Microsoft Reportedly Considering Google’s Sundar Pichai for CEO Position

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Microsoft’s search for a CEO just got a lot more interesting. Though it was widely reported yesterday that longtime executive Satya Nadella was a likely shoe-in for the position, a report from Silicon Angle claims that Google’s own Sundar Pichai is now the preferred candidate.

Though Sundar Pichai currently holds a high-ranking job within Google as Senior Vice President of Chrome and Apps, this isn’t the first time he’s considering switching companies. In 2011, Google reportedly paid Pichai tens of millions of dollars to keep him from moving to Twitter.

The move would put Google in a tight spot; Pichai became head of Android less than a year ago, and has been “a force driving Android integration across the company.” Still, the deal is far from done, and for that we can only be thankful.

Via: Silicon Angle



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