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Google Offering Up 60 Days of All Access for Free to Chromebook Owners, Plus Others

Happy day, folks – Google is giving away 60 days of Google Play Music All Access to certain users, as well as all current owners of a Chromebook. If you have yet to sign up for All Access, the music service that allows users to access millions of on-demand tracks for $9.99 a month, you may see an invite hit your email inbox offering you 60 days of the service for free. 

Before this deal, users were only given 30 days of the service before having to pay the monthly fee, but Google has been generous and doubled the trial amount.

Could this be in response to Samsung’s Milk Music? Beats Music? Who knows, but we’ll take it.

All Access Invites

If you are already on a Chromebook, and are reading this, you can redeem the offer by following this link.

Via: +Google Play
  • Nick Floria

    Every time i follow the link to all access it just takes me to my library on all access. I pay the 7.99 a month but wouldn’t mind 2 free months.

  • Craig P

    I just wish they would create a dedicated program for it.

  • jim

    ill say the samething i said to sirius radio….. Nope not paying a monthy fee for a radio

    • James Briano

      All Access is most certainly not radio.

      • jim

        And sirius isnt ? Duh

        • CHRIS42060

          Does Sirius let you listen to entire albums on demand? If so they have certainly changed.

        • James Briano

          Sirius is most certainly radio. In fact… It’s right in their logo: SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

  • Dustin Casper

    Wish I would have jumped on this when it was only $8. Now I’m paying $10.50 because I just discovered how useful it was now. DOH!

  • Any way to get this using Play credit from Rewards survey? Or any other way?

    • trixnkix637

      It’s a subscription service. So it requires a credit/debit card for payments. Play credits won’t work on this.

  • jamaall

    Take note that you can’t get this offer if you’ve ever used a trial before. I’m running out today of my 6 month All Access pass from buying a Droid MAXX.

  • Trevor

    Still hanging onto my $7.99/mo price. Been worth it so far, as I use it a lot.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Agreed. I’m curious though, if I were to cancel temporarily and then subscribe again would I still get to pay $7.99/month or would I have to pay $9.99/month?

      • bones777

        $9.99, happened to me.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          That’s what I thought, oh well.

      • Nolan

        Happened to me, they gave me a grace period of unknown length to signup at the original price. I was able to sign up a week later at $7.99. Customer service was friendly about it.

      • CHRIS42060

        When I switched banks I never updated my info in Google Play and my subscription was cancelled for a month, but when I finally updated it I was given the $7.99 price back.

      • Chris Wallace

        I have canceled and subscribed again about 3 times now and I stay at the $7.99 rate.

    • Same! Loving the features, I just wish the radio portion was more accurate. It’s great now that they have playlist-based radio, but basing it off a single song or artist is not very accurate.


      I agree! however, i wish Shazam would provide a link instead of being exclusive to spotify

    • Bald_Sasquach

      I’m hanging onto that price as well, and I use it daily, but I’m thinking about jumping ship. Does nobody else have “music playback errors” every few minutes? It drives me insane. Some songs i have to hit play nearly 10 times to get past the stupid lockup.

      • CHRIS42060

        I left for a bit and re-subscribed a month later. It kept me at the $7.99 price.

  • WCM3

    Looks like they are offering it to gmail accounts that haven’t gone through the trial yet. I have two gmail accounts and the one i rarely use received the offer.

  • =w=

    FYI…I was able to get this same offer by going to https://play.google.com/store/music and clicking on the link with the pic of Pharrell

  • The Narrator

    I needed something to cheer me up after True Detective ended last night. This makes me happy.

  • Got an email about this. I’m going to try it out.

    • PoisonApple31

      Great service! I have been using it since the beginning. 60 days will give you enough time to test drive everything too!

      • Grr it tells me I need some damn credit in my account even though it’s a FREE trial.

  • Michael


    • Beavis

      Stop it. Seriously.

      • Michael

        you mad bro?

    • Chris


      • Michael

        i dont get the reference…