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Another Set of HTC One (2014) Pictures Surface, Benchmark Included

The 12-minute “All New HTC One” leak from Sunday was good and all, but it still failed to tell us much that we didn’t already know about the phone. I actually find it fascinating that after all the leaks of the HTC One (2014), we still don’t really know the official spec list or anything about how HTC really plans to use that dual-camera setup. And you know what, today’s latest leak is much the same, although we do get a look at a benchmark. 

Thanks to a new series of photos uncovered by Nowhereelse.fr, we get another set of looks at the dual-camera setup, the all-metal body that is now much more rounded, and like I just mentioned, a benchmark.

In the benchmark, you can see that the new One beats out all competitors, including the recently released Galaxy Note 3. Benchmarks mean little to us at this point, but hey, that’s great! Good job, “All New HTC One!”

htc one 4 htc one 3 htc one 2

Again, we still do not know the full set of specs, though this photo is accompanied by a list that claims to be the real deal. We’re talking a Snapdragon 801 processor (same as the Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5), 2GB RAM, 5MP front camera, 16GB internal storage, a microSD slot, and that dual-camera thingy.

Only a couple of weeks and we’ll know it all.

Via:  Nowhereelse.fr
  • cruzfl0w

    The only thing that has kept me with Samsung is the micro SD and removable battery. I am happy HTC decided to add a micro sd card. I guess I will have to wait and see who has the better camera and battery life to decide which phone will make me get rid of my s3. I honestly hope HTC brings a better quality camera with decent battery life I kind of want something new!

  • Tony Byatt

    The more I see of this phone the more I believe it will s*** on the S5…

  • Pam Oakea

    It looks great. Hope there is a 32GB version right away and not just 16. The only thing I don’t like is the black HTC bar of wasted space. I’m excited about this phone and hope it will be available in early April so it can really give the S5 a run for its money.

  • Joe

    That’s one huge bottom bezel.

  • acashe42

    No need for an unveiling now. Just price and release date….which may leak later tonight

  • MrBouche

    I’m pretty sure the new one has a newer processor, so… It’s not really a surprise that it’s going to beat everything else. Given my rezound experience and the things I can do with the note 3 that I could not do with the other phones, I’m happy I went with the Note 3. After the research I did in phones prior to this I think phones like the Moto x and Maxx demonstrate how those benchmarks can be meaningless in the end. I was so close to getting the Maxx but there was a deal on the note 3 that made the two the same price and I couldn’t refuse it after fiddling with it for a while. (I got the note three to use Google now and wake as the moto would so I got everything I wanted in the end). Get what you want, what you like. Enjoy it.

  • Azaraith

    Hopefully there is still a 64GB version, not just a 16GB + microSD. With KitKat’s changes to how microSD cards work, internal storage is vastly preferable, even ignoring speed and reliability advantages of internal storage. If it’s only got 16GB internal and relies on microSD for additional storage like the GS4 did, I’ll be skipping this version.

  • Orion

    Another day….another leak. At this point just announce the damn thing. lol

  • joe

    note 3 for the win still

    • Chris

      till the note 4 comes out

      • joe

        all shall bow to our digitally written notes of mastery

  • Art Holguin

    I prefer the htc one vs my old gs4. Just curious as to this dual camera thing. one thing i dislike on the htc one is the camera IMO is worse than that of the gs4.

  • NorCalGuy

    Looks like that creepy dude that stirs the mash potatoes in Scary Movie

  • Caveman

    Dummy blurred out some personal info. Doesn’t he know all he had to do was shake it.

  • Pratik Holla

    HTC can knock it out of the park this year if they can spend more than $10 dollars on their marketing budget. The only thing that hasn’t leaked so far and preventing me from choosing this phone is the battery amount. Knowing HTC’s track record though, it won’t be anywhere close to the Z2

    • Chris

      I think it will have at least 2800. I’d be surprise it it has anything more then 3000

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    What if the fingerprint scanner was the camera?

    • Chris

      its not.

