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Google Working on Fitness API for Android

With the focus setting in on wearable technology in the mobile industry, fitness lovers should be excited to hear that Google is working on a new fitness API for Android devices. The API will take data from sensors that are placed in bands, watches, clothing, or anywhere else, and then translate the information into usable data to track a person’s activities. According to the source, this data will be stored onto the user’s Google profile in the cloud, which can then be accessed through third party apps. 

As of right now, details are very light with regards to what exactly Google will track. It could range from sleep and steps taken, to calories burned and things of that nature.

Fitness API

What also is unknown is when it could arrive. We could have to wait for a new version of Android to come out, but since this would all to be tied into your existing Google profile, it could just be a simple update to the Google Play Services.

Once more details come forward, we will be sure to post them.

Via: Google System
  • AlpaXray

    I don’t understand why everyone needs to “track” their fitness. Just do it.

  • teevirus

    I thought Google was getting out of this space when they killed Google Health a few years ago. I wonder if they are ceding ground to third parties or if they are going to try to reenter this market.

  • Blue Sun

    Do I smell a Motoactiv 2 in the works?

  • Chris

    This will be part of Google glass and it will sell you ads to save xx% off diabetic supplies. .

  • AbbyZFresh

    And as usual, the accuracy will be crap.

  • John Legere

    Every time i see fitness stuff, i think of this


  • Npompei

    As a triathlete, I would love nothing more than to ditch my old huge garmin gps. I run now with my phone and use edomonodo to track. Problem is, I can’t see pace since the phone is in a little belt I wear around my waist. So, if say I had a Pebble or similar, I can view my gps/run/bike data on a nice slim form factor and stream music via bluetooth to my headphones. Call me a tech nerd but hey, a man can want right?!

    • AbbyZFresh

      Naw, it just means that you probably already use a bucketful of data per month alone with all you just described. That’s a lot of money to pay.

      • Npompei

        Verizon unlimited. And I’ll ride that bitch like I stole it…

      • michael arazan

        Or a phone with an sd card that just records the data.

    • kashtrey

      Do you have a Pebble now? It’s already integrated with one of the running apps (I forgot which) though the integration was pretty lame when I tried it out.

    • TheWenger

      Same here. I’ve been running with my phone and just got a Forerunner 220. I really like the Runkeeper service so if I could have a GPS watch that uses that it would be perfect. I know the Galaxy Gear could work, but…..yeah no.

    • XvierX

      This. I use runtastic pro and I don’t like the audio notifications give updates as the disrupt my pace and cut into my music. I’d rather have something I can glance at occasionally like a watch. If it controlled music too that would be a plus.

    • jimt

      Another option is Runkeeper and a bluetooth headphone. Turns down the music and then tells you your stats and then back to music. It’s free at google play. Works pretty well. I’m going to get a Polar heart monitor to go with it. I may have to use normal ear buds if I do, however.

    • Joshua Rewerts

      Your phone can already stream to bluetooth headphones, and Endomondo has an option to periodically broadcast your pace via audio message.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Take that Sony! Maybe now I’ll have no excuse to exercise

    • Indianajonze

      um, what does sony have to do with this? they’re a partner of google/android…

    • David Henry

      Do you mean take that Nike? Since Nike didn’t want to make the Fuelband for Android I could understand


    I hope they can get this to work with Fitbit, like Eric was saying yesterday on the DL Show.