OnePlus 2 Stops Off at Bluetooth SIG, Might Come in 3 Models

The OnePlus 2 will be unveiled on July 27 to the world through a virtual reality presentation that is sure to be something to tell your children about. (Whoa, Kellen, what’s with the heavy sarcasm this morning, bruh?) As we close in on that day, OnePlus is guaranteed to unapologetically hypebeast the hell of the phone by revealing one feature at a time, all the while remaining in headlines and relevant. We’re deep into the (t)rollout of features and loving every second of it! (Sarcasm bath x2.) But because we lack patience, we will also be on the hunt for details that we can unearth on our own, like this filing that showed up at Bluetooth SIG.  (more…)

OnePlus Releases Beta Fix for Touchscreen Issues on OxygenOS, Requires the Flashing of Zips

For anyone who rocks the OxygenOS custom ROM on the OnePlus One, a fix has been made available for a reported touchscreen issue, but OnePlus notes this is just a beta fix. Issues may still occur.

The process seems rather simple enough, as it involves just downloading and flashing two separate zip files. Although, you do need .Net 4.5 downloaded and you must be running this on a locally installed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8. No Mac support.  (more…)

OnePlus on Rumors: OnePlus 2 Will Cost More Than $322, Phone’s 810 Won’t Melt Your Face

Yesterday, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 2 will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 chipset. Thanks to the controversially hot (not “hot” in a good way, folks) year that the Snapdragon 810 has entertained, you can’t blame fans for sharing their disappointment in the news. OnePlus attempted to address those concerns in another post to their forums, this morning, while also speaking on rumors of a random price that has floated about the dark tunnels of the interwebs.  (more…)

Obnoxious Feature-by-Feature Rollout Begins Now: OnePlus Confirms Snapdragon 810 V2.1 for OnePlus 2

Last year, as OnePlus prepared to launch their first phone, the OnePlus One, the company announced a new feature or two on a weekly basis to try and stir up a constant stream of press. It was an obnoxiously smart move for a company who likely has the tiniest of marketing budgets. The idea is that you announce a new feature each week, hypebeast the hell out of it on forums and social networks, and then watch as all of the little tech blogs cover it, helping spread the word to the masses. The strategy proved to be a success, as the company sold a million phones last year without spending much if anything.

With the OnePlus 2 almost upon us, prepare yourselves for round two. The (t)rollout of features has already begun with a confirmation of the phone’s processor.  (more…)

Want to Win a OnePlus 2? Here are Two Contests to Enter

OnePlus is giving three grand prize winners an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong, while also hand delivering an all-new OnePlus 2 if you have the skills needed to win. In two separate contests, you either create and publish on YouTube a detailed video about your “OnePlus Story,” or share the best photo you can on Instagram taken on a OnePlus One with no editing whatsoever.   (more…)