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Verizon to Launch “XLTE” Brand in AWS Markets on May 19

According to sources of ours, Verizon is planning to launch an “XLTE” network in markets that are covered by their AWS spectrum. As you may recall, Verizon announced that they expected to have AWS spectrum deployed in up to 50 markets by mid-2014, nationwide over the next 14-18 months, so the timing of a re-branded launch makes a lot of sense. 

We do not know much else at this point, other than the reveal is set to happen on May 19. We have also been told that the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) will be the first to take advantage of XLTE. We are hearing that an OTA update will enable access, but that’s sort of odd seeing as there are already a number of phones that can already access Verizon’s AWS spectrum. If we receive clarification on that, we will update this post.

For those new to AWS, this is the LTE band (band 4) that Verizon is using to beef up its current LTE network which mostly resides in band 13. Early AWS support is coming to major cities that have struggled to keep up with the growing amount of access and pressure being placed on Big Red’s current network. A word like “XLTE” certainly implies that things are getting beefier.

Also, last week, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo noted in an interview that his company wouldn’t overreact to the changes that T-Mobile and AT&T have recently made over wireless contracts, and will instead focus on continuing their AWS rollout.

Update:  So this is what else we now know –

  • Cities across the country will now have 2X the 4G LTE bandwidth.
  • The network will be capable of “faster peak” speeds.
  • No changes in device settings are needed, nor will there be a new XLTE indicator. Devices will continue to say “4G LTE.” Customers also will not need to upgrade their plans. XLTE should work with your current setup.
  • Not all devices are compatible, but most of the new devices from within the last year should work.

verizon xlte

  • Brent

    Is this kinda like Adobe Air?

  • alvin

    Does this mean that the OPO will work on vzw?

  • Sandcrab3

    Unless I’m missing something, according to Samsungs own site, the Galaxy S4 has the exact Network Specs as the Galaxy S5. I’m wondering if the S4 will handle this new XLTE.

  • 213ninja

    Did these folks need an OTA update to make it work? Doesn’t seem like it….


  • Jonathan Williams

    Verizon F-150 XLT-E

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Will the Moto X be able to use this?

  • Champion1229

    Any word on Moto X?

  • Eikast

    Yay for my unlimited data. The only reason why I continue to put with their controlling hand.

  • Jason B

    Good luck getting acceptable performance in YouTube. Seems they’re applying their FiOS practices to LTE now. Thanks for killing net neutrality!

    63Mbps down and it barely loads an HD YouTube video (pauses like I’m on 3G). Connect to Wifi and it loads and buffers in less than a second with half the total bandwidth.

  • Michael Luscher

    They say the S5 and M8……
    What about us who already have a AWS enabled phone (Droid MAXX)?
    There is that new update for it claiming “Roaming Improvements” Could this mean something?

    • Jason B

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Seems my Moto X does just fine.

    • Jason B

      Dammit Disqus …

      • Michael Luscher

        This is w/o the update. But the 1st 4.4 update brought AWS, so it is what it is.
        ….I’m also in a concrete basement on a hill. Its VERY congested during the day. It drops down to the single digits. But coverage here on Staten Island is piss poor anyway.

  • I wonder if their “XLTE” will allow them to start throttling unlimited data users.

  • Jonathan Williams

    As if I needed another reason to get the G2.

  • reyalP

    So, what exactly is this going to make my phone do that I can’t currently do with LTE speeds? How much speed do you really need on a phone?

  • NYC33

    Aws GS4

  • NYC33

    This is the AWS in NYC using my GS4.

    • michael arazan

      I remember getting like 20 Mbps down and 15 up when LTE came out, now it’s 8/3.

      This too shall pass once all of Verizon customers are using it, it’ll fall back down to [email protected] speeds again by next summer

  • bkosh84

    YAY MARKETING! I bet they play this off as some brand new network tech when it’s just an expansion of what is already there….

