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Samsung’s Next Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to Run Tizen OS?

Galaxy Gear 2

According to sources of USA Today, Samsung will look to “shun Android,” while integrating its own Tizen operating system instead of Google’s mobile OS into the next rendition of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Over the past couple of weeks, rumors and reports have ran wild with speculation as to what the next Galaxy Gear will feature, but this is the first time we are hearing that it could possibly run Tizen instead of Android.

With just a week left until a reported unveiling at MWC in Barcelona, we don’t have long to wait until we see just what Samsung has planned. 

Tizen, much like Android, is a flexible, open source operating system that is designed to run on mobile devices (phones, tablets, netbooks) and other hardware. Samsung has long been reported to be a heavy contributor to the Tizen movement, with reports going as far as to claim that the OEM would drop Android altogether in favor of Tizen.

It has been reported that Samsung will introduce a flexible OLED display for the device, but as far as specs are concerned, that’s all we have rounded up from credible sources.

The original Galaxy Gear was announced last year in early September, being met with negative and poor reviews from tech sites all over the world. While the watch was “cool,” it just couldn’t live up to the hype or expected usefulness that Samsung had intended.

With the launch of the second rendition already coming just five and a half months later, we will see if Samsung was able to learn any lessons from its first launch into the wearables market.

Via: USA Today | The Verge
  • Jaimin
  • Sounds like some chinese nanny’s name

  • ClarkDV

    I thought they said they were gonna move towards Google’s vision of Android???

  • rfranken

    I call dibs on the candy crush knock off made to work on the samsung store for Tizen!

  • Tony Byatt

    I makes since if they are going to be compatible with non Samsung Galaxy devices…

  • Joe Cool

    Over the past couple of weeks, rumors and reports have ran wild with speculation. Should that be run instead of ran?

  • Mordecaidrake

    Samsung doesn’t realize no one will buy their phones if they do this do they? Rather they’ll be bought but the uneducated and then returned when they find they can’t run any of the apps their used to.

  • TylerChappell

    I am so glad I will never buy a Shamsung device for myself. I have too much dignity and respect for that.

  • Its a rumor. I bet its wrong. Not that it matters. It’ll be another crappy device. The only real question is if we’ll get another blast of creepy ads.

  • Jose Alvarado

    @samsung it would be a very stupid move to try to use tizen on the next galaxy gear. Don’t ignore us… the Android army, we want android in that next galaxy gear.

  • Aaron

    I can see Tizen working on a small screen with its own custom apps, but from what little I saw on the Tizen website, it looks antiquated like Gingerbread. TouchWiz on top might make it look better, but compared to iOS, Android, and even WP8 and BB, it just looks old. I can’t see Samsung messing up the good thing they got with Google by using Tizen on their phones. It’s not like they aren’t already pushing their own apps and services on Android. What could there be to gain from running their own OS?

  • Johny

    OEM is just SLAVE. Samsung have suffered by MS for a long time. They hate it. If tizen starts to get momentum, every hw companies will use tizen. TIzen is owned by nobody. Nobody can force and order them.

  • Michael Singer

    Yup cuz that’s what samsung needs:
    An overpriced smart watch that has no battery life, must be tethered to a (assuming non andriod) galaxy device and will officially do nothing

  • Ralph Bretz

    Samsung did it right in the beginning by copy the iPhone. They got so much free publicity and their phones were constantly being compared to the iPhone so the general public just bought into them. That’s how they grew so fast.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s simple concept of being at the right place at the right time. It the same way how Android got noticed and started to grow quickly. Especially with all the angry comments about it coming from Steve Jobs’ mouth all the time. Free publicity.

      • Chris

        It got a lot of nerds out of the basements…. sadly most returned and still dont have girlfriends

  • ThatFool

    There is a troll among us

  • Guest
  • Intellectua1

    Razer Nabu, that’s all..

  • b00sted

    it is like they want to see how many watches they can’t sell

  • JeffColorado

    Tizen…the hideous mutant child of touchwiz that I instantly hate.

    • steven williams

      The new SmartQ Z-Watch for $155 also launches In February and is worth reviewing.

      The SmartQ Z-Watch is made by Smart Devices, which won a 2013 CTIA E-Tech Award for innovation and offers a new updated model which now features Android 4.4 that works with the iPhone and Android phones to handle phone calls and views texts and schedule.

      The Z-Watch has specs that compare to the upcoming Galaxy 2 watch and is much more competitively priced, with the Z-Watch offering an advanced 1Ghz processor, a long-lasting 300 mAh, a high resolution color touchscreen display, a full-featured MP3 Player; as well as a Walking/Jogging Pedometer and sleep analyzer and the ability to use the watch to play music while exercising and keeping walking/jogging stats.

      Priced about the same as the Pebble Watch, the Z-Watch has a lot more to offer compared to the Pebble, with its monochrome non-touch display, slower 180Mhz processor and limit of 8 Apps that can be installed on the Pebble.

      TabletMaxx – is one of the first sources to offer the new, updated version of the Z-watch and also includes a premium headset for MP3 function as well as an extra leather watch strap.

      • James Monday

        Thank you, SmartQ employee, for this cleverly disguised advertisement.

        • Gregory Anderson

          SmartQ makes a good watch, runs circles around the Pebble

  • reyalP

    Guaranteed to get even more pretty ladies!

  • Mikey Styles

    Does this honestly surprise anyone when it comes to Samsung?

  • tyguy829

    Didn’t google just allegedly sign something to become best buds with samsung?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Why should Samsung, the number 1 Android manufacturer that sells over 60% of Android devices, have to listen to what Google says?

      For the sake of keeping Android relevant among the public, Google needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Google. Samsung is more than just a smartphone company.

      • xpyroxcorex

        i disagree. samsung needs googles app store. tizen doesnt have that, no where near that. even common consumers dont want to switch ecosystems to one that doesnt have as many apps. one main reason windows isnt doing too hot, they were late to the game.

    • Cameron Laudick

      yeah i agree.. no idea what is going on here. honestly i could care less about what samsung is doing, other than push companies to keep up with their hardware.

      • Tim242

        *couldn’t care less*

        • Zounder99

          could care less is the common expression. Couldn’t care less is grammatically correct. But who cares when it comes to common expressions?

          • Tim242

            “Couldn’t care less” is the common expression. It goes beyond grammar. If you say you could care less, that means you care more now. That is the opposite of what you are trying to express.

          • Zounder99

            Google it. “Could care less” is a common expression.

          • Tim242

            No it is not. It is a common mistake.

          • Zounder99

            Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

          • Tim242

            The point is, “couldn’t care less” is the actual expression. There are people out there that for whatever reason, change it. They are too dumb to realize that by changing it, they are conveying the opposite of what they intended on expressing.

          • sirmeili

            While I agree with you, it is how languages develop. This is why you now see the word “literally” in dictionaries defined with what is essentially the opposite definition as well as the classic one. People use it enough that it “literally” changes the definition of the word (Pun intended).

            I’m not saying I agree with these “common usages”, but that it has become common place to change the meaning of phrases bases on the popular use of those phrases and their intended meaning (not their literal meaning)

          • Jim890

            It won’t make a difference, that’s why I could care less about the changes.

          • Tim242

            Why do you care so much about the change?

          • Jim890

            I don’t really care about the changes, if it happens, it happens. “CARE LESS”

          • JayMars84

            “To much” is probably the common way of spelling “too much.”

