Pinterest Receives Update on Android With New UI, Simplified Navigation

The Pinterest app for Android received a makeover today that introduces some Material Design, like a more vibrant, intuitive experience “that’s native to Android,” all of which was done in about three weeks time. The developers behind the app also improved the navigation to make it easier to jump around the app, plus the performance should be noticeably speedier. Pinterest claims that they reduced the launch time from 5.3 seconds to 2 seconds.

It sounds like the update is taking advantage (ugh) of Google Play’s staged rollout “feature,” so it could be a few days before you all see the new goodness.  (more…)

Morning Routine Update Brings a Material Design Explosion That You Have to Play With

Before you even read this, you may as well go install Morning Routine right now. Trust me, it will be worth it. Even if you don’t need an alarm app (yes, this is an alarm app), I think you will enjoy this app’s Material Design explosion. If you ever wanted to see an app showcase the fun that can be had through Google’s new design language, this is it. In fact, I’m not sure anyone can even top it. Actually, that’s a challenge to all app developers – try and beat this redesign. (more…)

Friday Poll: What’s Your Favorite Material Design Google App Update So Far?

As you may have noticed, a whole lot of app updates have hit Google Play this past month, bringing Material Design aesthetics to all Android users, not just those lucky enough to already have Lollipop.

To list a couple of the more major updates, Gmail, Play Store, Play Music, and Maps got very updated looks, but then you have apps like Drive, Docs, Slides, and Wallet that not only received new looks, but new features as well. Each update was very important for that exact app.

Our question today is quite simple – which one has been your favorite so far?

If you still don’t have a few of these updated apks, follow the links to our previous write ups above where we provide the apk files when available.

What's your favorite Material Design Google app update so far?

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Video: Bloomberg’s Joshua Topolsky Interviews Google Design Guru Matias Duarte

FORM, an invite-only design and technology conference hosted by Google, featured a fireside-type chat between Bloomberg’s Joshua Topolsky and Vice President of Design at Google Matias Duarte.

Over glasses of mimosas, they sat and talked about such heady topics as the role of material design in Google products, the very fine balance between guiding and imposing interface languages, and the future of design itself.  (more…)

Google Maps Receives “Fresh New Design” in Latest Update, Includes Uber Integration

Google Maps is getting its big Material Design makeover this week, as announced in a blog post by Google moments ago. The “fresh new” design with bright colors “is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world.” With Material Design leading the charge, Google has tried to make layers and buttons “come to life” so that you in-app experience is glorious.  (more…)