Verizon Messages Gets a Big Material-ish Update (Updated)

Verizon Messages (or is it Message+?) received an update this morning that introduced the app to the idea of Material Design. Well, it at least added some vibrant colors, a FAB that probably doesn’t exactly match up to Google’s vision for a FAB, and a slideout drawer with…well I’ll just stop. Verizon Messages (or again, is it Message+?) got a big update!  (more…)

Material Design Theme Released for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

A new theme based off Material Design is available this morning to users of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The theme can be applied directly from the Themes Store or your Samsung device, and if you are a fan of Lollipop and vanilla Android in general, this theme should excite you. Most traces of the TouchWiz coloring have been wiped out, being replaced by more subtle, neutral tones. And frankly, this makes us happy. (more…)

Dropbox Update Brings Redesign, New Features Like Faster Search

Dropbox on Android received a big update today that ushers in a new design for the storage app, along with a handful of new features.

In the redesign, Dropbox is giving you a taste of Material Design, with FAB, new slideout drawer, and cleaner UI. As Dropbox states, the “fresh look” is “right at home on the latest versions of Android.”

As for new features, Dropbox has added in the ability to take a photo from within a folder, should you want to save a photo directly to that folder. This could be really handy for not only snapping photos of events or gatherings, but also for those who snap photos of bills or other documents. They also improved search and made sharing controls more consistent across the app.  (more…)

Here is Your Reference Guide for Building Material Design Into Apps

Material Design strikes me as being intimidating as hell. From understanding its varying concepts to actually building them out in app form through complex transitions and layers doesn’t seem like the simplest of tasks, even for the most advanced developer and designer. Then again, I’m not an advanced developer or a designer, so it could be that Material Design is a breeze to figure out and implement and it’s just way above my pay grade. Whatever the case may be, Google wants to help everyone understand Material Design concepts and ideas through an Android version of Topeka, which is like a reference design of many Material Design implementations in an app.  (more…)