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OnePlus One to Receive Android L Within Three Months of Release From Google

In what might be an attempt to gain a bit of positive attention, OnePlus announced last Friday through its forums that the One will receive Android L within three months of the final build release from Google.

Three months, you say? That’s quite ambitious, especially from an OEM that is still having issues setting an actual release for its phone to the masses. 

Now please, don’t label me a hater, I just want to be realistic. The One has garnered lots of hype, and the company still can’t seem to get things straight. With not much transparency between the communication of OnePlus and the Cyanogen Inc. crew, potential buyers are left waiting to buy the reasonably-priced One smartphone.

We don’t know when Android L is set to launch officially, but with the developer preview now released, we would assume it will be sometime in the Fall. Will the One launch before then? We sure do hope so.

Via: OnePlus
  • Jeffrey Fazal

    don’t know why this so called One plus One is getting more attention as I didn’t
    find anything different in it instead of price. I am using Nexus 5 from last 6
    months and could say that it is the best Smartphone I have ever had till date. However,
    I am always concerned about its battery performance that sometimes drained out
    soon or sometime runs throughout the day with normal use. To overcome this
    issue I recently installed a wireless charger that I purchased from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F5XPCSC to
    keep the device fully charged even on the go in order to stay connected.

  • John Motschenbacher

    I bought into the hype and then it faded from me just as fast. They have failed in my eyes.

  • Grayson

    I just got an invite, but nothing about the phone really makes me want to buy it to replace my Nexus 5. Yeah, the price is amazing, but most reviews say the phone is uncomfortably large, has a camera no better than the Nexus 5, and some reviews even say it doesn’t run quite as smoothly as the Nexus 5 despite the SD 801. I guess the screen, speakers, and build quality might be slightly better than the Nexus 5, but would it be worth losing one handed useability and first update rights? I’m leaning towards no. Guess if my current phone was something from early 2013 or older, I might be more interested.

  • Alexander Z Great

    I just had the OPO delivered. Very very impressed with it.

  • truth_cutz

    Lets try to find the good in the One Plus One debacle. Hopefully, more manufacturers will start making flagship quality phones at an
    “affordable” price. I bought my wife a Moto G after she broke her S4 and I must admit, its not a bad phone for $199. Give me a 5 inch screen and another GB of RAM and I’d buy for for myself. Hopefully will get an S6 or a New HTC M9 for $299-350 off contract in the future. Especially considering that both of these companies have seen a drop in profits. If they made them more affordable, people would upgrade more often.

  • Rahul Shah

    My aging Nexus 4 can anytime be declared dead anytime soon… but I’ll wait until this one or Nexus 6 gets the daylight. I agree that the whole invite system is a sham. The phone has broken many benchmarks including price, Thanks DanielMena9 for this review: http://www.laptopmag.com/smartphones/reviews/oneplus-one.aspx

  • So….this phone will launch with Android L. Awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Is there anyway my HTC M8 can have that same type of folder design? My Galaxy s4 had that and I want my new phone to do it. The One M8’s folder design makes my home screen look awful.

  • yumummy

    Ah, it’s an old story about counting hens, and not flying too close to the sun.
    Take another chair away, and cue the music.

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  • alvinsmith

    OnePlus One 4G FDD-LTE Quad Core 2.5GHz CyanogenMod 11S 5.5 Pollici FHD Corning Gorilla Glass NFC 3G RAM + 16G ROM Cellulari.

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  • jer85008

    Hopefully anyone who still really wants a big cheap Chinese phone has purchased an Ascend Mate 2 and left OnePlus behind. I don’t care how good the phone may or may not be, they don’t deserve our business.

    • Bryan Mills

      lol those people are idiots

  • JJJ

    This holds no weight to me because it’s pretty clear that the software is the easy part when it comes to this company… Where are the actual phones?

  • kamkid279

    Tuesdays Poll: Which will be released first to the public

    A. Android L
    B. OnePlus One

    • flosserelli

      That is too easy. This poll requires more thinking:
      A. Another Nexus on Verizon
      B. A phone that triple boots android, iOS and WP
      C. Palm Pre 4
      D. OnePlus One

      • John Motschenbacher

        All except D

  • T_Dizzle

    I still want one and believe in what they’re trying to do.