  • Rob

    14-18 months nationwide? So by the time it gets to me… it will probably be the same speed as LTE since there will be even more smartphone users cloggin up the network just as bad as it does now… /s

    All kidding aside, this is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see some speed tests (forget the theoretical crap, I want real world numbers)!

  • c8503

    How can you tell what band you’re on?

    • fillyo75

      Think you need to be rooted, but 4 will give your results like this

  • teeerex

    The best network is getting better bring it VZW!!

  • hkklife

    OTOH, these are the current Band 4/ AWS capable handsets on Verizon.

    Moto X, Motorola Droid Maxx, Mini & Ultra
    HTC ONE M8
    Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Note 3
    LG G2
    iPhone 5S ( but not 5C or 5)
    Any others?

    • Ayush

      5C has the exact same network specs/band support as the 5S. I can confirm that the 5C does run on Band 4.
      – Apple iPhone 5C
      – Nokia Lumia Icon
      – Samsung ATIV SE
      – HTC One Max
      – Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
      – LG Lucid 3
      – BlackBerry Q10
      – BlackBerry Z30
      – Kyocera Hydro Elite

      – Google Nexus 7 (2013)
      – Verizon Ellipsis 7
      – LG G Pad 8.3
      – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)
      – Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
      – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014
      – Apple iPad Air
      – Apple iPad mini with retina display

      • hkklife

        Awesome list, thanks a ton! I was missing a lot of non-flagship devices.

        I am pleasantly surprised to see so many additional devices on there (especialy tablets) as well as the One Max even though the One M7 didn’t have it.

        • Ayush

          Thanks man! Yeah I’ve been trying to keep track just so I can kind of pick out the perfect device lol. The One M7 thing was weird because it came out after they started putting AWS in most of the new phones. The One M8 is calling me though, because of the Band 3 and Band 7 LTE support, but I’m a diehard Moto guy haha.

      • michael arazan

        THX, good to know

  • TJ Walsh

    Anyone know which phones will be able to use Band 4/AWS? i’m pretty sure the G2 is capable of it but have not seen anything definitive.

  • Jerry Huster

    Could this be part of the reason for the small update to the Droid MAXX? Perhaps it included the branding for the XLTE logo in place of the new, sharper-looking “4G LTE” logo that’s in white. FWIW, the blue version of that same logo was slightly blurry when viewed from the settings panel. The white version is crisp and clean.

    • Michael Luscher

      I was thinking the same thing as a Droid MAXX owner patiently waiting for said update
      Maybe it’ll turn on said indicator when your in a AWS area?

  • Kurt Weber

    It’ll be available through an update to the s5 and m8.. So basically next year

  • moelsen8

    another logo to slap on their devices, sweet.

  • hoosiercub88

    I could care less about this, I’m still seeing 20-30Mb on my unlimited LTE.. if and when it comes to my area cool.

    • teeerex

      Heck I’m seeing 40 to 50 sometimes 60 on mine!

      • hoosiercub88

        I used to when I nobody was using LTE devices around here on Verizon.

        • teeerex

          Yeah just within the past 3 months I’ve been getting good speeds. Nothing lower than 30 down..

      • ImmaDroid

        Heck, I’m getting 50-75mbps on mine! 🙂
        So i could really care less about this, especially i’m sure I won’t get it for a few years

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’m seeing 10 thousand down. No lie.

  • Matthew Toomey

    Thinking AWS is already turned on in Columbus, OH, at least since April 21st, 2014 in a very specific area, I got 59.66Mbps UP/26.28Mbps DOWN. Since then it has been hit/miss, seriously like it is being tested.

  • Peter Stover


    • flosserelli

      All Wheel Steering

  • Mikey Styles

    As a VZW customer, My thoughts are…….

  • Guy Pierce

    If you have a grandfathered unlimited data plan you won’t get the XLTE. You will need to upgrade your plan to include XLTE which will require you to give up unlimited data. “Gottcha”

    • 213ninja

      i sure as hell hope not.

