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Video: Moto E vs. Moto G vs. Moto X

Who would have guessed that less than a year after Motorola gave us the Moto X, that we would have a whole family of “Moto” branded phones to compare. I sure didn’t picture it, yet that is exactly what we have. Thanks to last night’s unveiling of the Moto E, we now have three devices in total under the “Moto” name, the third being the previously announced Moto G. A fourth – the Moto 360 – will be here shortly.

Since we have three Moto devices, we decided to take a moment to compare them on camera. The differences here are subtle in some areas, then drastic in others. The Moto X, for example, has flagship features like Active Display and Touchless control, along with customizable options through MotoMaker. The Moto G and Moto E, on the other hand, have minimal software add-ons from Motorola and only swappable shells for customization. 

The specs also differ here and there (Moto E specs, Moto G specs, Moto X specs). The Moto X tops the list, as you would expect, even with its older processor. The Moto G and Moto E are actually quite comparable, minus a flash and front facing camera.

In the video below, we’ll talk about all of these differences, including price.

  • ssjnimma

    could anyone help me out with what Kellen has as his setup on his MX at the 3:50 mark in the video? Whats the top widget and what icons are used? Also does that white dot bring up the app drawer? Thanks!

    • Patmw123

      I think it’s the Flatee icon pack with some sort of UCCW clock skin.

  • Tim

    I love that they all fit in a normal persons hand.

  • RoboCop

    I completely forgot my Moto X isn’t 1080p. Having someone remind me that its dual core and 720p is just depressing tho haha.

    • William_Morris

      If you completely forgot, obviously it wasn’t that big a deal. Why would it depress you if it was such a non-issue that you forgot?

  • James Philippon

    I’d love to know what that lockscreen setup is at 4:11.

    • Patmw123

      The lockscreen is shown briefly at 3:49, but the screen at 4:11 is actually his home screen launcher.

  • louiserobbins

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  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
  • mcdonsco

    Two videos on the moto e today and neither mentioned if it can be used on Verizon without having to go pre pay?

    Which i’d als like to know on the new moto g LTE.

  • Justin W

    Where is the loudspeaker on the Moto E?

    • Scott

      front bottom

      • Justin W

        I thought so, but couldn’t find a site that actually mentioned it.

  • Chady Aboulhosn

    I would have liked some startup speeds and website loading comparison

    • morteum

      Yes. There no way I’ll plan on buying the Moto E, but I’d like to see how this compares to any phone that is in its class spec-wise (and the other Moto’s and maybe some other common phones just out of curiosity).

  • sagisarius

    Starting to wonder if we’ll see a spec bump and sd card added to Moto X, and then a new X+1.

  • MartyMBreckenridge

    I mean these budget phones kills droid x which was ahead of the times with the big screen,hdmi out ect . Its really sweet to see how far android has truly come. http://goo.gl/ZK1QFx

  • Daniel Aceves

    Motorola, The only company that releases three new phones with worse specs in each version. I thought specs were supposed to get better in each release

    • AMTrombley89

      Not when they are pointed at differing (and in this case, lower cost) markets. The struggling entrepreneur in Africa doesn’t give two sh*ts if the phone breathes notifications, or has the option for bamboo backs. He needs something to keep track of his email and the ability to expand the phone’s uses with the Play store. Bam. Moto G/E

    • maxx1987

      what are you talking about? the two subsequent devices following the moto x were aimed at non-flagship focused markets. when does that scenario ever require better specs over the flagship?

      • Ken

        well, Moto X is not a flagship.

        It’s a mid-specs mid-range plastic mediocrity.
        And it’s selling very poorly.
        Motorola is losing money.

        • guest

          maybe there are some upfront costs associated with trying to connect the entire world to the internet. moto is indeed brave for trying to do so at their own peril

        • RoboCop

          I disagree. I went from a ONE to the X and I see no difference in speed, battery life, or signs of anything mediocre. I use active notifications all the time (don’t know how I lived with blinking lights), love saying “ok Google now” and the fact that it knows when I’m driving/at work/sleeping is very cool. I also commented above that I forgot it was 720p

          That being said…ohhhh man I can’t wait for the G3

        • maxx1987

          moto x is their flagship. i’m sorry but there is no arguing that. it sold for flagship prices when it came out and the verizon droid ultra/maxx line up was verizon’s flagship line on their release. you cant look at the specs and decide what tier it’s in based on some arbitrary threshold, it’s all based on how the company chooses to market it, and the company is marketing it as their flagship.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Isn’t it amazing? Sure that chip came out last year but its nice seeing kitkat being put to some use. Google and Moto are targeting “the next billion people”. I suppose thats in other countries since the States has their mind made up- ala Sony. It’s a good move to gain marketshare for moto and ad rev for goog.

  • WCM3

    I know it’s loved in these parts but I think i’m still angry that the Moto X was so much off-contract when it was announced. How do you go from a $600ish phone, to a $200 and now a $100 phone. They would have sold a lot more Moto X’s if it was at a reasonable price point for what it was (720P, etc) from the beginning.

    The Moto E does have a fugliness to it as well. I know it’s not meant for us, but that just had to be said.

    • Parts get cheaper so Motorola passes the savings to you, the consumer. Not like Samsung and HTC demanding flagship prices even if its 6-8 months old. LG also lowers its prices like the G2, even back when it was 4-6 months old.

    • Turner

      Not to mention the botched roll out…

  • abqnm

    Is that the speaker on the bottom front of the E? Don’t see any speaker holes on the backside. How is the sound quality/loudness from the speaker?

