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OnePlus One Production Update: Late June is Your Best Bet for Buying One

We now know, at least for a minute, when you will be able to buy the Oppo OnePlus One. According to the company’s official forums, they now have a better grasp on which units need to be the focus of production and have scheduled “later in June” as the time that “general availability” will increase.

As expected, the initial push is to get 100 units out to the winners of their “Smash the Past” contest, followed by the fulfillment of the first batch of 16GB Silk White models. Once early June rolls around, a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black units should be available before we hit that “later June” mark for general availability. 

OnePlus realized over the last couple of weeks that people are much more interested in the $349 64GB Sandstone Black unit over the $299 16GB Silk White model and have had to adjust their schedule accordingly. Why the 64GB is still the last out the door is beyond me, but I’m not a production guy. I’m just a blogger.

Here is the official updated word from OnePlus:

  • Ready now – 100 for phone smashers
  • Mid to late May – Larger batch 16GB Silk White for the first batch of invites
  • Early June – Larger batch 64GB Sandstone Black
  • Later in June – Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June
Via:  OnePlus
  • MReprogle

    I would totally buy one if it ever came to Verizon..

  • Me

    My excitement for this phone dwindles as the days pass. Prob will still get it unless Moto knocks it out the park with a $400 Moto X+1. Either way my next phone will have a +1 in it.

  • JeffColorado

    Holding off until I see what the camera can do. I am optimistic though.

  • Sean Bello

    So I was thinking about buying this phone even though it’s much bigger than I’d like to support them, but now I’m not going to because of the invite system. Huge turnoff.

  • Andrew Dodd

    Let’s see… Find 7a is arriving in users’ hands now, the Find 7a OnePlus Edition has a 1-2 month production delay? fail.

  • moelsen8

    yet another reason i’ll pass. that’s way too close to new moto and nexus. i can’t stand these launches where the product is not available for months after the announcement.

  • Hershel

    no thanks. I’ll wait a few years to see if this company sticks around and gains any traction

    • Hershel…you were always so wise…always with words of wisdom

      • 213ninja

        i know, it’s too bad his face got sliced in half…

  • Jason Melling

    Epic fail.

  • fritzo2162

    Anyone getting that “too good to be true” vibe from these?

  • Even_Steven805

    By then I might be interested on what the nexus 6 has to offer

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  • Orion

    Sorry OnePlus. That phone just has way too much wasted bezel for my taste. A 5.5 inch screened phone yet bigger than the Note 3 lol. I love phablets….when its done right. More interested to see what LG and moto will bring.

    • Hershel

      at least they are more well known then “one plus”

  • RichardJEngram

    As expected, the initial push is to get 100 units out to the winners of their “Smash the Past” contest, followed by the fulfillment of the first batch of 16GB Silk White models. Once early June rolls around, a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black units should be available before we hit that “later June” mark for general availability.


    • Ugh you’re not making life easy, bro.

  • master94

    This is why I love this company. They saw that people wanted the 64GB model and put more in production while other companies like Samsung know the same but still refuse to release the 64 GB models outside S.Korea

    • needa

      samsung is in a place right now where they dont have to care. people are going to buy whatever they sling out of the factory. it is extremely unfortunate.

      • Noel

        That is why i think it is good to have a new OEM or Almost new OEM shake things up a little. The well known or old OEMs have become too complacent and think they can pull smoke and mirrors on the consumer. Some making u feel u have a large screen up front on your phone, only to realize huge bezels when the device is turned on.

    • Hershel

      it seems people want sd card slots that can hold 64GB or more, much like my 32GB htc one m8. I can hold up to 128GB of stuff. that means I have 160 GB of space on my phone, not counting my 72GB of dropbox and 50GB google drive.

      This company is still new, and has never made a phone before. I think its safe to wait and see if they will stick around and gain any traction….

  • me

    Why even bother with the 16g?

    • malcmilli

      save $50?

      • Noel

        For $50 more u get 3x more the amount of storage…it is money well spent to future proof your storage capacity for a device with no micro SD card slot.

        • malcmilli

          I’m not saying the 64gb version isn’t better value… But there are people who are satisfied with 16gb… For example if I’m buying 2 of these, one for my little brother and one for my mother they’d be getting the 16gb versions and they’d be perfectly fine.

        • bhayes444

          You mean 4x the storage. It makes it sound even juicier!

  • guest

    I would rather buy the LG G3

    • Justin W

      At this point, I think I’ll be waiting until Moto and LG announce their next flagships to make my decision… Though the price is very tempting for this.

      • michael arazan

        The specs are very tempting for the new Moto X as well.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          Not really.. last year’s specs.

        • Noel

          I am sure the Moto X+1 will be compact and have a good one handed use feel…but not so clear on the specs yet. Thought the recent specs we saw were for a Droid device.

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Don’t mind. The first batch from this “upstart” will basically be testers. By the time of full release hopefully they can fix any hardware/manufacturing issues that may arise.

    • Junaid Ansari

      Yup I can wait now. My sister is graduating at that time as well so it would be a great gift for her as well 😀

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Since CM11 is launching with this phone, I guess we’ll have to wait at least that long for a stable launch on other phones …

    • RH

      AGREE. I NEVER buy a new device when it is first launched. Let the bleeding edge people find the production hickups.
      Same with a new restaurant. Wait a month until “the new” wears off, and the cookware gets some black burned on them, makes
      the food taste better 😉

    • Andrew Dodd

      The Find 7a is solid hardware, and Oppo has a great track record of delivering solid hardware even in preproduction. (My N1 was delivered 1 month before preorders even started and it’s rock solid).

      The only reason the OnePlus Edition of the Find 7a (And that’s all the OPO is – the OnePlus edition of that device) might suffer reduced quality is due to the price point – at that price point the factory might be operating at a lower QC requirement than the standard Find 7a.

  • silver_arrow

    For everyone saying that is too far away the time delay between announcement and release is pretty similar to that of other phones like the Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s 2 full months to retail. When you have HTC doing day 1 launches that is a long ass time. And if by June they’re still expecting you to have an invite…I’ll probably be thinking about the Moto X2

      • silver_arrow

        The difference was that the M8 was basically held on to until it was announced while all other companies do a “here you go and it will be out in 2 months”

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          that’s what I’m saying. Especially for a company that was trying to build hype like Oppo. They should have just waited. In June the hype will be dead to be honest.

        • Rick Anderson

          I’m still waiting for more info on at&t’s new ASUS Pad Phone X…..

      • supremekizzle

        G3 will be released by then too.

        • flosserelli

          Agreed. One of these will be my next device. I just can’t decide which one.

    • chris125

      The difference is one plus has been hyping this phone for months. Samsung didn’t. Sony on the other hand, well don’t even get started on them dropping the ball

      • Andrew Dodd

        In addition, this is a slightly tweaked Find 7a, which is arriving in users’ hands this week or next.