      • Guy Pierce

        I forgot to mention it will require being on a shared 2GB dataplan. The cost of all this… YOUR LIFE!

        • picaso86

          and your soul as well…

      • MicroNix

        Really. You think they’re going to give the unlimited 50GB/month users the ability to do 100GB/month on unlimited? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

    • flosserelli

      That would not surprise me one bit.

    • teeerex


      • teeerex

        Nice try though guy!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      It wouldn’t surprise me, but I hope not. I’m sure they’ll be work around tho

  • 213ninja

    “We are hearing that an OTA update will enable access, but that’s sort of odd seeing as there are already a number of phones that can already access Verizon’s AWS spectrum.”

    the phone exclusivity is just to drive sales of their new handsets…we have to wait a few months before they “allow” our older devices to partake…gotta suck the well dry first.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Some of the devices from prior to their acquisition of Band 4 spectrum would have had that band turned off due, as you say, to exclusivity (since they already have to reprogram the radios for CDMA, no reason to run Bands that will never be used). It’s not so much new sales as it is “we hadn’t planned to do this when that device came out”. If that device hasn’t received an update between the plans being shared with their OEM partners and now, then it would indeed take a software update to enable the additional band, and there is also a good chance that lower-priority software for older devices would take a while to get through their testing.

      • 213ninja

        i believe all of that’s probably true, but i’d be surprised if we didn’t see marketing take full advantage…

  • Chippah

    I hope my New Lg G3 will have Verizon logo,
    4G LTE AND 4G XLTE on the back.

    • T4rd

      They’ll be on the front.. just like the G2 with it’s near-nonexistent bezel. I’m sure they’ll put it across the touch screen if they have to.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Or pull an AT&T and have it in the notification bar.

    • jimt

      It will if you get it from Verizon.

    • BillySuede

      you would think the new logo would replace the former.

    • Ironclad1313

      Nah they’ll just put it on when your phone is locked, like the “special offers” version of the Kindle

  • Bigsike

    Is there a list of what markets they are? not that I really care tho. 😛

    • Zach K

      Los Angeles has it, been using the AWS on the S4 – get good speed with it.

      • Bigsike

        Most likely won’t be here in Cleveland, Verizon is a dumpster fire here.

        • ToddAwesome

          Cleveland itself, is a dumpster fire.

          • BillySuede

            johnny football is about to change all that.

          • ToddAwesome

            hysterical, but seriously, I’m pulling for ya Cleveland, you need this!

          • flosserelli

            Just like the dozen or so QBs that preceded him, right?

          • BillySuede

            guess i should have added the /s…

            he can’t be worse than tim couch, charlie frye, derek anderson. brady quinn, seneca wallace, jason campbell, brandon weeden or brian hoyer, can he?

          • ToddAwesome

            This picture kills me every time I see it.

          • BillySuede

            good lord. that list tho…

          • ToddAwesome

            gotta love a good QB controversy between Couch and Holcomb! Praise tiny Android Jebus my team has had 1 QB this entire time! haha

          • BillySuede


            i’m more than happy to have had eli all this time.

          • ToddAwesome

            gah, Eli, how dare you mention that name!

          • BillySuede

            you must be a pats fan. sorry, bro. #eighteenandone 😀

  • Voltism

    Great now I can burn through my data plan in three minutes instead of five.

    • T4rd

      Exactly my thoughts.. though I’ll be eating it up on my M8 with unlimited data. B-)

      • The Narrator
      • MicroNix

        You really think you’ll be upgrading to this on unlimited huh?

        • Justin W

          He already has unlimited, and he bought the M8 off contract.

          • MicroNix

            And what does that have to do with the price of beef?