  • Ralph Bretz

    Google should of held onto Motorola. Drop Motorola to cozy up to Samsung and now Samsung is set to push Tizen out.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Keeping Motorola would’ve made Samsung simply work faster at Tizen. Especially since Motorola at the time was under the ownsership of the main distributor of Android competiting against their own partners. Samsung knew that even though the Moto X and G didn’t sell as much as they intended. With Google on their side and the fast updates and customization, Motorola could’ve been a legitimate threat in a couple years if not checked with their lower prices. Samsung had to act fast and blackmail Google before Motorola’s brand started to catch on to the public again.

      • Ralph Bretz

        Good points. I wonder what’s up with the down votes though. It was a really good retort I thought.

    • Tim242

      *should’ve – contraction for should have.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This may actually be a pretty good idea. Look at pebble for example. Seems like Samsung wants to have more broad connectivity options (that can also interact with iPhones for example). Samsung not putting Android on their watch may just be a specific instance to try to push their wearables forward. I don’t think this has anything to do with Android on the rest of their devices.

    • Nikuliai

      Because they made the Gear compatible with so many ANDROID phones… oh wait just 1 and then pushed it to 4

  • Alisan_C

    Yep and samsung is putting a lot of money in it (Tizen appstore). I bet they subsidized gamesalad.

    Gamesalad (app maker) gives 50$ per app thats pushed into Tizen store + additional extra 1600 or so if it’s a good app. to devs.

    And you dont even have to be a paid member.

    Ofcourse it can’t be a obvious copy.

    • Michael Schnider

      Dang It!! I was thinking Flappy Cow would be a huge hit! Lol.

  • calculatorwatch

    I don’t see how this matters. Either way it will only work with galaxy devices and be way too overpriced to justify its feature set. The only thing it won’t have is the ability to hack it to run really tiny versions of phone apps.

  • Pedro

    Where’s the update that the Rosegold watch is actually cool?

  • Menger40

    They can load whatever OS they want on their watch as long as it plays well with my phone and it’s useful.

  • Joder

    Mark my words. This is the end of Samsung dominance in the smartphone world.

    • AbbyZFresh

      More like the end of Android dominance. People are almost as loyal to Samsung as they are to Apple. Galaxy is a recognized brand name that instantly sells millions of devices. Once Samsung finds a way to get developers to build apps for Tizen. Google will have a lot of trouble on their hands.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        People say that like it’s so simple “We’ll just build our own app store” Look how long it’s taking BB and Windows Phone to get the basic apps that’s been on Android and iOS for years. Even the most basic Samsung Galaxy users will definitely miss those apps for a long time if Samsung decides to ditch. It’s not that simple. And with Samsung and Google getting so much closer I don’t think they’ll ever leave Android on the High End.

        • Blue Sun

          Don’t forget to include Amazon in your list too.

        • AbbyZFresh

          This is a “What if” scanario. But if the Galaxy Gear smartwatch turns out to have Tizen. Our fears might become a possibility.

        • AbbyZFresh

          People barely know nor care about Blackberry nor Windows Phone as today’s smartphones. But people definitely know about Samsung and their unique reputation among Android brands. Remember, Samsung has the power of marketing on their hands.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            That doesn’t really have anything to do with apps. You can’t tell someone with an S3 for example that their S5 is missing ALL the apps they’re used to using. They’ll lose customers by the boatload.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            So what you are saying, is if the S5 runs Tizen, and has all the functionality of the apps people are used to, but uses other apps, or maybe comes built in, people will miss the Google apps? I understand there will be a functional overlap, but I think AbbyZFresh has a point. We just won’t know who is right till we see what actually happens.

            As someone who has written a few smaller apps, it would be sort of enticing to start coding to Tizen to get an app out that has functionality similar to apps in the Google app store to potentially get users before other apps start hitting the Tizen app store. This certainly holds true if Samsung releases a phone that sells millions like the S4 did, but that phone runs Tizen.

          • JayMars84

            “what you are saying, is if the S5 runs Tizen, and has all the functionality of the apps people are used to, but uses other apps, or maybe comes built in, people will miss the Google apps?”

            Yes. Who do you know that thinks S-Voice is a proper substitute for Google Now? The majority of people won’t settle for an app that’s “kind of” like Instagram. Ask Microsoft. They found out. Samsung would have to launch a Tizen with the big names already on board to MAYBE have just a slim chance.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, My sister has an S3 and my father (a network administrator) has an S4. Both use S-Voice, because it comes with their Galaxy device and is right there. At my job, I probably help setup about 2-3 “Galaxy” devices for users a week and most of those users don’t know what Google Now is, but they are proud to show off S-Voice (I usually end up showing them Google Now on my Nexus). My point is, If Samsung ports all their apps to Tizen, the average user probably wouldn’t even know the difference.

          • JayMars84

            No one I know with a Galaxy device touches any default Samsung app. Not because they know better, but because they don’t see the Google G on it. As I said in my post above, if Samsung’s service numbers were outweighing Google’s, we would know. Samsung can port “their” apps to Tizen all they want. Unless they also got Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Candy Crush, bank apps, on board out the gate, their apps are a moot point.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            And for the past year, Samsung has been getting developers to make apps for Tizen. Keep in mind Tizen isn’t just being pushed by Samsung, but Intel and some others as well. We don’t know what apps Tizen already has ready to go when it launches on a device. Does it surprise you to know that Tizen has had two Developer conferences so far? Does it surprise you to know it’s had developers making apps for it for over a year? I also hate to point this out, but the only Google Apps I see on My Nexus that have the “Google G” are Google Maps and Google +. So if they name Tizen Maps (or whatever it ends up being) Maps, just like Google Maps on my Nexus is defaultly labeled Maps, lots of people wouldn’t know the difference if the Maps app works.

          • JayMars84

            The G doesn’t matter. The point is the majority of people will use Google apps first. Btw, when you first load Maps, you get a page with Google on it asking you to comply and set it up. So people know it’s Google. And let’s say they have some develop on board. I guarantee they don’t have many big names. How do I know? Well, they already won’t have Google. Look how they’re treating Microsoft. You think they’ll cozy up to the OEM that just abandoned them? So there goes your YouTube app and the maps app everyone was using before they switched to Tizen. Say the bigger ones come on later. Okay, how well is that working for Microsoft? But Microsoft doesn’t have the marketing Samsung does. Maybe true, but how is that helping them sell Gears?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, you have one major flaw with this thinking. Tizen is HTML5 based. Most Google Services are launched with HTML5 encoding in them. Tizen would just have to include a link to the Google equivalent website on the app portion of their device, and have it run in a blocked off portion of Memory. Similar to what Google does with it’s Chrome OS. All the Chrome OS apps could even potentially be ported to Tizen as Tizen is HTML5 based. So Tizen would most likely have all the Google Apps, unless Google decides to start blocking Tizen devices. I don’t see that happening, As Google wants the Ad revenue. Google treats Microsoft differently as they would have to design a full fledged app for they app store.

          • JayMars84

            No one prefers websites over dedicated apps, no matter how many at Crackberry try to say otherwise. If people are so open to webapps, why bother with the developer’s conferences? I’m sure they want native apps. As far as Google blocking Tizen, they’ve blocked Microsoft in the past. I’m not sure if the reason was legit, or just them being petty, but either way, the ad revenue didn’t matter.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            “No one prefers websites over dedicated apps” huh? That is exactly what Google is trying to push towards with Chrome OS and their chrome app store. HTML5 programming allows you to launch a website that runs like an app either direct from a website or via packaged html5 code. And the reason Google blocked their apps on Windows Mobile was because Microsoft was blocking the ads google was trying to show in those apps. So it was all about ad revenue.

