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Link Bubble Released to Google Play, a Nifty Way To Manage Links From the Developer of Action Launcher

Most of us have experienced Android’s management of links in various apps. One example is scrolling through Twitter and finding a link to an Instagram photo that you’d like to view. Clicking on it will take you to Chrome, where you will face the short wait for a t.co redirect, and then to Instagram. Chrome, in this case, is just an unnecessary middleman. Link Bubble is a new app from the highly-successful Chris Lacy looking to remedy this flaw. It provides you with a nifty bubble to load redirects in the background and take you straight to where your link ends up, along with additional useful features such as a handy way to add links to Pocket.

Another possible use case of Link Bubble is when you want to click two links on a page. For example, if you’re reading an article in Feedly, you can tap one and then the other, and they will both load in the bubble off to the side of your screen. You can then tap it to view both links, and easily jump right back into Feedly.

You can also click on links, and then drag their bubble straight onto the Pocket icon to read them later. Unfortunately, we don’t have support for other read-it-later platforms such as Instapaper, but it’s easy to see how saving a link could be nifty in a pinch.

The final current feature of Link Bubble is the ability to load embedded YouTube videos on a webpage directly in the YouTube app. The default Android method for opening embedded videos is quite trashy, and opening links in the regular YouTube app from embeds has not been the easiest thing to do, but we can finally view videos without the hassle.

linkbubble-1 linkbubble-2 linkbubble-4


  • When you click on a link in an app, Link Bubble loads that webpage in the background, leaving you free to keep using your current app rather than your precious time being wasted watching a page load. Once the page has fully loaded, it will animate on screen.
  • Link Bubble’s flick physics allow you to go from clicking a link to sharing a link or adding it a service such as Pocket in little more than a second!
  • Load multiple links from your current app at the same time (requires Pro).
  • Gracefully handling links that redirect to other apps. No longer does clicking an Instagram link in Twitter redirect to a full screen browser before loading Instagram!
  • Deep integration with the apps on your system.
  • Locates embedded YouTube videos on web pages, and provides a shortcut to load those videos directly in the YouTube app.
  • Handy stats that illustrate how much time you are saving by using Link Bubble.

Link Bubble is broken apart into two components. A free version is available with the features listed above, but the $4.99 pro version allows for an infinite number of tabs, link importation from all your apps, and supporting the developer’s future projects.

Play Link [Pro License]

Via: +Chris Lacy
  • slothsy

    Multitasking is sooooo much easier

  • Jeff C

    I tried out the free version and was instantly hooked…had to drop some cash Chris’ way. We need more stuff like this.

    Good thing I had some Google Opinion Rewards funds saved up. 🙂

    • Hothfox

      Did they stop the program or something? I used to get one or more surveys every week, and now, nothing. It’s been at least a month since I got a survey.

      • Jeff C

        I have not noticed any drop in frequency. Have answered at least 2 this week.

        • Hothfox

          Apparently I never opened it back up and tapped “Get Started” after I factory reset my Nexus 7.

  • diversification

    If this can bypass annoying ad links like adfly and the like, I’m buying it.

  • unashamedgeek

    I love the app. I think $5 is really bad on apps like this since it is bought in the store, I can load it on all my devices and even on my new ones later. I would rather pay up front, avoid in app purchases, and not have any ads. I used the free version for awhile before deciding that it was worth it for me.

  • Chippah

    Insta-purchase here as well,

    Just for annoying facebook,twitter links that always redirect and break..

    $5.00 OOHHHH! thats going to break the bank eh cheapskates?

    Thats 1 cup of coffee, or 5 tries at the stupid claw game,

  • cransr

    google go buy this

  • K

    So this is what he’s been doing this while time. It’s been a while since he updated Action Launcher. Dude would regularly push out beta builds last year.

    • K

      *whole time

  • Awesome idea – agree that it’s bit pricey, but I’ll spring the $5 just to give the guy props.

    • Dapke

      I agree. It’s very pricey for a little app (there are 3D games cheaper than this), but i’ve liked his previous work so i’ll push some money his way.

  • JMonkeYJ

    “Unfortunately, we don’t have support for other read-it-later platforms such as Instapaper”

    Is that true? You can customize what dragging to the bubble does, so you should be able to send it to any app…

  • Insta-purchase

  • Arnold

    Got super excited until I saw $5. $2-3 – maybe. $5? No thanks. I’ll try the free version and see if it changes my mind.

    • Hilman in Edmonton

      I agree, little too pricey for what it does.

      • Arnold

        I mean, at least start out with a “sale price” or something – put it at $3 and up it to $5 after a month. It just sounds steep for what other great apps are charging.

    • BigMixxx

      Well — I read his idea is patent pending. I think it’s great. Imma try the free one for right now

  • wow $5

    • ken147

      I have a weird problem with the free version. Every time I open a link it opens the ‘Welcome to linkbubble!!” tab. unless that’s one of the “features” of the free version.

      • JMonkeYJ

        That sounds like a bug (or maybe you somehow didn’t close that tab by pressing “back” or dragging it to the X?) because the trial version isn’t doing that for me.

        • ken147

          Thanks! the back button worked.