  • Hugh Hansen

    It’s a little weird that you’re calling it the “All New HTC One” as if that’s the full name (unless this is already an inside joke). On that poster you wrote about, it said in big letters “HTC One” and in small letters above that “All New” so you knew it wasn’t last year’s One. Not because it had become part of the name.

    • Chris

      Its simply for marketing. Kind of hard naming your product’s second generation ‘two’ if the name of the product is ‘one’.

      If its hard for you to gasp the whole name then maybe you shouldn’t talk about it, let alone own it

      • Hugh Hansen

        Was that a response to me? What did that have to do with what I wrote?

        My comment was about Kellen calling the phone the “All New HTC One” as if that’s the actual name of the phone (when its name will obviously be the HTC One.) it’s weird, unless he’s doing it as a joke.

  • RoadsterHD1


  • David

    I still think the G2 for free on a two year with Verizon was a steal.

    • flosserelli

      Rest assured, Verizon will make up for that “free” G2 with your monthly payment for the next 2 years.

      • John Davids

        ^this. Any and all pricing is very very carefully engineered to virtually guarantee a positive ROI. Math is a thing and they use it.

      • aioaioaio

        Unless he works for VZW and gets 50% off.

  • wolfedude88

    Anyone else think this is fake or old? The metal on the back isnt brushed like we have previously seen and the plastic on the back by the camera is now white like on the original htc one, where all leaks have had it black on the new one.

    • Chris

      there are other colors….. and besides what if those ones were fake?

      • wolfedude88

        I understand there are other colors, evleaks has showed all of them. the new silver looked a lot darker, and had black on the back lines. We also saw a video that looked just like the leak from evleaks who has always been reliable.

        • Chris

          I think we may see these colors at launch


          • wolfedude88

            I doubt all of them, but I just looked up a few things and I know I was mistaken about the silver.

            This one is legit, it is the same as the AT&T one evleaks leaks a week ago, I was thinking of the grey.

            There is a silver, grey, black, and gold that have been shown so far.

          • Chris

            Yeah. I guess we will see soon enough.

            Hopefully there wont be any carrier specific colors (or models like 64GB only on at&t)

  • C-Law

    Although the lenovo thing greatly saddens me, I’m still excited to see the next moto x. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed that they don’t mess up the stock android thing or timely updates

    • Chris

      lol @ stock android

  • master94

    16GB? What a downgrade from the old 32. Sigh at least it has a microsd.

    • Chris

      maybe there will be two models?

  • jnt

    Is it just me or does that metal look a little less “Brushed” than the previous leaks? And more like the metal on the original One?

  • ravenofdoom

    Antutu benchmark looks to be around 3700… higher than the near 3500 the GS5 got. I’m sure this will change with the final build of the software I’m sure, but this bodes well for HTC.

  • Montrale Hammonds

    What’s that blurred out part on the back? I obviously don’t want to feed into the possibility that it could be the fingerprint scanner from the One Max, but I’d be happy to be wrong just this time.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’ts not a finger print scanner

      • Montrale Hammonds

        Yeah I figured but I wanted to hold on to hope lol

  • paul_cus

    Still sticking with the OG One.

    • PoisonApple31

      Which One was that again?

  • epps720

    I hope HTC is somehow trolling us and sent out all these fake phones with the bezel knowing it would be leaked and everyone would complain. Then they bust out the “New One” w/edge to edge screen and no black bar, Obviously not going to happen but we can hope

    • aQuickBit

      I know that they are trying to get their logo on there which is the reason for the bar, but I feel like they could have possibly had an opportunity to get the best of both. First, remove the black bar completely. Hardware logos are so 2013. Let’s go with software logos! Replace the “home” button with an the HTC logo and give it the same functionality. Does it get in the way? No. Does it take up extra space? Maybe a few pixels more. Does it reduce the bezel? Yes. Does it show off their brand at all times? Yes. Will people complain? Probably. Is it bloatware? Extremely minimal. Oh and it would frickin glow whereas you can’t even see the current one because it’s not backlit.

