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Google Glass Now Shipping With 2GB RAM, All Sorts of New Apps Announced

We aren’t even to Google I/O yet and announcements are already flooding out of the Google Glass team, through interviews with Sundar Pichai, and from the crew over at Cyanogen. In this quick post, we are focusing on all of the new Glass announcements, which include 12 new apps (“Glassware”), camera framing when taking pictures, new Google now cards, and maybe most importantly, the jump in new models of Glass to 2GB of RAM. 

The new Glassware includes app integration with popular titles like Runtastic, Duolingo, Zombies, Run!, Shazam, and Livestream. To find out how these new apps will work with Glass, jump below to Google’s descriptions.

In terms of picture framing, the Glass team is finally adding brackets to the corners of the camera, which can be accessed by saying “OK Glass, show the viewfinder.” From there, you can take a picture in frame.

The two new Google Now cards are for car parking and letting you know when packages are headed your way.

Finally, the Glass team has announced that new shipments of Glass will include 2GB RAM. I would imagine we are getting more details than that over the next couple of days, but for now, I feel bad for anyone who ordered Glass before today. Google will reportedly not be swapping out older units for the new model with all of this RAM.

glass framing

On the new amount of RAM, photo framing, and Now cards:

an easier way to frame your shots, so we bring you viewfinder. When you say “ok glass, show the viewfinder” you’ll see white L’s in the four corners of your Glass screen. You can then either take a photo by saying “ok glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button.

more Google Now cards, so we launched two new ones to remind you where you parked your car and let you know when packages are coming your way. Stay tuned for more to come.

better performance, so Glass will now start shipping with 2GB of RAM.

And here is the entire list of new apps, plus details:

Runtastic is your personal trainer. You’ll have a collection of workouts to help whip you into shape or push you to reach your fitness goals.

94Fifty Basketball works with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball to help you with your game. It measures muscle memory that the human eye can’t see. You’ll get feedback after each shot to help you shoot like Ray Allen. (ok, maybe not Ray Allen but maybe it’ll help you make varsity.)

The Guardian keeps you up to date on breaking news alerts and lets you save the articles you want to read later.

Duolingo makes learning a new language feel more like a game and less like high school Spanish class.

GuidiGO is your personal tour guide. Choose from 27 destinations and over 250 guided tours. Relive the Impressionist history of Montmartre, the magic of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, or the hidden secrets of San Francisco!

Allthecooks is no stranger to Glass, but they’ve added some new features to keep your hands free while cooking. You can now use voice commands to switch between recipes and directions.

Zombies, Run! Because let’s face it, running is more fun when you’re being chased by zombies.

Star Chart lets you look up at the sky and explore the stars, planets and constellations above.

Shazam on Glass can tell you the name of the track and artist of a song that’s playing around you. Just say “OK Glass, Recognize this song.”

Goal.com lets you keep up with everything happening in the world of football. (World Cup fans, we’re looking at you.)

Livestream let’s you broadcast live video, read chat messages from your audience and share your point of view via social networks.

musiXmatch picks up on the music playing around you and shows you the song lyrics for songs in any language.

Via:  +Google Glass [2]
Cheers John!
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  • Smashcat

    Not interested until there is a consumer-friendly release with a consumer-friendly price tag.

  • Bald_Sasquach

    Did anyone else see the Daily Show rip on Google Glass? Hilarious: http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/w95a3v/glass-half-empty

  • Razma

    i dont get why people are complaining about the spec bump and that they should get a free replacement. if you buy a phone and they release a new version 2 months from now, can you go to the store and demand a free one cause you have an older version? I don’t see the difference here.

  • FloppyGlass3_5

    It’s a joke!
    Glass makes people look weird and ugly and 2/4/8/64 Gb can’t solve any of its numerous problems.
    It’s DOA.

    For $1,500 it’s expensive ugly-maker DOA.
    For $300 it would be a chap ugly-maker DOA.

    • Vermin_Cain

      Shouldn’t you be posting your trash on Gizmodo, or something?

    • mildmanneredjanitor

      Most prosthetics are much better designed, and enhance ones looks, despite their makers having a fraction of Google’s resources.
      It seems that ugly nerds are trying to get everyone else to look like ugly nerds.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “OK Glass, Release yourself in a consumer model for $300”.

    • epps720

      A year ago I probably would have purchased it for $300 but I no longer have any interest in having one anymore, even at $150.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Come on Mike Epps. At $150 you would buy one.

        • epps720

          yeah I’m probably lying to myself but doesn’t look like it even matters. Not a mention of glass at I/O

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I would ONLY consider these for 1 purpose.. POV shooting glasses. So, they need ANSI certified unbreakable lenses, and I need an app that can get wind speed, wind direction, distance from target, etc and they replace the scope need totally with reflex style 1 MOA crosshairs on the eyepiece that I just point, let it adjust,orent gun, pull trigger.. POW. I would be all in then, otherwise, no thanks.

  • regkilla

    A slap in the face to less RAM having Google Glass owners.

    • 4n1m4L

      if tradition holds true, that slap is actualy a hand with a free upgrade in it.

