theScore Sports Gets a Subtle Material Design Update

TheScore Sports, our favorite sports app on Android, received an update today that introduced a bit of Material Design to devices running Android 5.0 “Lollipop.” The update also enhanced NHL match-up coverage, but really, this one is all about the pretty new exterior.

The app keeps its similar, dark color scheme, yet adds rippling touches and a new-school sliding navigation drawer (sans spinning arrow though). It seems a bit snappier to me as well, but that could be because of the smoother transitions. This isn’t a full Material makeover, but it looks much better than it did prior to the update.

The update is live now.

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Runtastic Just Got a Super Hot Material Design Makeover

2015, like we predicated months ago, is going to be the year of “INSERT APP received a major, super, awesome, blowout, overhaul, update, makeover to Material Design! #materiyolo!” We, as a team, grew sick of writing up each and every single attempt by developers to update to Google’s latest design language, something you may have noticed. Most apps, if we are being honest, aren’t getting it right. But some, like Runtastic which received an update today, is worth a mention and feature.  (more…)

Asana Finally Gives Android Users a Native App

Asana, the popular teamwork productivity app, finally has a native Android app. For those of you who have had the unfortunate pleasure of using the previous HTML5 app, you know how big of a deal this is. The new app took six months to make, not only because the Asana team wanted to get it right, but also to make sure it kicked booty. The new app marries Asana’s visual design with “the best of Google’s new Material Design,” along with months of research and development.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Creator to Rewrite 3rd-party Twitter App, Will Include Material Design

The story of Falcon Pro is quite a sad one. Early last year and late 2012, the developer was having issues with Twitter’s 3rd-party token limit, which put a cap on how many users were allowed to access Twitter through an unofficial app. After a lot of work, it seemed Joaquim Vergès gave up on making the app available to the public through Google Play, and instead, offered it as a beta app for free to those who already had a token.

This Christmas Eve, Joaquim announced that he was ready to begin work again, this time, rewriting the entire app from the ground up, as well as spending time on a new “Twitter client experiment.”  (more…)

Apex Launcher Updated With Material Design

Apex Launcher, one of the more popular third-party replacement app launchers for Android, is finally joining the Material Design party with version 3.0.

A cleaner and more modern UI brings Apex at least to parity with other launchers informed by Android 5.0. It sports redesigned icons, Lollipop-style drawer and folder animations, a Material Design scroll indicator and search bar, and tweaks to the app drawer.  (more…)