  • Daistaar

    Looks marginally better than last year’s S4 according to that benchmark…

    • flosserelli

      It gets higher marks than the Note 3 and LG G2, which are no slouches on benchmarks.
      So if that is your attempt to troll, try harder.

      • Daistaar

        How is that trolling? It’s right there. Look at the bar graph. The difference is not very large. I never said it wasn’t larger than the S4, Note 3 or G2. I said the difference is marginal or dare I say it, negligible. Looks like that plateau isn’t far off.

    • The Narrator

      Considering Samsung cheats their benchmarks, it really doesn’t matter what scores are

  • flosserelli

    I like the rounded corners. Too bad the black logo bar is still there.

  • The Narrator

    We still haven’t talked the size of the screen, i hope its 5in + this time.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The top actually looks pretty nice. Definitely plastic, for the iR blaster? or for better reception since the phone is now all wrapped in metal? I’m assuming both.

  • Cameron Laudick

    I think I am way behind on this but does anyone know anything about the two rear cameras? What functionality will that give us?

  • Gucci

    Is it me, or does the phone look thinner?

    • Cael

      Yeah they made it thinner, which could mean several things….

      • flosserelli

        Yeah, like battery size that is too conservative. Again.

        • ravenofdoom

          You’d think with a non-removable battery they’d be able to go with a battery size competitive with the GS5 (at least 2800) and maintain an equivalent if not slimmer profile than the GS5. HTC has always skimped on the battery because they’re trying to compete in the fashion show with apple (to minimal success).

          • Cael

            HTC’s excuse has always been the bigger the battery the thicker the phone, and everyone supposedly wants thin phones yet theirs are always bigger than the competition.

          • ravenofdoom

            Yeah, HTC’s argument is BS in my opinion. When you’re lugging around a 5″ phone compared to 2-3 years ago when 4″ or less was the standard, an extra few millimeters to power a monster screen is non-negotiable. HTC a while ago realized they lost the brand-name/commercialization war to Samsung and decided to make the prettiest/sturdiest android phone in hopes of drawing people from apple wanting a svelte android device with a big screen and/or android fans tired of hunks of plastic… all of which would still apply if a few more millimeters of thickness meant being able to get through a day of use with their device.

  • shkrmkr79

    “Lets cover that…oh…God…cover that too…”

  • NothingShocking

    The more I see it the more I like that bezel. Nope, still can’t say that with a straight face.

    • EC8CH

      The amount of black below the screen looks ridiculous. I’m all for the switch to on screen buttons, but without removing the black HTC bar below them, it’s just an absurd amount of black.

      • C-Law

        I agree. Removing the black bar and shrinking the phone top to bottom would have made it a more manageable size too. It would be back to the height of an average smartphone

    • htowngtr

      I think they made the bezel that way to reinforce the phone a bit — i.e. more protection against drops. The other phone didn’t really have a great edge barrier if you dropped it.

      • EC8CH

        umm…. yeah, sure.

      • NothingShocking

        Thought the speaker bezel would take care of that. I just don’t understand if they moved to a soft nav, why did they keep the black bar? I guess I could use “Hide Soft Keys” and get some more screen back.

        • EC8CH

          Guess #1: they need more bottom bezel space than other phones because of their front facing speakers, so while from the outside it looks like a waste of space, but from the inside it is needed to fit the components.

          Guess #2: They just saved money by not designing out the extra space after they removed the capacitive buttons.

          Guess #3: Marketing trumps common sense yet again.

  • Guest

    All I see is that big black area between the soft buttons and the bottom speaker when not on the home screen.

    • memnoch73

      I don’t know.. As a DNA owner where the nav buttons are right at the bottom of the phone I think this location despite the black bar may be more comfortable to use. Seems like the on screen nav buttons will be in a more natural position for your thumb when holding the phone.

      • Josh Carroll

        I think you’re right. I use the soft buttons on the S4 and already feel reaching down while resting the phone against my pinky means I have to reach down to get at them. So I think from that perspective, it’s good. What I worry about is being able to reach the top of the screen (with my hands) with all that extra bezel. :/

      • LionStone

        That’s right! People don’t realize this… with the controls lower with a tighter bezel, they’ll be reaching further with a little more inconvenience than having them raised up a bit where it will give better control. I’m good with it, let them complain. It gives function but they only see a minor aesthetic and make it out to be the end of the world.

