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HTC Has High Hopes for 2014, Wearables Slated for Christmas Time

In a recent sit down with Bloomberg, at least a couple of HTC executives spoke of having high hopes for the new year. Chang Chialin, chief financial officer and head of global sales for HTC stated quite simply, “We feel positive and optimistic about 2014 when compared to 2013.” The company is apparently feeling so good about 2014 that they are to release a wearable device later this year around Christmas time, and as we all know, that could be a very risky move unless you have a serious winner. 

An HTC chairman, Cher Wang, spoke on the current wearable situation and essentially said that they have been focused on these devices for quite some time.

Many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables, but we believe that we really have to solve the battery problems and the LCD light problems – these are customer-centric problems.

HTC had every right to have high hopes early last year, as they were about to launch one of the best looking Android smartphones of all time, the One. What HTC couldn’t control was the public’s response to the device, and unfortunately, Samsung out-marketed the company at every turn, leaving HTC hurting in the wallet. We can’t say that the $12 million deal with Robert Downey Jr. helped at all either, so we hope HTC learned a tough lesson about celebrity spokespeople.

HTC has an investor conference call scheduled for February 10. At that time, HTC will probably state that they lost a ton of cash, but that the successor to the One will be great and that they have serious plans for 2014.

Thoughts on HTC making a smartwatch? With a knack for making sexy hardware, we would give them the benefit of the doubt on creating a good device.

Via: Bloomberg
  • Cael

    Their first smartwatch is going to be comparable to the Thunderbolt, lbr.
    HTC needs to pull a Google, have an explorer program, and then mass release their devices.

  • MichaelFranz

    I could of sworn HTC said the same thing last year when they were ready to introduce the HTC One. However i do have high hopes for them this year. I think this years HTC One (M8) will be a response to what the customers said they didnt like about the 2013 model. I’ve said it before that I am hoping for a few things but that list is slowly growing into things that i think we will see.
    – larger battery capacity
    – on screen buttons
    – better camera, possibly 8 ultrapixel
    – Slimmer bezel for larger screen, while keeping same footprint
    What i would like to see
    – toned down sense
    – useful software enhancements (expansion of HTC Zoe and photo friendly app suite)
    – possibly something more innovative that sets it apart from GS5 and Moto devices (again something useful and not an ehh i’ll use it if i want)
    – standard 32GB device (expandable SD a plus but not 100% needed)

    I also feel the loss of the beats audio integration might hurt a little. I would like if they still incorporated the beats sound into the devices as the sound profile for beats was very nice to have in HTC devices.

  • Cesar

    As long as they make it compatible with more than their own devices (looking at YOU, Samsung).

  • Ryan

    I want to see LG’s watch. they have been on a roll with the G2 and Flex.

  • flosserelli

    Here are some suggestions for HTC:
    1. Smartwatches/wearables do not need to duplicate everything that phones do. Show the time, texts, (brief) notifications about upcoming events and social app updates, and let phones handle the heavy-duty graphics & apps.
    2. Make it friendly with any android device.
    3. Make it last more than 1 day on a charge. Preferably a few days, but definitely more than 24 hours.
    4. Don’t waste time & effort with crappy cameras. Anyone that is remotely interested in a smartwatch/wearable already has a cameraphone that takes infinitely better photos.
    5. Support your gadgets with updates! That is one of the main reasons buyers abandoned you.

    • Ryan

      Thats why i bought the Sony smartwatch 2. works great for me!

      • michael arazan

        Best watch on the market for the money out of every one I read, still will be a while for me to want to buy one though.

    • morteum

      I’m not sure whether any smartwatches already do this or not, but I think the one nifty feature regarding the camera for a watch would be a remote control, so you could prop up your phone somewhere and get in the camera view, then tap your watch screen and the countdown begins.

  • Philip J. Fry

    They should have planned to launch it with the M8 instead of Christmas time.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They could plan all they want, though I doubt they even have something ready, or were willing to put all that money into RnD last year with all their loses

      • Philip J. Fry

        True. I just want to see HTC comeback and hopefully the M8 will help them like the ONE did.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Yeah that would have been smart. Waiting for the end of the year is too long.

    • Chris

      But it gives them extra time to work on it. Unlike the One Max that was rushed.

    • michael arazan

      Probably waiting to see what samsung does, then go over their top.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I guess when you’re playing from behind you need to shout to the mountain tops that “WE HAVE WEARABLES COMING TOO!” . . . even though it’s pretty much almost a year away “Christmas Time”. I hope they put more effort into marketing the M8 because they didn’t do that great of a Job with the M7 marketing wise.

    • Robert A Simmons

      You make a valid point. The M8 will require a better marketing approach compared to its predecessor, but I am sure HTC will take the necessary steps towards their products to improve their image.

    • Blue Sun

      I doubt many will wait 11 months just to check out another HTC dud. I’m gonna laugh if Sense is baked in too.