OnePlus Hires Former Paranoid Android Developers to Help Build OxygenOS

OnePlus announced the newest members of its OxygenOS custom ROM team today, and a few of the names, if you have been hanging with us here at DL for more than a couple years, may sound familiar.

Positions for Android Technical Lead, UI/UX Designer, and a large chunk of the Android Development Team are now filled by members of the Paranoid Android ROM team, including its co-founder Aaron Gascoigne. As I mentioned, if you followed custom ROMs back in 2013, then you know what Paranoid Android is, as it was a very successful custom ROM which featured PIE and HALO.  (more…)

OnePlus Available to Purchase Every Tuesday Without “Beloved” Invite System

People are still very excited about the OnePlus One, according to…OnePlus. Unfortunately for those still dripping in sweaty excitement, the phone is still too difficult to buy. No way! OnePlus One? Difficult? Never. To help fix the problem, OnePlus is starting a new initiative for buying their phone that takes you out of their “beloved” invite system. Seriously, they called it “beloved,” as in, they like the thing.

Anyways, every Tuesday going forward, OnePlus will open up sales of the One for 24 hours, starting at 8AM London time (midnight Pacific). During that time, the phone will be available in either Silk White (16GB) or Sandstone Black (64GB). However, after the 24 hour period expires, in comes the invite system once again.

Fun.  (more…)

You Decided: OnePlus One Tops LG G3 and Xperia Z3

On Tuesday, we started a new feature called “You Decide,” which is a reader-driven, vote-style competition between a handful of products decided upon by you, hence the name. “You Decide” could be a competition between phones or tablets or Bluetooth speakers or apps, but the idea is that the DL community uses their voices and opinions to pick a winner. It’s not necessarily the most serious of competitions. However, when someone is going to buy their next phone and starts comparing a handful of options, we would love to be able to present them not only our opinions on the matter, but yours too.

For our first “You Decide,” we picked three flagship phones that came out in 2014 that are all still very much relevant, the LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3, and OnePlus One. You could even argue that these three are very underrated, almost underdog type phones, especially when compared to the amount of coverage given to the Galaxys, Ones, and Nexus 6s of the world.  (more…)

OnePlus One Partners With SwiftKey to Bring Keyboard Preinstalled in Next Update

Announced this morning, OnePlus is partnering up with SwiftKey, the makers of the highly popular third party keyboard, bringing the app preinstalled on the next round of OTA updates to One owners.

With the integration of the SwiftKey keyboard app right into CyanogenMod 11S, users will no longer need to head into Google Play to download it, and can simply turn it on from the Settings menu.  (more…)

You Decide: LG G3, OnePlus One, or Xperia Z3?

Part of the beauty in doing what we do on a daily basis is that we get to offer up a lot of our own opinions on Android, tech, and world happenings. Droid Life is this great platform for expression and we take advantage of that more often than not. You may not always agree with what we say. In fact, we hope that you don’t, because that’s what makes our world great – people should have their own opinions on everything, especially when it comes to consumer tech.

So with that in mind, we wanted to start up a new type of post for 2015 and see where it goes. Rather than a top 5 list from us (that you likely won’t agree with), we figured we would instead turn to you for expert analysis, opinion, and bold statements. This is your opportunity to tell the world which is the best, which isn’t, and why.  (more…)