      • M3D1T8R

        Exactly my thought, also currently using a DNA. And I remember my old S3 I would occasionally accidentally hit the back button (in bottom right..stupid Samsung) when reaching across or to top of screen.

  • Cael

    All I want to know is what the battery is at. It better be over 2300 mAh or HTC still has learned absolutely nothing!

    • Jeff Miller

      it better be way higher than that…anything under 2800 is a mistake

      • Cael

        I agree but I can see HTC saying the 2300 mAh battery in the original One provided great battery life so there was no reason to upgrade it. >_>

      • The Narrator

        3000mAh minimum in 2014, or gtfooooo

        • droidify

          Couldn’t agree more. Let’s not forget all the drain the new One will pull trying to power those bezels 😛

      • Grayson

        I would guess 2600 mAh. HTC does typically increase the battery capacity of their flagships from year to year, but they always have slightly less capacity than Samsung’s flagship, which is 2800 this year. However, Sense is less battery hungry than TouchWiz, so it will probably get the same battery life as the S5 even with a smaller battery, just like the One did compared to the S4.

        • Brandon4EK

          The one got comparable battery life to the S4 because its screen is .3 inches smaller… has nothing to do with sense/touchwiz.

          • Grayson

            If you say so. They are completely different screen technologies and no one has isolated and analyzed the power use of those two particular screens. Regardless, the new HTC One is rumored to have a smaller screen than the S5, so I still think battery life will be similar even if it only has a 2600 mAh battery compared to the S5’s 2800 mAh.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    If 16gb internal is the only option then I will be sad… External SD card slot is nice and all but it does nothing for app storage anymore.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The One had 32 and 64GB options. Why would they now only have a 16GB option? That’s not feasible

      • Cael

        They gave it an SD card slot. That’s easy justification for a 16 GB version [or 16 GB and 32GB versions instead of 32 GB and 64 GB].

        Had they given the DNA a SD card slot I would have gotten it just to get rid of my pos Rezound… but nope, only 16 GB + no 32 GB version + no SD card slot = me passing.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          That makes sense yes. At least 16, 32. Not just 16. . . .

  • nexusplex

    At least this guy had the presence of mind to blur everything out..

    • flosserelli

      Yep. That kid’s video “leak” was pretty much 12 minutes of what not to do when circumventing NDAs.

  • Greg Morgan

    You know, the more I see it, the more I like it. Especially considering the let down the S5 was.

    • James_Kernicky

      Me too, I really need to pull the trigger on a phone to replace my vzw galaxy nexus soon

      • The Narrator

        Yes, then you need to take a hammer and smash it to pieces.

      • ToddAwesome

        I recently had to go back to my GNex after my Moto X met the pavement at a high rate of speed. Needless to say the urge to see the GNex meet the same fate was strong in me! I have no idea how anyone is still using that phone, unless you JUST use it to make phone calls, it’s so painful.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah I’m still on mine because of my inability to commit to either giving up unlimited data or buying a phone off-contract. It’s pretty harsh, but I bought a G Pad to tide me over. Now I use that for basically everything except calls and texts since I’m usually on wifi and carrying a backpack. My GNex battery easily lasts a full day now since it gets very little use!

          • Mark Mann

            There used to be ways around losing unlimited data… It requires a second line though

          • calculatorwatch

            Yeah that has also been a commitment issue on my part because I was going to get a Moto X with a wood back, but in order to use that trick you have to buy through Verizon’s site, and the code they give you can only be used on MotoMaker for a phone without add-ons.

            At this point I figure I might as well hold out for the next X and hope that Verizon decides to offer a sweet deal to get people off unlimited around the same time. We all know they will kick us off eventually anyways.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          I still love the Gnex, even though I don’t use it as my main phone anymore. I just like the way it feels in my hand, and the way the hapctic feedback works when you type. It has been my favorite phone overall thus far.

