Ads Inbound for Samsung’s Milk Music App, $4 Monthly Fee for Ad-free Streaming

Samsung’s free-to-use, ad-free music service, Milk Music is about to receive a shakeup. As stated by Samsung when it was first launched, advertisements are coming to the service, as well as a subscription price if users don’t wish to see or hear ads. Before today, no price for the subscription was known, but thanks to a post on Samsung Tomorrow, we can now report that the price has been set at $3.99 a month.  (more…)

Google Offering Up 60 Days of All Access for Free to Chromebook Owners, Plus Others

Happy day, folks – Google is giving away 60 days of Google Play Music All Access to certain users, as well as all current owners of a Chromebook. If you have yet to sign up for All Access, the music service that allows users to access millions of on-demand tracks for $9.99 a month, you may see an invite hit your email inbox offering you 60 days of the service for free.  (more…)

Video: A Tour of Samsung’s Milk Music

Earlier today, Samsung announced a new streaming music service called Milk Music. All lactation jokes aside, the service turned out to be something all Galaxy owners should probably take a look at. It’s free. There is no registration or setup. And you can be listening to its over 200 genres (stations) and 13 million songs in a matter of seconds upon first launch. Of course, you have to have a Galaxy device to access it legitimately, but that shouldn’t be a problem since there are millions upon millions of you out there.  (more…)

Samsung’s Own Radio Service “Milk Music” Now Available on Google Play

A new streaming radio service from Samsung was launched onto Google Play this morning, Milk Music. Do we know what the name refers to? Not one bit. The service is completely ad-free, and also free of any cost, but for a limited time. Milk Music focuses heavily on customizable stations, with users able to fine-tune stations based on popularity, novelty, and favorite tracks from artists.  (more…)