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Here are Android “L” App Design Screenshots for Maps, Settings, Music, Keyboard, and More

Android L Header

Everyone is waiting patiently for Google to release the Android L preview build tomorrow, but hopefully these screenshots can help ease the impatience.

Android L, from what we can see so far, is a major redesign for the OS. App color schemes and various layouts are changing considerably inside of system applications, which might have Android L as one of the most distinguishable updates the OS has ever received. For example, colors for system volumes are now going to be a bright yellow instead of Holo Blue, and many other apps and lists seem to be much more vibrant. 

Google Keyboard will also see a nice update at some point, more than likely through Google Play, which looks to bring a very minimal and flat appearance.

Google has posted an entire walkthrough of their new design language, so take a peek if you want to dive deeper into Android L.

Below, we have posted a few of the big UI update screenshots we have seen on the site.

Share your thoughts below.


components-buttons-persistant-footer-4b_large_mdpi components-buttons-usage-flat-do_large_mdpi components-cards-content-card_books_large_mdpi components-dialogs-content-dialogs_03a_large_mdpi Style-Color-Themes-theme-02_large_mdpi

style-imagery-integration-imagetypegallerya_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-imagetypeheroa_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-imagetypeherob_large_mdpi style-imagery-integration-introduce_scalea_large_mdpi style-imagery-principles-delight_large_mdpi

style-imagery-principles-information_large_mdpi style-typography-8_large_mdpi style-typography-24_large_mdpi style-typography5_large_mdpi style-typography7_large_mdpi

ViaGoogle Design
  • bennythejetrodriguez

    It has that ios 7 simplicity with unique android elegance. I like the direction as well

  • If anyone wants to see a video of this. You can watch is here:

  • Pankaj Saharkar

    great new android version

  • duke69111

    Are those buttons at the bottom really what they’re going with. That’s not going to work.

  • Wall Breaker

    Finally, the calendar app actually looks decent for Once.

  • Wall Breaker

    Google Has Done a beautiful Job evolving Android Over the years, it is really starting to feel more complete and Unified.

  • Riz Virani

    Am I the only one who thinks the flatness is getting pushed too hard?

  • chris125

    Those software buttons look like the ugly buttons on old moto devices. Not sure what was wrong with the current software buttons.

  • MikeSaver

    i never understand why google doesn’t work its primary color scheme into android more. Lotta black n stuff. Wheres that white, yellow, blue green and red? Shouldn’t they really try to put more of a google branded mark on the os?

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  • Razma

    I hope the Moto X jumps onto this quickly like it’s been doing in the past

  • LTEasy

    These are the new on screen buttons for version “L”? ugh that sucks….i dont even want the update anymore its that bad

  • MacNificent

    Nexus 9….

  • Frank Claycomb

    Yet they will leave the dialer untouched…

    • grumpyfuzz

      the dialer got a redesign, again. what are you talking about?

      • Frank Claycomb

        It was a joke… I know they updated it and it looks great.

        • grumpyfuzz

          My bad, for a second I thought you were joking then my final thought was that you weren’t, so I typed up that reply. And I agree it does look good, but Google will probably change the design very soon, they keep changing the design for the dialer.

          • Frank Claycomb

            Yeah I was throwing back to how they killed all holo blue except for in the dialer. Would it kill them to allow it to go landscape as well?

  • frhow

    I honestly absolutely love this new fresh UI. As long as Google stays consistent throughout their apps. Im extremely excited. Now time for a new phone that can take full advantage of this new clean UI.

  • Count Sana

    the navigation keys are really ugly! it’s like kindergarten! i really hope that they are something like prototype or something like that! 😐

    • Wall Breaker

      remember its an early preview that could change.

  • Fresh360

    *I invite your wrath Internets, do your worst*

  • AJ McKay

    Jesus Christ, are those really the soft nav keys? Is this a Playstation phone?

  • These toggles in settings menu look just… yagh…

  • burkett375

    Holy pastels, batman!!!!

  • lynford marrett

    I hope they are adding battery percentage to the notification bar in android L

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  • Joleen McCurdy

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  • Brandon

    I don’t like the bright colors, I’m all about stuff being blacked out with the holo blues. I love all the animations though.

  • Joe J

    android is going ios/w8.1 and ios is going android

  • Dave S.

    I like the new on-screen navigation buttons…triangle, circle, square…but even though they each probably (mathematically) take up the same area/space, they look/feel off a bit. The triangle and square look/feel a tad larger than the circle.