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This Week in the Life of Droid: 1/31/2014

It was a major week in the world of Android, as Google announced its plans to sell off Motorola to the Chinese-based Lenovo company. No real idea as to what Lenovo intends to do with Motorola, but until the deal goes through with approvals, it’s business as usual. We have an AT&T LG G Flex in the house, which we did a hands-on with, so you can expect to see a full review for that phone next week. In other big news, Samsung and Google struck a deal, one which might involve Samsung axing its own proprietary software suite, but full details are scarce.

More news popped up regarding HTC’s next flagship, as it is being reported that the device will feature on-screen buttons; a true first for the company which has always been keen on capacitive touch buttons. To top off a great week, we also took a tour of a local wood cover company’s factory called Toast, here in Portland. They are doing great work, so definitely give that a read.

Here are the highlights if you missed them.

Have a great weekend, folks!

  • Marc

    I requested a Moto X code for the wifey, but she decided to go with a different phone instead, so I have a code looking for a new home and a new proud owner of a Moto X. The code will expire on 2/3/2014 at 11:59pm — VDayX-OE7R-IOL4-UWFS-2MHD

  • The phantom of the DL

    Thoughts from the hidden phantom (an apple guy),

    The google-moto news upset me. Call me a fanboy, but I buy a lot of apple stuff. I like that my iphone and ipad and macbook, even Apple TV are designed and built by the same company. A smart American company I can rely on to put out quality stuff.

    You might call it being “closed off” and I know that’s what many of you seem to hate about apple but it’s my favorite thing. I will take quality and stability over custom keyboards or app launchers any day of the week. That’s what keeps me on this team I guess.

    I’ve always been a google fan. I like their services, which are undeniably great. Sure their business is based on targeted advertising but whatever. I’ve always wanted a google phone with nothing but pure google and android in it. But wait you say, “what about nexus you moron sheep?!” Yes the nexus line comes close but the nexus 5 is an LG phone. The nexus 7 is made by ASUS, the chrome books from all kinds of people. The galaxy nexus was a samsung phone. Etc etc. Yeah I don’t like that. I don’t like that all of my devices are from different companies and what goes along with that (build quality concerns and fragmentation). I don’t like the build quality of a lot of these companies, I don’t trust them. And another big thing is that I would rather give my money to a trustworthy american company (one that would even start manufacturing here!) I don’t like that these asian giants are swallowing our companies and economy whole. Its my personal preference to avoid handing over my money to them when possible.

    these are the reasons I stick with apple. american, yes. they control an ecosystem, yes. quality hardware, yes. Now heres the thing… I’m not a die hard “i hope company A wins control of the planet and company B fails” kind of guy. There are sadly so many people like that on these sites and I think its a very strange psychology. I could easily be swayed by someone who did what I like better, or even just as good but different. This is what I wanted from google and motorola. I know it was never the plan, google doesn’t care about hardware they just want to pump their OS into as much junk as possible. Im still disappointed. I wanted pure google motorola devices, a pure google moto tablet, a pure google moto apple tv even! I couldn’t give up my macbook however as moto doesn’t do that and my thoughts on chrome books will certainly offend you. But these things are what I’d want. I want a closed off android with google controlling all aspects, I want all of the android devices to be designed and built by google. I was hoping that the moto thing could be the beginnings of this. Hell, I almost bought the moto x, honestly. I was about to and then this… Its just a shame. I know my desire is not a part of google’s plan. But I wanted it to be true.