  • master94

    This is great news for the one guy who owns this phone

    • Bryan Mills

      You mean many satisfied customers.

      • Deez

        You sound desperate to defend this joke of a phone.

        • MJ

          Anytime this phone comes up this guy is there replying to all the negative posts defending it, and I remember him admitting before he doesn’t even have one.

      • truth_cutz

        Many, as in 4

      • Chang Wong

        Like the ones with yellow screens?

  • Dave

    Stop the hype machine and quit posting anything about this phone please….

    • Bryan Mills

      Yeah stop reporting it all!

  • Dave

    Sadly, the 8 people that buy one of these can only receive Android L by invite only.

    • Chris

      And you will need to smash your phone in order to get the update

      • Bryan Mills

        Old joke is old

        • Deez

          Old troll is old.

  • Rambocombo

    I’ve had the phone since Thursday and I can honestly say its by far one of my best Android Experiences on a phone and Ive over 15 of Android phones dating back to the original Nexus 1. Cyanogen mod makes this phone fly and the UI is so light, highly-customizable, and free of any bloatware. Judging from Cyanogens updates on this phone( I’ve had 2 already ) I think that they will be able to update to Android L quickly. I will say the invite systems sucks balls its very frustrating dont hype a phone up if you cant deliver the inventory. With that being said its definitely worth it if you can get your hands on one. Using it on ATT LTE in los Angeles and the speeds and performance are quite good and comparable to my M8 work phone.

    • Maxim∑

      Many people including me no longer care about this company. They ruined a very good opportunity and lost majority of there customers.

      A few thousand devoted people are left and that’s it

  • HAter! sorry had to. I agree they better actually follow through this time

  • Gr8Ray

    Future vaporware update announced for vaporware no one wants or owns.

  • Trevor

    I feel like that timeline is more up to Cyanogenmod than OnePlus.

    • Kevin

      I feel like Cyanogen Mod has turned into bloat ware. Three months is too long for updating a rom.

      • Trevor

        I agree that that is a long time for a ROM developer to take. It seems like they like to wait until they know the software is very stable (which is fine with me), but I swear, on every phone I’ve used CM, there have always been annoying little bugs.

      • Bryan Mills

        Bloatware? lol

        They’ve done more with Android than Google will ever do.

        • Kevin

          I’d rather have a stable phone than half assed features with bugs.

        • grumpyfuzz

          Without android, cyanogenmod wouldn’t exist… Considering Google made the base for aosp, I’m sure google has done a lot more.

        • S Jones

          “They’ve done more with Android than Google will ever do.”

          Translation: Their own tracking software?


          Functions that no longer work (e.g. bluetooth, camera, etc)?

  • Lee McLaurin

    OnePlus One to Receive Android L Within Three Months of Release From Google

    And the phone will be released in 2016

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s already released.

      • Lee McLaurin

        Released already? How many people have one that YOU know of? Where can you get one? What store have you seen one? Where can you actually touch one?

    • Maxim∑

      Android L will be out on the Verizon s5 before one plus one is released

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Whoa don’t get carried away now LOL

  • MH

    Honestly, who cares. I could make a phone out of platinum billet with a diamond screen that has a snapdragon 1000000000 processor and adreno 5000000 GPU and price it at $10 and your choice of angelina jolie or scarlett johanssen for an hour. If I cant ever deliver it, it’s just plain old vaporware.

    • Bryan Mills

      Yes we’re all entitled to everyone right this minute. All your unfinished crap. Go ahead Sony, release the PS5 even though it’s not even made yet cause were entitled to it.

    • DanSan

      I’ll take scarlett..

  • valapsp

    droid-life is so behind.

    • cizzlen

      old story is old

  • WickedToby741

    Ambitious? That’s a quarter of a year. I know other OEMs not named Motorola have set the bar low, but that to me just seems like a long time considering that they have access to the developer preview. I mean let’s be honest, if a group of guys on XDA can have a fairly stable Android L developer build out for the Nexus 4 in a matter of weeks, why can’t OEMs? I know OnePlus is no Samsung or HTC, but they also don’t have to jump through the typical carrier induced hoops.

