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Moto G Cinema Name Spotted on Motorola’s Site, But What is It?

More news is coming straight from Motorola’s site this week, as @evleaks tweeted out a screenshot today, showing off a webpage with the words Moto G Cinema. Whether this is a phone, service, or accessory is rather unclear, but with it popping up on Moto’s site, much like the Moto X+1 name, your guess is as good as ours.

Motorola has an event scheduled for May 13, and hopefully, the company will settle all of the rumors that have infected the Android community for the past few weeks. With that said, we are pretty sure that Motorola has zero intention to announce a Moto X successor at this event, so don’t get your hopes up too high. 

Any thoughts on what the Moto G Cinema could be? Maybe a little dock for the G? Maybe a G with better speakers?

Let’s hear your thoughts.

Moto G Cinema

Via: @evleaks
  • Tim

    Whatever, they have kept us talking about Motorola for two weeks now. Someone in marketing is getting a bonus.

  • Beakler

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  • zmr333

    I have a feeling that article is just going to make people try to tease you by saying phablet every chance they get. It’s amusing, though, so I won’t complain.

  • jimt

    Maybe an add in app that gives it LTE for streaming (Virtual LTE Radio) /s

  • Justin W

    I’m thinking it’s gotta be a service… With a line like “You’ve got the device, we’ve got the tools…”, it leaves little in the way of interpretation that it could be a new phone.

  • Jeremy Gross

    looks like pattern on droid razr hd

    • needa

      stock photo. the only pic that matters is the little one after the break.

  • Guest

    Moto G

  • Johngi

    Maybe videos on how to use the moto g?

    • bibbyboi

      That’s what the description says pretty much. Not sure why people are assuming it’s another device when it says “You already have the device”.

  • Orion

    Could be the rumored phablet! Yes Kellen…..embrace it.

    • michael arazan

      Moto G is being released and showed off in Britain next week, So I don’t think it’ll be released in the states.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Cinema? Can only really be about screen. Cinematic experience! Tim ya’ll gonna be at the event?

  • viewthis66

    Moto G Phablet phone!!! with cinema like screen quality!………………………… j/k just wanted to use Phablet.

    • calculatorwatch

      ‘Phablet’ is so this morning. Didn’t you read the article dude?

      • viewthis66

        That’s why I said it Einstein.

        • calculatorwatch

          Oops I didn’t mean to piss you off just trying to go along with the joke 😛

          • viewthis66

            Oh haha well then the jokes on me.

  • Trevor

    Would a commercial for the Moto G be referred to as a Moto G spot?