Top 5 Android Games: January 2014

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Here at DL, we go through a lot of games and apps, but usually, there are only a few that shine brighter than others. This could be because the graphics are great, the controls are perfect, or the music is totally righteous. Whatever the case may be, we wanted to compile a short list each month that covers our top five favorite games for that month.

The games are playable on pretty much any Android device, so if you feel like trying any of them out, you can follow the Google Play links to pick them up yourselves.

Here are the top five games we haven’t been able to put down this month. 

1.  Deus Ex: The Fall ($6.99)

One of the more stunning FPS games to ever hit Android, Deus Ex: The Fall is an absolute winner for hardcore mobile gamers. With graphics worthy of consoles, the same publisher behind the Final Fantasy saga takes players on an intensely dark ride through a world set in the future that is overcome with conspiracies and plots to destroy innocent people’s lives.

Since the game is priced at $7, you would expect nothing but great gameplay and excellent controls. We are happy to report that during our time with the title, we found that all of the controls and gameplay exceeded our expectation. Although, we do have one word of advice – if you can, make sure to play the game on a somewhat powerful device with a large screen. A Nexus 7 tablet would be perfect, but a phablet would also work well. The game is quite process intensive, so having extra juice on your device will help the game run smoothly.


2.  Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($2.99)

A true classic, Sonic the Hedgehog hit Google Play for Android devices back in mid-December, so we have to add it to our list of January apps since it’s that good. For anyone who played this SEGA title back on a Genesis, the game will take you on a serious stroll down memory lane. The controls are perfectly tuned for touchscreen devices, and if you have a Bluetooth controller (or NVIDIA SHIELD), then you are in for a real gaming treat.

SEGA prices Sonic 2 for just $2.99, which is completely reasonable. All of your favorite characters are there, including Tails, Knuckles, and of course, Sonic. Get on it.

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3.  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99)

Just like Sonic, this game launched in mid December, so we are throwing it in with our January list. Rockstar has been great about pushing its older titles to mobile platforms, and besides a few launch hiccups, these releases are astonishing. San Andreas was redesigned for mobile devices, with controls and environments being completely revamped to work on the mass variety of Android phones and tablets.

If you played San Andreas on the PS2, then don’t worry, the game hasn’t changed at all. It’s still the same CJ, roaming the streets of Los Santos to make a name for himself and his Grove St. crew. The game comes with a premium price of $6.99, but if you are a fan of running, gunning, and getting in high speeds pursuits with 5-0, then you can’t go wrong with GTA: San Andreas.

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4.  Little Red Riding Hood ($0.99)

A new game from an independent developer hit Google Play this month called Little Red Riding Hood. The game covers a Red Riding Hood’s adventure through a spooky and shadow critter infested world, as she must collect apples and free bunnies from cages while reaching the end of levels. The game is kind of creepy, with eery music in the background and the shadow critters making weird and aggressive noises.

For the price of $0.99, with a ton of different levels, it’s a challenging yet fun game to waste your time on.

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5.  Flappy Bird (Free)

This game is probably one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, yet I can’t stop playing it. To play, you simply tap on the screen which flaps a little bird’s wings. You have to navigate through a series of tubes (like Mario tubes) and the level just keeps going and going. There is no end. Even if there was, you would never reach it. The game, in my mind, is impossible and completely aggravating.

My high score is 6 tubes, so if you think you can beat that, download it for free right from Google Play. Try not to throw your phone at the wall. Good luck.

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