          • JayMars84

            Microsoft says they were willing to include ads, but Google wouldn’t cooperate.
            And yes, no one prefers webapps. If they did, Chromebooks would outsell Android devices. They don’t.
            If they did, people would not have apps on their phones, just bookmarks. They don’t.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Google wouldn’t cooperate? Google wanted the App written in the Native HTML5 code that Youtube runs on. Microsoft couldn’t do that with Windows Phone, so the Youtube App that MICROSOFT created broke the Google Terms of service, and you are saying Google wouldn’t cooperate? Google was willing to cooperate, they wanted it written the way their service worked. Microsoft’s OS couldn’t do that.
            Tizen is HTML5 based and wouldn’t have those problems so Tizen could make apps for ALL of Google Services if they wanted because all Google services are now HTML5 based. Make and HTML5 package, Tizen has a Native Google App. Google still gets revenue.

            And No one prefers webapps? Google prefers webapps. Or I should say, Google prefers HTML5 packaged apps. You know, the ones that run in their Chrome Webstore and their Chome OS. If you have a HTML5 app, people won’t know the difference between a webapp and a native app. Provide them a link from a store and the user is none the wiser.

            As for Android devices outselling chromebooks. They are two different things! Now who is comparing things that don’t match up? But by the way, Chromebooks have the number one selling laptop on Amazon and 3 out of the top 4 selling laptops on Amazon. IF you believe the NPD sales figures Chromebooks could have 21% of the business market for computer, laptops and tablets (personally, I think that number is flawed, and it is disputed by a lot of people) But it still goes to show that Chromebooks are selling and are being preferred by some people, because, again, people can’t tell it is a web app if it runs like a native app.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            People don’t want “Similar Apps” They the apps they know and use everyday. They want Netflix, Hulu, Google Maps, Flappy Bird etc. My point is a brand new App Store can’t fill the void fast enough to not lose customers to another platform.

          • AbbyZFresh

            I love the way you snuck in Flappy Bird into the list. 😉

          • Franklin Ramsey

            It can’t? So how did Android start, when the Apple App store was already out and had a head start? If Samsung has a “Maps” app on their phone, that works similar to Google Maps, or iOS Maps that people are used to, most people won’t notice. And with someone as big as Samsung, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t have something in the works with Netflix and most major apps makers.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You’re talking about basic one off apps (By the way it takes A LOT to have a maps app. Ask apple how hard it is). . . THe point is there are the popular apps, the standard apps, and even the lowend apps that someone using Android/Samsung device right now (the average user) they will instantly notice is missing. You can’t cater for the average user’s daily apps in a short period of time. Apple introduced the app store… nobody cared about “Apps” before that in the way they do now as a part of their daily lives. Android had more than enough time to catch up because of that.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Ok so for a Maps app, they license Nokia’s Maps back end. And Samsung isn’t catering to the average user’s daily apps in a short period of time. They’ve been building the Tizen App store for about a year now, and it isn’t even public yet. Samsung and Intel are driving the Tizen OS and are paying developers to port their apps or make new apps for it. They have been for a while. And no one cared about Apps before Apple introduced the App store? That’s not true. People just weren’t used to getting their apps from an App store. They were used to going to a retailer, buying the software program and loading it on, or using the apps that were preloaded on the device.

        • jamaall

          The most plausible outcome is that if Tizen is even released, it will be on low end phones for quite a while. You can’t just stick a new OS on a high end phone and expect it to be a hit the first try. We wouldn’t have to worry about this for years.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            So, the iPhone wasn’t a hit right off the bat?

          • jamaall

            The iPhone was the first major smartphone to hit the market. It was actually the best that was out there at the time. If Tizen is released on this market with high standards, there’s no way it can initially compete with well established competitors. So you can’t really compare this potential release to the iPhone.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I think you will find that with technology, things always change. There is no way that Tizen can compete with a well established market? All it needs is to be able to do what it does very well. People once thought Apple was dead. Then the iPod came out. There were other MP3 players out on the market, yet the iPod pretty much brought Apple back to life. Then they had the iPhone. The iPhone was not the first major smartphone to hit the market. There were blackberry phones and windows mobile phones. Those were also smart phones. The iPhone just did all those things they could do, but did it better. Ignoring change doesn’t mean change won’t happen anyway.

          • Zounder99

            Fair enough. But the iPhone was different enough, and a fair amount better, than the competition. What does Tizen offer that is so much better/different/amazing that isn’t offered through other sources?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            That’s my point. We don’t know what Tizen has to offer yet. We haven’t seen it!

          • jamaall

            Before the iPhone, smartphones felt more business oriented. It kind of brought a new market to smart phones. Also many won’t want to move away from something they are established in. Many people with iPhones or iPods have bought music and some have with android too. Then theres purchased apps etc and Tizen won’t have the app base to start that Apple or Android have. That’s why I’m thinking Tizen would start off on the lower tiered phones and work its way up. Its got to work its way up and be reputable before people go dropping $200 on contract for a new high end phone that you’re stuck with for 2 years.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            So whose to say Tizen won’t have some marketable aspect that people will love? “Before the iPhone, smartphones felt more business oriented.” What does that matter? The original argument made by you was that the iPhone was the first major smartphone, which wasn’t a true statement. What’s to say Tizen won’t start some new revolution in the way people use smartphones. Teens might love them and they could blow up like iPhones. I’m just saying, technology always changes. For the longest time, people couldn’t see PCs being challenged, but now they are being challenged by smart phones and tablets.

            Do I think Tizen will be an over night success? No. But If someone as big as Samsung is behind it, I wouldn’t immediately count it out.

          • jamaall

            My point was that the iPhone was the first smartphone for that market. Irrelevant now, who cares.
            Anyway, we’ll see about Tizen. They’ll have to do something outstanding to win over such a large portion of the market.
            And PCs seemed to have adapted to the tablet craze; with the convertible 2-in-1s. So we’ll see in the coming years if this new OS comes to fruition.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I agree we will see. I sort of hope that Tizen doesn’t simply because I like Google, but I can see it happening. So can Google. Hence why I think Google sold off Motorola. I think Samsung threatened they would release Tizen in their Flagship, and Google knew they were big enough that could crash their Android Market share dominance.

          • jamaall

            True. I see Samsung phones almost as much as iPhones nowadays. There aren’t that many people I see with flagships from HTC, Motorola, Sony, or LG. I too really like Google, but like you said unfortunately, there is a chance it would eventually happen.

          • JayMars84

            My N95-3 owned the first iPhone. Just sayin’.

      • Bionicman

        As much as I enjoy Samsung products, without Android, it wouldn’t be a tough decision to change to another android phone manufacturer especially with so many good choices these days.

      • grumpyfuzz

        And the people who own Galaxy devices have the Google Play store. They have also invested into apps, music, movies, etc, in the Google ecosystem. I think they would be getting a lot of returns if the newest Galaxy phone ran Tizen and didn’t have the Google Play store…

        • AbbyZFresh

          How do you know they didn’t get those content from another source. Remember, Android is open source, you can get apps, music, and movies from any source onto your phone besides the Play Store.

          • Zounder99

            You are reaching here. The majority of people will do the easiest thing to get what they want. So, if they own an Android phone, they will use the obvious choice: Google Play Services. Some people, who spend a bit more time, might find 3rd parties to get their content. But, you are talking about the masses who buy Samsung phones for being Samsung phones. I’d have to say a fair majority of those people likely have invested with Google. Maybe not for everything. But for a fair amount.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually I don’t think she is reaching. Most of the S4 users I know were using the Samsung app store, not Google play. For email service, a lot were using the email client on the device. I know for work, most of our users use whatever defaults are, so for an email client, it’s the one that comes with the device. For the App store, it’s whatever the default app store is. Be it the Samsung app store, the Google app store, or for a few users that had their kids set their phones up, the amazon app store.

