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“All New HTC One” 12-Minute Video Review Appears Weeks Before Official Unveiling

htc one 2014 m8

The other night, on DL Show episode 51, I joked that we’d know everything about the “All New HTC One” (or HTC One 2014) long before its official arrival because there would be at least two or three unofficial reviews of the phone. In other words, HTC is terrible at keeping their devices a secret. Sure enough, we aren’t but four days removed from that statement and a 12-minute video review or overview of the AT&T model from some kid in Schaumburg, IL has appeared on YouTube (if you can call this a review). That’s right, we have an entire 12-minute session with HTC’s new flagship a full three and a half weeks ahead of their planned unveiling event in NYC. 

So what can we see? Well, outside of this kid failing to hide his identity over and over again, we’re still digging through it all since it is such an exhaustingly long video. But so far we have been shown an SD card slot, listened to Soulja Boy (wtf?), seen a body that matches up exactly to the render leaks, slight tweaks to Sense in whatever new version this is (leaker says “6.6” but it’s probably Sense 6.0), all sorts of views of the new camera UI (which is super buggy because it’s a dev unit), and a pure look at those on-screen buttons.

Update:  We tossed in a massive gallery below the video, but you’ll see that there are most definitely dual rear cameras, the power has moved to the top right side, headphone jack to the bottom, and Sense mostly looks the same. The camera has been really simplified to a shutter button and an options button that will let you choose between six modes:  Camera, Video, Selfie, Zoe, 360 Panorama, and Dual Capture. The overall color scheme, or at least the accents around the UI, seem tweaked slightly to green, and BlinkFeed looks more flattened or modern.

Update 2: Annnnnd video pulled. The leaker is now back-tracking on Twitter, saying that it’s not a real phone after the world (and HTC reps) told him how much trouble he would be in. Something seems off. I guess we’ll know before long.

Update 3:  The video is live again. Who knows for how long.

Update 4:  Private again. I give up. Head to the comments if you want to watch.

I’d say HTC will have some extra tricks up their sleeves, but this gives us a bit of a primer before we get to March 25.

We’ll update this post as we have more, but for now, watch along with us. Also, feel free to suggest job openings to this kid’s parents, who he likely just cost a job.


htc one 2014 m8-1

htc one 2014 m8-8 htc one 2014 m8-7 htc one 2014 m8 htc one 2014 m8-2 htc one 2014 m8-1

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htc one 2014 m8-2 htc one 2014 m8-5 htc one 2014 m8-4 htc one 2014 m8-10 htc one 2014 m8-11

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Cheers Ron!
  • Colorado Mark

    “I’m zooming in all the way and I can still see all the detaow” hahaha I think this kid is doing HTC a favor. This video actually persuaded me to wait until the new version is released. Looks like the new best in smartphones.

  • HoosierDaddy

    ugh! That was painful to watch!

  • Wooltron

    So Walter White’s kid stole the new HTC???

  • Dude

    No finger print scanner 🙁
    Ill take the S5

    • Maximus

      Why on earth do you need a fingerprint scanner?

  • Shakira “hips dont Lie”

    the hardest decision ill have to make is this one. Not whether or not its the s5/htc one2 or z2.. whether which htc one 2 color to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CHRIS42060

    I missed the entire review. I pretty much facepalmed the entire time. Just when I would look up he did something stupid again.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Loving the roundness….

  • Shadowstare

    That Sd Card slot tho…

  • Anthony

    That was painful to watch.. but definitely glad I got to see the phone

  • MrBouche

    He kind of sounds like Homestar runner.

  • Anthony Bottari

    Gotta say that gunmetal look has really caught my eye..Still waiting to see what’s up with the rumored Galaxy F too.

  • BustNHeadsDaily

    Lets not forget the build quality problems they had with the first One.

  • BMC123

    i love the .5 second sound test of the speakers

    • Jason Kahn

      I think he was more worried about getting sued by the music industry then by HTC

  • CharlesJorgenson


  • blairh

    Took me about a minute online to learn he took the phone from his dad, who is a tester. Man, what an enormous mistake by this kid. I just hope his dad doesn’t lose his job now. On the bright side, phone looks excellent.