          • David Narada Brown

            you really didnt read the article did u? just jump down here and started commenting! smh

        • T4rd

          There is no upgrading to it.. My phone already supports it.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            I will follow in thouest footsteps with my unlimited data.
            Is the M8 pretty great? I have an issue with the 4mp camera I jus can’t see using that as compared to a 16 or 20. But the M8 is so.. Mmmph

          • SuperSquirrel

            Trust me, the 4mp camera takes better pics than most that have 18-20mp. if you go to the HTC site, it will explain how the camera works, but it has to do with the aperture size and speed. and I can tell you that my 4mp camera does crisper and better photos than any other cell phone I’ve used in past, its a very good system and setup..Definitely in Macro mode (close up) it will out perform any other phone and most digital cameras…Don’t let the megapixel amount defer you from wanting, there is so much more to picture quality than megapixel…

          • Mickey A Valentine

            Not long after this comment I posted I gave in and bought the M8. 199.99 at Costco and I kept my unlimited. Then a week later price came down so I got it for 99.99 in the end. The pictures are very clear and I’m content with the quality. I understand quality isn’t the same as megapixel amount but when I view the photos on my computer they look pretty small unless I adjust the monitor res. And your right, the macro is amazing and I take a lot of close up shots for my car parts (gearhead too). I have to look into the HTC site still as you say to actually see the explanation.

    • fillyo75

      It’s great for those of us with unlimited, either you were too late to the party, or gave it up for an upgrade (hopefully not this!)

      • brkshr

        I gave it up to follow the Nexus brand.

      • Edward Smith

        What makes you think that VZW will allow unlimited data plans on this new spectrum?
        I’d fully expect that Verizon’s “final solution” for us unlimited plan holders is to expressly disallow it on whatever the next speed upgrade past vanilla 4G is. As all uses continue to use more data Verizon will “magnanimously” allow unlimited data on the congested slow lane so they can charge more for the new fast lane.

        • fillyo75

          I’m fine with speeds on spectrum 4, I can hit over 60mbs

        • Mickey A Valentine

          All those who don’t have unlimited data can pay for their highway and free up room on the unlimited highway for me

        • vzw tech support

          I would assume rate limiting would play a part in xlte. They did that with unlimited data and 3g phones.

        • Sporttster

          Yea I think if they increase speeds while telling us we need to keep paying more and more for less and less data, I’ll just go back to my dumb phone…..f’k that, I’m not a friggin cash cow for them…..

    • SylvieGrayyod

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    • nobody

      Unlimited XLTE for the win!!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Good to see they are taking time to beef up the network. Still no word on VOLTE though.

  • Defenestratus

    Interesting verizon, but your silly name games wont convince me to rejoin you after I left for T-mobile. Being able to use my device as I want it and not how you want it is more than worth the much more reasonable monthly bill I get from T-mo 😛

    • hoosiercub88

      I’ll keep that in mind where I can get full LTE with Verizon and EDGE with T-Mo at my home…

      • ImmaDroid

        I second that sir!

    • Irish Cream

      Oh man… you really hit them right in their multi-gagillion dollar wallet

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so basic.

    • ImmaDroid

      This would have sounded so convincing if T-mobiles service wasn’t so horrible! Maybe not by you, but anywhere in my neck of the woods its like in and out of edge every 20 yards.

  • The Narrator


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      They’re still trying to figure out a way to control BYOD access when VoLTE is deployed. The reason is because it makes LTE-only (and based on the Block C settlement, unrestricted access) devices a reality. Thus, you could purchase any device that supports Bands 4/13 LTE, pop in a Verizon SIM card, and away you go. They don’t want that, as it severely limits the lock-in that a CDMA device requires, and it also means they have less leverage to impose their will on the device (Hey, you’re already making a special device for our network, why not add/remove/change this stuff we don’t like? kthxbai).