            People use what is easiest to use, like you said. You and I are used to that being Google Play Services. Most people are used to that being whatever the default option is.

          • Zounder99

            Most I know use Google Play. All of my users use Google Play for everything. Again, not saying its universal. But I’d say its more widespread to use Google Play than the 3rd parties. I can’t prove this, nor do I want to do the research to find out, but I’d say that AbbyZFresh’s point is, at the least, overstated. This will effect Google users who have invested in Google. And, if nothing else, it is fair to say that there are SOME Galaxy users who have invested with Google too. Those users would be torn.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, most of the users I deal with use the Apple App store. My point is, people use what comes on their device. I have more and more users that are switching from their iPhones to an Android device because they want more of the gimmicky features found in phones, because they seem cool (if only for a little while). Most use whatever App store the are first presented with and start using free apps at first to see if they can do everything they want to do. If not, they return the phone. I’m not saying Tizen won’t have people returning phones to switch back. I’m saying if everyone with a Galaxy S3 (over 50 million of those were sold as of April 2013), buys the S5, and the S5 comes with Tizen, most people will give it a few days to see if the apps and functionality are there. If not, they will switch back, but if half of them are converted, that’s 25 million people to start a new user base, which is Larger than the amount of windows phones being sold globally. If that goes forward, Tizen could potentially take off.

          • JayMars84

            That would NEVER happen. First off, if your argument is that people use the app store they’re first presented with on their device, Google still wins. The Play Store is the first store you see. So you can’t simultaneously argue that more people will use the first store they see AND most will use the Samsung store. Second, your scenario with the 50 million people would only work if 50 million people bought it at once. You can’t get 50 million iPhones sold at once, you think Tizen stands a chance? Let’s say 9 million bought it in a weekend, and half returned it. That’s a far cry from your 25 million. You’re pretty much in WP8, BlackBerry territory, possibly a little better.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well on the Samsung S4s I’ve seen the Samsung App Store is presented first. Not the Google. So my argument stands. And my argument for the 50 million doesn’t stand only if they were all bought at once, but if they were bought in a close period of time. Say, a month. Given that the S4 sold 10 million phones in it’s first month, if they had similar sales of the S5 and only half the users stayed with it if it is Tizen, that would be a user base of 5 million users. I’m going below your numbers. Why? Because Tizen already has developers. So there are already Apps being made and the OS isn’t even out yet. I think Samsung is big enough that if they were to release the S5 as a Tizen device, they would be able to keep about half their user base of the S3 numbers, not even the S4 numbers of over 80 million. That’s a strong start to a new app store as, like you said, it would rival Windows Phone numbers or more. And with Samsungs brand behind it, I think that number would just grow.

          • JayMars84

            You’re lying again. On my Note 3, the Play Store is the first store you see. It’s on the right bottom side of the screen. Unboxing videos on Youtube will confirm the same for the S4. And again, those sales will never happen. It’s a complete fantasy. No one is going to sell 10 million of an unproven phone OS the first month. How can you think this is possible? Tizen already has developers? Great. Who?

          • kashtrey

            Yup, I believe it’s actually a requirement from Google to use their apps, that they must be displayed prominently

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I hate to break it to you but I am not lying. Just going by what I have seen. Most users I have seen with S4s are using Samsung app store. Do I know why? Nope. I use a Nexus. Also I made no argument against a Note 3. And selling 10 million phones with an unproven OS in the first month isn’t going to happen? It already did with the iPhone. A Majority of their users were complaining about iOS 7 when it came out and they still sold 9 million phones in a weekend.

          • JayMars84

            You’re trying to distort things. iOS 7 wasn’t an unproven OS, it was an update to a proven OS. Come on, man.
            And your claim was that the Samsung store was the first you’re exposed to on a Galaxy device. We’re no longer talking about whether or not people use the Samsung app store over Google’s. You’re wrong on both counts anyway. A little over two years ago, the Samsung app store had 100 million downloads in ten months. Let’s say it’s at 500 million now. Google Play has that many with the Facebook app ALONE. So even if you were being honest, which I don’t believe you were, your experience is an extreme anomaly and can’t be used as the basis of your argument.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            First, no I am not trying to distort things. iOS was a complete redesign of an established OS, one which people didn’t like as it was a NEW OS. Same thing could be said for Windows 8, people complained about it, but if they wanted to buy a new PC, that’s what they HAD to get if they wanted a Windows PC. Now, there are at least 200 million Windows 8 PCs. A complete redesign of an OS that doesn’t look like the old OS, is, in the minds of an average user, a new OS. A new OS is unproven till it is released and proves itself.

            And I’m sorry if I made a claim that the Samsung store was the first people were exposed to on a Galaxy Device. I just assumed that was true as most Samsung S3 and S4s I’ve dealt with from normal every day people on a daily basis have the Samsung app store listed on their main home screen. Not Google’s. Since that has been the case, I assumed that is the way they came, never having owned an S4 or S3 myself.

            So now let us look at the App portion of your argument. That 100 million downloads in 10 months of being released was in 2011 over 3 years ago, and that Data came a full year before the S3 was even released. Judging by the fact Samsung has sold hundred of Millions of phones since then, I’d be surprised if their downloads from their app store hasn’t gone much Higher. Google has has over 48 billion apps downloaded from their store since the launch of their app store. Amazon is estimated to have just over half the number of paid downloads as Google has (though neither Amazon nor samsung release actual numbers) But if Amazon can get over half the number Google has in paid apps in since 2011 since it’s app store opened, I’d be surprised if the Samsung App store hasn’t hit at least a third of that number, which is still a huge amount of apps. Yes, the Amazon App store sees a bunch of use from just the Kindle Fire users, but at the time the first fire launched in 2011, Amazon stated they already had 100 million downloads from their app store. I’m using these numbers to show that we don’t know what the Samsung app store numbers are, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t in the billions like Amazon is.

            That being said, even if my experience is an anomaly, it appears to be one that is valid.

            It also says nothing about what Tizen would be capable of doing or hitting, so either way, I don’t see how it helps or hurts either of our arguments.

            Please also keep in mind that I like Google. I use all their services and prefer them over others. I’m simply saying that it is more than probable that Tizen could be bigger than any of us realize. They have been working on the OS for over 2 years, with developers supporting it and they don’t even have a customer facing product that I am aware of. How you can discount something that large with the backing of the largest smartphone maker in the world at this point, I don’t know. I’m saying it is possible and shouldn’t be discounted just because we are fans of Google!

          • JayMars84

            Again, iOS 7 was a new version of an established OS people already knew and invested in, just as 6 was to 5. Yes, there was a radical redesign, which some didn’t like, but the experience was the same. When they updated, all their apps and information was still there. It was NOT moving to a completely different OS, the way moving from Android to Tizen would be. You’re trying to make it sound as if people went from the familiarity of Windows XP to using Linux for the first time. It was an update. The iPhone sold that well because people already knew and enjoyed iOS.
            Second, no, your anomaly is NOT valid. You don’t even own a Galaxy device but attempted to tell the owner of one was is on it. In addition, you are basing your whole argument, not on numbers, but on what you see from a few people at your work. It doesn’t matter if Samsung has hit a billion downloads (which would have been reported), it still pales miserably to the number of Play Store downloads, defeating your argument that more people download from the Samsung store.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually the over all experience from iOS 6 to iOS 7 wasn’t the same, hence all the complaints. But let’s look at moving from Android to Tizen. How would all their information not be there? They’d still have their Email, contacts could sync, calendars, everything but some apps, which could be brought over fairly easily with HTML5 coding.

