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LG Highlights G3 Features in Series of Videos: Smart Keyboard, Dual Window, and More

Our full-time LG G3 coverage is only beginning, but as you wait patiently for a couple of reports from Tim after a full weekend with the device, we thought we would share a handful of tip videos that LG posted this morning.

In the videos below, you will get tutorials on how to use features like the new Smart Keyboard on the G3. From resizing the keyboard on the fly to swiping to quickly delete words, LG is really bragging about its improved keyboard design. But the videos also talk about using the QuickCircle case, setting up a Guest Mode, and customizing your unlock pattern with Knock Code. LG even talks about using Dual Window, which is very similar to Samsung’s Multi Window feature.

If you plan on picking up a G3, if it ever arrives here, then these would be good videos to watch. 

Smart Keyboard


Guest Mode

Smart Tips/Notice

Dual Window/Browser

Knock Code

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    Camera doesn’t matter me a lot. I like its 32GB internal storage that could be expandable up to 128GB and its 3GB RAM for smooth operation of multiple apps. Its
    3000mAh battery seems impressive that also support wireless charging feature. It might be on the list of my next gadgets that I am looking to buy.

  • Jerrance

    must have G3 soon…

  • Dual Window/Browser is a awesome feature for multitasking .. Check out LG G3 Review at sh.st/ed1X5

  • duke69111

    Last year everybody hated on the G2 because it had rear keys. Now everyone is drooling over the G3, yet it still has the same rear keys. Its funny how that works.

    • Chris

      I was concerned, but I didn’t hate the rear keys. With KnockOn you don’t really use them that much anyway…..

    • I think those rear keys are absolutely atrocious. Having said that, I’ll still probably buy this phone… even though I haven’t owned an LG since the Voyager.

  • Derrick Jefferson

    Why couldn’t they get someone who speaks english to help with the translations in this promos?

  • Kris

    Bad move on LG’s part to have this released so late in the US. Should have followed HTC’s footsteps here.

    • PoisonApple31

      That makes sense, just launch it 6 months after the G2 if it was released in March. G2 launched in Sept 2013.

      • Big EZ

        They announced it in may, so that would’ve been 8 months since the G2 release.

        • PoisonApple31

          He was saying it was a bad move on LG’s part to have this released so late in the US, since he mentioned HTC, who released M8 in March, I chose to use March as my example. Either way too soon.

          • Big EZ

            He was saying that they should’ve released it like HTC, meaning release the phone (in the US) when they announce it. That would mean it would’ve released 8 months after the G2, I dont think most people would have a problem with that. Imo late June/July is kind of late.

          • 486DX50

            This is BS. What exactly makes G3’s release date late? G3 has tons of good new features that other phones don’t, so why in the world this release is too late? Just trying to understand your logic.

          • Big EZ

            If it releases late June that’s a month or longer since it was announced, that’s too long IMO. If it releases late July that is way too long, we will probably have an announcement about the new Moto X by then.

  • I think soon people will start thinking about the Note 4 and figuring they might as well wait on that.

    • Foramex

      Why? G2 beat the Note 3, why shouldn’t the same case happen now?

      • Beat the Note 3 in reviews maybe but not sales. Reviews mean zilch when it doesn’t amount to sales. The plan is to make sales.

        • needa

          sales only mean something to the fans. a better phone is a better phone. that said… i never touched either one of them.

          • PoisonApple31

            The G2 on Verizon was LOL with those volume rockers.

          • Ummm idk what planet you live on but sales mean everything to a company that’s putting out a product to um sell it to umm make umm “profit” I’ve never heard of a company putting out a product so they can only get great reviews. They wanna turn those great reviews into sales meaning the bottom line is sells not reviews. Reviews are extra.

          • needa

            you have to get your head out of your ass to understand what i am saying. just because samsung sells the most, does not make it a better phone. tyson probably sells more genetically engineered chicken than anyone else on the planet. but that does not mean it is better than ‘real’ chicken.

          • JoshGroff

            Nor does it make a Corvette better than a Ferrari.

          • needa


          • Never said that, you have to get your head outta your anus to understand English. I said “it may have beat the note 3 in reviews but not sales” . The bottom line is sales. I never said one was better than the other. Which phone is better is a matter of personal opinion and can’t be argued over. Because we’d never agree if our opinions differ.

