

  • Alessio D’Addario

    What’s the icon pack used on the lock screen?

    • Charlie

      i’m pretty sure it’s just the icon theme that LG dev’d for its skin – i don’t think it supports custom icon packs.

      • Alessio D’Addario

        Thanks for confirming that, I did think that was the stock launcher but wasn’t too sure.

      • joe23521

        Does anyone know who to add your own icons to the selection pool without using a different launcher?

  • GloriaPThorne

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  • duke69111

    Does the G3 have the IR blaster?

    • arthur2142

      Yes, it does. I checked it out at the Sprint store last night… Thinking about jumping off Verizon, since I’d lose my unlimited data if I upgrade with them.

      • MannyLegacy

        Yeah what gives with that??……..I guess I haven’t upgraded my phone in a bit because I was told that if I upgrade to the G3 that my Grandfathered Unlimited data would go bye-bye. They’re REALLY trying to get rid of the few that still have it lol

      • duke69111


    • joe23521

      It does, but I could not get mine to work from farther than 2 feet away, which is pretty disappointing.

  • Alex Griffith

    Can’t wait to get mine in hand. I have the G2 and loved it as well!

    • Alessio D’Addario

      Me too, just ordered one from Amazon.. Should come within the next few days. The white model looks amazing!

  • yummy

    Time for a new phone, thanks el gigi, you done good.

  • napes22

    I just bought a One Plus One. Let’s hope I don’t regret this decision.

    • Chippah

      that depends if you have a yellow screen or need to RMA it back to China

      • Romdude

        As someone on youtube said, you can somewhat fix the yellow screen from the glue by using the uv light from a nail salon. I know it sounds outrageous but at least if you can’t get them to fix it, you can somewhat fix it yourself. This is why I’d never get a device that I can’t return quickly and swap for another if I have a problem with it.

  • Conor Most

    Not ditching my N5 anytime soon but I have to say I’m very impressed by this device. Overall aesthetic is fantastic and LG seemed to add features that actually contributed to the overall usability of the phone, not just gimmicky stuff. Props to LG.

    • Charlie

      i feel ya. i loved my N5, and probably wouldn’t have given it up. but, my employer switched to Verizon, so i had to switch, too, and give up my N5. i’ve been back on the GNex, and after having the N5, i’m about ready to throw the GNex thru a wall!!! but, only another couple days and i’ll have the G3. i actually received my G3 case in the mail today, and my GNex (even with a case on it) was able to fit comfortably inside the G3 case with room to spare… lol

  • CaptM

    On the LG site, they’re showing under the Promotions, that they will be giving away 1 G3 at select Verizon and AT&T stores, need to be first in line it looks like. Unfortunately, none of the stores are in my state.

  • MRising

    Just got confirmation my G3 shipped today and will be delivered on the 17th!! SO PUMPED!!! Now just have to wait for the Moto 360 and my life is complete!

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Almost had my T-mobile G3 for a week now. The battery life has been good for a heavy user like me. Camera is very nice. I am questioning the software. There are lots of little lags here and there. Patiently waiting for root access so I can freeze all the bloat and really optimize the He.

    • Romdude

      You can just disable the apps that you don’t need at least until you get root.

      • Mark Aaron Collado

        Yeah I know. I was spoiled with the Nexus 5.

  • Mike

    I been thinking about pulling the trigger on the G3, but then today I got an invite to get the One Plus One. I really like the G3, but the screen doesn’t look all that bright to me. I looked at one at AT&T and went to turn up the brightness to see how bright it would get, but it was already set to full brightness. From what I have seen and read, the OPO has a brighter screen. What do you guys who have one think about the screen brightness of the G3?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s not that bright compared to other devices….I’m not sure if it’s a limitation of the screen or them simply gimping it on purpose to avoid an assault on battery life from that 2K screen. Either way it’s no where near as bright which I’m assuming could be an issue outdoors

      • rawr

        Yeah but is it brighter than a gnex? Because that is what it would replace for me.

        Maybe waiting a little longer for the Note 4 is better, idk…

    • joe23521

      It’s definitely not the brightest screen I’ve ever seen, but it was a bit tricky to get it to actually 100% when I tried it at the store. I had to set it inside settings, as well as adjust the quick toggle to eventually get it to the brightest setting. It wasn’t changed to 100% initially even though the settings said 100%. That may have been the case with you at the store.

      • Mike

        Good to know. I’ll have to check it out at the store again.