      • Justin Kos

        “Google will reportedly not be swapping out older units for the new model with all of this RAM.”

  • SethMcDonald

    I have had a reminder of where I parked card for a few weeks now. What is the difference they are going to release?

  • tiev

    So are they going to replace the Explorer editions like they did last time?

    • Charlie R.

      From Engadget: “The bad news? The new units aren’t coming to existing members of the Explorer Program.”

      • d-rock

        That is so jacked up!!!!

        • Android_09

          Yeah it’s like buying a phone then a new one comes out a year later. What a ripoff!

          • d-rock

            No…not really…explorer program costs $1500, probably 5x the cost of the hardware…a couple replacements before public launch would be nice.

      • tiev

        I’d like to see engadget’s source for that info. I checked Glass’s G+ but dont’ see any mention or response yet…

        • Charlie R.

          I agree. Apparently The Verge is reporting the same thing though.

          • tiev

            I just tried to comment on the Verge asking for source citations but they closed of comments. We’ll see if it was a mispost or legit….

      • 4n1m4L

        i’d believe that until i saw that it was from engadget.

  • SeanPlunk

    Here’s an idea: swap out the super power hungry 45nm OMAP 4430 and replace it with a Snapdragon 400. Battery life and performance would both be massively increased.

    • T4rd

      Wow, didn’t even know it had the old OMAP in it. That thing is from 2011 and was horrible (in terms of power) in the Gnex and Razr phones.

      • SeanPlunk

        Right? If LG can put a Snapdragon 400 in a $199 smart watch, surely Google can pop it into Glass.

      • TheWenger

        Gnex had 4460 but yeah it was in the RAZR.

        • T4rd

          Yeah, they’re the same chip though, the 4460 just has a slightly higher GPU clock over the 4430.

          • TheWenger

            Ah gotcha.

    • MH

      Even the 800 uses less power than the OMAP 4430

      • SeanPlunk

        I figured the 800 may be a little bit overkill for Glass, but point taken 😉

        • MH

          It’s def overkill 😉

        • 4n1m4L

          id be suprised if they didn’t move away from the omap. either while they were at it, or soon. The omap is very diverse, not limited to mobile, but yeah, its getting old.

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    • cmonnats23

      Yeah man, just swap it out! It’ll be easy! …Do you have any clue as to how processors work? Not that simple.

      • SeanPlunk

        1) Google has virtually limitless resources. 2) Glass is over 2 years old. That’s plenty of time for a processor upgrade.

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  • Sean Lally

    Waiting for that $300 4GB model…

    • d-rock


      • Sean Lally

        I’m sure they’ll be well worth it by then.

      • Android_09

        What’s that mean

        • Steveo

          good luck with that

          • Android_09

            I know I just wanted to make him waste the time he saved by typing glwt by telling me what it meant lol

          • d-rock


  • Chris Bobrowitz

    Well, that just goes to show that those who paid for glass at $1500 early, will be left behind with new updates (myself included)

    • d-rock

      Are you sure? I thought the point of being an explorer means that you get the updated hardware?

      • Evan Knofsky

        From Engadget: “The bad news? The new units aren’t coming to existing members of the Explorer Program.”

    • Pakmann2k

      This is always the risk of being an early adopter. Maybe you will get lucky and they will offer a “loyalty” discount towards buying a new unit. Maybe even a trade in program. You never know. I don’t see them leaving you guys out to dry. Be optimistic.

      • Pakmann2k

        I bought a Sony Blue ray player NSZ-GT1 back in the day with Google TV. I even had a review posted on Droid Life few years ago. Unfortunately, it is forever stuck with Honeycomb but I still use em everyday and have no regrets. May not be the latest greatest, but it does what I like and has never let me down. Was I left out in the cold to rot? Well yes and no. They may have abandoned it but I see it like an old classic car. No new upgrades or parts but I like it just the way it is.

        • I’ve got one of those, and my parents have the actually TV (It’s a beautiful display and design). I think the reason the Sony models didn’t get updated past Honeycomb was due to the fact that they were based on Intel Atoms running an x86 base, making it a special build of Android. I think it’s R&D time than it’s worth to get them updated as I think I’m the only one in my area with them (though the area Best Buy seemed to have an issue keeping them in stock, though that could have been a ploy to get people to buy them).

          Regardless, I do like it, I think the DVD laser is going bad in the disk drive, but other than that it’s an awesome little blu ray player/ set top box.

          • Pakmann2k

            It is a great product. I bought two a few years back when they dropped to $99 at Best Buy during an after Christmas sale. A year later the price doubled to $200. What I needed them for: Streaming movies and shows from my home server, Pandora, HBO Go, Netflix,YouTube, and I hit the net on some occassions to look for something. I also use the one in my bedroom for an alarm clock. For me, it is a perfect device as is. My only real worry is that some or all of the apps may someday no longer support Honeycomb and it be of no use at that point. Will be honest, in the years I have owned em, only ever put 1 or 2 disks in them ever. lol

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Consumer version incoming?