            And my “anomaly” is valid as I am basing it on the numbers we actually have, which I provided. I also don’t know why we are still arguing about the samsung app store download numbers. You say I am making the argument that more people download from the Samsung App store. Nope, I never made that claim. I stated that people use whatever app store they see first. I also made the comment that a majority of the users I’ve seen with S4 and S3 devices use the Samsung app store. Never said a majority of people use the Samsung store.

            But this is straying even further from my argument that if the “S5 comes with Tizen, most people will give it a few days to see if the apps and functionality are there. If not, they will switch back” and that the S5 will sell because it is a Samsung and most people won’t know the difference. They will know it is a Samsung Flagship phone. They will buy it. Who knows what happens when they see it is a bit different. But depending on how Samsung skins touchwiz the S5 could be looking different anyways even if it is running full Android.

            The only real argument I’m making is I think Tizen has a chance and Google knows it. Do I think Google cares? I have no idea, considering Google makes money off iOS as long as people use their services, I think Google isn’t going to worry about Tizen since all their Services should continue to work on a Tizen device. I think Google will keep pushing it’s focus on HTML5 apps, like it is doing, so it doesn’t matter what OS you are using, you can keep using their services.

          • Ben Landwehr

            What?! iOS 7 is like.. The exact same. It has a different, flatter, UI and things that said “back” are now just arrows. Some people just don’t like the look. 90% of my friends are iPhone users and all agree it’s the same, just looks a bit different. It’s no where near what a completely new OS would look like.

            I recently got myself an iPad Mini as well after not having an iOS device in years. Not much has changed…

          • sirmeili

            I see a huge difference. When I buy a new android phone, my contacts, calendars, email, and even apps are brought over for me when I first sign it. It’s simple, it’s easy.

            If, as an average consumer, I have owned more than 1 android device (even if they were not all samsung phones), I have more than likely experienced this. Now, Person X’s last phone was an S4 and when they got it all that stuff happened. So now they get an S5 with Tizen. That same transfer of information WILL NOT HAPPEN! It is not android. Will they be able to get all that data back in there? Sure, but it will likely not be as easy.

            I think a lot of users will see this and go “why is this so much harder than last time when I updated?”. Their only saving grace is if they did some kind of app that was released to the android (or samsung marketplace) for android that allowed that data to be transfered over. This would be similar to what Motorola did with their app that moves over pictures and text messages.

            Either way, if I’ve bought an S4 and I have any amount of money tied up in apps in the Google play store, and I buy an S5, I would expect to be able to get those same apps. So either Samsung needs to fork over the money to get me the Tizen versions, or I’m moving on. Normal people don’t think OS…they think “Galaxy” and if I paid for it on my S4, I should have it on my S5.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Again, I’ve gone over your Contacts, calendar, and email arguments in posts to others. They would most likely transfer just as easily as if you were switching from an Android device. Why? Tizen should have Google services as all Google Services are HTML5 based and Tizen is an HTML5 based OS. If you are talking other email services, all major phone OSes support them out of the box.

          • sirmeili

            I’ll believe it when I see it. I think you are completely mis-understanding what HTML5 is. While yes, you can have a BROWSER that is HTML compliant, that is not the OS. Yes they can have HTML5 apps in a browser wrapper (Without the browser chrome (in this case chrome is referring to the browser UI elements, not the browser called Chrome that is released by Google)), but this does NOT mean that the OS is HTML5 based. If it were, that would mean that the OS itself is written in HTML5 and runs off that, which we all can agree it does not. I am curious exactly how these HTML5 apps will handle notifications as well since all the code for them remains server side an not client side (I don’t deny that there would be ways to do it, but it would not be as simple as just putting a link in a chromeless browser).

            Once again, it is not the OS that supports HTML5, it is a browser which supports HTML5. In the case of ChromeOS, it is Chrome that supports HTML. The only thing that might make Chrome seem like it’s HTML5 based is because all of it’s apps are written in it, but the OS itself is not (hence, the OS is NOT HTML5 based).

            Also, let me add that just because you have html5 versions of the google apps (if they do in fact have them), that does not mean you will have the hooks required to import all that information from those apps. They will basically have to get all the contacts from Google, and import them into their own contacts. Perhaps they will do this, but it will be upon Google to allow them, and there is no certainty that they will.

            You also decided to completely ignore the comment on paid apps. If I bought an app on my S4, why would I not expect it to be on my S5 (same line of phone… GALAXY S series)? Even if it is in the Tizen App store, that means that, for me the user, I want that app to be paid for so I don’t have to double purchase it. After all, as a lay person, I may not understand that the OS actually changed on my “favorite” line of phones, nor should I care. (note that I actually do not like the Galaxy line of phones, I think they are just as closed off in many senses just like that iPhone is).

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I think you need to read up on what HTML5 allows for or else you have no concept of what Tizen is able to do. I’ll refer you to tizen.org so you can read up, but I’ll take one segment from their website.

            “Tizen provides a robust and flexible environment for application developers, based on HTML5. With HTML5’s robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility, it is rapidly becoming the preferred development environment for mobile apps and services. The Tizen SDK and API allow developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments.”

            Once Again, Tizen is HTML5 BASED. It is an OS that supports HTML5, NOT just a browser that supports HTML5 inside an OS. So, your entire first two paragraphs have no bearing as they are wrong and the OS itself DOES support HTML5 natively. I think you don’t quite grasp what HTML5 allows for. HTML5 is coding that can be used to run a web site, but it has also evolved to allow for so much more. Sort of like it’s own programming language. So your statements that it isn’t an HTML5 based OS are either misguided statements of ignorance simply because you didn’t know that was capable, or you just have no concept of what Tizen actually is.

            Now, in relation to your notifications being done, let me ask you, how are your notifications being done currently? Let’s look at Facebook. In a web browser, when someone messages you, a notification along the top of your web browser pops up and increments letting you know you have a message. In an OS based in HTML5, if you link to a website that is HTML5 you can run with cross platform code so that notification pops up in some notification bar on your phone. If your phone has no internet connection, no notification. Much like an Android phone doesn’t get notifications if there is no internet.

            As for the hooks required to import Google contacts or whatever, again, Tizen is a HTML5 based OS. So it can pull those contacts out within the APIs HTML5 has. Fairly easy to do, and Google actually supports this currently with web browsers. Think of an HTML5 based OS as the next incremental step in the evolution of the web if it helps.

            And I didn’t ignore your comment on apps. I just didn’t respond to it as I’ve already gone over that in other posts. Yes, people will want their paid apps to go from their S4 to their S5. If the S5 were to run Tizen and their Apps wouldn’t transfer, they’d either check to see if there were other apps to take the place, or return the phone. I’ve already gone over that in other posts here.

          • sirmeili

            I think perhaps I should have prefaced my statement that saying I’m a Web Applications Developer by trade. I fully understand what HTML5 is. AS a matter of fact, it is often a mis-used term. HTML5 is actually somewhat limited. For the sake of argument though, I will go with the version you are using which is actually a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (even Google mis-uses this term as it has become commonplace to jsut refer to these web apps as “HTML5!!”)

