OnePlus on Rumors: OnePlus 2 Will Cost More Than $322, Phone’s 810 Won’t Melt Your Face

Yesterday, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 2 will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 chipset. Thanks to the controversially hot (not “hot” in a good way, folks) year that the Snapdragon 810 has entertained, you can’t blame fans for sharing their disappointment in the news. OnePlus attempted to address those concerns in another post to their forums, this morning, while also speaking on rumors of a random price that has floated about the dark tunnels of the interwebs.  (more…)

Obnoxious Feature-by-Feature Rollout Begins Now: OnePlus Confirms Snapdragon 810 V2.1 for OnePlus 2

Last year, as OnePlus prepared to launch their first phone, the OnePlus One, the company announced a new feature or two on a weekly basis to try and stir up a constant stream of press. It was an obnoxiously smart move for a company who likely has the tiniest of marketing budgets. The idea is that you announce a new feature each week, hypebeast the hell out of it on forums and social networks, and then watch as all of the little tech blogs cover it, helping spread the word to the masses. The strategy proved to be a success, as the company sold a million phones last year without spending much if anything.

With the OnePlus 2 almost upon us, prepare yourselves for round two. The (t)rollout of features has already begun with a confirmation of the phone’s processor.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 Will Run a Snapdragon 810, Could Carry $400 Price Tag

As of today, we don’t know all that much about the OnePlus 2 other than it will launch in Q3 and be available via invite system. OnePlus has confirmed the name – which is “OnePlus 2″ – but has yet to do their slow trollout of feature teasing, like they did with last year’s OnePlus One. I’m sure that fun will all start before long, especially with Q3 just around the corner.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 Confirmed for Invite System, OnePlus One Drops It Forever Today

The April 20 event that OnePlus teased on Friday with a virtual invite isn’t an event at all. That teaser was simply a symbol in reference to the company ditching the invite-only system that has accompanied their OnePlus One for the last year. That’s right, it has been a year since the OnePlus One went on sale in that really weird invite system that frustrated many of you for months. Frustrations be gone – the invite-system really has come to a close. Well, sort of.  (more…)

OnePlus Two Will Arrive in Q3 of This Year, Cheaper Model Too

The follow-up to the OnePlus One will arrive in Q3, at least according to a report out of Bloomberg. During a short feature on the Chinese start-up, casual references to the OnePlus Two (yes, that’s the name) launching in the third quarter along with a cheaper model that will arrive before the end of the year, were dropped. That of course comes on the heels of random rumors suggesting a new phone from OnePlus may not arrive until some time in 2016. How silly do those sound now?  (more…)

Cyanogenmod 11S 38R Rolling Out to the OnePlus One, Improved Touchscreen Responsiveness and RAW Recording in Tow

Say what you will about OnePlus’s sales tactics, but it is tough to deny that the One is a stellar phone for an incredibly low off-contract price. The hardware is solid, to be sure, but it is thanks to a customized version of Cyanogenmod that the smartphone really shines. And the team behind the firmware is not resting on their laurels; an update that began rolling out earlier today, CM 11S 38R, includes notable feature additions and a litany of much-needed fixes. (more…)