  • Shawn Spring

    I’m picking up the white one Thursday, I’m fairly sure. As long as the 50% off lasts until then. Already got a buyer for my G2, I just have to TOT it back to stock and roll into a Big Red retail store.

  • FknTwizted

    tip 26 buy something other then LG.

    • Bryan Mills


      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • FknTwizted

        I worked the industry for over a decade and LG hasn’t been a big player in the game since the basic phones where still king… they have always been the red headed step child getting handed their arse by Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

    • Tommysmallss

      Like Samsung? Ok, sure…

      • Romdude

        I wonder if he’s one of those paid Samsung commenters.

        • Tommysmallss

          No, I’m not. The S5 is the only real competition that’s out right now, and I don’t want that. I ordered a LG G3 last week.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Checked it out in the store…. It;s really well built…it’s a nice device. The software doesn’t annoy me but it just didn’t feel like I device I’d enjoy based on the software. Oem skin that’s excited me over the years is Sense….other than that Stock….But that’s just me. I’ll wait and see what Moto is doing.

  • DforDesign

    Dunno if it was there, but I found it really helpful:
    When you take a photo you can press and hold on the thumbnail and move it to trash.

  • CaptM

    Looks like Verizon is on the verge of shipping out the Pre-Orders!!!!! Talked to a rep the other day and they told me that my credit card would be charged when they ship the phone (charge hit this morning), also, on my “My Orders” page on Verizon, it is now showing my order (didn’t show up till this morning). CAN-NOT-WAIT-FOR-MY-G3!!!!!!

    • serious

      i got a text message notification and a fedex tracking number from verizon

      • Charlie

        gaaah…! i’ve been refreshing my order page all day, and it still says “Order is Still Processing”. i was hoping for delivery tomorrow, but i’m starting to think that’s a no-go.

        • CaptM

          So far, I have not gotten a text message or email from Verizon, and my status is “order is still processing” also, but it was a change from nothing. 🙂 I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Morning.

          • Charlie

            my status just changed – it has shipped, and i have a tracking number. BUT, it’s not going to be here until late Thurs. i could have just walked into a store Thurs morning and bought it – i was hoping by pre-ordering, i would have at least had it in hand by Wed night….

    • RyanAndTammy

      My wife’s is on track to be delivered on the 17th but my order apparently broke Verizon. I was one payment away from being at 50% of our edge plan so I edged up both for $24.87 and then today received an email from verizon confirming my payment of $74.85 towards my bill which doesn’t show up in my bank account and then I checked my credit card and only one payment of $24.87 has been processed. After talking with three representatives, the last of which got one of their corporate people to look at my account they have no idea what is going on. It says there is a partial payment on my account and they are locked out from doing anything. She apologized at least 10 times and said I may have to wait until later today or tomorrow for them to try to process the payment again. Long story short I may have to just walk into a Verizon store to pick up my phone after my wife get’s hers on Thursday.

    • Chris White

      Got my FedEx shipping info from Verizon this afternoon!

    • Andrew

      Got my shipment notification this afternoon for arrival on Thursday – definitely excited (1st time I’ve picked up a phone that’s near the leading edge of current phones on market).

    • coh303

      Got my shipping confirmation too! Can’t wait to have an LG back in my hands after losing my G2 a few months back

  • bogy25

    Waiting for the Prime version with the 805 in it baby!

    • epps720

      I wonder how much they’ll charge for these prime versions, if and when they get released. G3 is already $580 unlocked, will a prime version go for $700, $750, $800?!

      • d-rock

        580 unlocked is the extreme low side of flashship phones as far as cost goes. Don’t expect a better(prime) G3 to be released in the states….won’t happen.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Ain’t happenin chief. While we are at it I’m waiting for the G5 with the 825 and the 8k display…

      • DRAF_Werd

        So fly like a G6?

        • rawr

          Maybe fly like a Cessna 172…

      • epps720

        Can’t imagine it either but sounds like the S5 is going to have a prime version so you never know. Maybe this will be the Silver program

        • Bryan Mills

          The S5 prime is here and guess what? Performs just like an 801 with the 805.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Do they have a video of the prime anywhere?

          • Bryan Mills

            Danny Winget, Pocket Now, etc.

          • epps720

            Really?! Haven’t seen any official photos or reviews

          • Bryan Mills

            Go look on YouTube.

      • Charlie

        i tend to agree. it looks like they are dropping in the 805 just to utilize the Cat 6 network overseas. since that is inapplicable in the US, i doubt we’ll see any such version.

    • Bryan Mills

      Not waiting because there’s no difference.