            Even if the OS Supports it, your comment was that all they had to do was “put it in a browser” without the chome. This is basically loading a web page instead of a native app. I could easily say that Windows support HTML 5 because it is has IE and using your argument Windows is “based” in HTML5 because I can run HTML applications (HTA). Likely what they are doing is allowing you to create your app and using HTML, CSS and JS and putting in a chromeless browser. Once again, this does not make Tizen OS HTML5 based. It’s app may very well be HTML5 based, but NOT the OS. Supporting something and being Based on something are two very completely different things.

            Now let me get to specifics (since you are such an expert):

            “Now, in relation to your notifications being done, let me ask you, how are your notifications being done currently?”

            I do not develop mobile apps currently for any of the applications I work on, however, your logic seems to imply that I now have to keep that running all the time. Perhaps Tizen will allow the HTML5 apps to create services to run and do notifications, and if so, this will likely NOT be based ultimately in HTML5, though they may use HTML to allow the developer to define them. I do believe that currently a lot of notifications in Android are handled through Services that are part of the app, but allow you to get notifications without having to have the whole app loaded (background services, which BTW, HTML5 would be poor at, and even JS would be poor at as it is an interpretted language instead of a compiled language). To be clear, a “native” app will always preform better than an HTML5 app (HTML5, CSS3 and JS) because at it’s core it is depending on an interpretted language for logic (JavaScript). The benefit to HTML5 apps is cross platform usability, not speed or efficiency.

            “As for the hooks required to import Google contacts or whatever, again, Tizen is a HTML5 based OS. So it can pull those contacts out within the APIs HTML5 has.”

            HTML5 has no “APIs” in that sense*. An API is an Application Programming Interface. Google has to implement an API (in this case in the form of a web service) to allow people to grab it. HTML is a Display based language. That term as a technology often includes JavaScript and CSS with it (Though that is a different standard in and of itself as is JS), though as far as I know the HTML5 spec does not specifically deal with CSS not JS as they have their own standard. Back to point though. They are including things such as web-sockets. Just because a site is written in HTML5 does NOT mean it has an API for accessing such information. If Google Doesn’t provide it (or blocks access to any they have) to Samsung, the best they can do is scrape the HTML for the information. This is a poor replacement for what think it will so as in most cases a change by Google in the layout will render Samsung’s scraping invalid.

            “Think of an HTML5 based OS as the next incremental step in the evolution of the web if it helps.”

            Once again, HTML5 is NOT what Tizen is based on. IT may run apps written in it, but the OS itself is NOT based on HTML5. And even if it supports apps written in HTML5, that is basically saying “it is a browser” as HTML is a language for writing applications/sites viewed through a browser. And even then, it is a poor programming language at that (as it deals mainly with data layout and very little “function” that is where CSS comes in at some point and JS does the heavy lifting).

            “And I didn’t ignore your comment on apps. I just didn’t respond to it as I’ve already gone over that in other posts. Yes, people will want their paid apps to go from their S4 to their S5. If the S5 were to run Tizen and their Apps wouldn’t transfer, they’d either check to see if there were other apps to take the place, or return the phone. I’ve already gone over that in other posts here.”

            And my point is that it will hurt Samsung’s image by doing so. I bought into “Android” Galaxy S series. I did not sign up for it to change to another OS. Now, if they stopped the S Series and started a New “T” series, then ok..I can get with that and I have no issue with it. IT would basically add up to the same as Apple releasing a new iPhone with a new iOS that didn’t run any of the previous apps that ran on previous versions of iOS (Ummm…. and they’ve done that before…. MacOS 9 to MacOS 10 did that and it pissed off a lot of people who then had to run iOS 9 emulation to run apps they already owned).

            *HTML5 APIs have to do with how the user can interact with the browser (via tags, JavaScript, etc), not for how the site interacts with server side information from outside services. The only thing close is the WebSocket API, which allows a server to maintain a connection to a browser for real time updates from the server, but once again, they has to be implemented from both the client side AND the server side. Samsung won’t have access to any Google server side APIs that Google doesn’t wish them to have.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            First, I never said they had to put something in the browser without chrome. I’m saying they don’t have to use a browser at all in Tizen.

            Secondly, Tizen allows HTML5 code to be run without using a browser. Think about a standard program in a PC. You package all the dll files and everything else, and run it with an EXE. Doesn’t need a web browser. Now, Think about what a website is. A bunch of files linked together, accessed by a web browser designed to basically throw it all together. Basically like a program that users a web browser instead of an OS to tell it how it should all link together.

            I’m also not claiming to be an expert, I’m getting my information from the Tizen.org website. That includes their developer forums, FAQs and such.

            As for notifications. Your comment “I do not develop mobile apps currently for any of the applications I work on, however, your logic seems to imply that I now have to keep that running all the time.” doesn’t accurately describe what I was saying at all. I’m describing ONE way it COULD be done. Just as there isn’t any one way to build a website or a program, notifications could be done through background services in the Tizen OS, linking to whatever data is needed.

            As for your comments “To be clear, a ‘native’ app will always preform better than an HTML5 app (HTML5, CSS3 and JS) because at it’s core it is depending on an interpretted language for logic (JavaScript). The benefit to HTML5 apps is cross platform usability, not speed or efficiency.” I think you are thinking too much in terms of current website design. Maybe because you are a web developer. HTML5 can be optimized just like any other code. In this case, I’m talking about native apps that can be written in HTML5 coding, using whatever resources, APIs, and whatever else Tizen allows for. Will they be the most efficient way of doing it? Maybe not. But will it work? That remains to be seen.

            As for your comment about APIs being an Application Programming Interface so HTML5 doesn’t have the abilities to do what I’m talking about, I think you need to brush up on your HTML5, as Wikipedia, WC3, and many other websites disagree with you. HTML5 has APIs built in “It includes detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations; it extends, improves and rationalises the markup available for documents, and introduces markup and application programming interfaces (APIs) for complex web applications.” HTML5 isn’t just a display language anymore like HTML4 or other versions were.

            Once again, PER TIZEN’s WEBSITE, not just me saying it, Tizen is HTML5 BASED. Go ahead and think of it like a web browser if that is what your mind best equates it to. As a programmer, I equate it more to like if I could double click an HTML file and have it launch in the OS like a compiled EXE file can launch in Windows. Or like you can tell an APK file to launch in Android and no outside browser is needed, the OS has everything needed to process what needs to be done based on a packaged/complied file.

            I guess I’m done with arguing this as I’m basing my information straight from Tizen, and you are saying I’m wrong. It would be like you telling me I am wrong after I told you that your teacher told us that the Earth orbits the Sun. I’m the one telling you the information as it is relayed to me, but I’m not the one who the information is coming from. I guess you can say Tizen is wrong all you like, that doesn’t make it so.

          • bob

            apple sucks nuf said trolls

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I don’t even know what you are trying to get at here. I am not saying Apple is better, nor do I even say they are or that I like Apple. I’m saying I have users switching from their iPhones to Android, in fact.

          • somedude

            Most people don’t have enough know how to just download an app from something other than google. I work at a retailer for one of the four major carriers and you would not believe some of the questions people come in with. Not to say some people don’t download from any where else, but in general, I agree with grumpyfuzz. And people really don’t like change.

          • xpyroxcorex

            who says those other sources will be available on tizen?

      • JayMars84

        No. 1.) No one is gonna develop for a platform with no user base. WP8 is having a hard enough time, and let’s not mention BlackBerry.

        2.) No one is gonna leave an ecosystem they invented time and money into for something new, unproven, and likely won’t see popular dev support.

        • AbbyZFresh

          Then how did the Apple App Store and Google Play store suddenly gain so many apps and developer support? Hmm?