          • ToddAwesome

            Switching back and forth between phones recently I was reminded what ridiculous haptic feedback the GNex had, it was as if the phone wanted to jump out of your hand.

      • TSY87

        wow… how have you lasted so long on that phone?! I mean, I loved it when I had it but the battery life was so crippling… and I had 4 total batteries.

        • ToddAwesome

          The battery life and 3G/4G switching is mind numbing, I’d lose data constantly while the phone radios hemorrhaged.

      • Mental_istid

        Have the original One and I’m still in love with it. I really think HTC deserves better sales.

        • deadpenguins

          Yea, it’s a shame how many consumers are oblivious to how awesome the HTC one and moto x are. I hear people complain about their galaxy s3/4 and I can’t help but think they’d be happier if they knew better, haha.

          • michael arazan

            I’d get the One GPE if it would ever be released for Verizon, I just hate htc sense. The whole reason I keep my D1 as a music player/ alarm clock is because of the powerful speakers, still loud as hell after 4 years too.

        • r0l

          IMO the non-conventional button layout and initial pricing hurt it. People used to any other Android phone (including previous HTC phones) received a new lesser experience. Unfortunately I’m now a Moto X convert so it’s going to be tough to try this and not wait for the next one.

      • T_Dizzle

        Same here. Got it on release day and it’s time.

      • TylerChappell

        Might as well get a Moto X in case Verizon waits 5+ months to release it again 😛

    • JBartcaps

      Totally agree, the look of a phone is a huge factor.

    • htowngtr

      Would be worthwhile as a GPE device, IMO.

      • Cael

        This, but Google needs to follow Motorola, T-Mobile, and HTC and offer some payment plans for them.

      • Jared Carter

        Honestly I think the sense skin and blinkfeed are nothing but improvements over GPE as long as they keep it up to date. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with GPE either and it’s mostly one taste compared to another. Those softkeys look like theyre in the middle of the phone with that big black HTC bezel logo

        • Chris

          Sense has come a long way since its early days. Most consumers want an out of the box experience and not have to bother downloading a bunch of apps

          • aQuickBit

            I’ll admit that I like Sense :

    • KingofPing

      Looks like a winner. I’ll likely pay off the HTC One I have now and pass it down to one of my kids while grabbing the new one from T-mobile.

    • shkrmkr79

      Definitely more interested in this than the S5. I had an HTC One awhile back, but wasn’t too impressed and traded it back in and got a Moto X instead. Will be interesting to see the improvements on this phone in action, especially the camera.

    • Bailey Neff

      These specs are almost exactly that of the S5, only with no confirmation of a fingerprint scanner or a heartrate moniter. Plus It’s almost certainly not water resistant. I can understand not liking the S5, but I don’t understand how was a huge letdown, but the one is so exciting

      • The Narrator

        It’s pretty obvious why it’s a let down.

        • Bailey Neff

          Because it’s not metal? Really, I don’t understand. It’s not for everyone, no phone is. But other than preferences, we know nothing about the new one that makes it anymore groundbreaking than the S5…..and I like the One.

          • The Narrator

            Because they took what was wrong before, and made it even worse. Aka, useless junk. = 7.8gb usable space. Pathetic.

            The only thing going for it, is the camera. But that won’t last long when the Sony Z2, G3, etc release

          • PoisonApple31

            Galaxy S5 ~ 10.7 GB (retail version). There was extra space being used for demos @ MWC that will not be on the retail version of the S5.

          • The Narrator

            Yeah, don’t believe. We’ll see it when it’s official.

            Btw, don’t forget carrier bloat.

          • PoisonApple31

            Well if this All New One is having a 16 GB version, you’ll have the same problem as Samsung. 7.27 GB of wasted space on the Verizon HTC One from last year.

          • The Narrator

            I don’t think they’ll make the same mistake. Must be a early version, prototype, etc. I still believe we’ll see 32/64.

          • Bailey Neff

            Unfortunately we are not likley to see the Z2 in the US until much later in the year. To bad too, I had the Z1s….Damn good phone. But you bring up a good point, 16gb internal sucks…..of course that’s the same as the specs for the One listed here. So why is this any different spec wise from the S5?

