WhatsApp Gets Material Design Makeover

WhatsApp, an app that is huge around the globe, but not so much in the US, received a big update today with touches of Google’s Material Design. I wish I could tell you what’s new or how the app looks, but having never used the app in all my days covering Android, I have no idea. I don’t even have any contacts in my phone who use it, so I can’t even test it. In fact, I just sent messages to myself in order to at least capture some screenshots. It’s a lonely world. Just being honest.

Soooooo, WhatsApp! It got a big update today!

Edit:  A poll is now up! We want to know who is using WhatsApp.

In order to get the new stuff, you’ll have to install it directly from the WhatsApp site, which we have linked to below.  (more…)

Google Introduces 7 New Sections to Its Material Design Guidelines

I’m not going to even attempt to claim that I have a good grasp on what Google’s Material Design is. I know it’s pretty and bold. I know things float. I know that there are ripples reacting to touch. And I understand that there should be layers, lighting, and an overall feeling of reality in an app when implemented properly. I also get the feeling that the whole concept isn’t just overwhelming to me alone, and that app developers and designers are having their own troubles.

Thankfully, Google continues to revise its massive set of Material Design guidelines to help us all better understand a “tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” Yes, we need to understand magic more. More magic.  (more…)

LastPass for Android Gets Biggest Update Yet – Material Update, Easier Navigation

LastPass, one of the most popular password lockers on the planet, received its biggest update to date today on Android. The update introduces Google’s Material Design, along with easier navigation elements, the floating action button, a simpler drawer, and more. Oh, LastPass is also a part of the Galaxy S6’s gifts program. If you want a free premium upgrade, head into the Samsung Apps store on your new device, find LastPass, and follow the instructions.  (more…)

Mailbox for Android Gets Its “Material” Update

Mailbox, the Dropbox-owned email application that consumed the better part of the last year of my life, got its “Material Design” update this morning as v2.0.1.

The update introduces a lot of white. Well, the app was already plenty white, but it seems whiter than ever. It also has a floating action button for creating new emails, a slideout navigation drawer that looks like a floating layer when pulled, and overall, seems lighter, softer, and cleaner than ever. Search has been relocated as a shortcut at the top right corner of your inbox (instead of being buried in the nav drawer), the Snoozed/Inbox/Archived button tabs at the top of the app are also now gone, and signatures can now be displayed as you type an email.  (more…)

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper is Only $1 Right Now

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper, a live wallpaper app that is without a doubt our favorite of the last year (it made our top apps of 2014 list), is on sale right now for just a $0.99. You should probably buy it. Trust me, if you like Material Design-inspired wallpapers, this is an app that won’t disappoint.

The app offers up 70 “hand-crafted” themes to get you started, options for building your own themes, more settings to customize than you can keep track of, motion as you scroll or tilt your phone, and a “Randomize” button that does all of the work for you. To see it in action, be sure to watch our video below. (more…)

Runkeeper Gets Its Beautification Update for Lollipop

Runkeeper, my current exercise tracker of choice, received an update today that introduces a proper polishing (mind out of the gutter). The UI tweaks, some of which bring in Material Design touches, help make the app feel very modern. Trust me when I say that the app needed it, especially after we have seen all of Runkeeper’s competitors release beautiful new apps one by one over the last couple of months.

The new app feels much faster, includes rippling animations and layers throughout, and shows an entire activity history with more visual details. The app is still very familiar, but improved in the right ways.

Go give it a look!  (more…)