    I broke up my long line of apple devices to get a galaxy nexus one day. Boy, that just strengthened my beliefs. I wanted pure google, but got a samsung phone with google inside. And I should disclose this: I truly despise samsung. I guess its the one fanboy trait I can recognize in myself. They copy, they steal, they flood the market with plastic garbage, they confuse consumers with 14 variants of the same damn thing. They truly suck. I don’t know why so many started rooting for them once they “won” android. You all used to hate them, now you like their crap because they can compete with apple? I don’t get that. They are the epitome of what I hate about these asian corporations and what they put out. I wanted google and motorola to squash them. I wanted this googorola thing to happen and for samsung to finally drop android for tizen and all of you to wake up to the fact that its a chunk of lightweight plastic with a playskool UI and copied features. Out of sony, htc, and lg, etc samsung phones are the absolute worst, in my apple loving opinion. The note, which so many are in love with, reminds me of a leapfrog tablet I saw at toys r us. gross.

    I’ll end my rant here. I wanted to leave apple for a google run ecosystem. I want google to be a hardware company. I wanted google and motorola to be one and the same and for them to let the other manufacturers fend for themselves. a google-google (not LG!) nexus device? I would drop my iPhone and buy a google built nexus 5 this very instant. But alas, I will continue to lurk in the shadows of droid life, reading from my macbook pro, iPad, and iPhone reading and waiting… Waiting for the day that google buys manufacturing capabilities and goes on its own. I will be one of you that day, but until that day apple does just what I want and its good stuff. Good smart american hardware like moto is (or was?) Thank goodness I can use google services like a charm on the apple hardware. I am truly disappointed that google sold moto to a chinese company when I had hoped for so much more. I will just use google services on my apple hardware and maybe thats as good as I’ll get.

    PS stop with the samsung love, please. Its junk, no matter how pretty and big the screen is. Go play with a new sony device, try it out.

    • Fresh360

      As a self described fanboy you laid out a very sane argument. I thought you were going to go off into a true rant in parts but you stayed the course and I can’t say that I disagree with your sentiments. Good to hear some thoughts from across the aisle.
      Come out of the shadows more, it will keep us Android guys honest.

    • Nikuliai

      Agreed, but your ps is bs, most of us hate samsung here :B… I did believe Motorola was the game changer here… but Google wanted to keep their OEMs happy, so I guess it’s a valid point of view, let’s hope Lenovo keeps things going as they are now, I highly doubt it, but I hope they do since I honestly don’t know which OEM my next phone will be because:

      -Samsung: bloat and TW means hell no
      -LG: good devices but their UI is garbage and they aren’t doing anything new (they are copying Samsung even in the lack of innovation)
      -Huawei: their low end devices are decent but I wouldn’t buy a high end device, also, their UI is garbage
      -Sony: dead to me
      -HTC: really nice phones but the company is probably gonna die or be bought in a couple years
      -Motorola: ¿? if they do the same as 2013 I’ll buy another phone, if they take the “Lenovo road” for smartphones I’m not buying another Motorola phone ever again

      C ya!

      PS: I hate sony more than I hate samsung, their high end smartphones are crap and they behave in an odd way
      PS n° 2: to me Apple is out of the question since I like to have a system I can modify as I please, and I can’t do that with Apple

      • TC

        I wasn’t feeling the Motorola Lenova news either. Definitely agree with you there. The Moto X would be my last Motorola if they go under Lenovo.

    • Jared Denman

      Is this Ron? Lol

      • droidify

        My exact thoughts as I read that. The more I think about it, the gnex is the last android device he had but he was an OG owner back in the day.

      • Phantom guest

        Not sure who Ron is. But I is not he.

    • droidify

      I’ll give you an up vote although I disagree with you. It was at least a decent read. Sammy is Satan but Apple isn’t much better. They don’t invest in the US. most of their money is off shore in tax shelters. I’m not blaming them, just stating a fact.

    • Tim242

      I agree with some of what you said. BUT…to call Samsung junk because of the plastic battery cover is just stupid. The entire front of the phone is Gorilla glass 3, just like your prized iPhone. Not to mention, most people use plastic cases. If you want to hate Samsung, fine. But come up with a better excuse.

  • JLogre9182

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  • Philip J. Fry

    Still not sure about lenovo.

  • jak_341

    Interesting week to say the least.