      • Cael

        You mean these specs (minus the camera) are like every other flagship from last year.

        • Bailey Neff

          But that’s my point, the specs are almost the same (exactly the same, except the cameras) as the new One specs listed here…..but the One is not a disappointment, while the S5 is?

          • Cael

            oh, i misread, sorry. I agree with you. People are basically just going off the exterior of the phone, which quite frankly the S5 fails at. Still doesn’t make the One any better than the S5.
            HTC said the One had a great UP camera which turned out actually sucked. These dual camera could turn out the same way in reality. They’re not gonna be two 13MP cameras similar to what was demoed at the MWC. The complaining will really start when people get it in their hands.

          • Chris

            but tis still dual cameras. Its not a fingerprint sensor. If anything the fingerprint sensor is the HTC logo…

          • Cael

            Dual cameras didn’t make the Evo 3D a big deal.

          • Chris

            because it was 3D. This time its not 3D.

            why would they put a fingerprint sensor right there and that small? besides you can clearly tell its a camera there.

          • Cael

            I never said they put a fingerprint sensor there. After the Max’s fingerfail sensor, they shouldn’t touch any for a while.

          • imlip

            … because it’s not all about specs. what’s a point of a high specs with poor software?

            HTC has a full metal body, a skin that people actually like, and great specs (comparable to the S5). The S5 has…. gimmicks.

            You keep asking the same question, but you don’t want to accept any of these answers. That’s okay… just buy the S5. We won’t judge.

            Edit: i don’t have the HTC One nor am I buying it. I have the Moto X… and its not all about specs.

          • NOTSOFAST

            Who are these Sense lovers you speak about?

          • Chris

            quite a bit. Whats so special about stock? You get the bare minimum with stock. Sense has come a long way and its better then ever now. Todays sense provides you with extras that are usefull with out the need to download a bunch of silly apps.

            android is about choice and yet stock android fans run around demanding everyone use stock, nexus devices and that every app should have holo….

            aso much for being open and about choice. You might as well use an iphone if you want to be locked down and controled.

          • but thanks though

            You are locked down with Sense, you are not with GPE as you can easily download Nova or any other launcher without HTC bloat forcing itself to always run.

            Thanks though.

            You were adorable.

          • Chris

            you are not forced with anything. there are other phones you can buy or just run a silly launcher like you said.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            IMO, the software on the Moto X blows Sense out of the water. The only thing I’d like from the One vs the Moto X is the camera. (I have no use for stereo speakers on a phone.)

          • cizzlen

            Fully agreed.

      • TSY87

        Not that the New One really gets me excited… but seriously, the S5 was not much of anything either. Let’s be real here… how often are you going to use the heart rate monitor? The fingerprint scanner can be a huge disappointment if the technology is similar to what I had on my thinkpad which was flaky and unreliable. Samsung delivered more useless gimmicks that will be fun to play around with for the first week or so, then will never be used again. The only real cool thing is the fact that its water resistant (better than nothing but still not that amazing) and the PDAF camera sensor.

      • ceejw

        Nobody liked the design of the S4 and the S5 looks just like the S4 but longer and with bigger bezels. Everyone liked the design of the One and the One (M8) looks like the One but thinner and with smaller bezels and an sd slot. That’s why people like the M8 and don’t like the S5.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          Wrong. I didn’t buy the S4, but liked the design much better than the One. Primarily because it’s lighter (which I prefer) and felt more comfortable in the hand. Also didn’t dig having only two navigation buttons on the One (which thankfully they appear to have fixed with this new one.) If anything, I’m disappointed that the S5 appears to be much heavier.

          • Gue2

            I can’t stand the fact that Samsung still has the navigation buttons in the wrong order. For crying out loud, the arrow even points to the left.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            LOL, I won’t argue with you there. Well, except when using my Tab Pro 8.4 in landscape.. the Back button is exactly where it needs to be. But at least they got 3 buttons 🙂

    • It’s between this and the G3 for me