          • jamaall

            Maybe because those were both at the beginnings of smartphone dominance and they were huge, reliable companies to start.

          • JayMars84

            They didn’t “suddenly” gain so many apps and developers. It’s taken years to get here. In that time, as I said, a lot of loyalty, time and money has been invested and no other attempt to crack the mobile space, by big names and small, have to been to put up an actual fight. There is no incentive for users or developers to switch, especially if the Galaxy Gear is the device leading the charge. I’m not saying no one should try, but facts are facts.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          You are forgetting that if AbbyZFresh’s point that since it is a Samsung it will sell millions, that would mean Tizen would have a fairly decent user base of millions of people to target. I mean, the S4 sold over 40 million phones. If we look at just that user base, that’s a large base to start coding apps for.

          • JayMars84

            40 million phones, not Gears. 40 million phones users could sign in on with their Google account and get their apps back. Don’t forget Samsung phones come with their own Samsung app store. No one uses it. Everyone gets their apps from the Olay Store.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            No one uses the Samsung app store? I find most people in my work that has an S4 doesn’t use the Google play store. They use the Samsung App store. That could be just where I work, but I doubt it.

          • JayMars84

            Wow, so most (not all) people in your work (not in your life) who have S4s (not S3s, or Notes) use that store? Even if I believed that, it wouldn’t matter. Even if everyone at your job had an S4, the number would be insignificant.If more people were installing apps from Samsung’s store over Google Play, we’d have heard about it and Samsung would have tried to make the switch already. What possible apps are you gonna get in Samsung’s store over Google’s?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, I can tell the truth and say most people in my work use the Apple App Store. I’m just saying most Samsung Phone users that I deal with at work use the Samsung App store. I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m pointing out that people use what is easiest. If they see App store, and the app store has an app that will do what they need, they don’t care which app store it comes from. Like you said, what apps are you going to get in the Samsung store over Google’s? Probably not any. But the reverse holds true. If the Samsung store has the apps people are looking for, why would they take the trouble to try to find the Google store on their device if the first App store that is presented to them has the app they are looking for.

          • grumpyfuzz

            The Samsung app store does not even have Facebook, which is something that has 500,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 downloads on the Google Play store. That is a TON of people, essentially 1/2 of the people who have an android phone. If the people who own a Samsung Tizen phone that don’t see Facebook on the Samsung/Tizen App store, I don’t think they will be happy…

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Ok, let’s go by the Facebook Argument. Facebook uses HTML5. Tizen is a HTML5 supported OS. Which means all Tizen has to do is created a link to launch Facebook in a locked web browser format like Google does with their Google Chrome OS apps and Tizen has a Facebook App without even needing Facebook to make an App. It’s just a link, that works like an app. People don’t even have to know the difference.

          • grumpyfuzz

            Okay, I see where you are coming from. People don’t even have to know the difference, but I’m sure they will, especially coming from a Galaxy S3. And also in your post, you said “Like you said, what apps are you going to get in the Samsung store over Google’s? Probably not any. But the reverse holds true.” How does the reverse hold true? A major app like Facebook is not even in the Samsung App Store, so I’m pretty sure Galaxy ownes would use Google Play to get that app.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            But Tizen is a HTML5 based OS, so they do not need a facebook app. Create a link to facebook that runs in the web browser on the OS. Strip out the web browser aspects sort of like Chrome OS does with “apps” and you have a native app that is just a website link.

          • JayMars84

            People can do that on the phones they have now. So again, why lose all the native apps you paid for a phone with a bunch of webapps you could have already had on your original phone, in addition to a native app?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Think of it this way. Google is trying to move to web standards for apps. If that happens, it doesn’t matter what OS you have, as long as you have a web browser. At that point, the HTML5 code IS the native app.

          • JayMars84

            If the OS doesn’t matter, why will people move to one unproven, unestablished, offering nothing over the big 2?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            As I have been saying all along, they would buy an S5 not because it is running Tizen, but because it is on a Phone that Samsung is marketing to them, one of the most popular phones in the world. Maybe you don’t understand trends, but people like popular.

          • Josh Shaw

            Where do you work, Samsung? I know roughly 10 people with galaxy phones who never touch any of the Samsung apps.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Nope, I work for a medical staffing company. I would say about 60% of our users have iPhones. The rest seem split between Galaxy S devices and whatever mid range they get for free with a two year contract.

          • OF

            Lol nobody in their right mind touches Samsung’s app store.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well then I know a lot of people that aren’t in their right minds.

          • TylerChappell

            You must work in a stupid place surrounded by stupid people. McDonald’s? Wal-Mart? Goodwill? Wut.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well I work in a Medical Staffing company, so I work with about 1200 Doctors, 600 Physician Assistants, 200 Nurse practitioners, and about 500 support staff (Billing, Accounting, Credentialing, and the like), and who knows how many consultants, or staff from Hospitals we support. I’d say about 60% of our users use iPhones. 20% use Samsung and 20% use whatever smartphone/dumbphone they get free with a two year contract.

          • xpyroxcorex

            40 million phones because it was a familiar phone, everyone was raving about the galaxies. tizen galaxies arent going to have the app base if it doesnt have a developer base. starting a new app ecosystem is going to be hard no matter what company tries it.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Ok, so 40 million phones sold because it was familiar. The S5 will be familiar too. If it sells like the S4, but has Tizen, You have a sizable user base.

          • xpyroxcorex

            Yeah it’ll be familiar til they can’t get the apps they want on it.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You’re under the assumption that people will keep a phone that they can’t install their favorite apps on. Each carrier has a return window if you don’t like the phone. They might sell initially, but I can’t see the returns NOT flooding.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually If you read my other comments, I’m assuming about a 50% return rate. Higher than the Gear. But if they have 50% return on the 40 million+ Galaxy S3 sold that is still 20 million phones (higher than both Windows Phone and BlackBerry.) If they have half of the 80+ million Galaxy S4s sold, that’s 40 million phones sold and Tizen would be battling for 3rd place right behind Apple.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You assume a low return rate. If people can’t run their apps, what good is the phone to them? And if you think Google and Apple won’t go on the offensive with marketing to draw out the obvious flaws .. you assume incorrectly.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually a 50% return rate is a VERY high return rate I’m assuming. As I’ve already argued before, Tizen should have many of the apps that Google at least has. Tizen is actually fairly similar to Android and runs HTML5 natively. So pretty much any App from the Chrome Web store, Chrome OS, or many websites now can also be ported into a “native” app for Tizen with little to no effort on the part of the developer. I’m also Assuming that Apple might go on a Marketing offensive, but I doubt Google would. Google doesn’t really go on Marketing offensives and all the Google services should be able to run on Tizen, like they are able to run on Apple products. Google would still get revenue. Apple might, but I doubt they would see Tizen as a threat. Remember, Apple doesn’t seem to worry too much about market share. They tout their numbers as ground breaking and innovative, even when they are second place to Android. As both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have said, Apple focuses on their quality, not the quantity of devices they sell.

            Again, I think people are thinking I am rooting for Tizen. I’m not. I am a huge Google fan (Rocking my Nexus here). I’m just pointing out what CAN happen. I’m not saying it will happen. I’m saying it can happen and there is a much larger chance of it happening than people seem to realize.

          • Kelly

            Should Samsung release a flagship with Tizen, I don’t doubt that it will gain a foothold in the market quickly. I do think they’ll see a drop in their marketshare as a result, since there will inevitably be growing pains, some will shy away from an operating system they aren’t familiar with, and hardcore Google services users will stick with Android, but it will be successful.