    • Justin W

      Motorola or HTC… Samsung is still rolling out 4.4 to it’s 2013 flagships..

      • WickedToby741

        HTC has a 90 day, or 3 month, update window too. That’s still better than most, but in my opinion not good enough. Android L should be even less of a problem because OEMs can get ahold of the developer version now and start building instead of waiting for the official version. With that new development it should honestly only be a few weeks tops for flagship devices. We need to be holding OEMs to higher standards.

        • joseph barrientos

          I think we’re looking at this wrong. its not like we know on the 89th day that they’d release, who knows, maybe it’ll be weeks after the release. all within 3 months means is maybe a few days/weeks but worst case scenario, 3 months.

          as a WCS I don’t mind it, if they said 3-6 no, that’d piss me off

          • WickedToby741

            I realize it could be sooner and likely will be, but I wouldn’t call the timeline ambitious. I guess I’m just spoiled by the affordability and quick updates of Nexus devices and seeing Motorola I expect other OEMs to step up. It just bothers me that slow updates and fragmentation are still the one thorn Android hasn’t been able to remove from its side.

        • Marikel

          They CANNOT start building an update to Android L for their devices yet because the source code has not been published yet. Android L is far from finished. The developer preview is only for the Nexus 5 and 7. They cannot build off of that. They need the source code. And Google won’t release it until Android L is complete, most likely this Fall.

      • Dave

        True, I actually used to harp on them for doing so, until I saw the differences between the two OS. Then I realized to the average user the differences are unnoticeable. To our type they are a hint above noticeable. In fact battery life has gotten worse with 4.4 on my Note2, it’s still incredible, but it was better on 4.3.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        HTC has updated its three main handsets, but Samsung has done that and is updating quite a few other devices for the past few weeks, so I don’t think HTC is any better off than Samsung. Motorola still unmatched.

    • athom07

      I am so sick of hearing about this dumb OnePlus company, but on xda that software is expected to have bugs, and you flash it at your own risk. A company can’t just release software like that. People expect their phones to work properly, so they must do all sorts of testing before releasing to the public.;

    • John Motschenbacher

      Well there isn’t going to be an android L build since neither the full source or actual L has been released.

  • DanielMena9

    I wasn’t impressed until my trusty review website slapped their Editor’s Choice on this device


    Now I am in search of an invite !!! (anyone have one?)

  • [deleted]

  • Ryan N

    You just have to brick your phones kit Kat build, post a video of it to YouTube, and you’ll be entered to be 1 of 3 to receive android L.

  • Am I the only one who after all the gimmicks over buying it don’t care about this phone anymore?

    • Justin W

      No no, you definitely aren’t. I was deciding between this or the G3 and was leaning towards this since… well… cheaper, but the whole invite system screwed them over in the long run, I think.

      • Bryan Mills


    • Miguel Angel Portela

      Nope. Went with a Xiaomi phone instead. One Plus just took far too long.

    • dorarcheek

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    • Ballerado

      I was really hoping for the One Plus One but I got tired of waiting. Pre-ordered a G3.

    • Colts5609

      Everyday that goes by, that phone become less and less of a bargain, still worth the cost, but certainly less of a steal. I still support their mission, but I am not interested in the OnePlus anymore. If I got my invite tomorrow I would not buy it, unless they are going for alot on Ebay still. Perhaps their goal wasn’t to sell a ton of phones, maybe just have a successful launch? They are not going to sell a ton of phones, this year at least. We will see what they cook up with the OnePlus Two or whatever.

      • Jose G

        Seems like a cheap Onno ploy. The whole start-up BS. The Chicoms are trying to pull a fast one on everyone.

  • Ryan N

    I can’t wait! Said nobody.

    • Trevor

      You mean, said the 7 people who have actually been able to get this phone.

      • joseph barrientos

        6, remember, one box was empty :p