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Top 5 Android Apps: May 2014

May was a busy month for apps and games, making it kind of hard to narrow down the top five. Luckily, there were a few easy choices, such as Beautiful Icon Styler and Secret, so we think this is a solid list of apps that everyone should check out.

We posted up the top five games for May already, so here are the top five applications that should keep you busy for a while. If you think we screwed up, please let us know in the comments below.

Without further delay, here are DL’s top five apps for the month of May.

1. Beautiful Icon Styler (Free w/ $0.99 IAP)

We are all about customization, and especially love icon packs and wallpaper packs. What makes Beautiful Icon Styler so important is that it allows users to theme icons when using the stock launcher that comes on your device; something that is not made easy by Google or the company that manufactures your phone.

Usually, to have a custom icon pack on your phone, you would need to use a third party launcher. With BIS, you are free to use whatever launcher you want, and can still take advantage of all of the great icon packs out there by just tapping a button.

The app is free to download, but a few features are limited until you pay a dollar through IAP. Once paid, all of the functionality of the application is open. Best dollar you will ever spend if you prefer the stock launcher over the other offerings on Google Play.

2. Sunrise Calendar (Free)

This app is extremely new to Google Play, but with its slick and sexy design, it has earned a spot on our list. For those who get frustrated with the limitedness of Google Calendar, Sunrise Calendar is sure to brighten your day.

The application features a very well laid out UI, allowing users to easily see when their next free time is available. In addition, the app comes with a plush-looking widget, allowing users to see what is on their agenda while on their home screen.

Best of all? The app is completely free.

3. Secret (Free)

Oh, Secret. What to say about Secret. The best way to describe Secret is by calling it the evil twin to a Facebook Wall. On Secret, people anonymously post “secrets” which their friends can heart or share with their friends. There is no end to how far a secret can go, and sometimes, you will read a few outlandish things.

When creating your own secret, you can simply upload text, or you can decide to upload a picture and make your secret stand out from the rest. If you have the goods to dish, and you don’t mind other people gawking over it, then let’s hear it!

If you don’t mind a little NSFW talk, then go check it out for free on Google Play.

4. Swarm (Free)

Swarm, made by Foursquare, is an application that shows you where all of your nearby friends are and what it is they are doing. If you want to meet up with them, give them a buzz on the app. Did you think of a sweet plan you want to get together for? Message all of your friends right through the application and get to planning.

You might be surprised at how many of your friends check in all over town, and this app will let you know where all of the local hotspots are.

The app is totally free, going perfectly with Foursquare. Check it out if “checking in” is something you enjoy doing.

5. Bright Weather (Free w/ IAP)

From the makers of Beautiful Widgets, Bright Weather is the last weather app you will ever need. Showcasing a gorgeous UI, users can get all of their needed local weather information for the days ahead, plus view weather satellite imagery from around the world for accurate info.

The app features lovely photography, which reminds us all that the world is a miraculous place, full of wonder and beauty. Sounds nice, right? Featuring heat maps, week-long forecasts, and the ability to share your own photos with the world, it truly is a well-made weather application.

It is free to download, but there are IAPs available if you need a few more features.

  • Tato Santos

    There are no June posts(games/apps) ?

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  • Inquizitor

    At my school, Yik Yak is far more popular than Secret.

  • anon

    When is the HTC Blinkfeed app gonna be in the play store.

    • Gordon

      Never, that’s proprietary to HTC hahah

    • michael arazan

      Blinkfeed was announced by HTC to be open for any developer to do with as they please to incorporate it into their apps.

  • Anita Jones

    This app does not work on HTC BlinkFeed. Bummer!

    • George Davis

      All five of them?

      • Anita Jones

        I edited the post. Sorry.