Alleged HTC One M8 “Prime” Specs Leaked Thanks to Twitter Beef

Over the past few hours on Twitter, @evleaks has taken to de-mystify an upcoming HTC product, known currently as the M8 Prime. The leak is thanks to HTC’s Global Communications Manager Jeff Gordon, who ambiguously told his followers on Twitter to be careful where they get their news from.

Gordon’s initial tweet stated, “In the past few days, a well-known leaker has been completely wrong about at least two of his leaks.” Taking this tweet personally, even though Gordon states it was not even about him, @evleaks decided to pull back the curtain on a few specifications for the device from Gordon’s company.  (more…)

Red HTC One (M8) Official in Taiwan, Blue in the UK

Tired of the HTC One (M8)’s Gunmetal Grey, Glacial Silver, and Amber Gold color schemes? The wait for new options may finally be over, depending on where you live. After a seemingly endless number of leaks, HTC confirmed what we already knew, that the rumored Red and Blue versions of the One (M8) are coming to market.

Starting today, the red-colored M8 is available for sale exclusively in Taiwan. The “Aqua Blue” version, meanwhile, can be purchased at UK-based retailer MobileFun for £550 (about $920) unsubsidized. (more…)

Rumor: HTC Working on Plastic Version of M8 To Offer Cheaper Solution

The HTC One (M8) may hang its hat on being made of aluminum, full of that “premium” feel, but that also comes with a hefty price tag. The launch of HTC’s flagship phone has come with fairly good reviews (ours here), but it will not save HTC if they do not sell any devices. A new rumor suggests that HTC might be changing its strategy to make the M8 more affordable.  (more…)

S-OFF Achieved on All Variants of HTC One (M8)

That was fast. Merely two weeks after the handset’s initial release, the talented Firewater development team has managed to achieve S-OFF (“security off”) on all variants of the HTC One (M8).

For those who aren’t familiar, S-OFF disables HTC’s proprietary low-level write protection mechanism, allowing software to modify the internal flash storage of your device. Translation? Custom bootloaders, recovery menus, ROMs, and kernels are all a possibility.  (more…)

HTC BlinkFeed Will be Available to Non-HTC Devices Soon

Tucked away in the HTC One (M8) press release yesterday, the company announced that BlinkFeed would seen not be a Sense UI exclusive. Thanks to the “popularity” of BlinkFeed, the service will be pushed to Google Play for other Android devices to use it, not just the lineup of One devices. As you know, the press release is a little late – HTC put BlinkFeed on Google Play the night before the One (M8) was announced. (more…)

HTC One (M8) Developer and Unlocked Editions Available for $649, Ship in 1-2 Weeks

During its official unveiling of the HTC One (M8) yesterday, HTC made tinkerers and carrier jumpers happy by announcing that unlocked and developer editions of the device would be available as well. The unlocked version is open to switching between carriers, likely T-Mobile and AT&T in the States. The developer edition carries essentially the same unlocked phone freedom, but also comes with an unlockable bootloader.  (more…)