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Video: Using Duo Camera, Motion Launch, BoomSound and More on the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition

After running through a quick unboxing of the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition, we spent some extra time cruising around the software, seeing if Google or HTC had left any of HTC’s goodies behind in the stock build of Android 4.4.2. Actually, we really just wanted to figure out the Duo Camera and if it really worked, since Google is advertising it as working in its Google Play listing for the phone. Thankfully, it does. But there are other little leftovers as well that are worth noting. 

As far as the Duo Camera goes, HTC left their photo editor behind, so that you can use UFocus and their gimmicky 3D wobbler thing. The rest of their filters and editing tools are there as well, for the most part. The only way I’ve found to access this editor is if you swipe from inside the camera over to the photo viewer, then tap the edit button. Once tapped, you should be able to choose either the stock Photos editor or HTC’s.

You’ll also find Motion Launch Gestures (one of our favorite features of the regular One (M8)), a toggle for BoomSound, and access to some of HTC’s app suite, like their TV app.

Check it all out below.

  • Travis Faulkner

    Kellex can you show the difference between the GPE and Sense. I’ve been rocking a rooted G-nex for the past two years and I’ve heard horror stories about Sense. It doesn’t seem all that bad but I dont know.

  • PyroHoltz

    The forehead and chin on this phone….gah!

  • tylerc23

    Kellex, When is the M8 review going to be up?

  • Tony G.

    so will this phone get an update at the same time as nexus devices?

    • Steve B


  • reyalP

    That phone just looks too long!

  • Suman Gandham

    Kellen, does Tap & Pay on Google Wallet work?

  • JC

    Can you do a video showing the differences feature wise between Sense and GPE?

  • James Friedman

    Shouldn’t LG have a patent for the knock-on feature?

  • James Friedman

    Why are you whispering?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      He’s still in shock after that DJax signing. HTTR

  • How is the SDCard situation with this one? Did they remove the SDcard slot in the GPE? Or if it is present, it allows full write to user apps?

  • abqnm

    Kellen, can you answer a question about the M8 Sense version? On the M7, as you know, HTC still didn’t include the screen in the battery usage. Did they change that in the Sense version M8?

    I noticed in this video the GPE M8 actually shows the screen power usage properly, unlike the M7 GPE, which shows it always using almost no battery, but at least the screen on time shows.

    • Still leave out Display and screen on time. It’s really lame of them btw.

      • abqnm

        Ahh! Come on HTC. That big thing you look at on the front uses battery, no matter how much you wish it didn’t.

        At least they fixed it for the GPE. My M7 GPE is still a bit disconcerting when Android System is always at the top and display at the bottom, even though it really isn’t.

  • Nathan Bryant

    They probably need to update something, because right before they launched they said Blink Feed was specifically for the GPE. I mean Sense already comes with it, so why would they have the app in the Play Store then? That doesn’t make sense. No pun intended.

    • Thought so too, so I was surprised to see it not compatible.

  • erikiksaz

    Here’s a question for you. Does the dual camera setup allow for you to “fix” a blurry picture? Say if you were taking a picture of a moving object, like a ball slowly rolling on the ground.

    • mgamerz

      No. A blurry picture wouldn’t be fixed by refocus anyways, and the camera doesn’t actually refocus, it just learns about the depth of objects the picture it took.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    What’s up with the reverb? Wait… the baby is TOTALLY sleeping. *father/done it*

  • str8loungin

    Awesome, offer GPE in stealth black and all T-Mo bands and this could pull me away from my Nexus 5.

  • Ian Dalton

    Sounds like HTC really gets it. Probably my next phone

    • Except for the camera and useless black bar.

      • tylerc23

        I actually don’t mind the black bar after having it a few days

        • Ian Dalton

          Yeah it’s just the only thing to complain about on an otherwise perfect phone haha so we jump on it

  • Ray

    Is this the first time a GPE phone has included some of the manufacturers software? i really like what they kept from HTC

    • abqnm

      My One (M7) GPE has the Beats Audio toggle, which is about the same as the Boomsound toggle. Other than that (and HTC’s horribly misguided approach to calculating battery usage) my M7 GPE has no other HTC apps on it. It does have some HTC backend processes but it is just one or two and they are there for the radio and other essential functions.

      The HTC TV app is in the Play Store now and it works on the M7 GPE, but it didn’t come on the device.

    • I believe this is just the first time they included this much.

  • George Davis

    Nice work, glad to see the camera is supported. Can you talk about micro SD card support in the next video? Curious to see the differences between Sense and stock KitKat in that regard. Maybe throw your 128 Gb card in there for comparison. 😉

  • Apologies again on the low audio. Will fix going forward.

    • chris125

      I thought it was my computer, so I cranked up the volume and then was like guess it’s on their end.