      • T4rd

        Yeah, this is exactly what I’m thinking as well. They will do everything possible to keep unlocked devices from working on their network. The Nexus 7 LTE “approval” was proof of that.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          More damning, an active Verizon SIM card placed in a Nexus 7 LTE worked perfectly, even if it was pulled from a phone. They just wouldn’t issue a SIM card or activate the device in the store or online because their network/test team/whoever refused to add it to their internal system for some reason.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I knew about that too. It’s complete BS and I hope the FCC slams them for it when they do with with VoLTE phones. But something tells me there’s some collusion going on somewhere between Verizon and the FCC.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Eh, I doubt there’s collusion or payoff or anything; Verizon may just not care about fines that aren’t a significant portion of their revenue. It is not much of a risk to Verizon, as it clearly states in the regulations that they can conduct testing to ensure everything is working properly. All they have to do is point to the fact that you could pop in any active SIM and get a signal to show they are complying with the regulations; they did not block the device from working on their network. They simply refused to issue any SIMs to activate a new line of service for the device, which is indeed within their rights. Activating a device on their network, and activating a new line for a device to use are not the same thing. Hence, while it looks seedy, there is little that anyone can do to change it, as they are following the regulations, by letter and by spirit. It is ultimately their loss whenever they refuse to activate a new line for any reason.

      • The Narrator


      • TC Infantino

        Exactly. I am thinking that the carriers know that once the full rollout of VoLTE is implimented, that they will no longer have anywhere near the control over their customers that they do now. They will be reduced to dumbpipes offering packages of data, and that is it. Much like how most of Europe is now, where the consumer can buy their phone at one of many retail places, and then they purchase access to whichever provider they choose. I believe every phone sold can access every carrier network.

      • vzwduder

        I see your name in remarks a lot

  • flosserelli

    Reminds me of when Comcast changed their name to get new customers.

  • Carlos Lopez

    “YAY! Another Logo! :D”
    -No one ever

  • I LOVE that I’m on the best carrier. Does the Droid Maxx use AWS?

    • Carlos Lopez

      From what I’ve read it should be

    • BostonB

      You are really holding out on a new phone

      • ? What do you mean?

        I just read above that its compatible so GAME ON!

    • jimt

      What carrier is that?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


        • The Narrator


          • jimt


          • The Narrator


          • Cael


          • El_Big_CHRIS


        • T4rd


      • VZW. Rated #1 every year.

        • jimt

          By who Verizon? I don’t maybe in cost and worst customer care and locked down bootloaders, and just plain hubris. They do have the biggest network, I’ll give them that for now.

    • Willie D

      The best carrier that still uses CDMA technology, has little to no roaming agreements with majority of the world’s carriers, uses a proprietary spectrum block and refuses open access to devices that can use that spectrum against FCC policy, as well as charges high roaming costs overseas. Yeah, how is this the best carrier? By the way TMobile and AT&T both have been beefing up their network using carrier aggregation via AWS and PCS for a year now. Welcome to the club.

      • 1. CDMA tech – works great for me.
        2. Little to no roaming agreements – sucks. I’ll put a different sim in my Droid Maxx when overseas. I’m not overseas much.
        3. Proprietary Spectrum – theoretically sucks but affects me 0. Not going to gripe about something that doesn’t affect me. Verizon helps me GET WORK DONE. As a great rapper once said “why would i care? That doesn’t affect my money.”
        4. High roaming costs overseas – Not going to roam overseas.

        I get 4G LTE in the woods. IN THE WOODS. Tmobile can’t even get that in many cities.

        AT&T is probably fine, I wouldn’t know. They aren’t as good as Verizon though.

        Verizon helps me make more money. Period. The rest are good for people tying to save $7 a month or whatever. I drink $7 worth of coffees a day while tethering bruh.

        • Bryan

          quote: I drink $7 worth of coffees a day while tethering bruh.
          That made me laugh right there!

        • jimt

          I save closer to $90 a month since I left evil red. I buy my own coffee beans and grind them and yes that is a lot of good coffee.

          • Cool story.

          • Renard Fiossa

            It’s 2014, not 2009

          • ? What happened in 2009. Confused by your comment.