          • needa

            lol. lets go back to the beginning. you said people should just wait for the note 4. it was then said the g2 beat the note 3. then you came back with “Reviews mean zilch when it doesn’t amount to sales.”
            i am pretty sure i am not the one suckin off sammy. i am pretty sure that i am the level headed and unbiased one here. aka… i am not the fanboy.

          • Ok idiot, Let’s go back to the beginning I never said people “should just wait for the Note 4” you should probably learn to read before starting an argument and looking stupid. I said people “would” probably start thinking about the Note 4 and figuring they “might” as well wait on that. Thats first second I’m done entertaining idiots with reading disorders because obviously you’re basing your whole argument of what you poor little pea brain is comprehending and not what was actually said. Idiot. Piss off.

          • needa

            did i strike a nerve?

          • Nope you just let me know how much of an idiot you actually are. You have no argument here. Learn to read sir.

          • needa

            i just re-read. we were in two different ballparks. and i was the one in the wrong one. my bad. i never read ‘the plan is to make sales’. which totally changed the context.

          • No worries. I take back all the hurtful comments, it’s not cool.

          • needa

            same here.

          • JoshGroff

            If both just so happened to have the exact same specs and software, then it would fall down to opinion. Phones can be inherently better than one another, like when the DNA launched on VZW. First phone with a 1080p display, 2GB RAM, and quad Snapdragon processor, was a full (6?) months ahead of the competition with it’s 2012 launch.

          • Dusty

            Nope that is not the case. Opinion could come into play with different specs and software. i.e. customer picking an iphone over android. Different specs, software, dimensions, everything. Opinion is one’s opinion and it doesn’t necessarily have to be rational to YOU. A person to this very day like a blackberry over any android phone because it has a physical keyboard. Or like the Note 3 over the G3 or G2 or any other phone because it has a stylus and a slot for it in the phone. This could go on and on. Simply put sales is what determines if a phone is a success and as Intellectua1 stated that is the goal of every manufacturer. You could argue that the G3 has better specs than a Note 3 as that is true in terms of specs however the term “best phone” or “better phone” is purely one’s opinion.

          • needa

            there is also the quality of the device to consider. so many people get hung up on the hype. some phones are just made up of better internals. thus making it a better phone. with software being as good as it is across all major platforms, and all major manufacturers, is it not time to stop looking at the specs and start looking at what makes up the device? should we not start looking at how well the software is optimized to the hardware that is running it? should we not take opinion out of the equation and just go for the facts?
            the sooner we get off of sales, hype, and specs… the sooner it becomes a bigger deal to all manufacturers and the increasingly better our devices will become.

          • JoshGroff

            A spec list is cold hard facts that define which is better, your opinion has nothing to do with it. One can prefer one ux to another, but that doesn’t make either better.

            Sales are based on popularity, and popularity is based on opinion. Facts determine which is better, and sales should be left out as it’s typically marketing and brand recognition that play the biggest part, not which one is “better.”

          • BillySuede

            sales also mean something to the oem. a better phone is subjective, sales sadly are not. ask blackberry how being potentially one of the best made phones with the most security is helping them right now.

    • JSo

      Samsung devices are overrated.

  • PoisonApple31

    I think I can get over the S-Pen, I want the G3!

  • JSo

    I’m using the G3 keyboard on my Nexus 5 and it’s actually not that bad.

    • Brent Cooper

      Cool! Where’d you get it? And is it better than SwiftKey (if you have used that)?

      • JSo

        I got it in the Nexus 5 section on the XDA developers forums. Most people would probably say it sucks compared to keyboards like Swiftkey because people are such big fans of that keyboard. I, for one, dont like Swiftkey. It’s ugly to me and not any better than the googles keyboard. I would rate it right there with Googles Keyboard though. The light theme is a nice change from what I have always used.

  • nate

    Most features of the g3 will be available to the g2 with custom roms. But the design and performance are top notch

    • Nought

      I’ve got the smart keyboard already on my g2. It works pretty well.

  • Ray

    Hey Tim what about those 200 questions you were suppose to answer about the phone? haha

  • joe23521

    I read a rumor about late July release in US and Verizon having an exclusive first? As an ATT user, that would be terribly disappointing. Here’s hoping that’s just someone talking out of their butt.

    • Ray

      Sounds like Sh$t

    • Big EZ

      I’ve heard late June. I really hope it’s not late July, I can’t deal with this POS Samsung phone much longer.

      • joe23521

        I’ve been holding out for this for months. But if it’s not out this month, I’m just going to get a GS5 and put a nice looking case on it. Serious.