      • bogy25

        Actually I was being honest about my excitment – well, it seems others think the 805 won”t happen because it is not usable in the US – oh well

        • Charlie

          the 805 is certainly “usable” in the US – it has a faster graphics processor, and there probably would be some benefit/improvement to having the 805 (whether the improvement is negligible, slight, moderate, or drastic is subject to much debate in these threads). however, the articles i have read indicate that LG is not putting in the 805 to make the G3 “better”, per se – rather, the 805 is compatible with the Cat 6 network overseas and allows for faster download speeds, but the 801 is incompatible with Cat 6, and that is the main reason for an 805 variant. because we don’t have Cat 6 in the US, the speculation/rationale is that is why LG won’t make an 805 version for the US – i.e., the US couldn’t take advantage of the faster download speeds. we could still see an 805 variant toward the end of the year, but if the “reason” for the 805 (i.e., utilizing Cat 6) isn’t present in the US, many feel it is unlikely.

  • Scott Martin

    with the verizon one not arriving till thursday, can this post be a sticky? maybe take the place of the s4 review on the home page? i’m very likely to forget about it when the device actually arrives

    • Detonation

      Bookmark it?

    • Tommysmallss

      ‘Watch Later’ on Youtube.

    • You’ll find it in the right column (in the web view) under “Featured.” If you are reading from mobile, scroll down past the top stories until you see the “Featured” section.

  • James_Kernicky

    I been patiently waiting, when do you anticipate that Droid Life will post a full review?

  • Jon D

    Any one else bored with the g3?

    • Mark Mann

      I’ll just say…you clicked the headlines… You came to the stories… It’s your fault

    • Collin Chapin

      I wasn’t interested in the G2 but for whatever reason I think the G3 looks like a great device.

      I’m just happy to see LG stepping up their game year after year.

    • Shane Redman

      bored, a little, but I think the G3 is just a really solid phone.

    • Bryan Mills


      • jnt

        shocker 😛

    • Ryan Chapman

      How can you be bored with something you haven’t even gotten to play with yet?

    • jnt

      It looks like a really solid phone, nothing more. But you would think it’s a revolutionary device the way the Android enthusiast community talks about it, and I’m kinda bored with / tired of that.

      • epps720

        I was on the fence of getting the phone, looks and sounds amazing but not sure if it’s worth spending about $600 to upgrade over my G2. Then I got a OnePlus One invite yesterday. At $350 for 64GB, it’s hard to turn down.

        • jnt

          That – plus reports that the G3 lags/stutters in a lot of places and can’t get very bright thanks to the “throttling” the software does to avoid overheating with all those pictures…

    • veRdiKt

      Love the G3 so damn much.

    • Nothing boring about this phone. My favorite phone of 2014, so far.

  • austing

    G3 review

    • Bryan Mills

      Based on their comments so far, it’s going to be review about an amazing phone. I Don’t expect anything different.

      • It really is an amazing phone. Not sure LG screwed up on any part of it.

        • KleenDroid

          Well then it looks like on Thursday I’m going to head over to Verizon and pick one up.

          I have no problem with my Loki bypassed S4 but I’m excited anyway!

          I assume we will be able to Loki bypass the G3?

          • yvonnerchandler

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        • Brent Cooper

          Whats the time line for a review on a US model? I’m curious about the battery life for the US optimized variant.

          • jakeanater5107

            Battery life is okay if you use the auto brightness

        • rawr

          Dat vzw logo is pretty screwed up (as is the weird glossy back instead of the normal color scheme).

          • Tillmorn

            Based on pictures that users have taken of the “Black” Verizon LG G3 (check XDA), it’s the same damn color as every other carrier’s “gunmetal” colored back. Yes, the front chin is different, and there’s a bit of added chrome around the camera and power button. In fact, the name of the “black” color you accuse Verizon of using is the same name used on LG’s website. The renders on the Verizon website are just poorly done. Learn, before complaining, please. And the Verizon logo? You shouldn’t have expected anything different from them.

        • MicroNix


        • austing

          It really is, I have loved it every minute

          • barbaracbell

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      • tdurden64111

        Agreed, now change your pic!

    • Ana

      Yeah, I’ve been hoping for the review for a long time!

  • Chippah

    Optimus G3 rom running righteously on the VS980 G2.


    • Dave

      Is that stable enough to use it as a everyday drive?

  • Shane Redman

    Funny how they made a circle faced case and a square watch face…..at least it’s funny to me

    • Carlos Lopez

      Lol I chuckled as I read that excellent point xD