            What I’ve never understood is the “why.” Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mozilla etc. all have good reasons to develop mobile software platforms; each depends on an ecosystem of apps and services to make money, and the OSes they develop promote those apps and services. (Apple is a little different, but they definitely depend on their software as a differentiator to make money.) Meanwhile, Samsung rakes in billions selling phones that run someone else’s software, making the OS someone else’s problem (and R&D money) to deal with. All they need to do to differentiate is slap Touchwiz on it and bake in some exclusive features. That’s some work to do, but it’s much less than maintaining a whole platform. What does Samsung stand to gain from Tizen? At best, they just remain the dominant smartphone maker while making more work for themselves; at worst, they lose their dominant position if they fumble their seemingly pointless power grab. I just don’t get it. Samsung makes really successful products, but they can’t make a healthy profit to save their lives because they seem to be obsessed with doing and selling everything.

          • kashtrey

            They would arguably gain penetration into services, which is the next big cash cow after devices. Why does Samsung “waste” time/resources in making direct copies of things baked into the OS (S Voice, their own app and media stores, etc.)? They do it so that they can continue to monetize a customer after the sale of a device. Traditionally, you’d only profit from a consumer once every few years when they bought a new phone, by owning the OS that ships on the phone you can prominently feature your own services (even more so than just skinning Android) and create a situation where that biennial purchase is supplemented with possibly monthly service purchases.

          • Kelly

            I definitely see the validity in your argument. There’s no reason for Samsung to settle for hardware sales alone. However, note that I never said Samsung “wastes” time duplicating or providing alternatives to Google services in Android. Actually, those alternatives/duplicates are the strongest proof, in my opinion, that Tizen is a waste of time.

            Right now, I see Samsung as in a “best of both worlds” position. It can be good to own your own OS when you need to differentiate absolutely; for example, Apple probably couldn’t charge their notoriously hefty premium on their hardware if it ran Windows or Android. However, Samsung has such a commanding lead in the Android world–both in market share and mind share–that there’s no reason to do that. Touchwiz and Galaxy branding are strong enough that Samsung can sell their own services on top of Android and get away with it. Even if Google got vexed and stopped granting Samsung devices Play certification, there would be little harm done; Amazon has done just fine in the Android space without Play certification. However, if that didn’t happen and they retained certification, Samsung would be even better off for it; they can sell their media and services as an option while not alienating lovers of Google services. I am heavily “plugged in” to the Google ecosystem, so Samsung won’t get money from me for their services either way; however, as long as they sell Play certified Android devices, I am a potential customer of theirs. With Tizen, I won’t be giving them any money at all.

            I guess I just don’t see the difference between Tizen and Android without Play Services. If Samsung really wants Google services off their phones, fine; go the Amazon route and that services cash cow is still theirs for the taking. Developing a whole new platform just seems like a waste of time and introduces a lot of unnecessary risk.

        • rfranken

          You’re talking about DL readers. The mainstream doesn’t have a clue what operating system them are using. And they don’t care. They walk into the store and say what should i get. and whatever the worker behind the counter pushes their way and says it has a good battery life they will buy. Do you really think my parents (typical mainstreamer) will think …hey I bought that one app that one time 3 years ago on the google store now playstore and will that work on my new samsung tizen phone? aaaaah let me answer that for you. no.

          • JayMars84

            If it’s an app they use, every day, they absolutely will. Don’t be idiotic.

          • rfranken

            Mainstream people use facebook, pinterest and candy crush. That’s it. If they have those covered they won’t even know the difference.

      • calculatorwatch

        I just wanna point out one thing that I don’t think people realize about Tizen, which is that Samsung doesn’t have nearly the patent portfolio to back it up. Google made a deal to license a bunch of patents to Samsung probably on the condition that they continue to use Android. If Samsung does try to make the full switch to Tizen, you can bet that it will look and act a whole lot like iOS and Android. And without any protection from Google, both sides could sue the crap out of them until they’re not allowed to sell their phones in any country.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I’ll point out that Tizen isn’t just Samsung’s baby and has the backing of Intel and others, not just Samsung. I think people keep forgetting that it isn’t just Samsung making a push for Tizen.

      • If thats true…. then why is samsung selling basically none of their Windows phone variants of the galaxy range?

        • JayMars84

          Great point.

      • Lucky Armpit

        I have to agree with this. Samsung is by far the biggest Android phone manufacturer. Love or hate TouchWiz (hate for me), it sells A LOT of phones. Who else is there that sells Android-powered phones? Motorola, HTC, Sony? Those guys combined don’t sell as many phones as Samsung does. I don’t think Android will go down the tubes if this happens, as there are a lot of Galaxy S3/S4 phones out there, but that will mark the beginning of the downward slide for Android. It will take a while for it to happen, but it will happen.

    • The Narrator

      I hope so!

    • Richard Yarrell

      As usual all the Droid-life heads are stuck on serious STUPID and sucking MAJOR BALLS of Google the company who brought Motorola against their partners and classically was losing 400 million every quarter for over 1yr. I applaud SAMSUNG for making this move and sticking to there guns to provide something for there Galaxy users another open source platflorm. Samsung owns the GLOBAL MARKET SHARE as well as the ANDROID MARKET SHARE since May 2011 they are android nothing else matters period. If SAMSUNG left the android platform would be a PUTRID JOKE with HTC, MOTOROLA, SONY HUAWEI, and Google’s famed Nexus line products left to wallow in poor market share and comically poor products. Stock android is a putrid boring dull sad conclusion.

      • squiddy20

        1. Motorola was losing more than 400 million on it’s own before the Google acquisition. Google actually trimmed a lot of the “fat” off. So, contrary to your ill-informed viewpoints, Google did right by Motorola.

        2. As was stated dozens of times by dozens of different tech websites at the time of the acquisition, Google acquired Motorola almost solely for the large patent portfolio held by the latter group. The fact that Google kept most of said patents, and one or two of the smaller groups within Motorola (such as Project Ara) when it sold Motorola off to Lenovo, supports this. What a blind, hypocritical fanboy.

        3. “Stock android is a putrid boring dull sad conclusion” Says the guy who, not even 2 years ago was wildly “applauding” the Gnex on Verizon and saying how “Stock android is KING”. This also coming from the guy who claimed to be getting the *rumored* Nexus 8 back in November, and the Nexus 7 before that rumor came out: http://www.talkandroid.com/182203-is-google-hinting-at-a-nexus-8-if-so-they-arent-very-shy-about-it/#comment-1107187591 What a hypocrite.

      • Josh Hirner

        when i’m 48 i hope i dont suck as much as you but considering i dont think i ever sucked the chances of that happening are very, very slim

        what do you get out of your trolling besides the attention you never got from your mom when you were a kid in the seventies?

        you still dont use the english language right and your overuse of adverbs leads any with a high school education to come to the sad conclusion that years ago you looked them up in a dictionary and in order to remember them you’ve had to use them a hundred times a day

        nothings sucks samsung harder and longer than a dick yarrell

        ps when’s your next youtube video? my coworkers and i had a really good laugh about it

    • panicswhenubered

      Let it be known. From this point forward, ‘Joder’ of Disqus comments, has declared this moment in time to be the end of Samsung’s dominance in the world of smartphones.

  • rals

    I doubt it.

  • Shawn John

    Would be the worst mistake to Shun android. Does Tizen have an app market yet?

    • TopXKiller

      even if it does, it will take time to get any sort of traction going

      • Shawn John

        Yeah, should ask Microsoft how that’s going. They’ve been at it a little while now and haven’t made a dent.