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Get Ready for 250 New Emoji

Version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard was published today, bringing with it over 2,800 characters that Google, Apple, and Microsoft will have begin to include in their keyboards, fonts, etc. This new version adds things like the new currency symbols for the Russian ruble and 23 lesser-used scripts. However, the important piece to 7.0 (at least to most of us) is the addition of 250 new emoji.

Emoji, that would be the cute little characters that your iPhone friends were spamming long before your Android phone ever could, only you didn’t know that’s what they were spamming because your phone couldn’t even interpret it until Android 4.4, I believe (or maybe it was Jelly bean – it took too long, that’s all you need to know). 

In the new 250 emoji, that again, will have to be adopted and then themed by companies like Google, you will see symbols for items such as a golfer, stadium, chipmunk, joystick, printer, trackball, or the “reversed hand with middle finger extended.”


To view the full list, head over to Emojipedia.

Via:  Unicode | The Verge
  • Dark_Laser

    Every other article I’ve seen about this treats it as a new feature for the iPhone specifically that Apple is rolling out. And they say the news doesn’t have a pro-Apple bias.

  • JD

    I have emoji wars with my sister all the time. Think pokemon battling but with emojis.

  • Awww, now I’m all emojinal..

  • Simon Belmont

    Yeah. It was Jelly Bean that got native emoji support.

    Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to be exact. And that was B&W emoji only, but KitKat brought color emoji support.

  • i actually miss the little droid guys google used to have before kk and hangouts updates…i liked those emojis better…i do like them now they are way better then the iphone ones but i still wish theyd change the faces to lil android guys again kep it unique

    • tylerc23

      Me too

  • JSo

    I never got why people wanted these stupid little icons so badly.

  • haha yes…i been sending pics of this in its place for far to long…long awaited middle finger emoji

  • Sqube

    I find no small amount of humor in the fact that I couldn’t even see the emoji in Chrome. That said… is Google planning on using the same emoji that the rest of the world uses? Or are they sticking to their variants?

    • SamBoy

      They need to get on the same boat as everyone else why fragment emoji?

  • DC_Guy

    I chuckle now that Android users have wider access to emojis. Some really go overboard with them on Twitter, Facebook and texting. But I guess it’s because they’ve been secretly jealous of us iPhone users for so long. LOL

    • this is an android site…i dont think ive ever been on an iphone site like ever…u need a hobby

      • hoosiercub88

        I have, I used to visit iMore frequently, before it was even called iMore. I’ve never been jealous of Emojis.. mainly due to the fact that people typically overuse them. They’re not exactly new, nor were they an iPhone only kind of thing, emoji have been around since before the iPhone existed lol

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      I could have 0 emojis and still wouldn’t be jealous of iPhone users. Why? Because emojis are useless, just like iPhone users 😛

  • Mark

    And we won’t see a single one of them since HTC and Samsung have started overriding Google’s emojis with emotes of their own.

    Which is something that definitely, totally shouldn’t be an option. Not at all. /s

    • tylerc23

      Um no they haven’t. The M8 has the same ones that Google uses. They were different before Kit Kat but now they are the same

      • Mark

        Um yes they have. And the M8 launched with Kit Kat.

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  • Michael Quinlan

    I can’t wait to get this, so I can send the “reversed hand with middle finger extended” to everyone that sends me anything with emoji in it.

  • Jprime

    Was sending emoji on jellybean using the cyanogenmod messaging app that was in the play store. Stock.

  • yummy

    I feel very fortunate to have no clue what an emoji is

  • XvierX

    I’ve always thought that there should have been a “fingers crossed” emoji.

  • Michael

    Great thing is we won’t have to wait for a new OS to get it.

  • Aldr01d

    K00l stuff for emotional a$$ people!

  • AMPthe13th

    Obviously Kellen just wanted an excuse to give us all the “reversed hand with middle finger extended.” Kellen, what did the “raised hand with fingers splayed” say to the face?

    • Rick James


      • picaso86

        “Cooold blooded!!!”

  • SamBoy

    Abs I hope Google doesn’t rape them again with that blob crap they did to emojis in hangouts which is why I don’t use the hangouts app at all

    • Jprime

      I love how they look in hangouts.

      • rawr

        My GF has an iPhone and she likes the hangouts versions better.

        • Jprime

          they are funnier and capture the emotion better

    • JBartcaps

      You don’t use hangouts because of Emoji’s? LOL

      • SamBoy
  • Sam Connell

    Any idea when this will start rolling out to Hangouts and such?

    • Nathan D

      I believe it’s a system font thing, so the actual OS needs to be updated.

  • SamBoy

    I’ve been able to see emoji on android way before jellybean without hacks

    • the best was the hidden jelly bean emoji keyboard

  • Sam Del Valle

    New emoji’s you say? ….

    • PatsyWerstleritu

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  • tonythepony

    These dumb things always make my S3 freeze up when I try to use them =/

    • K

      Dat touchwiz lag

      • DatSpecWarDoe

        No it is because the S3 doesn’t have an 805, you’ll see the G3 have the same problem too.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      Now you can give Samsung and touchwiz the finger as your phone freezes