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Goodbye, Flappy Bird.

flappy bird android

Flappy Bird has been removed from both Google Play and the iTunes App Store by the game’s developer, Dong Nguyen. The game’s success was apparently too much for its creator  to handle, even with the $50,000 per day it was making him. In a series of Tweets sent out this weekend, Nguyen stated that the game would be removed and that he “cannot take this anymore.”

He also mentioned that he will not be selling the game, that the pulling was not related to any sort of legal issues, and that he still makes games. Flappy bird and its reign, though, has come to an end. Well, it will likely still live on through third party channels or through anyone who has it installed still. There just won’t be any fresh installs from either major app store. 

I’ll just say this about Flappy Bird. The game was a classic example of the beauty of a simple mobile game. We had a running joke around here about my love affair with Granny Smith at one time, but I still stand by my reason for loving it – it was simple, yet challenging, and I could play it at any time for any length of time. With Flappy Bird, you had simplicity, difficulty, and a competitive nature thanks to its tie-in to Google Play Games. You could pick it up, play it for 5 minutes or an hour, compete against friends’ scores, and then put it away. You didn’t need to pass levels, buy items through in-app purchases, or worry about the next big update that would fix bugs. It was simple. It was fun (for some). And everyone was capable of playing it at any time.

As you may recall, Flappy Bird made it into our top 5 games for January, which was a week or two before the rest of the world picked up on its buzz. We left it at that – a top 5 game for the month. There was no need for 4 SEO posts about it in a 24-hour period or guides on how to conquer it. It was what it was, a cult classic game that thrived through word-of-mouth before running its course. It was fun, it was frustrating, but we are most definitely ready for something to take its place.


Via:  @dongatory
  • SmallFishGames

    Hey if anyone is looking for a fun flappy bird substitute then check out The Flapping Dead! It’s a cross between The Walking Dead and flappy bird. You start off as Rick and can unlock 3 other characters. Check it out and spread the word! Thanks.


  • Although official Flappy Bird was removed from Google Play, but if you still need it, you can use Flappy Bird Downloader app as an alternative. Launch Flappy Bird Downloader, then press INSTALL to start installing original Flappy Bird APK.


  • Peter
  • n11

    Strangely enough, I received my new Nexus 5 on Monday (day after flappy bird was removed), I synced my google account with the phone and all the apps started syncing up, INCLUDING Flappy birds. I’m not sure how, but its there. Also new record of 72.

  • Jason Kahn
  • Trevor

    Leave the game up, give me $50000/day. Problem solved.

  • CyHawk60

    Go to ebay and search for flappy birds.

  • bored_guest

    Idk if it’s me but it still let’s me install it?

  • Mac

    Guy, don’t panic, you can still download it @ flappybird4.me

  • Anthony Bottari

    I honestly don’t understand how anyone could do what he did..If the “pressure’ or whatever was to much for him then he should have maybe donated the game to a charity or something that could use the ad revenue.(although I’m not sure how someone would go about doing that just a thought)

  • gunslinger

    is it just me, or everybody? when i was playing, my bird would “disappear” until i “jumped” then disappear again. i don’t think that’s supposed to happen.
    Verizon Galaxy S4

  • Sankyou

    Queue the “Fappy” bird fakes on Play Store in 3-2-1….

  • Feicherman

    50k per day. Hmm seems like he could just hire someone to deal with the stress of maintainance huh?

    • Sankyou

      That number was speculative. My guess is it was way off. Still I agree, it seems shortsighted.

  • joe

    he is doing it for the hype, just wait and see