    I am seriously considering the E as a backup phone I can carry when working since it looks like it should be pretty durable with all that bezel (and cheap to replace if it gets broken). I use speaker phone a lot so the sound output of the speaker matters.

    I know it won’t be anything close to my M7, but if it is loud and decent then I will probably be picking one of these up.

    • Joshua Hoffman


  • Maxim∑

    Enough with low end phones, time to target the high end market a bit more Motorola

    • They’ve got the Moto X+1 coming, be patient. Not every phone is going to be for you.

      • The Narrator

        If I wanted 2013 specs, I’d buy a 2013 phone. 😉

        • I’m curious, where did you see the specs for the Moto X+1? 😛

          • The Narrator

            When the Moto X released

          • Yeah, but they did that to show that specs didn’t matter and they made their point. People compare a dual-core Moto X to the quad-core Nexus 5, SGS 5, and the M8 HTC One. If specs mattered, that wouldn’t be done.

            They’re some of the best software-wise and they used specific hardware to make what they wanted to happen happen.

          • The Narrator


            It needs a bigger battery, better camera, and better price.

          • More pixels may be nice but the software experience on a Moto X simply outclasses other Android phones to the point Google themselves decided to try to put it into the Nexus 5. There’s even rumors of Google just doing what Motorola is and introducing an all out “Ok Google” on the entire OS and not just the homescreen.

            I also would not be surprised if Apple tried to do something similar with the iPhone 6 and Siri (though, you already kind of can if you hold down the Home Button).

            A 1080p phone looks nice and all, but when your phone’s battery suffers for it, why does it matter, exactly? The more pixels you have, the more power required to make the thing go. The Moto X’s 2,200mAh can last a good 24 hours over the Nexus 5’s 2,300mAh battery. This is thanks to that low-power core AND the 720p screen. Bigger simply does not always equal better.

            Honestly, despite me only owning Nexus devices, I will fully admit that the Moto X is a damn good phone and it’s clearly taken it’s rightful place as a high-end flagship device based on software alone. Most OEMs just think “more hardware = better phone” and that’s just not true. However, even Samsung has went the software route as each new version of TouchWiz has more and more additions while the hardware just kind of rarely changes.

          • Nikuliai

            dude… he’s trolling you, just stop

          • I know he is. I was bored.

          • Teaser38

            If specs mattered, the Moto E would give the iPhone 5s a real run for its money… dual-core 1.3 GHz, 4″ screen. Yikes, what is it 2011?

          • Yes. What year are you from? :v

        • maxx1987

          i want 2014 performance. whoever can give me that i don’t care what processor is in it.

          • The Narrator

            The G2.

          • maxx1987

            hopefully the g3, my upgrade comes one week after announcement =)

    • Bob G

      Enough with low thought comments, time to target the higher thought process a bit more Maxim∑.

      • Maxim∑

        Any partially negative comment immediately results in being attacked idownloadog droid life windows forums all the same, pathetic. Motorola most likely could have reduced the price of Moto G and completely Removed the need for the E. 129$ vs 179$ is that really going to destroy people’s budgets? Common. Even verizon offered the G at 99$ for prepaid

        • Teaser38

          Per capita GDP of India is $1500. $50 is indeed a lot of money to them. Motorola is obviously focusing on high growth markets where carrier subsidies are not the norm.

          We in the US get a new $130 budget Moto E and a $220 proper mid-range LTE capable Moto G. That’s fantastic for us as these sort of paired down offerings often have bypassed us all together before.

          It is disconcerting that there has been no word on the Moto X successor, phablet or tablet. They might be tied up in the Lenovo sale.

        • morteum

          I actually agree with you there. Why would somebody not go for the Moto G? I realize $50 can be a lot for some people, but if you’re able to have enough discretionary income to purchase a smartphone, you can probably manage to dish out the little bit extra for the flash, front facing camera, and HD screen. Then again, I don’t live in an emerging market, nor do I know enough about marketing to make that kind of call.

          • RoboCop

            Agreed, places like Best Buy have 6 month financing too so $200 ÷ 6 for LTE, faster processing, and HD is really the sweet spot

      • guest

        I agree with you. Moto is changing the game in front of our eyes and people are complaining because the want to pay 700$ for a snapdragon 900. c’mon man, there is so much value to what moto is doing here. if people want to be ignorant to the revolution than I guess they’ll have to blindly watch it pass them by as they wait for their next “flagship”

  • Chris King

    I mean these budget phones kills droid x which was ahead of the times with the big screen,hdmi out ect . Its really sweet to see how far android has truly come.

    • PoisonApple31

      Specs are pretty nice considering the price, except Droid X2 had a 720p screen – which I don’t understand how they couldn’t get out of those in there if the Droid X2 came out in 2011.

      • Chris King

        Yeah they’re not for me but 120 dollars for a smart phone, its $8 a month plus 99 dollars to get Asurion to replace my phone so this would be cheaper.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I was also just thinking how much the Moto E reminds me of the DROID X.

  • Shawn Spring

    “A fourth – the Moto 360 – will be here shortly.” –Is this the wearable tech we’ve all been anxiously awaiting further news on???

    • Jeff Miller

      You mean there watch that is on there website…..?

      • Shawn Spring

        Yes – but instead of it “Coming Summer 2014” its coming to Droid-Life “soon”!

        • Nikuliai

          it’s not really that far away anymore, we’re at the half of the year already

  • LoganLopez

    Throw in a comparison with the OG Droid!!!!

    • Brent Cooper

      Haha yes! 🙂

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