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Spotify Advises Android Users to Update Following Data Breach

Like so many companies before it, Spotify has suffered a data breach. Thankfully, only one customer’s non-sensitive account data was accessed, but the service is taking preemptive steps to ensure other users are not affected. 

The Spotify team recommends updating the Spotify app when prompted on Google Play, which should be shortly (follow the instructions here to see if you have latest.) The update has the side affect of deleting offline playlists, but should fix the vulnerability that led to the data hack.

The team also advises against downloading and installing Spotify from any source other than Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, or m.spotify.com.

The instructions are for Android users only. No need to do anything if you use Spotify on any other platform.

Via: Spotify
  • Rob

    What if you log in using facebook?

    Edit: I’m asking this in terms of the whole “change your password” bit. Already updated the app from Google Play.

  • Stache

    The new update breaks the functionality of TabletMetrics module in Xposed. Now I can only use the shuffle now option, when before I could select an individual song like on a tablet.

  • Fer

    Android and security never match

  • Eikast

    Don’t forget to take advantage of their 50% savings if you’re a college student in US

  • Skrewee Lewee

    I used to like this app, but after the overhaul and the extended features that were added I freaking LOVE it!!!

  • Detonation

    Appears to be a whole new play store listing with a new package name:

    Old: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotify.mobile.android.ui
    New: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotify.music

    I wonder if their app signing key was compromised

    • abqnm

      That is the only thing that made sense to me. Why in the hell would you need to change the package name when one user account was accessed, and only on Android? Seems more like a PR move to cover up a serious screw up.

  • Jack

    so I updated spotify through the play store then when I launched the app, it said that it was unsupported now and to click another link to install it again from the playstore, but it installed a 2nd spotify app… had 2 spotify icons in my app drawer, very odd.

    • You sir just fell for the trap and downloaded the Malware you must factory reset your device..

      • abqnm

        Don’t listen to this idiot. It isn’t malware. They relaunched the app under a completely different package name. Why the hell they did that still doesn’t make much sense. I have never seen a security issue that requires a completely new package name.

        • It was a joke idiot

          • abqnm

            Someone’s feelings are hurt. Go make unfunny “jokes” elsewhere.

          • Nope, sorry feelings not hurt I’m feeling very good right now actually. Just figured I’d come back to tell an idiot like you I was only joking. Judging by the way I typed that you could tell I wasn’t serious but I mean you being an idiot you are couldn’t read into that.

    • Skrewee Lewee

      When you open the new one, it will prompt you to uninstall the old app.

    • abqnm

      Yeah this process was horrible. Push an update that disables your first app and forced the user to install a second app… Why create an entirely new app because one account was accessed? This seems like complete BS to me. Never before have I seen a security issue that requires creating an entirely new app with a different package name. To me this seems like a cover story for lost app signing keys or something along those lines.

      • Jack

        yea, I wasn’t a fan of it, especially with no way to differentiate the apps in the drawer to figure which one to click on. I uninstalled the old version before I launched the new version though, so I didn’t see any prompt to uninstall the old version. I wonder why they had to update the app in this fashion…

  • Bionicman

    new UI is great. its much improved over the old UI

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What do folks think about the UI Overhaul? . . . I’ve dumped them and held on to Google Play, but I did like spotify, just haven’t spend time with the new UI

    • cizzlen

      New UI is great and easy to use. Very fluid and attractive design.

      • supremekizzle

        Only problem is you can’t reorder play queue. And whenever you search an artist, it adds all of their songs to the queue. Only two things keeping me from ditching GPM:AA