AT&T News: Google Glass Coming to Retail Locations, May Offer NFL Sunday Ticket

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According to a tweet published by @evleaks, AT&T retail locations will be one of the first places the public will be able to purchase Google Glass. The question, since Glass was first revealed, has been when can we get it, and for how much?

The Google Glass Explorer program is currently open to anyone willing to pay the $1500 entry fee, but the general public would do much better in waiting for Google to announce the finalized version of the hardware and software. 

There is no doubt that the general release version will be a bit cheaper and may even look a tad bit more refined.

However, there is still no official word on a launch date or final price. Google I/O on June 25 could be when we get a few answers from Mountain View.

In separate news, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that if AT&T can completely finalize its deal to buy DirecTV, which was announced in mid-May, the carrier may choose to allow wireless customers to stream NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively.

If you have not followed NFL streaming rights, then you should know that besides watching a game on TV, streaming an NFL game without DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket was basically impossible.

The only thing standing in the way of AT&T wireless customers and their beloved sport are the regulators in Washington. The deal is currently worth $49 billion to DirecTV, but large acquisitions of this nature do take time to unfold.

Two questions – how much do you think Google Glass will cost when finalized for the public, and in the event AT&T does offer Sunday Ticket to subscribers, would you add it to your monthly plan?

Via: @evleaks | WSJ



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