References to Nexus 8 and Nexus 6 Spotted in Chromium Code

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Google is widely expected to unveil an 8.9-inch tablet and new Nexus smartphone this year, but the official names of the products currently remain a mystery. References in the Chromium Review Code, uncovered by Smart Droid, suggest that the tablet will be released as the Nexus 8 and the smartphone as the Nexus 6

Though mentions like these can be easily faked, the Nexus 6 could very well refer to the Flounder device discovered in the massive Android 4.4.3 changelog last week.

HTC has also been speculated as the manufacturer of the upcoming Nexus tablet, so if the rumors pan out, HTC could receive a much-needed boost to its bottom line thanks to a new-found Nexus partnership with Google. As a reminder, HTC has not produced a Nexus device since the Nexus One, which was the first Nexus device ever released by Google.

We could possibly learn all we need to know at this year’s Google I/O, which is scheduled to begin June 25.

Would you be interested in an HTC Nexus tablet and/or phone this year?




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