    • Minh

      These phones never come out in time for Father’s Day…

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      i hope it comes to everyone at once, but if verizon gets it 1st, im happy. at&t ALWAYS gets exclusives.

    • p0k3y

      If they drag out until late July, they will lose out again as some people will just wait for iphone 6. Plus there will most likely be other Android phones available by then, like the X+1, etc… Snooze = lose. Why don’t these idiots get it?!

    • T-mo’s site just says “Coming Soon” – http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phones/lg-g3.html

  • King of Nynex

    This is more and more looking like my next phone. OG>G-Nex>G3

    • James_Kernicky

      How is your G-Nex doing? Mine is really getting close to being thrown against the wall. I need this phone to release ASAP.

      • Robert Willis

        Your G-Nex must know my G-Nex. Its days are numbered. G3 or Moto X+1 (if it will exist) are my top two choices right now.

        • Mudokon83

          Yeah I wish I knew more about MOTO X + 1. But LG G3 looks great.

      • King of Nynex

        I’ve run that poor guy into the dust. Been my cable modem for almost three years! He isn’t happy these days.

    • Roubaix

      Im on the same upgrade profile as you. Only Im on my 2nd GNex. Dropped the 1st on way to many times. Got the @nd for $60 off of ebay. Waiting for the right phone to upgrade to. Hope retail isnt to expensive. Dont want to loose my Alltel plan that I have.

  • They need to hurry up and release this dang thing. It’s losing its hype.

    • Ray

      Not sure that’s really possible any other top device’s announced since the LG G3 announcement? I do think we need a US release date though.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      seriously. im sitting on 2 upgrades because I passed the htc one m8 for this phone, but lg needs to hurry the f up

      • Same here I’m sitting on 2 upgrades also. My gf’s and mine I’m going to use it for this phone and the Note 4.

  • KB

    How will those Quick Circle functions work if you lock your screen?

  • XvierX

    I didn’t really consider buying this phone initially but the more I see it the more enticing it becomes. I’ve never owned an LG before. This might finally be the time to give them a try.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Happy to see the positive reviews rolling out. I think I’ll give this a shot until the fall. . . . . when I’ll have my ear to the ground for Android Silver or Next Nexus….. or *coughiphone64.7inchscreen* cough……….But never mind that. . . I think i’ll grab the G3 for now, then sell in about 6 months.

    • PoisonApple31

      I’ll probably grab G3 and sell it for Note 4

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Not a bad idea either.

      • Foramex

        So far looks like G3 will beat Note 4 in every parameter

        • They haven’t even announced the Note 4 yet so how’d you come to that conclusion

          • Foramex

            How would you come to a conclusion to sell G3 for Note 4?
            G2 wiped the floor with the Note 3, guessing same case this year.

          • PoisonApple31

            Considering I currently have the Note 3 and love the Note series, it wouldn’t be such a far jump to move on to the Note 4 when it comes out and sell the G3. G2 wiped the floor with the S4, not the Note 3.

          • Usaamah

            G2 was pretty much the same thing as the Note 3 in a much smaller package, minus the S-pen.

          • PoisonApple31

            Well the LG fanboys here would kill you for saying that.

          • Foramex

            Since when does LG have fanboys?
            Anyways, I think that pretty much supported what I said, and you agreeing with it is like contradicting yourself.

          • PoisonApple31

            You’re kidding right? LG fans are all over the place now. It’s coolest you can get without liking Samsung.

          • BillySuede

            it’s more like the anti-samsung contingent which is a consortium of the pro-htc and pro-moto crowds and those who are hitching their hopes onto lg and one plus.

            personally i really like what lg is doing. glad to see someone is stepping their game and putting all their chips onto the table.

          • PoisonApple31

            I do like what LG is doing with design.

          • BillySuede

            the s-pen makes for a wholly substantial difference between the two phones.

          • Usaamah

            Depending on if you use it or not. If its more of a novelty factor the G2 is hands down the better phone. If you can’t live with the S-[en then there is no hope for you 😛 Or you can just keep on getting Note phones.

    • r0l

      It’ll hopefully have decent resell as I plan on getting one as well and possibly trading it up for the Moto X+1. Waiting for literal end of summer sounds too long to wait.

    • JasonWhite

      I see this type of declaration every so often. My question is – where does one just up and sell a phone? Craigslist? I mean… on Swappa I couldn’t get more than $275-ish for my G2 right now. That’s a huge loss for what I paid for it less than a year ago. Show me your ways, oh wise one!

  • This will be phone of the year.